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  • The Great Commission
  • Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing
    them in the name of the Father, and of the Son,
    and of the Holy Ghost.
  • Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I
    have commanded you and lo, I am with you
    always, even unto the end of the world. Amen
  • Matthew 2819-20

What is Evangelism?
  • The winning or revival of personal commitments to
    Christ militant or crusading zeal (Webster)
  • Gods act of working through believers empowered
    by the Holy Spirit to communicate the good news
    of Jesus Christ to every person and people group
    with the purpose to persuade the lost to come to
    salvation. (from Southern Baptist Evangelists)
  • The act of one that seeks to convert others to
    the Christian faith. Soul winning, praying,
    seeing, witnessing and believing God for people
    to come to Christ. (Pastor Rose Wright-Scott)
  • Reference
  • But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail
    not and when thou art converted, strengthen thy
    brethren. Luke 2232
  • Converted means to come back to your former firm

The Evangelist
  • The word Evangelist is used only three times in
    scripture. Ephesians 411 Acts 218 II Timothy
    45. Therefore, relatively little can be
    concluded about this persons role. Phillip, who
    planted churches, is called an Evangelist in Acts
    218, and Timothy who was instructed to do the
    work of an Evangelist in II Timothy 45
  • The root meaning of Evangelist is to bring good
    tidings or to bring the Gospel message.
  • In the New Testament, the Evangelist appears to
    have gone to unbelieving people, attempting to
    win them to Christ. Some people view the
    Evangelist as a particularly effective
  • Soul-winning is the responsibility of all
    Christians regardless of their spiritual gifts,
    offices, or ministries.

Evangelism, Baptism, and Education
  • The purpose of the church is to make disciples of
    all kinds of people. Those who are evangelized
    and converted should then be baptized, attesting
    to their identification with Christ and the local
    body of believers. The Great Commission serves
    to train disciples in Christian knowledge and for
    effective service. A church can not choose one
    aspect of its responsibility and neglect the
    others. The Great Commission is a simple command
    with three steps
  • Evangelism Go ye therefore, and teach all
  • Baptism Baptizing them in the name of the
    Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
  • Education Teaching them to observe all things
    whatsoever I have commanded you.

  • After Jesus told the Apostles that He had
    received all authority, He then ordered them to
    go make disciples of all nations.
  • A few questions that needs to be considered in
    order to understand the command to go is
  • Who does this command apply to?
  • Does it apply to all Christians?
  • Did it apply to only the apostles?
  • Does it only apply to ordained Ministers of the
  • The command to GO applies to all believers
    without exception!

Evangelism .Continued
  • The Evangelist has a task that involves far more
    than just witnessing. Evangelism involves
    teaching the whole counsel of God or all that
    Christ has commanded. Equipping the saints for
    the work of the Ministry. To train and equip
    the rank-and-file Christians to do the work of
    the Ministry. The aim of this Ministry of
    Christian service it for the edifying of the body
    of Christ, this is, to build up the Church
    numerically and spiritually.

  • The second thing necessary is to baptize. The
    order of baptism followed by teaching is
    emphasized in the book of Acts. Then they that
    gladly received his word were baptized and the
    same day there were added unto them about three
    thousand souls. And they continued steadfastly
    in the apostles doctrine and fellowship and in
    the breaking of bread, and in prayers. Acts

Baptism . . . . continued
  • There are many reasons why baptism is important
  • Baptism signifies a persons regeneration by the
    Holy Spirit.
  • Baptism signifies a believers union with Christ
    in His death and resurrection.
  • All the saving graces flow from Christs atoning
  • Baptism signifies a Christians cleansing from
  • In Baptism the new believer publicly acknowledges
    his submission to Christs ownership and
  • Baptism in some circumstances is required for
    Church membership.
  • Baptism signifies that union with Christ brings
    believers into a vital relationship with the
    three persons of the Godhead.
  • When a person believes and is justified, he is
    adopted into Gods family.

Baptism . . . . Continued
  • The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • These three are one God, their exercise of
    authority is one for it is said, Baptizing
    them not in the names, but in the Name of the
    Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

  • The third thing necessary to disciple the nations
    is to teach them to observe all things that
    Christ has commanded.
  • Jesus subdues the nations through the power of
    His Holy Spirit and through the preaching and
    teaching of His Word. The sharp sword is the
    word of GodThe Bible! Ephesians 617 Hebrews
    412 Revelation 116
  • We disciple the nations by teaching them the
    truth as it is revealed in the Scriptures, and
    speaking the power of the Holy Spirit to make our
    teaching effective in those we try to instruct.
  • Everything that can be known (this side of
    Heaven) regarding God, Christ, the law,
    salvation, the church, our estate and so on is
    revealed in the Bible.

Education . . . . Continued
  • All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and
    is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for
    correction, for instruction in righteousness,
    that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly
    equipped for every good work. II Timothy
  • When the church fails to teach all that Christ
    has commanded the result is disaster for the
    church and society.

Point To Consider In Evangelism Efforts
  • Have the leader be one who has the gift of
    evangelism. He or she will love it and inspire
    others by their passion and example.
  • Reference
  • And he gave some, apostles and some, prophets
    and some evangelists and some, pastors and
  • For the perfecting of the saints, for the work
    of the ministry for the edifying of the body of
  • Ephesians 411-12
  • Use the Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Key Elements For Evangelism From Pastor Rose
Wright Scott
  • Prayer
  • Communication
  • Individual spiritual growth
  • Discover your core values
  • Everyone owns the vision
  • Build strong lay leadership
  • Determine the needs and skills of the
  • Evaluate all current Ministries and programs
  • Build on your strengths
  • Identify potential new members
  • Determine the needs of potential new members
  • Hospitality
  • Dynamic Worship
  • Listen to hear God

  • Individual intentional prayer for the church
  • Collective prayer for discernment
  • Wednesday night Prayer Meetings

Effective Communication
  • Take nothing for granted make no assumptions
  • Be intentional, be repetitious
  • Internal Communication
  • Outline a detailed plan of communication to the
  • External communication
  • Outline a detailed plan of communication to the

Individual Spiritual Growth
  • Have a sincere desire to become a disciple
  • Spiritual gift discernment
  • Willingness to use the spiritual gifts
  • Listen for Gods call

Discover Your Core Values
  • Values that are essential to your church
  • The DNA of the ministry of the church
  • The principals of the church
  • The values that remain when the membership

Everyone Owns The Vision
  • The vision is biblically based
  • There is excitement about the vision
  • The vision is realistic
  • Everyone believes the vision can be accomplished
  • Know The Melfield UCC Purpose Statement
  • The purpose of Melfield United Church of Christ
    is to Worship God, to Preach the Gospel of Jesus
    Christ, and to Celebrate the Sacraments. This
    church is to realize and celebrate Christian
    Fellowship and Unity within and without these
    walls. We must render loving service toward
    humankind and strive for righteousness, justice
    and peace. We further believe that Jesus Christ
    is the Sole Head of the Church, the Son of the
    living God.

Build Strong Lay Leadership
  • Encourage people to use their spiritual gifts
  • Empower
  • Equip

Determine The Needs and Skills of The
  • Survey the congregation to determine the needs
  • Develop Ministries that meet the needs of the
  • Do a Spiritual Gifts assessment
  • Utilize the gifts present for the basis of
    continued and new ministries

Evaluate All Current Ministries and Programs
  • Evaluate everything that is done in the church
  • Are programs relevant to the congregation or
    potential members?
  • Do the Ministries address the needs of the
    congregation or potential members?
  • Are the gifts of the members being used?

Build On Your Strengths
  • Utilize gifts of the congregation
  • Develop new Ministries based on your strengths
  • Be open to new and different ideas for Ministry
  • Establish realistic Ministry plans

Identify Potential New Members
  • Use research data to determine who is in your
  • Identify the people you wish to attract
  • Be specific
  • Be honest
  • Be realistic

Determine The Needs of New Members
  • Survey visitors and new members to determine
  • Spiritual needs
  • Social needs

  • Show radical extravagant hospitality
  • Welcome visitors and new members
  • Solicit participation
  • Accept new ideas
  • Mentor

Dynamic Worship
  • Celebrate
  • Educate
  • Try new things, be flexible
  • Embrace the Holy Spirit

Listen To Hear God
  • God is still speaking
  • Listen
  • Hear
  • Respond
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