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Miscellaneous 1


Miscellaneous 1 Write about 3 cities you would like to visit. What would you like to do? Why do you want to visit? You feel tired so you lay down and close your eyes. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Miscellaneous 1

Miscellaneous 1
  • Write about 3 cities you would like to visit.
    What would you like to do? Why do you want to
  • You feel tired so you lay down and close your
    eyes. Youre awakened by a strange sensation (a
    breeze, hotness, etc.). When you open your eyes,
    youre not at home. Where are you? What
  • What was the most recent movie you saw? What was
    the plot, who were the characters? Review the
    movie and tell us if we should see it!

Miscellaneous 2
  • You feel super tired so you lay down on your bed
    (or couch) and close your eyes. When you wake up
    youre a newborn baby! Describe what your life
    is like as a newborn, from the perspective a
  • Start with the sentence I picked up the remote
    and suddenly I was in _____. Write about ending
    up in your favorite childhood cartoon. Tell me
    what life is like there. Did you do anything
  • Write a story where each sentence starts with the
    next letter of the alphabet

Miscellaneous 3
  • You feel super tired so you lay down and close
    your eyes. When you wake up youre realize you
    have traded places with your pet! Describe what
    your life is like as your pet, from their
  • Write about three of your favorite TV shows.
    What are they about? Who are your favorite/least
    favorite characters? Is there a particular story
    line you have liked the best? Write anything you
    would like.
  • Write a letter to your favorite athlete,
    musician, or movie star.
  • I'm truly afraid of...

Creative Writing Solutions
  • A jewel-encrusted box is found in an ancient
    abandoned temple. Describe the box, what is in
    the box, and the temple.
  • Recall a vivid or perhaps reoccurring dream.
    Write one page, making the dream as believable as
    possible. Don't mention they are dreams. Allow
    yourself to let go and create a drifting stream
    of consciousness account.
  • Describe the setting for a haunted house. This
    could be a funhouse haunted house or a truly
    haunted house!
  • Finish this sentence (and then continue on) "My
    mother never..."

Lesson Tutor
  • It's a regular school day, boring classes, same
    old things. At last you hear the lunch bell ring.
    You sit down with your friends and open your sack
    lunch. There is no sandwich. There are no chips,
    no cookies. A mystery package has replaced all of
    that! Slowly and incredulously, you take the
    package from your lunch bag. Not only did it
    appear in your lunch, but it has your name on it!
    What is inside? Who sent it and why?  What do you
  • Pretend you are a fish! You could be tropical,
    Antarctic, deep sea, or from New Tripoli!
    Describe the world around you and the dangers and
    joys of your life

Ink Provoking 1
  • Write a short story in which you use the words
    masterpiece, bird, pool, brick, girl, and
  • You are in the middle of composing a text message
    when suddenly the screen scrambles and a woman in
    her early thirties wearing glasses appears. She
    greets you by name and says Im uploading your
    next mission briefing to your phone now. Good
  • What are you most afraid of? What experiences(s)
    have made you so afraid? If you nothing happened
    to cause your fear, why do you think youre
    afraid of it? What happens when you are faced
    with having to confront this fear?

Ink Provoking 2
  • Write a story about a beautiful princess who goes
    on a grand adventure to rescue a prince from the
    clutches of an evil wizard.
  • Select the most interesting of your favorite
    songs. Write a short description of your favorite
    song being sure to include the song title,
    artist, and a brief description of why you enjoy
    this song so much.
  • Compose a short story that includes the following
    words skateboard, sunglasses, sticker, freeway,
    internet, self-storage, club, tire, pool and
  • What is your favorite film? What makes it your
    favorite? What is the basic plot?

Writing Fix
  • Write 3 paragraphs that personifies (give it
    human qualities) one of your favorite shoes OR
    foods. Here are some prompts you could consider
  • What is your shoe's personality like? Does he/she
    get along with the other shoe in its pair? With
    your socks?
  • What does your shoe dream (or have nightmares)
  • What does your shoe aspire to be?
  • What are a few of your shoe's pet peeves?
  • What qualifications does your shoe have, if it
    was applying for a job?
  • HELP!  Many magical creatures are not in our
    Magical Creature Field Guide!  We don't know
    their names, where they live, what they eat, or
    their abilities.  We don't even know what they
    look like!  Tell us about your unique creatures
    so we can identify them

Writing Fix 2
  • Have you ever been hurt and needed a Band-Aid or
    something more, or even something less? Did you
    fall off a bike or fence or horse, or try to
    fly...only to find the landing left you wounded? 
    Share your experience.
  • All you children know our world is filled with
    magical creatures.  But what magical creatures
    exist that aren't in fairy tales or the Harry
    Potter books?  It is your job to help create
    these creatures, then create a book that helps to
    identify them.  
  • Everyone has important people in their lives, but
    most have never taken the time to write about
    them. Interesting pieces of writing often comes
    from these "forgotten" people in one's memory,
    let those memories inspire your pen or pencil.

Writers Digest
  • You receive a letter in the mail from an
    out-of-town relative asking you to drop
    everything and meet him in Boston ASAP. He
    doesnt say why, but signs off on the letter with
    the phrase Treasure awaits.
  • You had planned to attend a friends birthday
    party and plugged her address into your GPS, but
    the system guided you somewhere else. Oddly
    enough, there was a man waiting for you at this
    mysterious place. Sorry I had to rig your GPS,
    but this is urgent, he said.
  • One morning you are sitting in front of your
    computer working on your novel when, suddenly,
    the computer starts talking to you. What does it
    say? Does it deliver an important message or just
    want to chat?

Writers Digest 2
  • After living for years paycheck to paycheck, tons
    of money comes your way from a distant uncle. In
    order to receive the money, you must complete a
    mission. Whats the mission and did you do it?
  • One day you come into work and find a cookie on
    your desk. Grateful to whoever left this
    anonymous cookie, you eat it. The next morning
    you come in and find another one. This continues
    for months until one day a different object is
    leftand this time theres a note.
  • What if George Washington were running for
    president today? Write several Twitter tweets of
    140 characters or fewer from his point of view.
    They can be serious about issues, humorous about
    his adjustment to 21st century social
    mediaanything you want.

Writers Digest 3
  • The government has issued a warning that a
    particular (and common) household item is having
    an unusual side effect on children. Worse yet,
    you own this item. You rush home to check on your
    kids. When you get there, youre shocked to find
    that your kids have
  • Youve just had one of the most grueling days of
    your life when you stumble upon a wishing well.
    While you dont typically believe in such things,
    you need a pick-me-up. So you toss a penny down
    the well and make a wish. Lo and behold, it comes
  • Start your story with, In retrospect, I wouldnt
    say it was my best idea. And end it with, And
    thats how I attempted to make this world a
    better place.

Writers Digest 4
  • You were running in the woods when you fell and
    hit your head. You wake up in a hole, surrounded
    by small woodland creatures who are talking
    amongst themselves. You realize you can
    understand them. They are suggesting ways to kill
    you. The rabbits suggest putting you in a large
    trap, the fox suggests letting you go and chasing
    you down, etc. Write this scene.
  • Whats the worst present youve ever received?
    How did you react and what, ultimately, did you
    do with it?
  • After years of leading a normal life, you
    discover you have a special ability. Afraid to
    share this information with anyone, you confide
    in your closest friend. To your surprise, your
    friend shares information with you(s)he also has
    a super power.

Writers Digest 5
  • Rewrite the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed
    Reindeer from the point of view of Vixen (or any
    one of the other reindeer, such as Comet, Cupid,
    Donner, Blitzen, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer).
  • One day, you are in your yard when the next-door
    neighbors garden gnome suddenly walks over and
    starts telling you about what is really going
    on. Write this scene.
  • Choose your favorite book. Then, write a
    first-person narrative from the viewpoint of a
    minor character.

Writers Digest 6
  • One day, at your local library, you are looking
    around the very back shelves. There is a
    particularly boring looking book there, but for
    some reason it catches your eye and you find
    yourself reaching to pick it up. However, as soon
    as you move the book, the bookcase opens in like
    a door, revealing a deep dark tunnel
  • After years of handing out dyed eggs, the Easter
    Bunny is in search of a new gift. Youre a
    pitchman for a company whos hoping to land the
    Easter Bunnys account. Whats your product and
    your pitch?
  • Whats your number one pet peeve? Develop a
    punishment for anyone caught in the act.

Writers Digest 7
  • You are a zookeeper. One day a shady looking man
    brings in what he calls an exotic animal. It is
    in a wooden box with small air holes on the top
    and the box is stamped DANGEROUS. He gives you a
    picture. It is the strangest creature youve
    ever seen. Write a scene describing the animal
    and the mans story for how he found it.
  • Write about a heated argument you had with your
    parents (real or fictitious).
  • Youve recently purchased a new house. Upon your
    first full night there, you begin to hear noises
    but think nothing of ituntil you see something
    that convinces you the house is haunted.

Writers Digest 8
  • Using as much alliteration as you can (Annie
    always ate apples) tell a story about your
    meeting with a group of alien ambassadors.
    (doesnt always have to be the letter A)
  • Come up with a new holiday. Explain why and how
    it should be celebrated.
  • Youve been given an opportunity to be a
    contestant on your favorite game show. Write
    about your experience, your interaction with the
    host and how you made it to the final round with
    a chance to win. End with the line And thats
    how I almost won (fill in the blank).

Writers Digest 9
  • A knock at the door catches you off-guard. Upon
    answering it, youre greeted by a man who says
    hes from the futureand he can prove it. More
    important, he says he has information that will
    save your life.
  • One week after attending the funeral of a friend,
    you receive a postcard in the mail with the
    words, Im not dead. Meet me tonight at Olive
    Garden. Tell no one.
  • The countdown clock for Christmas is ticking.
    Santas elves begin working their magic on the
    assembly lines, but the line comes to a
    screeching halt when rumors leak that one elf is
    going to get let go that day.

Writers Digest 10
  • Write about the only time you hosted
    Thanksgiving. Start with the line, For my first
    Thanksgiving as host, I bought the biggest turkey
    they had in the store, and end your story with
    And thats why we all ate hamburgers.
  • You wake up one day with an unusual super power
    that seems pretty worthlessuntil you are caught
    in a situation that requires that specific
  • You arrive at an annual Halloween party only to
    discover that someone else is dressed in the same
    costume as you. Bad things start happening to you
    throughout the night and you suspect this person
    has something to do with it.

Writers Digest 11
  • When you were little, you could swear there was a
    monster under your bedbut no one believed you.
    On the eve of your 30th birthday, you hear noises
    coming from under your bed once again. The
    monster is back and has an important message to
    deliver to you.
  • You find out you are highly allergic to something
    you love. Do you give it up (no matter how hard
    it is) or not (and deal with the consequences of
    the allergy)?
  • Your neighbor has taken in an unusual pet and it
    does something unpleasant to your house/yard.
    Confront your neighbor.
  • If you could morph into anyone (alive, dead,
    fictional, etc.), who would it be and why?
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