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S is for the state seal of Wisconsin


S IS FOR THE STATE SEAL OF WISCONSIN A Wisconsin alphabet – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: S is for the state seal of Wisconsin

S is for the state seal of Wisconsin
  • A Wisconsin alphabet

A is for the author Laura I. Wilder
  • Laura I. wilder was born on February 7th ,1867
  • She wrote through the periods of 1932- 1940s
  • A couple of her books were,
  • Little house in the prairie
  • She died on February 10th 1957

B is for Bellville
  • In Bellville a U.F.O landed on October 5th 2001
  • Bellville is the U.F.O capital of the world
  • Wisconsin is a state with a high number of U.F.O
    sightings 2nd to New Mexico
  • Since January ,there was 5 U.F.O sightings in

C is for cheese
  • There are so many vibrates of cheese that you
    could take one for every letter in the alphabet
  • Wisconsin produces the most cheese in the nation
  • Most of the milk in cheese comes from Wisconsin
  • Cheese in Green Bay goes across the country
  • Cheese making started a long time ago

D is for Door county
  • Door county is a county in the US in the state of
    Wisconsin, as of the year 2000 the population in
    Door county was 27,961
  • Door county is located in the county seat of
    Sturgeon Bay
  • Door county has a total area of 6,138 square
  • The Door county peninsula has been inhabited for
    about 11,000 years
  • Although Door county has a year-round population
    of about 28,000. lots of tourists come between
    memorial day and labor day

E is for Eagle
  • Eagles are large birds of prey witch of members
    of the bird family
  • Eagles are on many national symbols the coat of
    arms in Russia, the coat of arms in Egypt, the
    coat of arms in Serbia, and many many more
  • The eagle has a yellow beak, a white head, what
    looks like a brown coat, and his belly is white
  • Even the smallest eagles, like the Booted Eagle
    (witch is comparable in size to a common Buzzard
    or Red tailed Hawk), have relatively longer and
    more evenly broad wings, and more direct, faster
  • Most eagles are larger then any other raptors
    apart from the Vultures

F is for flowers
  • Our state flower is the Wood Violet
  • The Wood Violet is a perennial type of flower,
    witch means they bloom every year.
  • There is a Wood Violet farm in southern Wisconsin
    , its named that because Wood Violets live
    there, but they arent planted , they are wild.
  • The Wood Violet was first nominated in 1908
  • When the official tally was taken on Arbor Day
    1909, school children selected the Wood Violet
    over the Wild Rose.

G is for green bay packers
  • The Green Bay Packers are the only public owned
    football team in the nation
  • The club began in 1919 when a Green Bay meat
    packing company put up money for equipment
  • When the packing company baked out, Green Bay
    businesses bought stock for 5 a share
  • The Packers were the first team to have cheer
    leaders, the first to have a public address
    system, and the first to have a mascot, a dog
    named Ollie
  • The Green Bay Packers won more championships than
    any other team in the NFL.

H is for Harley Davidson
  • In 1901 William S. Harley at age 21, finishes
    drawing a blue print of an engine designed to fit
    into a bicycle
  • In 1909 the 6 year old Harley Davidson company
    made its first v-twin powered motorcycle
  • In 1988 Scott Parker wins the first of his nine
    AMA Grand National championship
  • In 1999 the touring and Dyna motorcycle families
    receive the new twin cam 88 engine
  • In 2006 Harley Davidson made the new FLHX/I
    street glide

I is for ice cream
  • Ice cream is one of the most popular desserts in
    the world. It can be eaten in the street, in the
    mall, at home, ice cream can be eaten almost
    anywhere, with anything in it
  • Ice cream was not invented by a single person, it
    has evolved over centuries
  • In ice cream there is three things to it, pick a
    base, some chunks, and something to swirl in it
  • Something for a base could be blueberries,
    brownie batter, coconut mint, raspberry,
    strawberries, bananas, sweet cream, caramel,
    cinnamon, maple syrup, and many more
  • Something for a chunks could be brownies,
    chocolate lake chunks, donuts, oak meal cookies,
    strawberries, and chocolate chocolate chip
  • Something for a swirl could be, caramel,
    marshmallows , raspberry / blackberry , peanut
    butter, passion fruit, and much, much more

J is for jump roping Bloomer
  • Bloomers jump roping began in 1960 when a former
    coach named Wally Mohr man became the physical
    education teacher in the schools
  • The emphasis was on speed jumping how fast a
    student could whip a rope under his feet in a
    given time
  • Each year interest grew, champion jumpers
    emerged, and records were set
  • Each year the finals are held the last Saturday
    in January. each year, students from grades 1-8
    train hard and come to Bloomer to compete
  • The record is 72 jumps in 10 seconds set by Paul

K is for kindergarten
  • The first Kindergarten started on June 28th 1840
    , in Watertown Wisconsin , by (Margret) Meyer
  • The united states usually puts kindergartens in
    the k-12 learning system.
  • Children that go to kindergarten are usually the
    ages 5 or 6 .
  • Kindergarten is considered the first year of
    learning , although the child might have gone to
  • While kindergarten was viewed as a different part
    of elementary program , it is now fully brought
    into the school system and is now a full
    participant in the school district.

L is for loon
  • Since 1978, the sugared Olson Environmental
    Institute has recorded information on the common
  • The loon bird has a black head and neck, and has
    a white ring around its neck with black spots,
    it has a very long black beak, and has red eyes.
    It also has a white torpedo shaped body with
    black speckles.
  • The loon dance is a dance that when disturbed the
    loon will fold its wings against its body and
    swims upright in what is called penguin dance.
  • The dance is done to scare the enemies away from
    its chicks.

M is for mooooo ?!
  • You know cows didnt always look the way that
    they do today-or produce milk
  • Cows have an acute sense of smell, they can smell
    up to 6 miles away
  • Wisconsin is home to more than 1.2 million dairy
  • Newborn cows weighs about 90 pounds, and they can
    walk on its own after one hour of being in the
  • A dairy cow produces about an average of five to
    seven gallons of milk each day. Thats more than
    100 eight-once glasses of milk.

O is for outdoors
  • WI Door County has 5 state parks and 250 mi. of
    shore line along Lake Michigan. These figures
    represent more than any other country in the
  • In 1882 the first hydroelectric plant in the U.S.
    it was built at the Fox River
  • Potosí is the Catfish capital of the state.
  • The national fresh water fishing hall of fame is
    in Hayward.

N is for Noahs ark
  • Noahs ark is a summer vacation place you wont
    want to miss. It has 41 water slides, 2 wave
    pools, 2 endless rivers, 5 gift shops, 12
    restaurants and outdoor lounges 18 hole
    mini-golf, 3 arcades, and 1 incredible adventure,
    Noahs ark fits great for the title Americas
    Largest Water park.
  • Also the park continuously adds rides, and slides
    every year to keep everybody happy and relaxed,
    to come back for more fun.
  • One family says We make it to Noahs ark every
    year and it is still fun every time!!
  • In the Ho-Chunk casino there is over 2,500 slot

P is for peace symbol
  • The peace symbol for Wisconsin is the mourning
  • The mourning dove has a brown/ grey body , a
    black eye with a short little black beak.
  • They have very strong legs and feet.
  • They weigh about from 4.5-6 ounces.
  • Their black wings come to a wing span to about
    17-19 inches.

Q is for quarry
  • In the late 1800s and early 1900s the great
    Montello Granite Quarry was known thorough the
    United states
  • In the year of 1893 the judges at the world fair
    said that the Montello Granite is 100 harder
    than any other granite
  • Many builders used this new granite to build
    president Ulysses s. Grants tomb in New York
    City and for many buildings in the Midwest
  • Red Montello Granite is used to make many grave
    stones and roads today

R is for robin
  • The American robin is Wisconsins state bird, it
    is also the state bird for Michigan and
  • The robin is a small bird that has a red belly,
    and the rest of the robins body is a brownish
    blackish color
  • The male has a redder belly than the female
  • During breeding season the male has some feathers
    that stick on his head and after breeding season
    the feathers go back to normal

S is for our state seal and flag
  • The state coat of arms, was finalized in 1881,
    the symbols that represented the diversity
  • ? FUN-FACT? did you know that Wisconsin Green Bay
    has its own flag?
  • The great seal of Wisconsin is a seal used by the
    secretary of state to authenticate all of the
    governors official acts, except laws
  • The state seal consists of the state coat of
    arms, above it with the words Great Seal of
    the State of Wisconsin.

T is for toilet paper
  • Green bay is the toilet paper capital of the
  • People think that toilet paper was invented in
    china in 875.
  • People also think that toilet paper by Joseph
    Gayety in New York

U is for umpire
  • Umpires can make 25 to 50 in high school for a
    single game, in M.L.B the pay is very high
  • You do not have to have experience in baseball to
    be a baseball umpire
  • The minimum age for baseball umpires in high
    school, however, the WUA will train younger
  • All umpires in the M.L.B are all members of the
    WUA Wisconsin umpires

V is for veal
  • There are six different types of cows, one is
    Ayrshire and it is white with red-brown patches
    all over
  • Guernsey is golden brown with white patches all
  • Brown Swiss is tan all over
  • Holstein is black and white or red and white
  • Jersey is golden brown with white patches
  • Milking Shorthorn is red, white, or roan

W is for were the 30th state
  • Wisconsin was the 30th state to join the united
  • on May 29th in 1848 right before California in
    1850, and right after Iowa in 1846
  • This year Wisconsin is 161 years old

X is for cross country skiing
  • When the Scandinavian immigrants came to
    Wisconsin they brought x-county skis with them
  • The Scandinavians used the skis to glide on top
    of the deep snow in Wisconsin
  • The largest x- country ski race is held in Cable
    and Hayward in Wisconsin
  • The largest x- country race is called the
    Birkebiner and more than 6,000 people come to
    participate each year

Y for yellow dandelions
  • Dandelions are pesky bright little yellow
  • The scientific name for dandelions is
  • Dandelions leaves can be eaten in salads

Z is for zoos
  • The Milwaukee zoo is home to more than 1,800
  • The wilderness began in 1892 when the Milwaukee
    zoo was a simple miniature mammal and bird
    display in Milwaukee in downtown Washington park.
  • In the 1970s the zoo continued to grow the
    children's zoo , train shed , and zoo hospital
    were constructive.
  • It was situated on 200 wooded acres and its home
    to approximately 2500 animals , representing 300
    spices of mammals , birds , reptiles , fish ,and
  • The changed giraffe exhibit was unveiled in 2006.
    The giraffes have experience from all of the
    visitors and are now very good with them .
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