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A typical day in first grade..


Title: Curriculum Night Author: Jeff Mosser Last modified by: BCPS_Teacher Created Date: 9/5/2009 4:48:51 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: A typical day in first grade..

A typical day in first grade..
  • 815 School Begins
  • 830 Morning Meeting/Calendar
  • 900 Spelling
  • 920 Reading Comprehension
  • 1000 Snack and Recess
  • 1025 Reading Strategies
  • 1100 Writing
  • 1140 Recess and Lunch
  • 1220 Read Aloud
  • 1230 Phonics
  • 100 Specials
  • 130 Math
  • 215 Science/ Social Studies/ Art
  • 240 Home

  • Various levels of readers in our class.
  • We are learning about
  • Comprehension
  • Reading accurately
  • Reading fluently
  • Expanding our vocabulary

Ways to Support your Reader at Home
  • Read with your child every night for at least 15
  • Record the book that they read and sign your name
    on their reading log found in their red reading
  • Return red reading folder and book every day (M
  • When they come to a word that they dont know,
    encourage them to use their reading strategies to
    figure it out.
  • Point to the word
  • Look at the picture ask what would make sense?
  • Look at the first and last letter ask what
    would make sense?
  • Sound out the word
  • Skip the word, and then come back to it later
  • Give them time! ?
  • Read to your child
  • Talk about the book that they are reading, to
    check for understanding.

Investigations Math
  • Units of Study include
  • Basic Algebra and Number Concepts
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Problem Solving

Ways to Support your Mathematician at Home
  • Addition and Subtraction flash cards every night
  • Everyday math problem solving
  • Counting money and telling time

  • Word Wall Words
  • 110 most frequently used words
  • 5 per week practice every night
  • Challenge them by
  • Adding word endings
  • Using the words in a sentence, poem or story
  • Finding words that rhyme
  • Alphabetizing
  • Word Sorts
  • Allows students to recognize common spelling
  • Word Families
  • Allows students to find the relationship among

Invented Spelling?
  • Encourage your child to stretch out sounds when
    spelling an unknown word.
  • As students learn spelling patterns, their
    invented spelling will change and develop.
  • Common for this age
  • Jrp drop
  • Pld played
  • Skl school
  • Fn fun

Ways to Support your Speller at Home
  • Practice word wall words every night
  • Encourage invented spelling
  • Help them sound out words, and write a letter
    down for each sound.

How to Help your Writer at Home
  • When something fun, memorable or exciting
    happens, encourage your child to write about it
    the next day at school.
  • Encourage them to write
  • Stories
  • Letters
  • Postcards
  • Recipes

Pencil Grasp
  • Inefficient pencil grasps
  • The tripod grasp a helpful rhyme
  • Pinch it, twist it, tilt it, rest it!

Science Social Studies Topics
  • Science
  • Bus, Playground, and Personal Safety
  • Human Body
  • Properties of Matter
  • Weather
  • Plants
  • Life on the Farm
  • Social Studies
  • All About Me
  • Mapping
  • Communities
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Fire Safety
  • Current Events through Scholastic News Magazine

Home Folders
  • Bobcat Folder
  • Newsletters
  • Notes home
  • Homework
  • School Work
  • Red Reading Folder
  • One or two books at your childs independent
    reading level
  • Reading log
  • Please return every day

  • Sent home weekly on Monday
  • Return on Friday
  • Can be found on my blog
  • http//www.bcps.wlwv.k12.or.us/pistaccj/blog/

Home Reading Read for 15 minutes. Sign Reading Log return book each day in your red folder. Read for 15 minutes. Sign Reading Log return book each day in your red folder. Read for 15 minutes. Sign Reading Log return book each day in your red folder. Read for 15 minutes. Sign Reading Log return book each day in your red folder.
Word Wall Words Practice reading spelling the new Word Wall Words the, make, children, at, went Write word wall words 5 times and read them to someone at home. Use each new word wall word a sentence. Ask someone to read you the words as you spell them.
Math Fact Fluency Practice Math Flash Cards Practice Math Flash Cards Practice Math Flash Cards Practice Math Flash Cards
Spelling Writing Make a list of words the rhyme and follow the spelling pattern ___ell Fix the sentence how do yu ride a bik Write the contractions for what is that is she is he is Write the letters in MITTEN on a piece of paper. Cut out the letters, and see what words the letters can make.
Math Science Locate Antarctica, the United States and the Equator on a map. Fill in the missing numbers 6,8 ___ 12,___, ____, 18, 20 Measure and compare your height with the heights of your family members. How tall are each of you? There are 9 Rockhopper Penguins on a piece of ice. 3 jump into the cold ocean. How many are left? Draw a picture and write an equation to solve.
Other/ Family Time Make heartgrams. Cut out hearts, and write a compliment for each family member. Look at old family photos. Participate in a class, sport, or group activity. Other __________
  • Bi monthly - Sent home in Bobcat Folder
  • Includes
  • Upcoming events and dates
  • Classroom happenings
  • Can be found on my blog.

  • Every morning
  • Please bring in a snack to share with the class
    at the beginning of every month
  • We love
  • Goldfish
  • Cheez-its
  • Ritz
  • Saltines
  • Clementines

  • Your childs birthday will be celebrated on or
    around their special day.
  • Feel free to bring in a non edible treat
  • Pencils for each student
  • OR A book for the class library
  • OR Erasers for each student

  • Every child is a star
  • You will receive a notice in advance
  • A whole week celebrating your child!
  • On Monday, our star will be introduced. We will
    spend time sharing the pictures that he/she has
    brought. The photographs will be displayed on our
    bulletin board and will be returned to you the
    following Monday. Please help your child complete
    the sheets that are attached to this note. These
    will be shared and displayed too.
  • On Tuesday, please send one of your childs
    favorite books to share with the class.
  • On Wednesday, your child may bring a favorite
    item to share with the class for a special
    sharing time.
  • On Thursday, the class will write comments and
    compliments on what they like and appreciate
    about your child. These will be collected and
    sent home with your child at the end of the week.
  • During the last week of the month, all the
    Stars for that month will be invited to eat
    lunch with me in our classroom.

PTA Classroom Fund
  • Thank you for your 12.00 contribution to our
    classroom fund! This helps us buy extra
    supplies, and fun things like Scholastic News.
  • If you havent already contributed, there is
    still time!

  • Change in dismissal plans please let office
    know or send a note in their red folder.
  • Give me a wave! ? When taking your child from our
    end of the day line.

Upcoming Events
  • Gardening Day Oct. 1st
  • Fun Run Oct. 2nd
  • Conferences Oct. 5, 6, 7.
  • No school Oct. 7, 8, 9.
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