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O2 Science House Project


O2 Science House Project Science 10 If you want one year of prosperity, plant corn. ... How does the temperate climate of Nova Scotia impact building design? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: O2 Science House Project

O2 Science House Project
  • Science 10

If you want one year of prosperity, plant
corn.If you want ten years of prosperity, plant
trees.If you want one hundred years of
prosperity, educate people. Chinese proverb
Science 10 Overview
  • Science 10 is divided into four units
  • Sustainability
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Weather Dynamics

The purpose of Science in 2014
  • Environmental issues are becoming the most
    important global concern in 2014.
  • Why is it important to be environmentally aware?
  • How does the environment impact your life?
  • What does it mean to be eco-friendly?
  • Why do we have to learn science anyway?
  • Jot down 10 facts you have learned from our video
  • http//www.nrdc.org/oceans/acidification/aboutthef

The House Project
  • We can begin at home when we talk about
    environmental issues.
  • Throughout this course we are going to look at
    the four science units as they relate to how we
    lead our daily life and how we could be more
    environmentally savvy in the building of
    eco-friendly houses.

How does a house relate to science 10?
Day to Day Breakdown
  • Daily We will talk about The House as it relates
    to our lessons
  • Journals You will keep a journal in which they
    research and/or answer a specific question each
    week that relates to both a house and the topic
    being studied.
  • Independent Project There are several
    independent projects that you will take on
    throughout the semester. Some examples include
  • Design one ultimate room taking into account the
    need to be eco-friendly.
  • What kind of technology is needed in the house?
  • If the family in the house wants to eat locally
    what does this mean and how does this work?
  • Is it possible to have eco-friendly personal
    hygiene products and make-up?
  • How do you minimize water consumption in a house?

More on the specifics..
How the House relates to Physics
  • How did materials and supplies travel to get to
    our construction site?
  • Which modes of transport were the most efficient
    time and fuel wise?
  • Does the distance traveled represent the
    displacement of our materials? Is there a way we
    could make this more efficient?

How the House relates to Sustainability
  • Who lives in our trash and why do we separate our
  • How does construction impact a natural habitat?
  • What is the most eco-friendly type of
  • How do the contents of your fridge impact the
    global ecosystem?

How the House relates to Chemistry
  • What makes a chemical eco-friendly?
  • Why should the chemical make up of certain
    materials be considered in a project such as
    building a house?
  • In what ways does the chemistry of the
    environment impact decisions about house
  • Are you, as a student, sensitive to chemicals in
    your environment?
  • Have you ever had a physical reaction to a
    chemical youve come in contact with?
  • Is it possible to have eco-friendly soaps and

  • Pick 5 Rooms in your House
  • List 5 Chemicals found in each room
  • Make a chart showing the following
  • Chemical Name
  • Chemical Formula
  • Toxic/ Non Toxic
  • Use
  • Safety Concerns (WHIMIS)
  • Alternative options?

How the House relates to Weather
  • How does the weather impact our life?
  • How does the temperate climate of Nova Scotia
    impact building design?
  • What considerations do Nova Scotians have in
    comparison to Manitobians or Cubans?
  • How can we reduce our environmental impact in our
    homes by taking advantage of the weather we
  • Why is humidity an important consideration in
    building design?

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