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Health Sciences Partnership


Health Sciences Partnership Dedicated to Bringing You Closer to Your Goals – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Health Sciences Partnership

Health Sciences Partnership
  • Dedicated to Bringing
  • You Closer to Your Goals

About the Program
  • Mission Designed to provide mentorship in the
    form of UCR students, those of which include both
    medical students and college students, to high
    school students in the San Bernardino Valley
  • Goal Encourage high school students to seek
    careers in the health sciences industry so as to
    meet a growing need in this geographical area

Introduction of Mentors
  • Everybody has their own unique story, so this is

Mentee Information
  • This is where your
  • input helps us tremendously

Its All About You
  • Having information about you helps us to adjust
    our presentation to best accommodate you
  • If you could, please write the following on a
    white index card
  • Name
  • GPA
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Colleges Interested in Attending
  • Interested Major
  • Career Goal
  • We will collect these cards at the end of the

Health Careers
  • What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

Questions to Get Started
  • How many of you are interested in going to
  • How many of you are interested in careers in the
    health sciences industry?
  • How many of you are interested in attending a
    professional school (examples medical school,
    law school, graduate school, business school)?
  • How many of you are interested specifically in
    going to medical school?

Health Sciences Industry Table of Careers
Title Average Yearly Salary Education/Training Required
Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics 28,890 Formal Program/Pass National Exam
Dental Assistant 31,895 1 year of Dental Assistant Program
Pharmacy Technician 33,632 On the Job training or formal programs
Phlebotomist 41,228 10 weeks-1 year of Formal Program
EKG Technician 45,318 On the Job training or formal programs
Health Sciences Industry Table of Careers
Dietician 58,700 4 years of College Majoring in either Dietetics, Food, or Nutrition
Occupational Therapist 67,318 Master's Degree (1-2 years)
Registered Nurse 68,500 2-3 years of Nursing School
Nurse Practitioner 84,127 Training beyond a registered Nurse
Pharmacist 84,900 4 years of Pharmacy School
Health Sciences Industry Table of Careers
Physician Assistants 85,733 Formal Program (2 years)/Pass National Exam
Physical Therapist 86,260 Master's Degree (1-2 years)
Podiatrist 114,000 4 years of Podiatric Medical School 2-3 years of Residency
Dentist 123,210 4 year Dentist School
Optometrist 156,500 4 years of Optometry School
Physician 306,964 4 years of Medical School 3-8 years of Residency
Health Sciences Industry Table of Careers
  • For Complete List of Careers, please go to the
    following website
  • http//

  • Primary Care and Other Types of Physicians

What is Primary Care?
  • Primary Care is a term used for a physician who
    is typically the first doctor to see a patient
  • Primary Care physicians include those who train
  • Family Practice
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology (Ob/Gyn)
  • These physicians make the decision to refer
    patients who they see to physicians who are
    specialized in treating a specific part of the

Demand for Primary Care Physicians
  • The San Bernardino Valley, specifically, is a
    notoriously underserved medical community
  • In other words, there are many patients who need
    to see a doctor, but are unable to, since there
    is a shortage of primary care physicians.

Physician Specialties
  • There are different types of physicians
  • This is the basis for the fact that patients are
    often referred by primary care physicians to
    another doctor who might specialize in treating a
    certain part of the body
  • Each type of physician has a unique
  • Part of the body they focus on treating
  • Length of Schooling/Training
  • Salary

Salary by Medical Specialty
Specialty Starting Salary Possible Later Salary
Allergy and Immunology 180,520 227,080
Anesthesiology 279,922 337,654
Cardiac Thoracic Surgery 347,573 470,000
Cardiology 268,286 363,081
Colon Rectal Surgery 288,933 366,687
Critical Care Medicine 209,850 234,503
Dermatology 238,103 306,935
Diagnostic Radiology - Interventional 388,318 424,992
Diagnostic Radiology - Non-Interventional 340,000 400,000
Emergency Care 213,326 248,721
Endocrinology 159,705 194,243
Family Medicine 143,359 178,366
Family Medicine - with Obstetrics 149,449 186,451
Gastroenterology 283,842 344,200
Salary by Medical Specialty
General Surgery 241,005 310,736
Geriatrics 135,322 162,541
Gynecological Oncology 284,540 356,756
Gynecology 178,391 224,134
Gynecology Obstetrics 220,635 271,273
Hematology Medical Oncology 215,163 263,284
Hospitalist 163,917 189,677
Hypertension Nephrology 195,640 229,992
Infectious Disease 160,713 194,750
Intensivist 224,733 245,293
Internal Medicine 149,567 183,840
Neonatology 246,872
Neurological Surgery 360,110 476,260
Neurology 172,264 211,995
Nuclear Medicine (M.D. only) 225,975 300,000
Salary by Medical Specialty
Obstetrics 196,797 251,787
Occupational/Environmental Medicine 173,197 202,063
Ophthalmology 220,001 281,112
Oral Surgery 229,370 317,634
Orthopedic Surgery 331,156 409,518
Orthopedic-Medical 145,860 262,170
Orthopedic Surgery - Joint Replacement 407,037 476,446
Orthopedic Surgery - Hand 316,500 387,626
Orthopedic Surg.-Pediatrics 302,246 355,758
Orthopedic Surgery - Spine 395,524 554,054
Otolaryngology 248,948 315,000
Pathology (M.D. only) 212,351 274,792
Pediatric Allergy 143,543 163,338
Pediatric Cardiology 184,941 231,754
Pediatric Endocrinology 155,341 180,153
Salary by Medical Specialty
Pediatric Gastroenterology 168,238 216,000
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology 165,955 200,260
Pediatric Intensive Care 158,240 201,901
Pediatric Nephrology 149,706 178,181
Pediatric Neurology 174,804 197,282
Pediatric Pulmonary Disease 146,439 175,440
Pediatric Surgery 249,061 322,969
Pediatrics Adolescent 148,529 182,186
Pediatric Infectious Disease 135,419 179,919
Perinatology 298,347 341,933
Physical Medicine Rehabilitation 167,593 207,004
Plastic Reconstruction 274,476 345,000
Psychiatry 153,415 186,786
Psychiatry - Child 168,927 214,873
Pulmonary Disease 194,500 238,450
Salary by Medical Specialty
Radiation Therapy (M.D. only) 274,706 356,097
Reproductive Endocrinology 267,210 316,241
Rheumatologic Disease 159,066 204,166
Sports Medicine 162,786 245,920
Transplant Surgery - Kidney 240,620 351,031
Transplant Surgery - Liver 321,000 379,409
Trauma Surgery 268,044 353,706
Urgent Care 155,438 194,687
Urology 267,628 349,811
Vascular Surgery 282,325 354,365
College Preparation
  • Helpful Tips On What To Work On In High School

Time Management
  • Making the Most of Our Time

Balance Act
  • On one side Wanting to do as much as one
    possibly can, STRETCHING yourself to new heights.
  • On other side Still doing well and thus being

The Keys to Time Management
  • Knowing Your own LIMITS
  • Not being Afraid to Say NO
  • Taking the Right CLASSES
  • Making Efficient Use of Your SUMMERS

3 Ps of Time Management

Where do I Start?
  • Set GOALS
  • Outline STEPS to reach them
  • Discover what MOTIVATES you
  • Think of school as a JOB
  • Run your life like a BUSINESS

You got to Ask Yourself
  • What are my GOALS?
  • Am I reaching the EXPECTATIONS I have for myself?
  • Is this DISTRACTING me?
  • Do I want to CHANGE? How can I CHANGE?

What Distracts You? Lets NOTICE
  • Living Situation
  • Family or Friends
  • Pressure
  • Television, Cell Phone/Text Messaging
  • Responsibilities

Dont Handicap Yourself!!!
  • We can be our worst ENEMIES
  • Subconsciously, we EXPECT failure, so we
    PURPOSEFULLY handicap ourselves from succeeding
    in order to protect our SELF-ESTEEM

  • Have an idea of when EXAMS are
  • Look out for those days when you might have more
    than one midterm or final on the SAME DAY
  • Be Strategic about what classes you are going to
    STUDY more for
  • Some classes are more IMPORTANT than others
  • More RIDING on some classes than other
  • Studying for Finals
  • Start studying EARLIER than the WEEKEND before

Study Skills
  • How To Study

Knowing How to Study
  • Our NORMAL study habits may take longer than
    might be necessary
  • NOTICING is the first step
  • Seek out HELP if necessary
  • Change your STUDY HABITS
  • TAILOR your studying to the class
  • Value of ADJUSTING to the situation
  • Dont be STUBBORN

Study Skills Tips
  • Different methods work for different people
  • Review material as soon as you are presented with
    the information
  • Space out your studying, not all the night before
  • Study in a quiet place that has few distractions
  • Take notes as you study, writing down the most
    important points
  • Take short breaks so that you retain all of the
  • If you choose to study in a group, study with
    others who are serious
  • Dont study at a time when you are normally

Note-Taking, Study, and Test-Taking Strategies
  • Some Helpful Tips

Note Taking Tips
  • Teacher writes something on board or repeats in
    class write it down
  • Dont rely on someone elses notes you may not
    understand them
  • If teacher talks too fast, tape record the
  • Do the reading or homework before class, so you
    understand more
  • Write legibly
  • If you miss something you think is important,
    tell teacher to please repeat
  • Compare notes with a trusted classmate and fill
    in anything you missed

Test Preparation Tips
  • Do all your homework and make sure you are
    keeping up with the material
  • Pay attention to hints that the teacher is giving
    you as to what they will test
  • Ask the teacher to specify areas to focus on more
  • Eat before a test food energy better focus
  • Dont pull an all-nighter before a test
  • Dont show up too early for the test others may
    psyche you out
  • Showing up 5 minutes before the test should be

Test Taking Tips
  • Keep a positive attitude and stay relaxed
  • Dont cheat ever take pride in your performance
  • When you first receive a test, quickly take a
    look at the entire test so that you can budget
    your time appropriately
  • Try every problem. Answer the easy ones quickly.
    Those that are hard, mark them and come back to
    them at the end.
  • Do the problems that have the greatest point
    value first
  • Dont rush, since this increases the likelihood
    of making a mistake that could have been

Test Taking Tips (cont)
  • Ask the teacher for clarification for questions
    that are unclear
  • Read the entire question carefully
  • Dont worry if others finish before you
    everybody is different
  • If you have time, look over your test after you
    finish before you turn it in catch mistakes

Reduce Test Anxiety
  • Be well prepared for the test (follow the tips
    just discussed on previous slides)
  • Maintain a positive attitude while preparing for
    and taking the exam
  • Get a good nights sleep before the exam
  • Do simpler questions first so this will build
    your confidence to do the more difficult
  • Focus on the question at hand dont be
    distracted by letting your mind wander or worry
    about others finishing earlier
  • Take a deep breath during the exam when you feel
    you are becoming anxious
  • If you still feel your anxiety is seriously
    hampering your ability to do well on tests, then
    please seek a school counselor

Other Commitments of Your Time
  • Community Service and Leadership

Community Service
  • You need to SHOW colleges and professional
    schools that you want to give back to the
    community, since this is what you will be doing
    all your life
  • Volunteering At Hospitals
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Charities American Red Cross
  • Peer Mentor
  • Try not to go OVERBOARD though to the DETRIMENT
    to yourself!!!

Leadership Positions
  • Most likely, your future profession requires
    leadership SKILLS
  • Whatever youre involved in, dont SETTLE
  • Dont sit back and WATCH
  • Make MOVES

I Feel You!!!
  • It is TOUGH being a high school student, simply
    because we are not only students
  • We are under a lot of PRESSURE because the stakes
    are getting higher
  • Colleges and Professional Schools are becoming
    more and more COMPETITIVE

Social Life
  • High school is a time to figure out who you ARE,
    the type of person you want to BE, and the type
    of PEOPLE you want in your life
  • Develop FRIENDSHIPS/RELATIONSHIPS that will last
    a life time
  • Understand your own LIMITS and what makes you
    truly HAPPY
  • Be smart Know when to say NO
  • SACRIFICES may be necessary

Sweet Summer
  • Take CLASSES
  • Undergraduate Classes
  • Community Colleges
  • UCR
  • Volunteer
  • PAID
  • PLAN Ahead and Dont PROCRASTINATE Deadlines
    come quick!
  • Dont just travel or get a job working just for
    the summer for the sole purpose of making a
    couple of bucks!
  • Be Strategic Try to achieve many GOALS with the
    SAME activity

The Victory Lap
  • Discover your GOALS and what MOTIVATES you
  • You miss 100 of the shots you dont take
  • Michael Jordan
  • Dont get DISCOURAGED
  • Dont SWEAT the small stuff
  • Focus on the POSITIVES

Thank You and Good Luck
  • You could have been ANYWHERE in the world, but
    youre here with MEI appreciate that!
  • Jay-Z

Personal Statements
  • Writing a Good Personal Statement

Personal Statement
  • Are a place to reveal your individuality,
    creativity, talent
  • Show your personal characteristics (persistence,
    motivation, self-discipline)
  • Express how a job, activity or experience has
    made a significant change in your attitudes,
    beliefs, goals
  • Make sure you have multiple people (preferably,
    English teachers) revise your personal statement

Personal Statement (cont)
  • DO NOT just write it for the first time and then
    submit it
  • Avoid clichés, predictability and a chronological
    order of events (autobiography)
  • Give yourself time. Two days is not enough. A
    month is probably good.

  • The Next Step
  • Towards Your Career

Types of Colleges
  • Private Colleges expensive tuition
  • Public Colleges much cheaper than private
  • Community Colleges cheapest of them all

Examples of California Colleges
  • Private Colleges
  • USC
  • Stanford University
  • Public Colleges
  • California (Cal) State Universities
  • University of California (UC) Schools
  • Community Colleges
  • Riverside Community College
  • Riverside City College
  • Moreno Valley Campus
  • Norco Campus
  • Glendale Community College

What About Other States
  • Like California, other states also have private,
    public, and community colleges.
  • If you are a California resident, tuition is
    often higher if you end up going to college in
    another state since you are considered an
    out-of-state resident

Applying to Colleges in California
  • Process of Getting Into a
  • Cal State School

The Application
  • Distribute Copy of Application to Students
  • Apply Online at
  • Can also apply using a paper application, but
    online form preferred
  • See the tutorial movie first
  • You will have to make an account
  • Application fee is 55 for each Cal State school
  • Fee Waivers available for up to 6 schools

The Application
  • No need for Letters of Recommendation
  • Dont send an academic transcript with your
  • The campuses you applied to will ask you if they
    want to see it later in the application process
  • Submit Application starting October 1
  • Apply as early as possible
  • First come, first serve

Are you eligible for Cal State?
  • You are if you meet all of the following
  • Have or will graduate high school
  • Meet the eligibility criteria for GPA and test
  • Have or will complete A-G Subject Requirements
    with a C or better in every course

Are you eligible for Cal State? Eligibility
  • Cal State GPA is calculated from classes taken in
    your 10th, 11th, and 12th grades that meet A-G
    Subject Requirements
  • Same scoring system as used for UC GPA
  • Two ways to Calculate your Eligibility Index
  • Your Index Score (GPA 800) SAT I Total
  • Your Index Score (GPA 200) (10ACT
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum Eligibility Index Score of 2900 using SAT
    scores or 694 using ACT Scores

Sections of Cal State Application
  • Please go through the entire application with
    your students answering any questions they may
  • The sections are somewhat similar to those found
    in the UC Application, but with much less detail

Applying to Colleges in California
  • Process of Getting Into a Community College

Admission Process
  • Open Enrollment meaning that any student with a
    high school diploma, regardless of quality of
    grades or SAT scores, can attend
  • Cheapest tuition of all three types of colleges

Goal of Students Attending a Community College
  • Typically, students attend community colleges for
    1-2 years (usually 2 years), work hard to get
    good grades, and then transfer to another private
    or public college to finish their college degree

Applying to Colleges in California
  • Process of Getting Into a
  • Private School

  • To get the application for a private school, go
    to the schools website
  • To find the website, just google the schools
  • If the application is not on the schools
    website, then call the schools admissions
    office and tell them to please send you an
    application either in the mail or by e-mail
  • Unlike the UC application that allows you to
    apply to many UC Schools at once, you will have
    to apply to each private school separately using
    each schools unique application
  • These applications may require letters of
    recommendation or even ask different personal
    statement questions than the UC application

Applying to Colleges in California
  • Process of Getting Into a
  • UC School

Freshman Admission Profile
Campus Applicants Admits Admit Avg GPA Avg ACT SAT Reading SAT Math SAT Writing
UC Berkeley 44,120 10,200 23.10 4.17 29 667 692 670
UC Davis 35,125 20,452 58.20 3.89 26 601 637 607
UC Irvine 39,940 22,146 55.40 3.92 26 595 636 603
UC Los Angeles 50,720 11,820 23.30 4.14 28 657 689 662
UC Merced 8,400 6,676 79.50 3.56 22 530 570 532
UC Riverside 20,370 15,465 75.90 3.59 23 542 583 548
UC San Diego 45,093 18,547 41.10 4.06 28 635 670 640
UC Santa Barbara 40,929 22,184 54.20 3.91 26 609 630 611
UC Santa Cruz 24,458 19,963 81.60 3.66 25 580 598 582
Are you Eligible for UC?
  • Pass out Form for determining eligibility for UC
  • You are eligible if you meet all of the following
  • Complete A-G Subject Requirements with a C or
    better in every course with at least a 3.0 UC GPA
  • Complete ACT Writing or SAT and 2 SAT IIs

What are A-G Requirements?
  • A) History/Social Science
  • 2 years required
  • Includes 1 year of world history and 1 year of US
    history (or half year of US History and half year
    of civics and American govt)
  • B) English
  • 4 years required
  • C) Mathematics
  • 3 years required (4 years recommended)
  • D) Laboratory Science (biology, chemistry,
  • 2 years required (3 years recommended)

What are A-G Requirements? (cont)
  • E) Language other than English
  • 2 years required (3 years recommended)
  • F) Visual and Performing Arts (dance,
    drama/theater, music, visual art)
  • 1 year required
  • G) College-Preparatory Electives (history,
    social science, English, advanced mathematics,
    laboratory science, language other than English
    or 2 years of a third language, or
    non-introductory visual and performing arts
  • 1 year required
  • Need a C or better for all these courses to
    complete A-G Subject Requirements

Are you Eligible for UC? - Calculating Your UC
  • Help students calculate their own UC GPA -
    calculated from classes taken in your 10th and
    11th grades that meet A-G Subject Requirements
  • Non Honors, AP, or IB Courses
  • A4
  • B3
  • C2
  • D1
  • F0
  • Honors, AP, or IB Courses
  • A5
  • B4
  • C3
  • Once youve added up all of the points awarded
    for each class, divide by the total number of
    classes to get UC GPA

Are you Eligible for UC? Life after Calculating
  • Once you get your UC GPA, convert it to a UC
    Score using the Table on the Form Given
  • Convert all your Exam Scores to UC Scores using
    the algorithm on the Form
  • Add the two UC Scores obtained from UC GPA and
    Exam Scores to arrive at overall UC Score
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum Overall UC Score of 410 makes you
  • Minimum Scores of 63 on each ACT, SAT I, or SAT
    IIs taken

3 Ways to be Eligible for Admission to a UC School
  • Eligibility in the Statewide Context
  • Meet A-G Subject Requirements
  • Exam Requirements Have taken the ACT Writing
    or SAT I, and 2 SAT IIs
  • GPA Greater than 3.0
  • Not Guaranteed Admission to a UC School
  • Eligibility in the Local Context
  • Top 4 in your class as determined by UC
  • High school has to be apart of this program
  • Notified at the beginning of your senior year
  • Guaranteed admission to a UC School
  • Eligibility by Examination Alone
  • Minimum UC Score of at least 410
  • Minimum UC Score of at least 63 on each component
    of the ACT or SAT, and each SAT II
  • Not Guaranteed Admission to a UC School

The Application
  • Distribute Copy of Application to Students
  • Apply Online at
  • There is a paper version, but submitting online
    is preferred
  • So do it on a paper copy first, then type it in
  • There is only one application you use to apply to
    every UC School there is a place on the
    application to check off which UC Schools you
    want your application to be sent to
  • The application fee is 60 for every UC School
    you apply to (so if you apply to 4 UC Schools, it
    is going to cost you 240)
  • However, one can get a fee grant if they apply to
    pay for there fee it will only cover up to 4
    schools though

The Application (cont)
  • UC Application also allows you to apply to
  • Submit Application November 1-30
  • 4-5 weeks after you send in Application, should
    get Confirmation
  • Get Decision March 1-31

The Application (cont)
  • No need for Letters of Recommendation (but may
    need to include them for specific scholarships
    you are applying to)
  • No academic transcripts are sent with your
  • Transcripts are only sent to the school which has
    accepted you and where you have decided to go
  • Statement of Intent to Register is what seals the
    whole deal it states that you intend to go to a
    certain college

Sections I-IV
  • Self-explanatory
  • Skim over these sections and ask any questions if
    anything seems to be unfamiliar

Section V. Extracurricular Activities
  • Here is where you report
  • Honors and Awards
  • Academic or Other Award Date Received
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Note leadership experiences
  • Years of Involvement Hrs/Wk Wks/Yr
  • Volunteer Work and Community Service (unpaid)
  • Note leadership experiences
  • Years of Involvement Hrs/Wk Wks/Yr
  • Employment (paid)
  • Begin Date End Date Hrs/Wk Period of
    Involvement Years of Involvement

Section VI. A-G Requirements
  • A) History/Social Science
  • 2 years required
  • Includes 1 year of world history and 1 year of US
    history (or half year of US History and half year
    of civics and American govt)
  • B) English
  • 4 years required
  • C) Mathematics
  • 3 years required (4 years recommended)
  • D) Laboratory Science (biology, chemistry,
  • 2 years required (3 years recommended)

Section VI. A-G Requirements (cont)
  • E) Language other than English
  • 2 years required (3 years recommended)
  • F) Visual and Performing Arts (dance,
    drama/theater, music, visual art)
  • 1 year required
  • G) College-Preparatory Electives (history,
    social science, English, advanced mathematics,
    laboratory science, language other than English
    or 2 years of a third language, or
    non-introductory visual and performing arts
  • 1 year required
  • Need a C or better for all these courses to
    complete A-G Subject Requirements

Section VII. Test Scores and Dates
  • Required Exams for UC
  • ACT Writing or just the SAT I (Math, Reading,
  • 2 SAT IIs from 2 different subjects (Literature,
  • For complete list of SAT II topics, please see
    the UC Application Instructions Booklet
  • Had to have taken these tests before December 2
    of year you are applying
  • You report your highest set of scores at a given
    test date

Section VIII. Test Scores and Dates
  • Dont worry about this section right now leave
    it blank
  • This section is for those who graduated high
    school and took a year or more off before
    applying to colleges

IX. Other Examinations
  • Here is where you report which Advanced Placement
    (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB)
    examinations you took and what score you received

Section X. Personal Statement
  • Answer 3 Questions with total number of words
  • 2 Questions have to be answered with 200 words
  • 1 Question has to be answered with 600 words
  • You choose which question is going to be answered
    in a specific number of words
  • Times New Roman Black color 12 font
  • In the right corner of each paper, you should
    type your name, underneath your name you should
    put your birthdate, and underneath your birthdate
    you should put the words Personal Statement

Section X. Personal Statement (cont)
  • 1) How have you taken advantage of the
    educational opportunities you have had to prepare
    for college?
  • 2) Tell us about a talent, experience,
    contribution or personal quality you will bring
    to the University of California.
  • 3) Is there anything you would like us to know
    about you or your academic record that you have
    not had the opportunity to describe elsewhere in
    this application?

Section XI. Admission and Scholarship Choices
  • Here is where you decide which UCs you are going
    to apply to, what major you want at each of these
    schools, and which scholarships you would like to
    apply for
  • Please see the UC Application Instructions
    Booklet for more information on what these
    scholarships entail for each UC school
  • Note Some scholarships may require another essay
    and letters of recommendation

Section XI. Admission and Scholarship Choices
  • Make sure you have completed the entire
    application before sending it in
  • Use the checklist that is offered at the end of
    the UC Application to confirm

Paying for College
  • College can be Expensive,
  • But Help Is Out There

Financial Aid
  • There are grants, scholarships, loans, and
    part-time employment for students who meet
    eligibility criteria
  • First of all, you need to complete the FAFSA,
    which is available beginning in December of every
  • The application is online at
  • Deadline for submission is March 2
  • Also can apply for Cal Grants
  • To do this, need to
  • Submit FAFSA by deadline
  • Have School Counselor submit verified GPA

Financial Aid (cont)
  • Scholarships
  • Given by Schools
  • Already discussed those available from UC Schools
  • To apply for scholarships for Cal State campuses,
    contact the specific campus Financial Aid or
    Scholarship Office to obtain an application (get
    contact information from
  • Not Given by Schools Outside Scholarships
  • There is a lot of money to be had out there that
    people are giving away
  • There are so many scholarships out there that
    there is no excuse for not trying to apply to
    some of them
  • Use scholarship search engines to find
    scholarships that you are eligible to apply for
  • Can also google scholarships for high school
    students and find some that way too

The College Experience
  • Life at UC Riverside

Campus Life
  • Housing Options
  • Dorm
  • Discuss Pros/Cons
  • On-Campus/Off-Campus Apartments
  • Live at Home
  • Discuss Pros/Cons

Campus Life (cont)
  • Academics
  • Possible Entrance Exams Math, English
  • Can also take tests for Foreign Languages like
    Spanish to earn credits and pass out of those
  • Choosing a Major
  • Describe how one chooses a major
  • How important is choosing the right major for
  • How are college classes different from high
    school classes?
  • Study more hours?
  • Schedule?
  • Preparatory Summer Programs
  • i.e. FastStart

Campus Life (cont)
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Community Service Volunteer at hospitals
  • Employment RA, Tutor, Mentor
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Clubs/Organizations
  • As presenters, shed some insight in activities
    that you are involved in and the meaning of those
    experiences to you

Q A Session
  • Allow the students to ask questions about the
    college experience and provide them with your
    unique answers consistent with your experience

The Medical School Experience
  • Life in the UCR/UCLA Thomas Haider Program in
    Biomedical Sciences

Q A Session
  • Allow the students to ask questions about the
    medical school experience and provide them with
    your unique answers consistent with your

Problem-Based Learning Simulation
  • Similar to the TV Show House

  • A 30 year-old white female lab technician who
    lives in Boston, MA presents with an upper
    respiratory infection, fever, chills, and a rash
    on her thigh. A week ago, with a group, she took
    a trip to a camping grounds just outside Boston.
    She slept outdoors along with the rest of her
    group. She doesnt remember being bitten by
    anything. She is concerned that her rash started
    small and during the last few days has been
    spreading. She has no allergies. She had tried
    an over-the-counter medication, Benadryl, with no
    rash improvement. Further questioning revealed
    that she slept on leaves she placed on the grass.
    She was given a minimal dose of Tetracycline to
    treat a possible infection, as well as given a
    Lyme disease test. The patient went home.

Case (cont)
  • Two days later, the laboratory results came back.
    She was positive for Lyme Disease. Her primary
    care physician alerted here immediately and
    increased the dose of her Tetracycline to fight
    the infection.

  • Write on the board or merely discuss

Differential Diagnosis???
  • Write on the board or merely discuss

Clinical Diagnosis???
  • Write on the board or merely discuss

  • Write on the board or merely discuss

Your turn for Probing Questions???
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