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Political Geography: Five Themes


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Title: Political Geography: Five Themes

Political GeographyFive Themes
  • Ohio Northern University
  • Spring 2014

Five themes in geography
  • Location
  • Place
  • Human-Environment Interaction
  • Movement
  • Region

The Geography Education National Implementation
Project (GENIP) - a consortium of the Association
of American Geographers (AAG), the American
Geographical Society (AGS), the National Council
for Geographic Education (NCGE), the National
Geographic Society (NGS) - Geography for Life
National Geography Standards, Second Edition
Five themes in geography
  • Location
  • Most geographic study begins with learning the
    location of places.
  • Location can be (1) absolute or (2) relative.
  • Absolute location provides a definite reference
    to locate a place.
  • Relative location describes a place with respect
    to its environment and its connection to other

Five themes in geography
  • 2. Place
  • describes the human/physical characteristics of a
  • Physical characteristics include a description
    such things as the mountains, rivers, beaches,
    topography, and animal and plant life of a place.
  • Human characteristics include the human-designed
    cultural features of a place, from
  • land use and architecture to
  • forms of livelihood and religion to
  • food and folk ways to
  • transportation and communication networks.

Five themes in geography
  • 3. Human-Environment Interaction
  • This theme considers how humans adapt to and
    modify the environment.
  • Humans shape the landscape through their
    interaction with the land this has both positive
    and negative effects on the environment.

Five themes in geography
  • 4. Movement
  • Humans move, a lot!
  • In addition,
  • - ideas,
  • - fads,
  • - goods,
  • - resources, and
  • - communication all travel distances.
  • This theme studies movement migration across
    the planet.

Five themes in geography
  • 5. Region
  • divides world into manageable units for
    geographic study.
  • Regions can be (1) formal, (2) functional, or (3)
  • Formal regions
  • Homogeneity (sameness) prominent
  • Boundaries not always clear
  • Functional regions / spatial systems
  • system set of objects their mutual interaction
  • core / periphery relationships
  • Vernacular regions are perceived regions, such as
    "The South," "The Midwest," or the "Middle East"
    they have no formal boundaries but are understood
    in our mental maps of the world
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