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A Special Presentation for


A Special Presentation for NURSERIES & SILVICULTURE Advanced Marine Technologies AMT Presents Organic Gem Fish fertilizer is not a new idea. It has been around for ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A Special Presentation for

  • A Special Presentation for
  • Advanced Marine Technologies

AMT Presents Organic Gem
  • Fish fertilizer is not a new idea.
  • It has been around for centuries. Native
    Americans first taught the English settlers how
    to grow healthier and more bountiful crops by
    placing fish under a catch of corn. Combining
    the Native Americans wisdom with todays
    technology has resulted in Advanced Marine
    Technologies (AMT) developing an organic soil
    enhancer that is second to none.
  • Organic Gem
  • Is an all-natural fresh fish liquid hydrolysate.
  • Is a high quality organic product that gives
  • excellent plant growth, rebuilds soil, increases
  • disease resistance, and offers higher
    production yields.
  • Uses a unique enzymatic cold process that
  • a hyper-active bio-stimulant different from
    anything else
  • on the market today.
  • Is made from an aquatic renewable raw material
    source that is
    both fresh and low in heavy metals.

Benefits Of Organic GemFor Nurseries
  • Organic Gem Liquid Fish Fertilizer provides
  • Plant health
  • Organic Gem gives long lasting results with
    improvements in plant color, growth rate, root
    strength, drought tolerance and overall health.
  • Soil health
  • Soil qualities are improved for deeper rooting
  • and better penetration of water and nutrients.
  • Unproductive soil is easily replenished.
  • Microbial activity
  • Our controlled cold enzyme process promotes
  • growth of bacteria and other organisms as well
  • providing supplementary macro and
  • micro nutrients.

When soil supports protozoa numbers on the order
of 20,000 per gram of solid matter, 400 pounds of
nitrogen per acre are released through their
predation of bacteriawhen we feed organic matter
to the soil, the soil life feeds nutrients to the
plant. - Dr. Elaine Ingham Soil Food
Benefits Of Organic GemFor Nurseries
Silviculture (Continued)
  • Organic Gem
  • Can be soil applied, foliar applied, or applied
    via a drip system
  • Can be applied universally depending on your
    needs. Heavy applications of Organic Gem will
    not burn roots or leaves because of the slow
    release of nutrients. Can also be used to treat
    seedlings (in highly diluted mix) before
  • Will not clog
  • Because of our strict filtering process and the
    low oil content of our product, there is never a
    problem with drip line clogging or mixing Organic
    Gem with soil enhancers such as potash.
  • Reduces cost for other treatments
  • Testing at the University of Massachusetts
    has shown that one can decrease normal
    fertilizer applications by 25 50 using
    Organic Gem.
  • Costs less than other brands
  • Our manufacturing process takes
    significantly less time than our competitors,
    resulting in lower processing costs, which
    we pass on to you, the customer.

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Organic Gem Is Certified for Organic Use
  • Organic Gem is OMRI listed
  • Necessary oils and collagens are not removed
    during processing
  • Excellent non-leeching capabilities as fertilizer
    stays locked up in the soil
  • and hangs onto the root system.
  • Time-release effect that aids in composting
  • Peace of mind that local water supplies are not
    being compromised.
  • Organic Gem is safe and long lasting
  • Can be applied with no worries to human health.
  • Shelf life of 2 years not affected by heat or
  • Manufactured under strict FDA guidelines.

Improving the management of fertilizer is one
good way to decrease runoff. If we can better
understand exactly when crops need to absorb
nitrogen, we can learn to apply fertilizers
sparingly, at just the right timewhen
application and uptake are coupled, the amount of
runoff is minimized. - The Nitrogen Bomb,
David Marshall Fisher, Discover, April 2001
Organic Gem Provides Results
  • Specific Needs For Nurseries Silviculture
  • Increased root strength, depth symmetry.
  • Increased growth rate vigor.
  • Better tolerance of transplant stress.
  • Better foliage color.
  • Enhanced soil structure due to microbial
  • The Bottom Line
  • With Organic Gem your yields will increase
    significantly, avg. of 20.
  • Reduces the need for other treatments, resulting
    in lower overall costs.
  • Overall increases in plant health.

Today, nitrogen-based fertilizers help feed
billions of people, but they are also poisoning
ecosystems, destroying fisheries, and sickening
and killing children throughout the world. In
ensuring our supply of food, they are wreaking
havoc on our water and air. - The Nitrogen
Bomb, David Marshall Fisher, Discover, April
Organic Gem Produces Superior Results
  • Young Trees Treated With Organic Gem Have Been
    Shown To Jump Up To Two Pot Sizes Per Season.

June 2001
June 2002
Organic Gem Is EasyAnd Economical To Use
  • Application Rates
  • Use 4 oz. of Organic Gem to 64 oz. of water.
  • Can be soil applied (around perimeter of root
    ball or pot)
  • Can be poured into 1-inch diameter borings around
    perimeter of root ball (This is the preferred
    application as it increases availability to hair

A word on our N-P-K Organic Gems N-P-K is
3-3-.3. Do not be deceived by this. In studies
at the University of Massachusetts, our product
outperformed standard 10-10-.10 products. UMass
has demonstrated that 80 of the nitrogen in
standard fertilizers either gasses or leeches off
our material does neither due to the oils and
collagens in the product which help lock it into
the soil. That fact alone gives Organic Gem an
equivalent nitrogen level of 15.
  • Time-of-planting fertilization is an important
    tool in the silviculture foresters toolkit, with
    the potential to
  • Reduce plant shock
  • Increase growth of planted trees during the
    first and second years after planting
  • Reduce establishment brushing requirements
  • Speed achievement of FG status
  • - Brinkman Associates, Field Trial of
    Time-of-Planting Fertilizers, October 2001

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