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The Book of Genesis: Perspectives


Title: Jonah Takes to the Sea (1:1-10) Author: Klemmer Family Last modified by: test Created Date: 9/19/2005 2:11:50 AM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Book of Genesis: Perspectives

The Book of Genesis Perspectives
  • Chapters 24 2511-2635
  • Life of Isaac

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Week Date Topic
1 09 Dec 09 Introduction and the Creation 11-225 (Ben)
2 16 Dec 09 The Fall 31-532
3 23 Dec 09 Elder Selection Discussion (Herb)
4 30 Dec 09 The Flood 61-929
5 06 Jan 10 Table of Nations/Tower of Babel 101-119
6 13 Jan 10 Life of Abraham Part 1 1110-1616
7 20 Jan 10 Life of Abraham Part 2 17-23 251-10
8 27 Jan 10 Life of Isaac 24 2511-2635
9 03 Feb 10 Life of Jacob 271-3643
10 10 Feb 10 Life of Esau 361-4334 (Ben)
11 17 Feb 10 Life of Joseph Corruption 371-3830
12 24 Feb 10 Life of Joseph Exaltation 391-4157
13 03 Mar 10 Life of Joseph Salvation 421-5025
Todays Objectives
  • Provided a review of last weeks lesson
  • Review a map of the area where Isaac lived
  • Provide a summary of Genesis 24-26
  • Study the how Isaac and Rebekah came to be
  • Learn how God blesses Isaac
  • Review the account of Ishmael
  • Learn about the birth of Esau and Jacob
  • Learn why Esau sells his birthright
  • Learn about God's covenant with Isaac

Last week
  • Provided a review of last weeks lesson
  • God renews his covenant with Abraham
  • Sarah gives birth to Isaac, continues the line
    of Christ
  • Sodom and Gomorrah is destroyed because of great
    sin however, Lot is saved
  • God tests Abraham with Isaac and we take away a
    great lesson of faith in God versus faith in
    things or events
  • Hagar and Ishmael are driven away from Abraham
  • Sarah and Abrahams death

  • Bible scholars attribute Genesis to Moses
  • Inspired by God, Moses was the human instrument
    through which God spoke
  • Also attributed to writing the first five books
    of the bible
  • Date of writing
  • Uncertain
  • Probably between 1500-1400 BC
  • Spans more time than any other book of the Bible
  • Approximately 2370 years, more time than the
    other 65 books combined
  • Oldest and most detailed record of ancient
    history in existence

  • Bereshith
  • Hebrew name for the book meaning in the
  • Septuagint
  • Oldest Greek translation of the OT, around 270 BC
  • Torah
  • Hebrew word for the law, refers to the first
    five books
  • Pentateuch
  • Greek name for the first five books of the OT
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Ancient manuscripts found in 1947 contain parts
    of all books of the OT except Esther, confirming

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Genesis 24 Overview
  • Abrahams servant seeks a wife for Isaac
  • Portrays Abrahams determination to guide Isaac
    towards Gods will
  • God does this through his providential guidance
  • God chooses a bride for Isaac

Plan for Isaacs Marriage (241-9)
  • Learn that Abraham has reached an old age (v. 1)
  • Custom was for parents to select spouses for
    their children
  • Abraham sent his chief servant to obtain a wife
    for Isaac, didnt want a Canaanite wife
  • Why him? Abraham did not want to mix with their
    ungodly, pagan nature
  • What if the potential bride wouldnt come?
  • Bring Isaac? (v. 5)
  • Abraham said no not going to allow his son to
    be tempted (v. 8)

Meeting Rebekah (2410-31)
  • The servant travels to Mesopotamia, Aram Naharaim
    (v. 10), Nahors home
  • Arrives late in the day and rests near a well (v.
  • The servant prays for success and divine
    intervention (v. 14)
  • Rebekah, daughter of Bethuel, son of Milcah (v.
  • Described as very beautiful, a virgin
  • Fulfillment of the servants prayers (v. 19)
  • He decides to rest the night in the house of
  • Praises God for answering his prayer (v. 26-27)
  • Rebekah runs home and shares the story (v. 28-32)

Marriage of Isaac (2432-67)
  • The servant goes to house of Bethuel (v. 32)
  • Shares the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac (v.
  • Tells about his mission to obtain a wife for
    Isaac (v. 37)
  • Tells about his journey and how he arrived with
    Rebekah (v. 42-49)
  • Laban and Bethuel agree to give Rebekah to the
    servant to give to Isaac (v. 51)
  • Spends the evening, but is asked to remain 10
    more days
  • However, the servant convinces Bethuel to let
    them go
  • Travels back home and meets up with Isaac
  • The two are married (v. 67)

Chapter 25 Overview
  • Abraham gets remarried and passes away (v 1-10,
    we covered last week)
  • God blesses Isaac and the descendants of Ishmael
    (v. 11)
  • Ishmaels descendents (v. 12-18)
  • Birth of Esau and Jacob (v. 19-26)
  • Character of Esau and Jacob (v. 27-28)
  • Esau sells his birthright (v. 29-34)

Isaacs Blessing and Ishmael (2511-18)
  • God blessed Isaac, son of Abraham (v. 11)
  • He dwells by the well of Lahairoi (well of Hagar)
  • Account of Ishmael
  • Sons of Ishmael (v. 13-15)
  • Lived to be 137
  • His descendents lived from Havilah towards
  • Fulfills the promise of Gen 1720

Birth of Esau and Jacob (2519-26)
  • Isaacs decedents
  • Isaac and Rebekah had no children for 20 years
    (v. 26)
  • Isaac prays to God for children, exhibiting true
  • Rebekah soon conceives (v. 21)
  • Rebekah becomes pregnant with twins (v. 22)
  • God says that two nations are in her womb (v. 23)
  • One will be stronger than the other
  • Older will serve the younger
  • Esau was first
  • Jacob was second

Selling the Birthright (2527-34)
  • Boys grow to men
  • Esau was a hunter, a man of the field
  • Hebrew word saday meaning wild
  • Jacob was a quite man, staying among the tents
    (v. 27)
  • Hebrew word tam meaning pious, upright
  • Birthright is sold
  • Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of
    stew (v. 33)
  • Without much thought, because he despised it (v.

Chapter 26
  • See many similarities between the life of Abraham
    and the life of Isaac
  • Abrahamic Covenant is confirmed with Isaac (v.
  • Isaac falls into the same sin as his father (v.
  • Isaacs wells and associated problems (v. 17-35

Covenant Confirmed (261-6)
  • Famine in the land (v. 1)
  • Isaac goes to Abimelech, who was king of the
    Philistines in Gerar (modern day Gaza)
  • God instructs Isaac to not go to Egypt, but
    remain in the land (v. 2)
  • God reconfirms the covenant with Isaac (v. 3-4)
  • Will be blessed
  • Give all the lands, confirming the oath with
  • Descendants as numerous as the stars
  • Through Isaacs offspring, all nations would be
  • Isaac decides to stay in Gerar (v. 6)

Deception of Isaac (267-16)
  • Similar story of Abraham and Sarah with Abimelech
  • Men of Gerar ask about Isaacs wife Rebekah (v.
  • Isaac claims she is his sister
  • Abimelech sees Isaac sporting (Heb. tsachaq)
  • Realizes she is not Isaacs sister
  • Abimelech remembers the punishment God delivered
    before and orders all to leave her along
  • Isaac became a very blessed and powerful man in
    the land of Abimelech
  • Abimelech asks him to move away (v. 16)

Isaacs Travels (2617-35)
  • Isaac moves away and camps in the Valley of Gerar
  • Reopens wells
  • Quarrels with herdsmen of Gerar over water wells
  • Finally, Isaac was able to dig a well in which
    nobody challenged called Rehoboth
  • Isaac moves up to Beersheba
  • God again delivers the blessing (v. 23)
  • Isaac builds an altar there
  • Abimelech travels to Beersheba (v. 26)
  • To reach an treaty with Isaac
  • Esau marries Judith, daughter of Beeri the

  • Provided a review of last weeks lesson
  • Studied a map of the area where Isaac lived
  • Reviewed Genesis 24-26
  • Learned how Isaac and Rebekah came to be married
  • Learned how God blesses Isaac
  • Reviewed the account of Ishmael
  • Learned about the birth of Esau and Jacob
  • Learned why Esau sells his birthright
  • Learned about God's covenant with Isaac
  • Next week Story of Jacob, Genesis 271-3643