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Comparative study between MyAUP, MyWU, MyUW and MyUSF


Comparative study between MyAUP, MyWU, MyUW and MyUSF Conclusion: Information: MyAUP, because of its situation does not need as much information as the three others. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Comparative study between MyAUP, MyWU, MyUW and MyUSF

Comparative study between MyAUP, MyWU, MyUW and
  • Why a comparative study
  • To get a good idea of the different existing
    products on the market. so we can get inspired by
    good ideas without reproducing the same mistakes.
  • Method
  • To make this comparative study, I looked at the
    content of each website, how was the information
    organized and how accessible it was.
  • I also tried to understand these university
    websites according to the size of their campus,
    the importance of the city and the diversity of
    the programs offered.  

University of San Francisco
  • Presentation of the University of San Francisco
  • -The university counts 8447 students and is
    located in San Francisco, a 800,000-inhabitant
  • -The university is particularly recognized for
    its law, business and management programs
  • -USF is ranked in the top 20 of the best
    university of the US

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General comments on MyUSF
  • I could not access to myUSF but only to a demo.
  • The website is very well organized which makes
    the information very easy to access.
  • MyUSF is divided in only 6 rubrics Students,
    Admission, Services, Community, Calendar and
    Personal Information.
  • -The rubric Admission and Community might be
    confusing (why would a student would be
    interested in its admission since he is already
    in the university).

  • Design
  • The design is pretty much the same everywhere.
    However, each rubric has its proper colors, which
    help to quickly memorize the way the information
    is organized.
  • Information
  • -The user is not overwhelmed by too much
  • -An information belonging to one rubric is never
    repeated in another rubric
  • Conclusion
  • There are no particular problem, no superfluous
    information but no particular inventive tool
    either. Everything is made perfectly clear and
  • Compared to MyUW and MyWU, MyUSF is a small
    website which is supposed to complete the general
    USF website. Compared to MyAUP its better
    organized and easier to access. However this kind
    of website will no fit to a big university like
    the Washington University or the University of

University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Presentation of the University of
  • -The university counts 42000 students and is
    located in Madison, a 500,000-inhabitant city.
  • - The UW was ranked 17th among world universities
    and 15th among universities in America.  

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General comments on MyUW
  • Design
  • The design is the same all long the website and
    the colors are the same from a rubric to another.
    However the possibility to edit its own space
    seems particularly interesting.
  • Information
  • -The content of the website is more important
    than the content of MyUSF, more services and
    information are offered which is a consequence to
    the important difference in term of students
    number in the two universities.
  • -Pages are not overloaded

  • Weaknesses
  • -Some information like the weather might seem
  • Strength
  • MyUW proposes some great tools
  • 1) My webspace
  • This gives you how much space is left on your
    hard drive
  • 2) Customize your page
  • Possibility to customize your pages depending on
    your personal needs
  • 3) Live chat
  • There are chats everywhere, on every social
    network and even on mailboxes but still, its
    always nice to have one.
  • 4) Lost and found
  • Critics
  • Except that there is no point to have a rubric
    myPage and a rubric home since the both display
    more or less the same information, the rest of
    the website is really good. The design is sober
    but efficient and the possibility to edit its own
    pages is really interesting.

Washington University
  • Presentation of Washington University
  • -Washington University is located in Seattle a
    city of 600,000 inhabitants, AUP in Paris,
    2,000,000 inhabitants and 11 if we integrate the
  • -According to Wikipedia, Washington University is
    approximately 42 times bigger in terms of
    students number than AUP and have a campus of 3

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General comments on MyWU
  • The design of the website is very simple and
    sober. We find the same colors code throughout
    the website.  
  • Logically, MyWU provides more information than
    the two other website do, which is not always a
    good point.

  • Weaknesses
  • -Some of the information is very hard to access
    especially when you are not familiar with that
    kind of huge website.
  • -Pages are overloaded which makes things
    difficult to find
  • -The information found is often redundant
  • ? One can find a list of the campus events on
    almost every rubric.
  • -Some of the information provided would be
    useless on MyAUP
  • ? Theater program, Parking information, Cultural
    program of the different place in the city,
    address book and phone book of every student who
    live in the campus
  • Strength
  • -Consequently to the size of the University MyWU
    provides more specific information and seems to
    be updated more often.

  • I/ Design
  • The organization of MyAUP is very confusing.
  • -It is very hard to find things when you are not
    familiar with the website.
  • -The rubrics do not respond to the user needs
  • --gt there is no rubric for finance

  • Division of the website
  • USF chose to separate its website in two distinct
  • A part where one can find general information
    about the university life
  • A part where one can find his private information
  • Advantage The two different websites are
  • Drawback The user is more confused when it comes
    to find an information that could be in both
  • UW and WU chose to link the two different parts
  • Advantage The user dont have to contently
    switch from a website to another.
  • Drawback Consequently to the repetition of some
    information the websites are less pleasant to

  • Information
  • MyAUP, because of its situation does not need as
    much information as the three others.
  • Information such as the cultural activity in
    Paris, the weather, the parking space and all the
    information relative to the campus student rooms
    would be useless for AUP.
  • The best example in how much information should
    be provided on MyAUP.
  • MyUSF provides light information and pages are
    not overloaded, which makes the navigation inside
    the site very easy and pleasant.

  • Rubrics  
  • After analyzing these 3 websites, I think the
    best organization by rubric would be a mix
    between MyUW and MyUF
  • Home, Academic, Finance, Services, Personal
  • Also the idea of a unique color by rubric
    observed in MyUSF is very interesting.
  • Colors
  • All the websites chose white as a background and
    then play with the color code of the university
    which myAUP already does.

  • Tools
  • Some of the tools proposed by MyWU could be very
    interesting for MyAUP (My webspace, Customize
    your page, Live chat, Lost and found)