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Webcast for IEPPEC Conference Moderators


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Webcast for IEPPEC Conference Moderators

Webcast for IEPPEC Conference Moderators
This Webcast Will Cover
  • The peer review process
  • What to do on your session presentation day
  • Your role and responsibilities
  • Resources
  • Pre-event
  • On-site
  • Room manager
  • Presentation forensics
  • What you can do today

Welcome! And Thank You
  • IEPECsince 1983 a resource for Professional
  • What makes us differentPeer reviewed abstract
    process and Peer reviewed papers
  • What makes us really different?
  • YOU!

Resources Your Support Team
Charles Michaelis Databuild Research and Solutions Ltd
Ed Vine Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jean-Sébastien Broc Research on Energy and Efficiency
Mirjam Harmelink Harmelink Consulting
Stefan Thomas Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy
Piet Bonnekamp Energy Center of the Netherlands
Li Pengcheng China National Institute of Standardization
Resources Pre-Event and at the Event
  • For content/event issues
  • Mecontent (and I will direct questions to the

Your Role and Responsibilities
  • Central point for communications with your
  • Final authority on paper submission
  • Session leader
  • Session storyteller
  • Marketing role

Your Role Central Point for Communications
  • Introduce yourself (this should already be done)
    to your authors (conference call is best)
  • Review timelines and expectations (on the web)

Peer-Review Process

By 19 May First draft due to moderator and session authors.
6 June First set of comments on your sessions authors papers due to your moderator.
No Later Than 1 July Second draft due to moderator and your sessions authors.
30 July Final comments back to authors and moderators.
Between 30 July and9 August You and your moderator should agree on the disposition of your final submission. Submit a PDF version of your paper to your moderator. They will submit it to us at iepec_at_caenergy.com. We will be posting the papers on our website. Please note, if you do not submit a paper, you will not be allowed to make a presentation at the conference.
By May 15 Exchange Papers Among Authors

Moderator Review Questions
Review Questions Yes No Comments
Should it be reviewed again by the Session Moderator prior to publication?
Is it a new and original contribution?
Does it give adequate references to related work? (Please suggest key references that were omitted.)
Is it clearly presented and well organized?
Does it contain material that might well be omitted? If so, what?
Are the conclusions sound and justified?
Are the illustrations and tables all necessary and adequate?
By June 6th, you should have author comments.
Compile and submit to original authors.

Moderator Send Back to Authors no later than June
BasicsEfficient Writing, Not Lots of Writing
  • Maximum number of pages 12
  • All authors can be listed, but presenting author
    should be the first listed
  • All speakers have the Authors Kitit is also on
    the website
  • We cannot accept late papers. No paper, no
    podiumbut always talk with me if warranted.

Your Author Wants to Knowhttp//www.iepec.org/?p
  • Paper Format Instructions (layout, length, fonts,
  • Reference Guide (how to cite a reference)
  • Your Paper Should Look Like This
  • IEPEC Conf_Paper Check List

If you have a problem paper

Email to samb_at_caenergy.com

Last Review of Papers no later than August 1st,
me August 9th

Email to samb_at_caenergy.com

Paper PDF Process
  • Be sure that they have not included any page
    numbers, track changes, comments (you might be
    surprised at what we get), etc.   
  • Your next job is to provide us with a session
    summary sheet no later than August 9. 

Your One Page Write-Up
  • SESSION (admin use only)
  • Moderator Charles Michaelis, Databuild Research
    and Solutions Ltd
  • Enter Title of Paper
  • Enter All Authors, First Name, Middle Initial,
    Last Name, Affiliation

Your Role Presentations
  • In August, make sure that your authors begin
    their presentation work
  • Discuss the format of the session
  • Note time constraints
  • Review the PowerPoint presentations
  • rule of thumb no more than 3-4 bridge slides
    (title, outline, conclusions and 8 content slides
  • All authors send you a final electronic copy of
    their presentation but.

To keep you sane
  • Authors are to bring their own set to the

MondayAt the Registration DeskMarket
Transformation will be in Classroom 1 on Tuesday.
Find the computer named Classroom 1 and
Put the presentation for Market Transformation on
Classroom 1-Umweltforum
Open the Desktop and Find Your Sessions File
  • Put you file in the proper session folder
  • Example
  • Market Transformation Tues. 1100 1230
  • Tiedemann
  • Wobus
  • Parlin
  • Bennich
  • National Energy Programs Tues. 200 330
  • Add files into this folder

Get Ready for Stage Time
Be Prepared
And Thus Avoid Surprises
In Your Room
  • In your room
  • Table and four chairs, room set is schoolroom
  • Podium
  • Laser pointer
  • Speaker timer
  • Data projector
  • Computer!!!!!
  • Confirm that each speakers presentation is in
    your sessions file folder on the computer. Your
    room manager will help with this

Focus on Key Learnings for Your Audience
  • Ask each speaker what they see as the take
    aways from their presentationthis will help you
    craft a short session story
  • Are there connections that you can see that may
    have been overlooked by your speakers (the old
    forest for the trees issue)

Credential your Speakers
  • Review biosand then
  • Think about what is relevant in this bio that
    makes them ideally suited to talk about what they
    are going to covercredential themwe do not need
  • Be a bit informalthus do not read a prepared bio
  • Within 5 seconds of hearing someone read a bio,
    people are no longer listening nor is the
    information particularly useful

Presentation Forensics ModeratorTime Waits for
No One
  • Rule One Time waits for no-one, you have a
    90-minute session
  • Start on timedont wait!
  • Spend the first 5 minutes with
  • Why this session is important to evaluators
  • Who the speakers are and what they will talk
    about and what participants should listen for
    (45 seconds per paper)
  • What the rules are20 minutes per speaker,
    questions at ????
  • You now have only 85 minutes left

Time Waits for No One
  • Introduce your first, speakerthere is now only
    84 minutes left and by the time you introduce
    all your speakers when they present, you will
    have only 80 minutes left
  • But we are not done yet!
  • With general admin, speakers presentations,
    time required for moving speakers up and down,
    closing remarks, you will have around
  • 14-16 minutes
  • for questions and discussion left in your 90
    minute sessionmake the most of this time

Presentation Forensics Moderator
  • Problems Speaker wont quit
  • Remember that the audience can SEE that they
    have run out of time
  • Get up and stand next to them
  • Move them over and suggest that folks talk with
    them after the session

During the Session
  • Wake up the audience! Have questions to get a
    discussion rolling ready at hand
  • Repeat questions to assure that everyone has
    heard and you have heard the question
    correctlyno grandstanding with statements
  • General Problems? Equipment?ask your room
    manager to take care of itthey are there to fix
    whatever happens and then you ignore the problem

Your Room Manager Do Things the Easy Way
  • Will be there to help at all times
  • They will pull up the presentations and open them
    at the bottom of the screen
  • Speaker tent cards will be out
  • You and the speakers know how to work the

Your Room Manager Takes Care of Trouble
  • Will make sure that your session title is clearly
    displayed on the outside door
  • Will get more chairs if needed
  • Will handle any problems in the room such as
  • Temperature
  • Lighting
  • AV not working
  • And anything that takes time away from you doing
    your job of keeping the session moving

  • Help us highlight your role and put your
    colleagues in the audience
  • Add our website link to your signature block
  • Note your role in the event in any marketing
    materials where it is appropriate
  • http//www.iepec.org
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