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History of Anti-Semitism


History of Anti-Semitism and the Roots of the Holocaust What do you know about the following: Judaism Anti-Semitism Pogroms Ghettos The Holocaust Jewish Beliefs ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: History of Anti-Semitism

History of Anti-Semitism
  • and the Roots of the Holocaust

What do you know about the following
  • Judaism
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Pogroms
  • Ghettos
  • The Holocaust

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Jewish Beliefs
  • Judaism predates Christianity
  • One God (same God as Christians Muslims)
  • In prophets of old especially Moses
  • In Torah (first five books of the Bible)
  • no New Testament
  • Jews do not believe that Jesus was anything more
    than a good and wise man who lived and died 2000
    years ago
  • Jews still await their messiah

Quick History of Judaism
  • In 1750 B.C.E - The12 tribes of Israel settled
    in Egypt from Mesopotamia.
  • In 1250 B.C.E , the Israelites led by Moses,
    escaped from Egypt and lived in the desert for 40

Quick History of Judaism
  • Joshua and the Israelites defeated the
    Philistines living in Canaan.
  • Later, Saul was anointed the first King of Israel
    1020- 1000 B.C.E

Quick History of Judaism
  • The kingdom of Israel reached the height of its
    existence and included the most territory under
    the reign of King David (1000961 B.C.E).
  • Its borders stretched far beyond present-day
    Israeli borders and included parts of what is now
    Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

  • Jerusalem was conquered many times
  • 605 B.C.E by Nebuchadnezzar II
  • 320 B.C.E by Alexander the Great
  • 70 B.C.E. Pompey the Great

Death of Jesus
  • A hundred years later the Romans still occupied
    Jerusalem and the situation was not much improved
    when, Jesus, a Jew from Nazareth, began his
    ministry and travels in Palestine.
  • Although Jesus' death had been ordered and
    carried out by non-Jews, most Christians believed
    that the Jews and their priests were responsible.

  • Diaspora is a Greek word meaning sowing of seed
    or dispersal which refers to Jewish population
    living outside of Israel

Heart of Anti-Semitism?
DiasporaWidespread Christianity Belief that
Jews killed JesusWidespread rumor and distrust
  • St. Paul later proclaimed that the Jews "killed
    the Lord Jesus and the prophets and drove us out,
    the Jews who are heedless of God's will and
    enemies of their fellow men..." (I Thessalonians
  • St. Augustine wrote that Jews were a "wicked
    sect" and should be subjected to permanent exile
    because of their evil ways.
  • John the author of the book of Revelations even
    called them the children of Satan.

Church vs.. Synagogue
  • Laws were passed throughout the Christian world
    to "protect" the "faithful" from Jewish
    "contamination" by forbidding them to eat or do
    business with Jews,
  • by the sixth century, Jews were not allowed to
    hold public office, employ Christian servants, or
    even show themselves in the streets during Holy

  • Host Desecration
  • It was claimed that Jews stole consecrated hosts
    (bread and wine) and desecrated them by stabbing
    or burning the host.
  • by crucifying the host they were crucifying Jesus

Nazi portrayal of Blood Libel
  • Blood Libel
  • a myth that the Jews used the blood of Christian
    children in the preparation of their Passover
    bread (matzos).
  • This "blood libel" was ironic in that the
    consumption of any blood is expressly prohibited
    by Jewish law.

  • Simon of Trent was a boy who went missing around
    Easter, 1475, his father decided that he must
    have been kidnapped and murdered by Jews.
  • Town magistrates arrested 18 Jewish men and five
    Jewish women on the charge of ritual murder.
  • In a series of interrogations that involved
    torture, the magistrates obtained confessions
  • Eight were burned at the stake in late June, and
    another committed suicide in jail

The Crusades
  • The First Crusade was especially bloody.
  • Entire communities of Jews were forced to choose
    between baptism or death resulting in nearly
    10,000 Jews being slaughtered during the first
    six months alone.
  • Godfrey Bouillon, leader of the First Crusade,
    vowed "to leave no single member of the Jewish
    race alive," and ordered the synagogue in
    Jerusalem burned to the ground with its entire
    Jewish congregation trapped inside.

The Black Death
Jews condemned to hell
  • The Black Death was blamed on the Jews.
  • The Pope issued a bull declaring that Jews were
    not responsible for the plague, but not before
    many Jews were burned alive or hanged by enraged

Martin Luther and the Jews
  • Once a supporter of the Jews, Martin Luther
    became one of the most intensely bitter
    anti-Semites in history.
  • His writings described Jews as
  • the anti-Christ, worse than devils.
  • as ritual murderers and parasites
  • they should be expelled from Germany.
  • synagogues should all be burned to the ground
  • all Jewish books should be seized.

Roots of the Holocaust
  • By the end of the fifteenth century, some Jews
    were forcibly confined in ghettos.
  • Ghettos were sections of cities that were
    enclosed by high, prison-like walls.
  • No Jew was allowed to live anywhere in the city
    of Venice for more than 15 days per year

Roots of the Holocaust
Roots of the Holocaust
  • With forced segregation came new myths and
  • Jews were portrayed as agents of the devil.
  • They were blamed for every catastrophe from
    random crime to plague and drought.
  • Artists portrayed Jews as having horns, tails,
    and evil satanic faces.
  • Christian priests and scholars often elaborated
    on the idea that Jews were evil creatures who
    were somehow less than human.

Roots of the Holocaust
Roots of the Holocaust
  • Jews were allowed to become moneylenders only
    because the Catholic Church considered it (usury)
    a sin for Christians to do so.
  • Because Jews had few other ways of earning a
    living, large numbers of them eventually became
  • This resulted in a stereotyping of Jews as
    money-hungry exploiters.

Roots of the Holocaust
Roots of the Holocaust
  • By the thirteenth century, church leaders in what
    is now Germany required all Jews to wear
    cone-shaped hats so that no one would mistake
    them from ordinary Germans.
  • Jews were forced to sew yellow badges on their
    clothing as a means of instant identification.

Roots of the Holocaust
Roots of the Holocaust
  • Over time, most Jews were driven from central
    Europe. Many of them settled in Poland and
  • In 1648 and 1649, thousands of Polish Jews were
  • During the late 1800's, in both Poland and
    Russia, Jews were murdered in organized mass
    killings called pogroms.

The Final Solution
The Final Solution
The Final Solution
Quick Write 26
  • Men are not born with hatred in their blood. The
    infection is usually acquired by contact it may
    be injected deliberately or even unconsciously by
    the parents, or by the teachers...
  • Consider the quote above, what you have learned
    about the holocaust, and what you have learned in
    history class this year. Explain why it is
    important to learn about the past.
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