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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens


Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Phase 1 Review Chapters 1-19 Chapter 1 Pip (Philip Pirrip) introduces himself Our young protagonist Story s narrator; first ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Great Expectationsby Charles Dickens
  • Phase 1 Review
  • Chapters 1-19

Chapter 1
  • Pip (Philip Pirrip) introduces himself
  • Our young protagonist
  • Storys narrator first-person point of view
  • Pip is looking back at his story as an adult
    leads to foreshadowing future events
  • Staring at gravestones of parents who died soon
    after his birth

  • Man appears who threatens to cut Pips throat if
    he doesnt stop crying
  • Dressed in a prison uniform
  • Great iron shackle around his leg
  • Grabs Pip and turns him upside down empties his
  • Terrified, Pip tells him he is an orphan lives
    with his sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery, wife of a
    local blacksmith
  • Man tells Pip to bring him back some food and a
    file if he wants to continue living

  • Pip agrees to meet him the next morning
  • Although the relationship starts as one of power
    and fear, they share a common loneliness and
    separations from society the orphan and the
    escaped convict

Chapter 2
  • We meet Mrs. Joe Gargery
  • Loud, angry, nagging woman
  • Constantly reminds Pip and Joe of the hardships
    she has had raising Pip and taking care of the
  • Makes us sympathize with Pip
  • Reference to abuse of children in society during
    the time period

  • We meet Joe Gargery
  • Treated like a child by his wife
  • More Pips equal that a paternal figure
  • Pip finds solace in Joe they are united under a
    common oppression (Mrs. Joe)
  • During dinner, Pip steals bread
  • Next morning, Pip steals food, brandy, a pork
    pie, and a file
  • Runs back to the marshes to find the convict

Chapter 3
  • Arrives at the marshes
  • Finds who he thinks is his convict, but it turns
    out to be a different convict
  • Has a badly bruised face and wears a
    broad-brimmed hat
  • Runs away from Pip without speaking
  • Pip finds his convict and gives him the food
  • This meeting is more civil than the first

  • Is angry when Pip tells him about the other
  • Where the secrets beginsomeone is always hiding
    something from someone else
  • Sometimes the secrets are clear to the reader
    (Pip has stolen food from home) other times the
    reader is left out of the secret (the connection
    between the two convicts)
  • Pip leaves him filing his shackle and returns

Chapter 4
  • Pip returns home and finds Christmas dinner being
  • Guests include Mr. Wopsle (church clerk), Mr.
    Mrs. Hubble, Uncle Pumblechook (presented as a
    loud mouth idiot, who is full of himself)
  • Dinner discussion focuses on how grateful Pip
    should be for being brought up by hand
  • Joe is the only one who makes gestures of support
    toward Pip
  • Social commentary by DickensIt is often the dim
    witted and poor (Joe) who act with more grace and
    charity than wealthy loud mouths (Uncle
    Pumblechook and Mr. Wopsle) who claim that they

  • Uncle Pumblechook nearly chokes on some
    brandyPip realizes he poured tar water in the
    brandy bottle after he stole some for his convict
  • Mrs. Joe announces that she will be presenting
    the pork pie
  • Suspense has been building all through dinner as
    we wait for items to be discovered missing
  • Pip is sure that he will be caught for his crime
    and runs for the door
  • Pip is met face to face with a group of soldiers
    who appear to be there to arrest him

Chapter 5
  • Soldiers are actually there to have a pair of
    handcuffs fixed by Joe
  • They are invited in and Uncle Pumblechook offers
    them Mrs. Joes sherry and port while Joe works
  • It becomes clear that the soldiers are hunting
    two escaped convicts who were seen in the marshes
  • Joe, Pip, and Mr. Wopsle follow the soldiers on
    the search

  • They find the convicts wrestling in the mud
  • Reader wonders why they are fighting???????
  • The one with the hat accuses the other of trying
    to kill him
  • Pips convict replies that he would have done it
    if he really wanted to
  • Also says he is the one who called for the
    soldierswas willing to sacrifice himself just so
    the other would get caught again
  • What hatred did this man have that would make him
    go back to prison just to see the other suffer as

  • The two convicts are captured and Pips convict,
    after recognizing Pip, admits to stealing Mrs.
    Joes pork pie by himselfthis gets Pip off the
  • Relationship has grownthe convict wants to
    protect the boy
  • Once again the two are united in secrecy
  • Joe and Pip watch the convicts as they are
    brought back to the Hulks (prison ships)

Chapter 6
  • Joe, Pip, and Mr. Wopsle walk home
  • Pip decides not to tell Joe the truth about his
    file and the pork piehes afraid of losing his
  • Joe is the only friend in the world to Pip
  • Once they return home, discussion turns to how
    the convict got into the locked house
  • Mrs. Joe assists Pip to bed

Chapter 7
  • Pip briefly describes his education with Mr.
    Wopsles great aunt, who started a small school
    in her cottage.
  • The education is not very good
  • Learns some basics from Biddy, an orphan girl who
    works for Mrs. Wopsle

  • One night Pip finds out that Joe is illiterate
  • Joe explains that he never stayed in school long
    because his father, a drunk and physically
    abusive to him and his mother, kept him out of
  • Also explains that it is for this reason that Joe
    stays humble to Mrs. Joe
  • Im dead afeerd of going wrong in the way of not
    doing whats right by a woman.
  • He sees how difficult it is to be a woman,
    remembering his mother, and wants to do the right
    thing as a man.
  • Pip understands and respects this in Joe.

  • Mrs. Joe comes home and proclaims that Pip will
    be going to play for Miss Havisham (a rich lady
    who lives in a huge house)
  • Uncle Pumblechook mentioned Pip when Miss
    Havisham asked if he knew of any small boys
  • Pip is to go tomorrow and spend the evening at
    Uncle Pumblechooks house before going to Miss
    Havishams house the following morning
  • This will be a turning point for Pipleaving the
    humble company of Joe to spend time with those of
    higher society
  • Uncle Pumblechook and Mrs. Joe feel that there
    may be financial gain by sending Pip to Miss

Chapter 8
  • Pip is brought to Miss Havishams after breakfast
    with Uncle Pumblechook
  • The house is called the Satis House
  • Whomever lives in the house shall never want for
  • They are met at the gate by Estella, a young
  • She lets Pip in, but sends Uncle Pumblechook away
  • Leads Pip through a dark house by candle and
    leaves him outside a door
  • Inside he meets Miss Havisham

Miss Havisham
  • Willowy, yellowed woman dressed in an old wedding
  • Calls for Estella to play cards with PipEstella
    objects and calls Pip a common labouring-boy.
  • Miss Havisham tells Estella that she can break
    his heart
  • Estella continues to insult Pip as they play

  • After all the insults Pip cries as he eats his
    lunch in the yard
  • He explores the garden and grounds always seeing
    Estella a distance ahead of him
  • Pip walks the four miles home feeling very low
  • First experience in high society is a bitter one
  • Leaves him ashamed and embarrassed
  • Pip is a toy for both Miss Havisham and Estella
  • Pips new found respect and love for Joe is being
    spoiled by his embarrassment of being brought up
    in a lower class family and his attraction to
    Estella (regardless of her mistreatment of him)

  • More suspense is built in this chapter
  • Why is this woman always in the dark dressed in a
    wedding gown?
  • Who is the young and pretty Estella and what is
    she doing in such a morbid place?

Chapter 9
  • Pip is forced to talk about his day with Uncle
    Pumblechook and Mrs. Joe
  • Pip lies in a extraordinary manner about his
    experiences with Miss Havisham
  • Dogs being fed veal
  • Miss Havisham lounging on a velvet couch

  • He lies for two reasons
  • Spite for the way they have treated him
  • They would not understand the situation at the
    Satis House (enough) even if he described it in
  • Later Pip confesses the truth to Joe along with
    his embarrassment about being a commoner and
    being attracted to Estella
  • Joe tells Pip he is not common
  • He is uncommon small and an uncommon scholar
  • If you cant be oncommon through going straight,
    youll never get to do it through going crooked.

Themes Emerging
  • There is a desire to rise about ones social
  • As the story unfolds, we witness the different
    ways in which Pip tries to climb the social
  • Interesting to be reminded that the story is told
    by Pip as an adultprovides commentary on how
    this theme will affect his happiness later in

Chapter 10
  • Pip is now set on becoming uncommon and asks
    Biddy for help in getting him educated
  • Although it will be tough in a school that lacks
    the seriousness needed to become a scholar, Biddy
    agrees to give Pip some books to start with

  • On the way home Pip stops at the Three Jolly
    Bargemen to pick up Joe
  • He is sitting with a stranger who asks Joe all
    kinds of personal questions about Pip
  • The strange man then stirs his drink with a
    filethe file that Pip stole for his convict
  • Before Joe and Pip depart, the stranger gives Pip
    a coin wrapped in paper
  • When they get home Pip realizes it is a two pound
    note thinking it a mistake (somehow, Pip knows
    it is not), Joe runs back to the pub to give it
    back, but the man is gone
  • By the end of the chapter, it is clear that Pip
    fears that his past will haunt him as he tried to
    climb out of being common