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????6 Unit 2Poems


6 Unit 2Poems Language points Revision 1.Poetry is used to tell a story or _____ what will give us a strong impression. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ????6 Unit 2Poems

????6 Unit 2Poems Language points
1.Poetry is used to tell a story or _________
what will give us a strong impression. Or it is
used to ______ certain _______. 2.______________
is a common type of childrens poetry. They
______ children because of strong rhythm and
_______ and also repetition, and make them easy
to learn and ________ when they learn about
language. 3.Cinquain, a poem, consists of _______
lines, where students can convey a strong ______
in just a few words.
Nursery rhymes
4. ______ a _______ form of poetry rather than a
traditional form of English poetry, has
___________, and gives a clear picture and
creates a ________ feeling in just a few
words. 5. Tang poems, a Chinese form of poetry,
whose English ___________ have a _______ form, is
so popular that English speakers like to
__________ it.
17 syllables
Unit 2 Poems Language points
1.Some poems tell a story orOthers try to convey
certain emotion.
convey 1)??,??(??,??,???) He was sent to convey
a message to the U.N. Secretary General. convey
sth to sb.?????,??(??,??,???) convey a sense/an
impression/an idea etc I want to convey to
children that reading is interesting.
2)??,??(??from, to??) Wires convey electricity
from power stations to the users. Your luggage
will be conveyed to the hotel by taxi.
2.Nursery rhyme are still a common type of
childrens poetry. They delight small children
delight 1)u ??,??,?? I read your new book
with real delight. 2)c????????,????? Your
little dog is a real delight. 3)Vt. ???,??? He
delighted the audience with his performance
. ???? be delighted with????? be delighted to
do ????? take delight in ??,??,?? to ones
delight ??????? with delight???,??
____________________________________.  ??????
He takes great delight in painting
3.We would have won if Jack had scored that goal.
score v. ??,??,?? n. ??,??,?? He scored
high/well in the test. Arsenal scored in the
final minute of the game. I recorded the score
in a notebook. score????,??dozen, hundred,
thousand, million????,????? ???,??s,??????of??,?hu
ndred, thousand?million?? ??????,???of???????????s
?of???????The bus can hold ____________________pe
ople. ????????50?? __________people took part
in the game. ???????????
two score and ten
Scores of
4.We would have won if we hadnt taken it easy.
take it easy ???, ???, ???
Sit down and take it easy. Just take it easy
and tell us exactly what happened. ????take
things/ it easy ???,??,???? take ones time
??? ,??, ???,??? 1.The doctor told me
to take things easy and stop working so hard.
2.Theres no hurry______________. ??,????
3.You have done quite enough work for today
_______ ________________________.??????????,?????
take your time
take it easy for an hour
5.if we hadnt run out of energy.
run out of ???????? It is very important that
this organization does not run out of money.
?????????,??????? ???? run out, run out of ? run
out????????,??????,??????(become used
up)?????,???????????????????????? run out of
up)?????,??????? ? run out of???(??)??(??)???
run out????,?????,????????? His money
soon________. ?????????? I ____________money
after I finished shopping. ?????????He
___________the room. ???????
ran out
ran out of
ran out of
6.a poem made up of five lines
make up ?????? ?? ?? ?(?)(2)??? ?? ??(3)??,
??(4)?? ??(5)??(6)??(7)?? ??(8)??(??) ??(???)
??(???) ??(9)?? ?? ????make up??? 1.They
quarreled (with each other) but soon made up.
____________ 2.She made up her face to look
prettier.____________ 3.The boy made up a story
it was not true.__________ 4.We need one more
player to make up a team. _____________
?? ??
???? make up for ?? How can we make up to
you for what you have suffered? ??????????????
make up for lost time ??????? They hurried on
to make up for lost time. ??????????????? be made
up of ???  The committee is made up of seven
7.Teasing, shouting, laughing
tease v. ??,??,?? tease sb./sth.
??,??,?? ??/?? At school the other children
always teased me because I was fat. They teased
her about her laziness. Dont take it seriously
------he was only teasing. Stop teasing the cat!
n. ??????,??????? Hes a terrible tease.
8. Transformed into stone.
transform vt. ?? (???,??,?????) transform sth
(into sth) ?..??.. 1. _________________________
____________ ????????????? 2. A
steam-engine________________________. ????????? 3.
He transformed the garage into a recreation
room. ____________________________________________
Success and wealth transformed his character.
transforms heat into energy
9.A lot of Tang poetry has been translated into
translate v. ??(?????) ,? translate sth. (from
sth.) (into sth.) This book was first
translated into English in the 15th century.
Most poems dont translate well.
______________________ The sentence wont
translate. ______________________???????????????.
??????? ?
We translated the novel from English into Chinese.
10. appropriate
appropriate ?adj.???,??? I think this is an
appropriate moment to raise the question of my
promotion.(??) ?v.??(??),?? The government has
appropriated a large sum of money for building
hospitals. The minister was found to have
appropriated government money.
Some useful expressions
1.make a list of ____________ 2.express
feeling ____________ 3.rhyming words
____________ 4.an aspect of ____________
5.convey certain emotions__________ 6.nursery
rhymes __________ 7.delight sb.
__________ 8.score goals
__________ 9.take the eyes off the
ball __________ 10.stay up
11.take it easy ____________
12.run out of energy__________ 13.be made up of
_____________ 14.convey a strong
picture____________ 15. be brimful of
____________ 16.transform into
____________ 17.translate into
____________ 18.appropriate ending__________ 19.by
chance ___________ 20.pay attention to
Homework 1.Review the language
points we have discussed this class and try to
retell the whole passage. 2.Finish exercise 2 in
word study.
See you next time!
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