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Other Southern Colonies


Other Southern Colonies S.W.B.A.T. Analyze the ways Southern colonies grew and expanded by completing a jigsaw activity. Colonists overcame tough beginnings to create ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Other Southern Colonies

Other Southern Colonies
  • Analyze the ways Southern colonies grew and
    expanded by completing a jigsaw activity.

Initial Activity
  • Colonists overcame tough beginnings to create
    large and wealthy settlements like this one in
    Virginia. Churches were often the first major
    buildings in a growing town.
  • How does the large church in the picture show
    Virginias wealth?

Word of the Day
  • persecution a campaign to get rid of people
    because of their religion, race, or beliefs

Other Southern Colonies
  • As Jamestown was developing in Virginia, many
    English Catholics came to America to escape
    religious persecution. English leaders feared
    that English Catholics would ally with Catholic
    countries such as France and Spain in conflicts.

  • In the 1620s George Calvert, the first Lord
    Baltimore, asked King Charles I for a charter to
    start a colony in America for Catholics.
  • In 1632, Charles gave the charter to Calverts
    son, Cecilius, who took over the planning of the
  • Cecilius, the second Lord Baltimore named the
    colony Maryland in honor of Englands queen,
    Henrietta Maria.

  • Calvert wanted the colony to be a safe place for
    English Catholics.
  • In 1634 a group of English Catholics came to
  • They spent their time raising corn, cattle, and
    pigs so that they would have enough to eat.
  • Before long, many colonists began to grow tobacco
    for profit.

  • Although Catholics founded Maryland, Protestants
    began moving there in the 1640s.
  • Religious fighting began between the Catholics
    and Protestants in the colony.
  • To stop the fighting, Lord Baltimore helped pass
    the Toleration Act of 1649.
  • The bill made it a crime to restrict the
    religious rights of Christians.
  • This bill was the first law supporting religious
    freedom in the colonies.

The Carolinas and Georgia
  • Most colonists in North Carolina were farmers who
    had moved south from Virginia.
  • Colonists from Europe settled in South Carolina.
  • By 1730 about 20,000 enslaved Africans were
    living in the colonies compared to some 10,000
    white settlers.

The Carolinas and Georgia
  • In 1732 King George II granted a charter to James
    Oglethorpe to found Georgia.
  • Oglethorpe wanted the new colony to be a place
    where debtors, who had been jailed for their
    debts in England, could make a new start.
  • Georgia eventually became filed with large rice
    plantations worked by thousands of slaves.

Before We Move On
  • What were some of the reasons colonists came to
    the southern colonies?

Economies of the Southern Colonies
  • The economies of the southern colonies depended
    on agriculture.
  • The colonies had many small farms and some large
  • Farms did well because the South had a warm
    climate and a long growing season.
  • Many farms grew cash crops that were sold for
  • Tobacco, rice, and indigo (a plant used to make
    blue dye)

Economies of the Southern Colonies
  • In order to grow a lot of cash crops, enslaved
    Africans were the main source of labor.
  • Most of the southern colonies passed slave codes,
    or laws to control slaves.
  • South Carolinas slaveholders feared that slaves
    would fight back against them.
  • As a result, the colonies code said slaves could
    not hold meetings or own weapons
  • Some colonies did not allow slaveholders to free
    their slaves.

  • In what ways did the southern colonies grow and
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