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Integrating Technology


Title: Integrating Technology Author: HoldenS Last modified by: Shirley Fetherolf (ADE) Created Date: 2/19/2010 2:13:43 PM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Integrating Technology

Flipping Your Classroom Step-By-Step Tuesday,
January 22, 2013
Shannon J. Holden, high school and middle school
teacher, administrator, and new teacher coach in
North Dakota, Texas, and Missouri for 20
years. Sponsored by
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Flipping Your Classroom Step-By-Step
  • Presenter
  • Shannon J. Holden

Who Is Shannon Holden?
  • Taught H.S. Math and M.S. History for 8 years in
  • Assistant Principal for 3 years in Texas at a
    9th Grade only building
  • Assistant Principal for 11 years in Missouri
  • Adjunct Instructor at Lindenwood University and
    Missouri State University
  • Online Instructor at The University of North
    Dakota and The University of The Pacific

Overview of Todays Session
  • Choosing a topic
  • Downloading software
  • Making videos
  • Making podcasts
  • Downloading videos to your computer
  • Editing your video
  • Creating accounts

Overview of Todays Session
  • Uploading your video to Vimeo
  • Uploading your podcast to Podbean
  • Embedding your video in a website or blog
  • Embedding your podcast in a website or blog

Overview of Todays Session
  • What to do during class time
  • But I dont want to make videos!
  • How Flipping can fail
  • Why Flip?
  • Free flipped resources
  • Flipping FAQ

Choosing a Topic
  • Choose a topic that would be a good candidate for
    a Flipped lesson
  • My recommendation Something you can explain in
    15 minutes or less
  • Example Order of Operations

Downloading Software
  • Download aTube Catcher
  • Do a Google search for aTube Catcher Official
  • Go to the site, and follow the instructions

Why aTube Catcher?
  • Its free!
  • You can do so many things with it
  • Make screencasts
  • Make podcasts
  • Download videos to your computer
  • Convert videos to different formats
  • Burn videos to a DVD
  • It is continually being improved and updated

Make a Video
  • Double click on the aTube catcher icon on your
  • Plug in your USB microphone
  • Go to the Screen Record tab
  • Choose Desktop as the place for your video to
    appear when you finish recording

Your aTube Catcher Dashboard
Make a Video
  • Choose WMV as the format for your video
  • Choose the area of your computer screen you want
    to record
  • Hit Start to record
  • Hit Stop when you are finished
  • Name your video when the icon appears

Make a Podcast
  • Go to the Audio Recorder tab after opening
    aTube Catcher
  • Plug in your USB microphone
  • Select Desktop as the place where you want your
    podcast to appear when you are finished recording

Your aTube Catcher Dashboard
This Video Will Show You How!
  • I show you how to make a podcast!
  • https//

Download a Video to Your Computer
  • Why?
  • When you download a video to your computer, you
    can use it whenever you want!
  • You dont have to rely on your schools Internet
  • Embed the video in your website or blog

Your aTube Catcher Dashboard
This Video Will Show You How!
  • https//

Edit Your Video (optional)
  • My two favorite video editors are
  • Flipshare (comes with your Flip video camera)
  • Yes, I am aware that Flip video cameras are not
    being produced any more
  • Microsoft Movie Maker

Create Accounts
  • You should have already created accounts to these
  • Vimeo
  • Blogger
  • Podbean
  • Twitter
  • MightyBell
  • eduClipper
  • If you havent, let me know!

This Video Will Show You How!
  • I show you how to make a Blogger account
  • https//
  • I show you how to make a Podbean account
  • https//

Upload a Video to Vimeo
  • Log in to your Vimeo account
  • Go to My Videos
  • Click Upload a Video
  • Browse your computer select the video you want
    to upload
  • Click Upload
  • Write your videos title description as you
    wait for it to upload

This Video Will Show You How!
  • https//

Upload a Podcast to Podbean
  • Once you upload your podcasts to Podbean,
    students will be able to download them to their
    iPod or MP3 player
  • They can listen to your lessons any time they
    wantas many times as they want!

This Video Will Show You How!
  • https//

Embed Your Video
  • Go to Vimeo and select the video you want to
  • Click the icon in the upper right-hand corner of
    the video
  • Highlight the ENTIRE embed code, right-click it,
    and hit Copy
  • Paste the embed code of your video in your
    website, blog, wiki, ning, or MightyBell space

This Video Will Show You How!
  • https//

Embed Your Podcast
  • Go to Podbean
  • Log in to your account
  • Find which podcast you want to embed
  • Copy the URL
  • Paste the URL in your blog, website, Ning, or
    MightyBell space

What Do You Do During Class?
  • Now that your students are receiving instruction
    from you at home, what are you going to do with
    all the class time you have available?
  • You should have more time for
  • Class discussions
  • Labs
  • Cooperative learning
  • Project-based learning

I Dont Want To Make Videos!
  • https//
  • Places to go to download videos so you dont have
    to make them yourself
  • Sophia
  • Khan Academy
  • YouTube EDU
  • TeacherTube
  • Brightstorm
  • Discovery Learning
  • Many more!

How Flipping Can Fail
  • Teachers have to have a desire to Flip
  • You cannot Flip every lesson!
  • Start by Flipping one lesson per week
  • Soon you will build a library of effective
    Flipped lessons
  • There has to be a Plan B for students without
    Internet access
  • Believing that Flipping is the Magic Bullet

Whats So Great About Flipping?
  • Students view videos at home about the next days
  • Students come to class the next day knowing what
    is going on
  • Valuable class time is used for student
    questions, cooperative learning, project-based
    learning, class discussions

Whats so Great About Flipping?
  • Instead of students sitting at home trying to do
    their homework, they do their work under the
    guidance of the teacher
  • Teachers are excited about the possibilities
  • Students like watching the videos at home, as
    they are generally shorter than a lesson given in
  • Students dont like traditional lecture

Whats So Great About Flipping?
  • All of that cool technology your district
    purchased will actually get USED!
  • SmartBoards
  • iPads
  • Laptops
  • Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle have been dead for
    2,400 years
  • Lets try something different!
  • It is 14 years into the 21st Centurylets teach
    using 21st Century Skills!

Whats So Great About Flipping?
  • Have you worked hard to differentiate
    instruction? Flipping makes it easy!
  • How do students transfer information from
    short-term to long-term memory?
  • Repetition!
  • Parents can participate in their childs
    educational process!

Flipping Gurus
  • Go to YouTube and search for
  • Aaron Sams
  • Jonathan Bergmann
  • Katie Gimbar
  • Bill Nye has also jumped on the Flipping

Other Flipping Resources
  • The Flipped Teaching Network
  • TedEd Lessons Worth Sharing
  • http//
  • This resource is so good, I will be doing an
    entire webinar about it (and Sophia) in March,

What the Naysayers Are Saying
  • What if kids dont watch the videos?
  • Many students dont have access to the Internet
  • Flipping just takes an inefficient lesson
    delivery system (lecture) and transfers it to the
  • Flipping shifts the responsibility for learning
    from the teacher to the student (Yes?)

What If Kids Dont Watch the Videos?
  • How do you react when kids dont do their
    homework in the traditional classroom?
  • One teacher suggests that kids who dont watch
    the videos complete worksheets or read the
    chapter while the rest of the class participates
    in a learning activity
  • Some teachers are lucky and have one or more
    student computers where students can view the
    video to catch up

Many Students Dont Have Access
  • Studies have shown that we have overestimated the
    number of students who have no Internet access
  • There are many students who do not have Internet
    access to do SCHOOLWORK!
  • Amazingly, students find ways to access the
    Internet when they want to do something
  • Lets come up with solutions for students who
    truly do not have access

How Teachers Are Adapting
  • Keep the schools computer lab open before school
    or after school
  • Record videos on DVD for students to take home
    (aTube Catcher does this)
  • Save videos on a flash drive to send home with
    students w/computer but no Internet
  • Students visit the public library or school

How Teachers Are Adapting
  • Play your video during the first few minutes of
    class while taking roll and other housekeeping
  • If you are recording yourself presenting a
    PowerPoint, give students a printout of the PPT
  • Have students visit your room before school,
    during lunch, or after school if you have
    student computers in your room

More Flipping FAQ
  • Question 2 What if my students arent
    tech-savvy, and dont know how to access all of
    the online resources I have made available?

More Flipping FAQ
  • Classmates can help
  • Student can go to YouTube, and put whatever
    action they want to do in the YouTube search
  • Example Downloading podcasts from PodBean
  • Several instructional videos will appear

More Flipping FAQ
  • Question 3 Doesnt flipping take an
    inefficient lesson delivery method (lecture) and
    transfer it to the home?

More Flipping FAQ
  • Yes, lecture is inefficient
  • Level 1 of DOK (Recall)
  • Lower levels of Blooms Taxonomy (Knowledge,
  • You are using your VALUABLE class time for
    activities that are at higher Depth of Knowledge
    levels and higher levels of Blooms Taxonomy
  • DOK Level 3 4
  • Blooms (Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation)

My Reward For You
  • I have written the Flipped Teaching Matrix
    exclusively for my edWeb community!
  • Go to the Document Library and download it for
  • Try ityou will LIKE it!