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A cockroach can run rapidly over most surfaces and is able to crawl across glass ... my dentist and several specialists set the date of the dental implant surgery for ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


Dear Reader,
Click tower to see my VOKI
Welcome to my portfolio! I hope you enjoy
learning about me while you look at my works,
both past and present, and through looking at the
things that interest me. During elementary
school, I practiced my creative writing skills,
which helped me to expand my mind and think
outside of the box. In middle school, I focused
on research papers and learned how to cite
sources correctly through parenthetical citations
and works cited pages. Once I got to high school,
my teachers challenged me to write on an
analytical level. Over the years, I have come to
enjoy writing and now use a combination of
everything I have learned throughout elementary,
middle, and high school. Jessica
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Betsey Johnson
Blast from the Past
HPU Scholarship Essay
Bittersweet Smiles
D S w. C O m
Bucket List
My Soul
The Day Jimmy's Pig goes to the Vet
The Country Uzbekistan
William Lloyd Garrison
My Bucket List
  • Go to college
  • Get a degree
  • Go skydiving
  • Go to space
  • Drive across the country
  • Travel around Europe
  • Ride in a gondola in Venice
  • Ride the worlds tallest roller coaster
  • Learn to snowboard
  • Go to fashion weeks around the world-New York,
    Milan, London, Paris
  • Have a Christmas wedding
  • Have kids
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Learn to surf
  • Learn how to salsa dance
  • Be in two places at once
  • Visit the Grand Canyon
  • Go snorkeling
  • Visit a private island resort
  • Write a book
  • Go on a cruise
  • See Phantom of the Opera on Broadway
  • View Paris from the Eiffel Tower at sunset
  • Start my own business
  • Learn to hang glide

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The Cockroach
I ran through the house Screaming as if I had
just seen a mouse Yet it was something with 18
knees You can call it a roach if you please My
face turns white sheet pale As I pray the roach
is not female Since she can reproduce at the
speed of light Oh bring on the fight I
instinctively stomp the critter But it lives onI
am so bitter So I grab the Raid and hold down the
knob Expecting the roach to turn to a blob I
begin to cry as I see it crawl And realize this
is a full on brawl I try to remain placid As I
grab the boric acid The powdery substance
covers That nasty bug while I hover Watching its
protective outer shell Falling off its body well
It is too humid here The acid wont work I
fear The roach must be dry For the stupid thing
to die Giving up I slowly grab A sticky trap
that is fab I put the trap against the wall This
will surely be a ball I watch as the roach
goes Goodbye little foe Into the sticky
goo Forever stuck like the morning dew I have
won! It has been oh so fun Ive destroyed a thing
that can survive Even if a nuclear war were to
The Cockroach Cockroaches are some of the most
disgusting animals on the planet, yet there are
several interesting facts that also make them
some of the most interesting creatures. From the
number of knees they have to how to kill them,
the roaches are apart from all others. Most
creatures have two legs, including humans, yet
the cockroach has six legs and at least eighteen
knees (Amazing). An average human being in
good health can hold his/her breath for about two
minutes. The world record for a human holding
their breath is 17 minutes and 4.4 seconds
(Sharples). A cockroach can last up to over two
times that, holding its breath for forty minutes
at one time (Amazing). The human heart is a
vital organ that is needed for mere survival.
However, the heart of a cockroach comprises of a
simple tube with valves. It can stop moving
anytime, without harming the roach (Facts).
Female cockroaches attract males by producing
pheromones, a type of scent (Facts). Too bad
for the males, females only have to mate once and
will be pregnant for the rest of their lives
(Amazing). Unlike Americans, the cockroach
once served as the guest of honor in European
homes. In fact, it was customary to release them
in new homes (Facts). Another interesting
fact about the cockroach is that it can live
without its head for up to a week because its
brain is scattered throughout its body, instead
of in its head (Facts). Cockroaches tend to
roam at night, searching for food, water, and
mates. They love warm, humid places and eat a
variety of foods starches, sweets, grease, meat
products, cheese, beer, bakery products, glue,
hair, flakes of dried skin, dead animals and
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plant materials. The shape of a cockroach is
familiar to everyone, with its long, flat body,
and spiny legs. A cockroach can run rapidly over
most surfaces and is able to crawl across glass
windows or walk on the ceiling with the help of
specialized pads in its tarsi. Cockroaches are
also famous for hitchhiking across peoples
homes or even across states. Because they hide
in cracks and crevices, the roaches travel by
individual people or in products shipped around
the country. One must carefully inspect
deliveries of furniture, clothing, or other goods
in case a roach is hiding in the cracks.
(Cockroaches). Since the cockroach has
evolved overGerman cockroaches have been known to
sneak into facilities like hospitals, zoos,
restaurants, and supermarkets through this
hitchhiking millions of years (Kill), one
probably wonders how it survived a nuclear war
when millions of humans died. Well, a lethal
dose of 800 rems of radiation will kill a human
being (a "rem" is the dosage of radiation that
will cause a specific, measured amount of injury
to human tissue) and a cockroach can handle up
to 67, 500 rems of radiation (Amazing)! A
cockroach is a very difficult creature to kill,
causing many people to get frustrated when the
can of Raid does not do the trick. Rather, it
takes several steps and large amounts of patience
to kill the seemingly immortal bug. The first
step is the easiest and least toxic petroleum
jelly. Take a deep bowl and place petroleum
jelly around the sides to prevent the roach from
climbing back out. Build a paper ramp for the
roach to get into the bowl to get to the food.
Once it is in the bowl, the roach is stuck
because of the jelly. To dispose of the roaches
in a sanitary manner, flush them down the toilet
If the simple, homemade trap is unsuccessful,
bring in the acid. Boric acid is a powdery
insecticide designed to strip the roach of its
protective outer shell. Once the bug loses its
shell, it will dry out and die from dehydration.
While this is a more successful tactic, it may
not work as quickly in a humid environment
because it will take the roach longer to dry out
(Kill). Since a roach prefers tight, dark
spaces, a bait station is another good solution
to a cockroach problem. The station is similar
to a live trap, yet incorporates deadly mold into
the bait. Luckily, the mold is only damaging to
roaches, not to humans or pets. Sprays also
prove to be a good agent for killing the nasty
bugs. However, it is not a good idea to use the
sprays and the bait stations simultaneously. The
spray will cause the bait to be less attractive
and enticing to the roach (Kill). A gel or
sticky trap catches a cockroach on their way in
and out of a house. This sticky substance helps
define where the roach lives and moves inside a
home, helping one to eliminate the pest more
aggressively. However, one must note,
cockroaches prefer to walk so that the sides or
tops of their bodies are touching another object,
like a wall or the bottom of a piece of
furniture. So, place the sticky trap along the
wall or under low furniture for the best chance
of success (Kill). Insect growth regulators
(IGR) eliminate current roach problems, and
prevent future outbursts as well. An IGR
sterilizes immature cockroaches so they will not
be able to reproduce. Since cockroaches
reproduce like the speed of light, adding an IGR
supplement to a treatment plan takes care of the
present and future (Kill). A cockroach is an
annoying little insect that will make anyones
face go from grin to grim. With all of its legs
and knees and long, skinny body, a roach is
definitely nasty.
PAGE 2 3 4
However, after looking at all the facts, one must
admit that a roach is an amazing creature. So,
before grabbing the can of Raid, read up on the
steps on how to kill a roach successfully to save
an enormous amount of frustration and headaches.
Also, remember that the key is to not only kill
the current roach problem, but also take steps of
prevention to avoid further nests.
Scholarship Essay
Growing up, I learned that intellect goes beyond
the philosophies of Aristotle or Socrates. While
these men are known for their genius minds and
profound studies, my intellectual curiosity takes
on a broader range of topics. I am versed in the
sciences and mathematics, yet as a visual
learner, I appreciate art, music, and design, and
more specifically fashion. Many people do not
realize how much fashion affects our day-to-day
lives, yet it is everywhere. During my junior and
senior years, I was a part of putting together a
school fashion show. As a junior, I was a worker
bee who did what I was told. I learned the
dances for the scenes and I logged countless
hours to make the show perfect. My senior year,
however, I received the privilege of creating my
own scene for the show. I directed,
choreographed, and chose props for the scene. I
did not do this alone, however, and had to work
on the scene with two other girls. That was the
epitome of learning how to work with others,
compromising ideas and setting aside opinions
about each other. It was not easy, but I
discovered that working with others is a
beneficial aspect of putting on a project of that
size. The art of a fashion show is fascinating,
taking months of preparation, hard work, and
time. Then, in one night, it is over in a few
hours. Even though the show was gone in a
fleeting moment, the lessons I learned working on
it will stay with me forever, especially as I
enter the work force. Edith Hamilton was right
when she said, To be able to be caught up in a
world of thought- that is to be educated. With
my love of fashion, I am constantly lost in
thought of new trends and ideas. Although
Aristotle and his theories provided much to the
academic world, intellectual curiosity does not
have to stop at classical philosophers it can go
so far beyond. I have ventured beyond the
academic intellect and have discovered a world
full of so much more.
Bittersweet Smiles I was four-years-old when it
happened. Although I cannot remember exactly
what the doctor said, I imagine it went something
like this, Mr. and Mrs. Liverman, your daughter
has a mild form of a condition known as
Ectodermal Dysplasia. I see my parents staring
back at my pediatrician with faces full of
questions and concerns, while I sat anxiously
awaiting the end of the appointment when I could
explore the treasure box of treats. Little did
I know how greatly the condition would impact my
future. Ectodermal Dysplasia is a rare
condition that affects many parts of the body
hair, nails, teeth, and sweat glands. In my
case, my hair and nails grow very slow, I dont
perspire as much as I should, causing me to
overheat, and I am missing five adult teeth.
Cosmetically, my biggest issue has been my
teeth. When I was young, my smile never bothered
me everyone was going through awkward stages
in life, particularly with teeth (e.g. braces).
At thirteen-years-old, having abnormal teeth was
the norm, so I didnt think much about them. I
still had about fours years to go before I could
have any major changes done to my smile. As a
young girl, four years seemed like a lifetime
away. So, I pushed the thought of fixing my teeth
to the back of my mind. All of those thoughts
resurfaced, however, when I entered my freshman
year of high school. For the second time in my
life, I had braces. They were tiny scraps of
metal that made me feel ugly and not up to par
on the worlds standard of beauty. When I
finally got my braces off at the end of my
sophomore year, my teeth still didnt measure up.
They were small and uneven like pieces of chalk
after it hits the ground, tiny, pointy, jagged.
PAGE 2 3
I remember my dentists promise of dental
implants as soon as my jaw stopped growing.
Dental implants, he said, are metal screws
that are placed into the bones in your mouth with
a surgical procedure, and will eventually hold
crowns in place. I came to hate the word
eventually because it just meant more waiting,
and waiting is not the strong suit of a teenage
girl. I desperately wanted a beautiful smile
like the celebrities I saw on magazine covers.
At fifteen years old, I didnt want to wait two
more years to have a sensational and dazzling
smile as my dentist described. Fixing my smile
seemed like an obstacle as big as the ocean
itself. After two agonizingly long years, my
dentist and several specialists set the date of
the dental implant surgery for spring break of my
junior year. As the date grew closer, my life
became a non-stop dentist appointment, filled
with last minute consults. The entire process of
dental implants takes nearly two years and is
broken down into the following steps 1) surgery,
2) a three-month recovery, and patient must wear
removable plastic retainer with fake teeth, 3)
insertion of temporary crowns into implants, 4) a
six month waiting period, and 5) removal of the
temporary crowns and replacement with permanent,
porcelain crowns (currently, I am at step four
and have to wait. Again!). On the morning of
the surgery, my parents and I checked into
Childrens Hospital of the Kings Daughters and
waited. Let me remind you, I despise the word
wait. The noises of the waiting room were
overwhelming, filled to the brim with screaming
infants and running toddlers. I suddenly had a
vivid understanding of the phrase, terrible
twos! I was utterly grateful when the nurse
came into the waiting room and called my name,
Jessica Liverman? She handed me the funny
hospital gown and sent me off to change
into the most complicated garment I had ever put
on. After a few attempts, I finally walked back
into the room just to find out I put the gown on
wrong. The nurse sighed in exasperation and
showed me the proper way to wear the gown.
Knowing that my derriere could fall out of the
gown at any given moment, I smiled a smug grin
and thought to myself, I have a right to moon
anyone who happens to be near me, although I am
grateful this did not happen. When the
anesthesiologist came into the room shortly
after, my moment of foolish humor dissolved into
uncontrollable tears. I could not get my mind
around the fact that it was actually happening.
After seventeen years of having five baby teeth
mixed in with other adult teeth, I couldnt
picture myself with a normal smile. The
anesthesiologist saw my tears and gave me happy
juice to calm down. The only thing I remember
from the surgery is waking up to the surgeon
asking me to smile for my parents. I was so
livid that he would wake me up for such a
ridiculous request. Anyone who has ever
undergone surgery would agree with me that those
drugs will keep someone unconscious for days. As
I blurrily looked from the surgeon to my parents,
I focused all of my energy on lifting the corners
of my mouth. It wasnt a huge smile, but enough
to please those who were around me. After a few
moments, the surgeon nodded his approval and I
succumbed to my droopy eyes and fell back to
sleep. Fast forward five months. I received my
temporary crowns two months ago and I am
delighted with the success of the procedure. I
still have about four months to go until I am
rewarded with the final, permanent crowns
however, I am content because the temporary
crowns look just like the permanent ones. I look
back on the surgery as a blessing, giving me much
more confidence in myself and the courage to
flash a bright smile to the people around me.
Sensational and dazzling used to be out of my
arms reach, and now, they are right at my
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