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Where in the World is Ms. Tetreault


... landmarks, sports and games, and music of the place ... It was the largest outdoor theater of ancient Rome. ... spectators cheered gladiator and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Where in the World is Ms. Tetreault

Created by Erica Tetreault Charlton Street
School Big Six Research Project
Social Studies - Standard 7, 8, and 9 On a map of
the world, locate the continent, regions, and
then the countries from where students, their
parents, guardians, grandparents, or other
relatives or ancestors came. Describe traditional
food, customs and traditions, landmarks, sports
and games, and music of the place they came from.
Where in the World is Ms. Tetreaults Class
The Adventure Begins.
  • Buckle up boys and girls we are about to go on an
    adventure across the globe.
  • We are going to visit a country to the east of
    us. We are heading to the Continent of Europe. We
    will be visiting a country that looks like a
  • Do you know what country this is?

Italy at a Glance
  • National Emblem of Italy
  • Symbols Olive Wreath
  • Folk Dance Folklore claims the Tarentella dance
    received its name from its ability to cure the
    deadly bite of the tarantula spider.
  • Capital Rome
  • Population 57,800,000
  • Official Language Italian
  • Money Euro
  • Climate Italys climate varies depending on
    where you are. The northern areas are cold in the
    winter and hot in the summer. As you travel
    south, the temperature becomes more mild.

Italian Flag
  • The Italian flag has three colors.
  • The colors of the Italian flag represent three
    virtues green (hope), white (faith), and red
  • The national anthem of Italy is Inno de Memeli.

Famous Landmarks
  • One famous landmark in Italy is the
    Leaning Tower of Pisa. It is the bell tower
    at Pisas Cathedral. It famously tilts to one
    side because the soil on which it was built
    was too soft and the foundation tipped.
  • Another famous landmark is the Colosseum.
    It was the largest outdoor theater of ancient
    Rome. It can hold up to 50,000 spectators.
    Inside the arena, spectators cheered
    gladiator and animal fights, chariot racing,
    and even mock sea battles.

Famous Landmarks
  • One of the most famous fountains in Rome is the
    Trevi Fountain. It is said that if you throw a
    coin in the fountain before leaving Rome you are
    sure to return.

Places to Visit
  • Venice is made up of hundreds of
  • little islands. It has canals instead
  • of streets. People travel around
  • by boats called gondolas.
  • Mount Etna is the highest volcano in
    Europe and is located on the island of

  • The Po River is the longest river in Italy. It
    is 405 miles long.
  • Three large northern lakes, named Maggiore,
    Como, and Garda are popular vacation areas.
  • Mont Blanc is the largest mountain range in
    Italy. It is located in the Alps.
  • Italy has two islands.
  • The largest is Sicily.
  • The other island is
  • Sardinia.

Italian Cuisines
  • Italys national dish is pasta.
  • There are many different
  • types of pasta named after
  • their shape.
  • Did you know that pizza also comes from
    Italy? It originated in the city of
  • Gelato Cannoli
  • Italian ice-cream Italian pastry
    Italian dried fruit cake

Other Foods
  • Half of Italys usable land is used for farming.
    In the south, olive trees grow on the
    mountainsides. Olive oil is a very important
    ingredient in Italian cooking.
  • Italy is also famous
  • for grapes used to
  • make wine.
  • Italian cheeses like
  • parmesan and mozzarella
  • are also popular around
  • the world.

Children in Italy
  • Children attend school six days a week including
    Saturdays, from 830 a.m. until around 130
    p.m., from September until mid-June. The children
    go home for lunch. There is no school in the
    afternoon, but there is homework to do every day.

Sports and Leisure
  • The national sport of Italy is football (known as
    soccer in America)
  • A leisure sport to play is called bocce

La Befana
  • On the twelfth day of the holidays, January 6, a
    kindly old witch known as La Befana brings
    gifts to the children. Legend has it that every
    Christmas, she wanders in search of the Holy
    Child, leaving gifts at each home in hope of
    finding him inside.
  • La Befana is often shown as being old and ugly,
    but the children of Italy love her very much.
    That is, unless they have been naughty, for then
    she will fill their shoes with coal and ashes
    instead of candy and gifts.

Famous Italians
  • Mona Lisa is a famous painting by Italian
    artist Leonardo di Vinci.
  • Another famous artist is Michelangelo who
  • the famous statue of David and painted the
  • of the Sistine Chapel.
  • Christopher Columbus is a famous Italian
  • The famous childrens story, Pinocchio, was
    written by an Italian.

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