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Poetry Portfolio


Poetry Portfolio Silence and Meditation Poetry Portfolio English Grade 8 Ms. Ryan English Grade 8 Ms. Ryan What is Poetry? Poetry is the most emotionally charged ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Poetry Portfolio

Poetry Portfolio
Poetry Portfolio
Silence and Meditation
  • English
  • Grade 8
  • Ms. Ryan

English Grade 8 Ms. Ryan
What is Poetry?
  • Poetry is the most emotionally charged means of
    written expression and it consists of words
    arranged in patterns of sound and imagery to
    spark an emotional, and intellectual response
    from us. Poetry is the language of the
    imagination, of feelings, of emotional self
    expression, of high art. Prose explains, but
    poetry sings. The language in poetry is musical,
    precise, memorable and magical.
  • Definition of Poetry (Russell, 2005, pp.
  • www.2.nkfust.edu.tw/emchen/CLit/Poetry.htm

Poetry Eleanor Farjeon
  • What is Poetry? Who knows?
  • Not a rose, but the scent of the rose
  • Not the sky, but the light in the sky
  • Not the fly, but the gleam of the fly
  • Not the sea, but the sound of the sea
  • Not myself, but what makes me
  • See, hear and fell something that prose
  • Cannot and what it is who knows?
  • (from Eleanor Farjeaons Poems for Children,

My definition of poetry
  • Poetry is beauty. It is words creating sound and
    pictures. It is a form of expression that soothes
    the soul, ignites fire, creates passion and
    sometimes hides its meaning.

Types of Poetry
Haiku Sonnet Free Verse Cinquain Acrostic
Character Poem Limerick
  • Lyric, unrhymed poem of Japanese origin
  • Has 17 syllables divided into three lines
  • Usually on subject of nature and mans
    relationship to nature.
  • Uses metaphor to give fresh new look at something
    that may be ordinary

Example of Haiku
  • The moon is a week old-
  • A dandelion to blow
  • Scattering star seed.
  • By Ruby Lytle

  • A five-line stanza possibly of medieval origin.
  • Often has two, four, six, eight, and two
    syllables respectively in five lines.

Example of cinquain
  • Listen..
  • With faint dry sound,
  • Like steps of passing ghosts,
  • The leaves, frost-crisps, break from the trees
  • And fall.
  • By Adelaide Crapseys November Night)

  • Very old form of poetry containing 14 lines
  • It must be written in one of various standard
    rhyme schemes
  • It must be written in iambic pentameter
  • (duh-DUH-duh-DUH-duh-DUH-duh-DUH-duh-DUH)
  • give copies of sonnet

  • Most familiar kind of sonnet is the
  • A every A rhymes with every A
  • B every B rhymes with every B and so on.
  • A This type of sonnet consists of 3 quatrains
  • B a quatrain is four consecutive lines of
    verse that make up
  • C a stanza or division of
    lines in a poem
  • D
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F
  • E
  • F
  • G these last two lines rhyme and are called a
  • G

Theres more to a sonnet..
  • It is also an argument- that builds in a certain
  • First quatrain
  • an exposition of the main theme and main metaphor
  • Second quatrain
  • Theme and metaphor are extended, sometimes an
    imaginative example is given

  • Third quatrain
  • Peripeteia (a twist or conflict) is often
    introduced using a But (often leading from the
    9th line)
  • Couplet
  • Summarizes and leaves the reader with a new,
    concluding image.

  • 5 line humorous poem.
  • First, second and fifth lines rhyming and ..
  • Third and fourth lines rhyme.
  • Rhyme scheme aabba
  • One of most popular poetic forms for children
  • The fun of the limerick lies in its rhyme and

Example of Limerick
  • Imagine a skunk who proposes,
  • To his true love, surrounded by roses.
  • It may turn out just fine,
  • When she falls for his line,
  • But I wonder if flowers have noses?
  • By Sarah Fanny
  • www.2.nkfust.edu.tw/emchen/CLit/poetry

My Limerick by Ms. Ryan for Alaja
  • There once was a Lady named Ga-Ga (a)
  • She talked baby talk and said Ba-ba (a)
  • She wore clothes that were neat (b)
  • Some were even made of meat (b)
  • Thats all for now.Ta-Ta! (a)

More limericks by Paul McCann www.home.vicnet.net
  • Old Man with a Beard
  • Edward Lear
  • There was an Old Man with a beard,
  • Who said, 'It is just as I feared!
  • Two Owls and a Hen,
  • Four Larks and a Wren,
  • Have all built their nests in my beard!'
  • a lady named Cager
  • There once was a lady named Cager,
  • Who as the result of a wager,
  • Consented to fart
  • The entire oboe part
  • Of Mozart's quartet in F-major.
  • author unknown, from website above

Free Verse notes by Spencer Johnson
  • No set rules
  • No special pattern
  • Sounds like natural speech
  • Tells story or paints a picture
  • Written like a poem
  • Uses carefully chosen words to describe
    experiences or feelings
  • must make sense to the reader
  • give how to write free verse

Example of free verse by students at Camborne
Public School www.docstoc.com/docs
  • The Wind
  • The Wind is a ghost
  • That haunts the night
  • Grabbing the leaves,
  • The Paper and grass,
  • Howling and Growling
  • Right through the town
  • It moans and groans
  • All alone.
  • Snowflakes
  • Snowflakes
  • pretty little tears
  • freezing in the sky
  • leave behind a blanket
  • SNOW

Acrostic www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/
interactives/acrostic www.college.holycross.edu/fa
  • A poem in which special letters spell another
  • Most often the special letters come at the
    beginning of the line
  • Go To student interactive acrostic poem

Example of an acrostic
  • A Peace Sign
  • By Paul McCann
  • People need love care and friendship .
  • Every word that we let slip.
  • All the prayers that come from our heart
  • Could be the sign for peace to start
  • Everyone must play their part .

More acrostic by Paul McCann www.home.vicnet.net.a
  • About Ireland
    By Paul McCann Its in the
    emerald of her colour green. Remembered in
    history as dark Roisin. Erin you are dressed in
    the mystic of time. Love speaks of your beauty in
    manys a rhyme. About you are stories beyond
    wealth to hold. Now that's why your people are so
    rich in soul. Dwelling is the truth that can't be
    bought or sold.

Character or Bio Poems www.eduref.org/Virtual/Less
  • Poems with sentence starters
  • Used to identify self or character in a novel

Character Poem or Bio Poems
  • Emotion) is (Color).
  • It smells like_____.
  • It tastes like_____.
  • It sounds like_____.
  • It feels like______.
  • It looks like______.
  • (Emotion)is_______. (give a metaphoric
  • Fear is red.
  • It smells like fires.
  • It tastes like rotten peaches.
  • It sounds like car horns.
  • It feels like being scared of the dark.
  • It looks like Freddy Krueger
  • Fear is falling into a hole.

Format for bio poem
  • Line 1 Your first name only Line 2 4 traits that
    describe you Line 3 Sibling of...(or son/daughter
    of) Line 4 Lover of...(three people or
    ideasgt Line 5 Who feels...(three items) Line 6
    Who needs...(three items) Line 7 Who
    gives...(three items) Line 8 Who fears...(three
    items) Line 9 Who would like to see...(three
    items) Line 10 Resident of (your city, street or
    state) Line 11 Your last name only.
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