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Counseling for Family Planning


Counseling for Family Planning Learning Outcomes for Study this Session Adapting the counseling process Characteristics and skills of family planning counselor. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Counseling for Family Planning

Counseling for Family Planning
Learning Outcomes for Study this Session
  • Adapting the counseling process
  • Characteristics and skills of family planning

Adapting the Counseling Process
  • Most providers will need to adapt the counseling
    process according to the
  • Area, culture, and physical environment they are
    working in.
  • In some service delivery settings the demand for
    services is so high that physical, staffing, and
    time constraints prevent clients from being
    counseled privately.
  • In other settings, clients actually prefer the
    group counseling situation due to cultural

Adapting the Counseling Process
  • The factors that a provider always has
    responsibility for and most control over are
  • Tolerance, empathy, and supportive attitude .
  • Respect for clients .
  • Technical knowledge .
  • Use of a dynamic style of counseling which
    responds to individual client needs .
  • Belief in and knowledge that family planning
    saves lives and improves families' quality
    of life .
  • Limitations due to lack of space, staff, and
    supplies must be addressed by providers
    creatively and with the health facility staff as
    a team.
  • Cultural factors must always be taken into
    account and clients comfort levels and individual
    needs should be satisfied as much as possible by

What does every user of family planning services
have the right to expect?
  • Information to understand the advantages and
    availability of family planning
  • Access to be able to obtain services, regardless
    of race, creed, social status or lifestyle
  • Choice to make decisions freely regarding family
    planning and contraceptive methods
  • Safety to practice safe and effective family
  • Privacy access to a private space for receiving
    counseling and services

What does every user of family planning services
have the right to expect?
  • Confidentiality to be certain that any personal
    information will be kept confidential
  • Dignity to be treated with courtesy,
    consideration and complete attention
  • Comfort to feel comfortable when receiving
  • Continuity to receive family planning services
    and supplies at the times when they are necessary
  • Opinion to express points of view regarding the
    services being offered

General principles of counseling
  • These are the important principles and conditions
    necessary for
  • effective counseling
  • Privacy find a quiet place to talk.
  • Take sufficient time.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Conduct the discussion in a helpful atmosphere.
  • Keep it simple use words people in your village
    will understand.
  • First things first do not cause confusion by
    giving too much information.
  • Say it again repeat the most important
    instructions again and again.
  • Use available visual aids like posters and flip
    charts, etc.

General principles of counseling
  • General principles of counseling
  • Interact The provider listens, learns and
    responds to the client.
  • Tailor information to the client.
  • Listening to the client, the providers learn
    what information each client needs.
  • Treat each client well.
  • The provider is polite, shows respect for every
    client and creates a feeling of trust.
  • Clients need information to make informed
  • Avoid too much information as too much
    information makes it hard to remember really
    important information.
  • Provide the method that the client wants.
  • Help the client understand and remember.

Skills and characteristics of a counselor
  • Once again, remind yourself of the general skills
    and characteristics you need to be a successful
  • What are the most important characteristics you
    should bring to your counseling role?
  • The most important characteristics are
  • Respect the dignity of others.
  • Respect the clients concerns and ideas.
  • Be non-judgmental and open.
  • Show that you are being an active listener.
  • Be empathetic and caring.
  • Be honest and sensitive.

Skills and characteristics of a counselor
  • What should family planning counselors be able to
  • Create a comfortable atmosphere for family
    planning users
  • Present information clearly
  • Encourage the formulation of questions
  • Listen and observe attentively
  • Be impartial or neutral
  • Ask questions in a manner that encourages clients
    to share information and
  • feelings
  • Facilitate effective counselor-user interaction
  • Speak the language of the client
  • Have respect for the values and attitudes of

  • Family planning counselor should
  • Understand, and be sensitive to, cultural and
    psychological factors that may affect clients in
    your village adopting and using family planning
  • listen carefully to what you are being told, and
    be sure to answer all questions clearly and
    accurately when helping clients in their
    contraceptive choice.
  • Try to find out your clients views by
    encouraging them to talk. Do not ask them direct
    and judgmental questions.

  • Family planning counselor should have good
    scientific knowledge of all the contraceptive
  • Understand the practical part of family planning
  • Should be prepared to answer questions
    comfortably and without embarrassment in relation
    to contraceptive myths, rumors, sexuality,
    sexually transmitted infections (STIs),
    reproductive and personal concerns.

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