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The Roaring Twenties


The Roaring Twenties As America recovers from World War I and goes back to its isolationist roots, the people of America look to find a new direction in life. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Roaring Twenties

The Roaring Twenties
  • As America recovers from World War I and goes
    back to its isolationist roots, the people of
    America look to find a new direction in life.

How We Gonna Keep Them Down on the Farm After
Theyve Seen Pari (Paris)?
  • After the war, the whole world was
    shell-shocked as to how much destruction had
    been done. Soldiers came back with a sudden
    realization there were no guarantees that a
    person would live a long life- if another war
    began. So live for today became the motto
    enjoy life because you may not be around if war
    breaks out again. So, the Roaring Twenties were
    a Party Hardy Decade on the surface, but there
    was also some fear that most people felt that
    life could end unexpectedly.
  • FYI The title of this slide was the 1 song in
    the early 1920s!

Womens Rights Fashion Sense
  • In 1920, women suffragists finally got the right
    to vote for women. The elections of 1920, 1924,
    1928 were the first elections that women voted.
    Rebecca Felton, a Georgian, was the 1st female to
    serve in the U.S. Senate for one day after
    Senator Tom Watson had passed away this was an
    honor for all her work for Georgia during the
    Progressive Era. (The governor of Georgia then
    later chose a permanent replacement for Senator

Flapper The New Woman a somewhat foolish girl,
full of wild surmises and inclined to revolt
against precepts and admonitions of her
elders. H.L. Mencken
Bessie Crowell Viola Napier
  • These two women were the first to serve in the
    Georgia General Assembly.
  • Women broke many social traditions shorter hair,
    shorter skirts, etc. Urban life became radically
    different from rural life.

Prohibition Era
Al Capone
Elliot Ness
  • One of the great experiments of the 20th century
    was Prohibition. This constitutional amendment
    outlawed the making and selling of alcohol. This
    amendment came out of the Temperance Movement
    from the Progressive Era. But people refused to
    stop drinking and they bought alcohol supplied by
    gangsters like Al Capone. The Federal Bureau of
    Investigation (FBI), led by Elliott Ness J.
    Edgar Hoover, fought to stop the gangsters like
    Capone. By the end of the decade, Prohibition was
    repealed, making it the only amendment to the
    U.S. Constitution to be removed from law.

Prohibition Era
A Speak-Easy
"The Charleston"
New Language Slang
  • Hey, that flapper is standing by the tin lizzy.
    If her dogs are tired, then, maybe shell let me
    take her to the speak-easy for some giggle water!
    Maybe we can cut a rug as well! I hope so,
    because shes the cats meow! I just hope she
    thinks Im dapper the bees knees and not just
    a flat tire.
  • This uses 8 different phrases from the 1920s
    what do you think it means?

New Language Slang Translation
  • Hey, that pretty girl is standing by my car. If
    her feet are tired, maybe shell let me drive her
    to the restaurant for some dinner and drinks. We
    might even dance the Charleston! Shes the most
    beautiful girl ever! I hope she thinks Im cool,
    and not just a boring person!

Music of the 1920s
  • Jazz music has been called spur of the moment
    magic because of the improvisation of the band.
    Louis Armstrong was one of the most famous
    musicians of the era.
  • Blues music also was created during this era.
    Itis about lost love, loneliness, poverty, or
    jealousy. Ma Rainey, from Georgia, was known as
    Mother of the Blues.

The Great Migration
  • During the 1920s, there was a movement of
    African-American citizens to leave their job as
    tenant farmers and to move North- to cities like
    Chicago and Detroit, looking for work. In this
    time of Separate But Equal, people were looking
    for a chance for true equality in jobs.

Technology of the 1920s
Heroes of the 1920s
  • In 1927, Charles Lindbergh, a 25 year old pilot,
    became the first person to fly a non-stop solo
    flight across the Atlantic Ocean. He flew from
    New York to Paris, with only sandwiches and
    coffee for the 33 ½ hour flight. He became an
    international hero on both sides of the Atlantic
    Ocean. Six months later, he flew to Atlanta and
    was greeted by 20,000 people. (Lindbergh Drive
    was also named for him).

Heroes of the 1920s
  • Ben Epps was known as the Father of aviation in
    Georgia. A native of Athens, he was inspired by
    the Wright brothers and built a light monoplane
    (one wing) that he hoped would be a model for
    passenger planes in the future.

Delta Air Lines
  • In 1924, some crop-dusting pilots in Macon, led
    by Collette Woodman, got together to form a
    mail-delivery service by the air. It soon became
    a passenger service, and now Delta (named for
    serving the Mississippi Delta region of the
    country). It is now the 2nd largest airline in
    the U.S., and its headquarters is located in

Heroes of the 1920s
  • Other Georgia heroes were Ty Cobb (The Georgia
    Peach) and Bobby Jones. Cobb was one of the 1st
    players in the Hall of Fame he had a lifetime
    batting average of .367 and he had the career
    stolen base record of 892!
  • Bobby Jones won golfs Grand Slam (top 4 events)
    in one year, and one 13 championships in his
    career. He later designed Augusta National golf
    course. Later in life, Jones was stricken with a
    crippling disease. When asked about it, Jones
    said We all have to play the ball as it lies.

Heroes of the 1920s
  • Motions pictures became a huge entertainment
    business in this decade. Hollywood was created
    as the great silent, black-and-white movies of
    the day were created.
  • The first millionaire actor was the legendary
    Charlie Chaplin.

Places of the 1920s
  • Atlanta also was growing in the downtown area.
    One of its greatest attractions, the Fabulous Fox
    theater, was established during this decade. Its
    wonderful ambience was saved in the 1970s when a
    campaign was done to raise money to Save the
    Fox from being torn down.

Places of the 1920s
  • In 1928, another Atlanta tradition was started
    near the Georgia Tech campus. The Varsity
    restaurant became a great place to go before a
    football game or an event at the nearby Fox
    Theater. It is still a vital part of downtown
    Atlanta today (and theres a restaurant in
    Gwinnett too)!

Laissez-Faire An Economic Policy that means,
hands off!
  • In the 1920s, the Republicans won the White
    House from Woodrow Wilson and the Democrats.
    These 3 Republican Presidents believed in
    laissez-faire economics. Laissez-faire is a
    French phrase that means hands-off, implying
    that the federal government should not tax too
    much, nor should tell people how to save, spend,
    or invest their money. That also means the
    nations economy is left to the marketplace to
    work out any problems that may arise. As more
    people began to borrow money for investing in the
    stock market, the economys motor began to
    overheat and the Great Depression was soon

Warren G. Harding
  • Warren G. Harding was the 1st president of the
    1920s. His election slogan Return to
  • Why would this had been a good slogan for the 1st
    president AFTER World War I?
  • Harding faced the Teapot Dome Scandal while in
    office some of his Cabinet members had made some
    shady land deals without his knowledge.

Calvin Coolidge
  • Calvin Silent Cal Coolidge became the next
    President after President Harding dies in office.
    Ironically, he rarely gave long speeches and yet
    he was the 1st president to be heard on the
  • FYI One time a lady met Coolidge and proclaimed
    Mr. President, I know you dont like to talk too
    much, but I know youd say three words to me!
  • Coolidge replied, You lose.
  • FYI Coolidge was the only president to be sworn
    in by a family member his dad was a Justice of
    the Peace, and he quickly gave his son the
    Presidential oath after word came in the middle
    of the night of President Hardings unexpected
    death. This way the country was not without a
    president for very long.

Herbert Hoover
  • Hoover was the third Republican president of the
    1920s. The continuing laissez-faire economic
    policy was setting up the country for the Great
  • FYI Some people lost their homes and lived in
    temporary homes in public parks these were
    sarcastically called Hoovervilles.

Stock Market Crash
  • On October 24, 1929, the Stock Market crashed
    as people began to sell all of the stocks that
    they had borrowed to buy. This caused the price
    value of the stock to fall, people could not
    repay back their loans, and so banks could not
    give people their savings (because they had
    loaned them out). So, many people lost their
    money in the Stock Market Crash without ever
    having bought stocks themselves.

Boll Weevil Adds to Georgias Misery
  • Georgia also had some unexpected company when
    the boll weevil migrated from Mexico Texas.
    When these insects descended on a cotton crop to
    digest it, a farmers whole years crop could be
    destroyed and bankruptcy could soon follow. This
    Boll Weevil song tried to help people laugh
    instead of cry over their losses.

Who Knew How to End the Great Depression?
Who Knew How to End the Great Depression?