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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 1970's

Science and Technology
  • The 1970s is well known for its advancement in
    computer development and space exploration.
    Inventions like the walkman, cassette tapes, and
    the microwave reached popularity during the 70s.

  • The microprocessor was created in 1971 by Intel.
    Bill Gates left Harvard to start Microsoft with
    his partner, Paul Allen, after being inspired by
    a computer kit shown on the cover of Popular
    Electronics Magazine. Personal Computers like the
    Apple II, Commodore PET, and the TRS-80 were
    shipped in 1977 to mark the start of the computer

Floppy Disk
  • 1971- invented by IBM engineers led by Alan
  • It used to be called the memory disk. The name
    floppy came from its flexibility
  • First floppy disk was and 8 inch plastic disk
    coated with magnetic iron oxide, similar to any
    kind of recording tape
  • It was considered a revolutionary device because
    it provided a new way and easy way to transfer
    data from computer to computer.

  • The microwave was first invented in the 1940s.
    In fact, the first commercial microwave hit the
    market in 1947, standing 5 ½ feet tall, weighing
    over 750 pounds, and costing about 5, 000.
    Further development led to a microwave oven that
    was readily priced for the consumer kitchen. The
    microwave became a more common appliance than the
    dishwasher. 52 million or 60 of U.S. households
    owned at least one microwave by 1976. The
    microwave has become a great feature for
    convenience and a necessity for the fast paced

Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • On July 3, 1977 Dr. Raymond Damadian and two
    other Doctors worked tirelessly for seven long
    years to complete the construction of the first
    whole-body MRI scan. Damadian discovered that
    cancerous tissue emits response signals that last
    much longer than non cancerous tissue. The MRI
    scanner is still currently used as a tool for
    medical diagnosis. Today there are thousands of
    MRI scanners that function much more efficiently.

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  • At the beginning of the release of the cassette
    tape in 1963, they were typically used for
    recording. In the 1970s musical cassette tapes
    became more common along with cassette players.
    The market of Cassette tapes reached its peak
    when the sony walkman came out in 1979. This was
    the first idea of the portable and miniature
    music player.

Boge means a) Awesome b) A cool car c)
Disgusting d) A boring job
What movie launched John Travoltas career?
  • a) Grease
  • b) Welcome Back Kotter
  • c) Saturday Night Fever
  • d) Pulp Fiction

What TV show starred a bigot living with his
"ding bat" wife, and socially aware daughter?
  • a) The Partridge Family
  • b) All in the Family
  • c) Good Times
  • d) The Jeffersons

Gully Means
  • a) Ridiculous
  • b) Really good
  • c) And alcoholic beverage
  • d) dead

Which TV show did not premier in the 1970s?
  • a) The Brady Bunch
  • b) MASH
  • c) Sanford and Son
  • d) Happy Days

Who Assassinated Harvey Milk?
  • a) Dan White
  • b) Malcolm x
  • c) George Oswald
  • d) Lee Harvey

What was the name of the terrorist at the Munich
  • a) Black september
  • b) Dead November
  • c) Al-Quida
  • d) The olympic bombers

How many athletes were killed?
  • a) 2
  • b) 13
  • c) 11
  • d) 10

Who covered up the Watergate Scandal?
  • a) Woodward
  • b) Nixon
  • c) Deepthroat

What is the name of the famous correspondent to
the Washington post?
  • a) Deep throat
  • b) Giraffe
  • c) Agent x
  • c) Washington

Which company created the first microprocessor?
  • a) Hewlett Packard
  • b) Apple
  • c) E machines
  • d) Intel

What percentage of U.S. households had a
microwave by 1976?
  • a) 13
  • b) 36
  • c) 60
  • d) 95

How many days did Skylab stay in orbit?
  • a)171
  • b) 332
  • c) 442
  • d) 11

What does MRI stand for?
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