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Humanities HUM 1020


Humanities HUM 1020 Professor Anthony D Ascoli Types of Art Works Mosaic - art consisting of a design made of small pieces of colored stone or glass Types of Art ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Humanities HUM 1020

HumanitiesHUM 1020
  • Professor Anthony DAscoli

  • Please place your name, class and time in the
    subject line so the system does not place your
    email into spam/junk file
  • OFFICE HOURS Make arrangements with me directly.
    However, I will always be available after class
    for any pressing questions or concerns and I am
    usually here at least 30 minutes prior as well.
    And usually in the library Tuesdays
  • Syllabus and Important papers for class work can
    all be found at

  • REQUIRED TEXT Experience the Humanities,
    Complete th Edition. Matthews Platt. Other
    readings will be required and available online
    for free.
  • CREDITS 3 Credit Hours
  • TIMES Vary per semester and campus
  • PREREQUISITES ENG 1101 or similar 1st year
    English writing course
  • COURSE DESCRIPTION This course offers a
    chronological survey of guiding ideas and trends
    within culture, as reflected in the philosophy,
    literature, and fine arts of the ancient,
    medieval and modern times. The instructor will
    select a succession of periods that can be
    covered meaningfully within the term. The
    student will acquire knowledge of the cultural
    achievements falling within selected periods in
    the development of Civilization, along with an
    understanding of how these achievements
    contribute to the making our present cultural

  • COURSE REQUIREMENTS (What you need to do to
  • Attendance Crucial part of your grade and
    performance in this class and will impact your
    grade. Missing class effects your grade.
  • Class discussions and lectures will contain over
    80 of what will be covered on tests, quizzes,
  • Discussion Participation
  • Participation 20 of your overall grade 200
  • Attendance will impact your participation grade
  • 2 absences are free
  • 3rd absence you will drop you an entire 10 for a
    maximum of 180 points
  • 4th absence you will get you 20 for your
    participation for a maximum of 160 points and
    each additional absence will decrease
    proportionally, at the 8th you will receive 0
  • Individual emergencies, etc, will be determined
    on a 1 to 1 basis (plan on bringing proof)

  • Tardies Habitual lateness (3 or more) will also
    effect your participation grade negatively. 10
    point loss for each tardy after the 3rd. Tardy
    arriving between 11 15 minutes late. At 16
    minutes or later, it will count as ½ an absence
    so please take care to watch the time.
  • Again, individual emergencies, pre-arranged
    appointments, etc. will be determined on a 1 to 1
  • If lateness becomes an issue with several
    students I will change this policy to one of zero
    tolerance and will not allow students to enter
    late at all and therefore miss an entire class

  • It is expected that you will complete any and all
    reading assignments prior their discussion in
  • Questions on the readings and during discussions
    are encouraged, there is no such thing as a
    stupid question
  • Journal There will be one journal (bonus
    points/extra credit only) due by next to last
    week of semester. The journal is worth 50 points
    and can be in any form.
  • Exams There will be approximately 4 quizzes (50
    points each) during the semester on the readings.
    There will be an additional 4 examinations (50
    points each) on the material covered in class and
    in the text book. There will be a midterm (150
    points) on the ½ way point and a final (200
    points) on the last week. The quizzes,
    examinations and most of the final will be on
    material covered in class, yet another reason not
    to miss.

  • PAPERS There will be 3 writing assignments (100
    points each) that will be assigned early in the
    course so that you can begin on them sooner
    rather than later.
  • Paper 1 An art analysis due week 3/5
  • Paper 2 A concert review due week 7/10
  • Paper 3 A film as art paper due week 11/15
  • Drops an entire grade each week its late

  • Helpful Hints
  • All papers must be 100 your own work!!
  • Paper 1 Art Analysis (due Week 3/5)
  • Choose only a work of art that really effects you
    (i.e. that you really like or really hate). It
    will make the writing process significantly
    easier if you have strong feelings one way or the
  • Make sure you include all parts to get full
  • Place your name somewhere on your paper, staple
    it together. (I do not have a stapler)
  • Focus on parts 3 and 6 as that is where I will
    get 80 of your grade

  • Paper 2 Concert Review (due week 7/10 )
  • Do not wait until the last minute to do this
    paper there may be no events to attend or they
    may be all sold out
  • It must be from the following styles/genres only
    Broadway Musical Jazz performance (even a live
    performance a t a club) Classical concert
    Opera, Ballet, Flamenco show (not at a
  • No pop, rap, hip hop, raggaeton, salsa, bachata,
    merengue, rock or metal shows will count
  • Focus on part 2 as I will include that at 75 of
    the grade for this paper
  • Van Dykes on Lincoln road has nightly jazz shows
    for under 20.00
  • 5.00 tickets for

  • Paper 3 Film as Art (due week 11/15)
  • Choose wisely
  • Do NOT write a movie review
  • Do NOT write a movie review
  • Do NOT write a movie review
  • Do write about the film as a work of art
  • You should be writing about the colors (or lack
    of) used in the film/scenes
  • You should be writing about why certain camera
    angles and speeds are being used
  • You should be writing about the scenery, setting
    and costumes (clothing)
  • You should be writing about the use of music to
    aid in setting the scene
  • You should be writing about the special effects
    as art
  • You should be writing about the use of the
    language, speeches, etc.
  • Watch the film at least 2x the first time just
    to enjoy 2nd time to take notes
  • You can watch them together with fellow
    classmates just do not turn in the same papers

  • MLA Format
  • 12 font
  • Typed, Double Spaced
  • No title page no fancy paper, no folders
  • Just stapled together on white 8 ½ x 11 regular
  • 1 margins all around
  • All original all your own work
  • Use proper citations
  • Unless you were born with the information you are
    writing about it should be cited
  • Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated You will get
    caught and you will get an F for the entire
    course not just the assignment
  • I will not fail anyone for poor quality English,
    poor grammar or poor sentence structure so write
    it yourself

  • You can decide keep, maintain and then turn in a
    music journal on the week before the end of
    semester which will include your reactions to
    selections of music on the accompanying CD
  • You will need to answer the following 4 questions
    for each musical selection
  • 1) What do you think the mood of the musical
    piece is? (Happy, frightened, intimidating, sad,
    angry, joyful a combination of emotions)
  • 2) How does it make you feel? (Be honest)
  • 3) Have you heard this piece before? If so,
  • 4) Did you enjoy it or dislike it? Why?
  • I will focus on question 4 for grading and on how
    seriously you take this assignment
  • This is for extra credit or bonus points it is
    not mandatory but it will not be accepted after
    the deadline for any reason.

  • An example of what an entry should look like is
  • Piece name Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
  • 1) I believe that the composer was trying to
    convey the sadness of romance and love
  • 2) The piece makes me remember the one that got
    away and therefore makes me sad
  • 3) Yes, I heard it in a movie and on a TV
  • 4) Yes, I think that this is one of my favorite
    pieces of music that we have listened to so far,
    although it makes me sad I still appreciate the
    beauty of the piece

  • Do all reading assignments on time be ready to
    discuss, ask questions and cover them in class
  • Bring a notebook and writing utensils
  • A dictionary and a highlighter are good to have
    as new terms and their usage will appear in your
    papers and on tests/quizzes
  • Do not plagiarize you run the risk of failing
    the entire course and being expelled form school
    (cut paste, etc)
  • Come to class ready to participate and ready to
    have fun
  • Do not speak over others their ideas are as
    important as yours even if you dont agree with

  • Class Policies
  • Cell phones off or silent or vibrate only
  • If it is an important call please leave the
    classroom and answer it if this is abused you
    will be asked to keep phones off at all times
  • You do not need to ask to leave class for
    bathroom, drink, emergency, etc. just leave as
    quietly as possible and re-enter the same way
    you will, of course, be responsible for what you
  • Please remember to turn in all tests, quizzes,
    papers, journals, etc with your name on them so
    you can get proper credit
  • Turn in assignments late rather than never I
    will take all assignments up to the next to last
    week of the semester on the final week I cannot
    accept anything as I will be grading some 500
    finals at that point and figuring out grades
  • I want everyone to get an A I will do my best
    to make this as fun as possible so laugh at my
    terrible jokes

  • Discussion/class participation 200 points
  • Music Journal bonus (up to 50)
  • Midterm 100 points
  • Comprehensive Final Exam 100 points
  • Quizzes (4 at 50 points each) 200 points
  • Exams (5 at 50 points each) -250 points
  • Papers (3 at 100 points each) 300 points
  • Total possible points 1150

  • 1150 - 900
  • 899 795
  • 794 695
  • 694 600
  • 594 - 0
  • If you have over 925 points before the final
    examination then you are exempt!!
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • F

  • Some Definitions
  • The creative contributions of mankind, past and
    present, from all cultures
  • What each of us expresses or creates
  • The systematic study of the formal disciplines
    music, art, cinema, theater, literature, dance,
    philosophy, religion and history.

  • Aesthetics how we describe an experience in the
    arts or in life, that we value for no reason
    beyond itself
  • What is beautiful? In the Humanities a pleasing
    arrangement of parts that affects us in a
    pleasing aesthetic manner.
  • What buildings?
  • What works of art?
  • What people?

Types of Art Works
  • Painting -is an aesthetic work created by
    applying paint to a 2-D surface such as canvas,
    panel, or a wall in a variety of media like oil,
    water, glue, acrylic, fresco, etc.

Types of Art Works
  • Sculpture (also called sculpture in the round)
    a 3 dimensional work of art formed by carving,
    modeling, casting, or Assembly in which all sides
    are supposed to be looked at

Types of Art Works
  • Relief sculpture - A sculpture which, intended to
    be viewed from one side which is attached to a
    background of which it is part of. There are 3
    types of relief (1) high (2) low and (3)
    sunken (also called hollow or intaglio)

High relief a relief sculpture in which the
image greatly protrudes from the surrounding
Low relief - a relief sculpture in which the
image protrudes only slightly from the
surrounding surface material
Sunken relief (aka hollow and intaglio) - A
technique of stylized engraving which is carved
beneath the surface layer of a hard material,
often stone or metal
Types of Art Works
  • Architecture - is the art and science of
    designing buildings and structures

Types of Art Works
  • Illuminated Manuscript - a manuscript which has
    been decorated with colored paints and gold leaf
    or gold paint, a common practice for luxury books
    produced in the Middle Ages

Types of Art Works
  • Textiles - any material made with yarns, cloth or

Types of Art Works
  • Tapestry - a heavy hand-woven reversible textile
    used for hangings, curtains, and upholstery and
    characterized by complicated pictorial designs

Types of Art Works
  • Craft work - crafts comprise a whole host of
    activities and hobbies that are related to making
    things with one's own hands and skill i.e

Types of Art Works
  • Pen and Ink Use of pen with inkwell or even
    ball point pens on paper, usually a sketch

Types of Art Work
  • Mixed Media use of more than one type of media
    (paint, stone, paper, mosaic, found art, etc) to
    create a unified art work.

Type of Art Works
  • Environmental Art using nature or natural
    artifacts to create art

Types of Art Works
  • Mosaic - art consisting of a design made of small
    pieces of colored stone or glass

Types of Art Works
  • Pottery pottery is known as the alphabet of
    archaeology because of its uniqueness to each
    culture that produces it. Pottery includes
    plates, cups, jars, vases,e tc. That are made
    from earthenware (usually baked clay).

Types of Art Work
  • Stained Glass any work of art (usually windows)
    that is made up of pieces of colored glass to
    make a whole composite scene

Types of Art Works
  • Glassware - any work that is made up of glass.
    Usually heavily decorated, but not always.

Types of Art Work
  • Photography the use of film and camera, more
    modernly digital imaging to create an artistic
  • Photoshop altering an image to create an artwork

Types of Art Works
  • Found Art taking everyday ordinary objects
    which are found and turning them into art

Types of Art Works
  • Installation Art - Art that is installed
    (sometimes temporarily) in an exhibit space or
    room, or even outdoors . Large in size and
    usually very ordinary.

Types of Art
  • Assembled Art pieces of odds and ends (even
    trash) assembled to create a whole cohesive work

Offensive Art
  • Art which has as it main purpose to show or
    offend the general public in order to get a
    reaction or make a statement about an issue,
    sometimes even used in advertising to increase

Next class
  • Prehistory Lecture and Notes
  • Visit, read the following web site that includes
    Hammurabis code of laws http//
  • Questions found on your reading question sheet
    will count as your first quiz - so please do not
    copy paste or plagiarize so soon a bad answer
    is better than a dishonest one
  • The document containing the links to Hammurabi
    and other class readings as well as the syllabus
    and other important papers can all be found at
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