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Scheduling Faire 2015


Scheduling Faire 2015 Students Entering Grade 9 WELCOME PARENTS AND STUDENTS January 21, 2015 Online Scheduling Once you have logged in, click on Schedule on the left ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Scheduling Faire 2015

Scheduling Faire 2015
  • Students Entering Grade 9
  • January 21, 2015

High School Counselors
  • A-E Mr. Conwell
  • F-K Mr. Kean
  • L-R Mrs. Marazza
  • S-Z Mrs. Thorsen
  • Mrs. Karen Brown
  • Guidance Secretary
  • (724) 861- 3002

Scheduling Process
  • Counselors met with students on January 20, 2015
    to review Course of Studies, course offerings,
    scheduling process.
  • Students will schedule online at home starting
    tonight after the Scheduling Faire.
  • Counselors will meet individually with students
    before the end of the year to verify and finalize
    course selections.

Scheduling Process Continued
  • Students must select 8 credits.
  • Every effort will be made to give students
    electives selected. In the event that a requested
    course cannot be scheduled, student selected
    alternate courses will be scheduled.
  • If no alternates are selected, the electives will
    be selected by the principal or the counselor.
  • There will be no schedule changes after April 10,

Graduation Requirements
Course Required Credits
English 4.5 Credits
Mathematics 3.0 Credits
Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) 3.0 Credits
Social Studies 4.0 Credits
Arts and Humanities 2.0 Credits
Health 0.5 Credits
Physical Education 2.0 Credits
Electives 5.0 Credits
Keystone Exams 1.0 Credits

Total 25.0 Credits
English Communications II
  • All students are required to select one (1)
    English course
  • English 9 ENG250
  • Honors English 9 ENG833
  • (must have an 82 in 8th grade English)
  • All students are required to select one (1)
    Communications II course
  • Communications II ENG251
  • Honors Communications 2 ENG834
  • (must have an 82 in 8th grade English)

Social Studies
  • All students are required to take Social Studies
    in 9th grade. Students may select from the
    following options
  • US PA Studies II SST550
  • Honors US PA Studies II SST862
  • AP Human Geography SST917
  • (must have an 85 or higher in US
  • Studies I or US Studies)

Biology Selections
  • Honors Biology (9 periods per cycle) SCI530
  • Swimming opposite of lab, need 88 or higher in
    Life Science
  • Academic Biology (9 periods per cycle) SCI544
  • Swimming opposite of lab, need 70 or higher
    in Life Science
  • Academy Biology (9 periods per cycle) SCI538
  • Swimming opposite of lab, requires completion of
    Life Science

Math Selections
  • Honors Algebra II MAT406
  • (must have a 92 or higher in Algebra I)
  • Algebra II MAT407
  • Algebra I MAT401

Elective Courses
  • Students must select 2.5 credits of electives and
    must have a total of 8.0 credits for their 9th
    grade year.

  • Drawing Painting I - ART102 (0.5)
  • Drawing Painting II - ART105 (0.5)
  • Sculptures Crafts I - ART107 (0.5)
  • Sculptures Crafts II - ART108 (0.5)
  • Jewelry I - ART115 (0.5)
  • Jewelry II ART116 (0.5)

  • Intro to Business - BUS150 (0.5)
  • Office Procedures I - BUS153 (0.5)
  • Office Procedures II - BUS154 (0.5)
  • Marketing Essentials - BUS184 (1.0) or BUS183
  • Microsoft Office Suite I Web Tools - BUS171
  • Microsoft Office Suite II Web Tools - BUS172

Computer Science Electives
  • Computer Programming Robotics Gaming I
    COM209 (0.5 credits)
  • Robotics, Gaming Computer Programming II
    COM210 (0.5 credits)

Family Consumer Science Electives
  • Family Consumer Science FCS300 (0.5 credits)
  • Fashion Strategies and Design FCS314 (0.5
  • Personal Fitness and Nutrition FCS315 (0.5

  • Introduction to Journalism - ENG272 (1.0)
  • Argument Debate I - ENG277 (0.5)

  • 9th Grade Chorus - MUS454 (1.0) or MUS453 (0.5)
  • Band - MUS450 (1.0)
  • Jazz Band (Audition Required) - MUS457 (1.0)
  • Orchestra - MUS475 (1.0)

Technology Education Electives
  • Foundations Lab - TED600 (1.0 credit)
  • OR select from the following
  • Electronics I - TED601 (0.5 credits)
  • Manufacturing Tech I - TED604 (0.5 credits)
  • Energy, Power and Transportation I - TED606 (0.5
  • Engineering Drawing - TED620 (0.5 credits)
  • CAD Engineering Design I TED631 (0.5 credits)

World Languages
  • French I, II - WLG650, WLG652 (1.0)
  • German I, II - WLG660, WLG662 (1.0)
  • Spanish I, II - WLG670, WLG672 (1.0)
  • Japanese I, II - WLG680, WLG682 (1.0)

  • 9th grade students are allowed to attend Central
    Westmoreland Career and Technical Center.
  • Criteria for acceptance is a completed
    application to CWCTC and completion of Algebra I
    with a 70 or above.
  • Acceptance will based on the above criteria and
    number of spaces available in each shop.

Air Force JROTC
  • "Develop citizens of character dedicated to
    serving their nation and community
  • Earn College Credits in High School

Aerospace Science Leadership Education
A Journey Into Aviation History Citizenship, Character, and Air Force Tradition
Science of Flight A Gateway to New Horizons Communication, Awareness, and Leadership
Cultural Studies An Introduction to Global Awareness Life Skills and Career Opportunities
Exploring Space The High Frontier Principles of Management
JROTC Program Requirements JROTC Program Requirements
Weekly Uniform Wear and Drill (Marching) Weekly Uniform Wear and Drill (Marching)
Additional JROTC Courses Additional JROTC Courses
Aviation Honors Ground School Advanced Drill Leadership Laboratory Activity (Summer) Aviation Honors Ground School Advanced Drill Leadership Laboratory Activity (Summer)
Air Force JROTC Extracurricular Activities
  • Flight Simulators
  • Community Service Projects
  • Fitness Competitions
  • Mentoring/outreach to middle schools
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Color Guard and Drill Teams
  • Kitty Hawk Air Society
  • Academic Bowl (SAT/ACT)
  • Field Trips
  • Orienteering
  • Air Rifle Competition Teams
  • Model Rocketry Radio Controlled Aircraft Clubs

College and Career Pathways
  • Please visit the High School Guidance website for
    more information about the College and Career
  • Norwin electives are matched with the 16 pathways
    to help students choose electives which would be
    beneficial for their career interests.
  • http//

Sample Schedule 1
Pd Subject Instructor Room Days Term
HR Homeroom Agnew 249 123456 Year
01 Academy Bio Showman 221 123456 Year
02 Academy Bio. Lab Showman Pool 1-3-5 Year
02 Swimming Morgan 104 2-4-6 Year
03 US PA II Waldron 222 123456 Year
04 Algebra I Pruszenski 239 123456 Year
05 Fam Con Sci Jurich 142 123456 Sem 1
05 Comm. II Brentzel 218 123456 Sem 2
06 Chorus 9 McCurdy 313 123456 Year
07 Sculp/Craft I Roberts 117 123456 Sem 1
07 Micro Off I Aftanas 124 123456 Sem 2
08 English 9 Boyd 214 123456 Year
Sample Schedule 2
Pd Subject Instructor Room Days Term
HR Homeroom Agnew 249 123456 Year
01 Algebra II (H) Brozeski 233 123456 Year
02 Biology (H) Lloyd 202 123456 Year
03 Biology Lab Lloyd 202 1-3-5 Year
03 Swimming Dankovich Pool 2-4-6 Year
04 US PA II Davis 227 123456 Year
05 Chorus 9 McCurdy 313 123456 Year
06 Spanish I Connelly 137 123456 Year
07 Comm. II (H) Brentzel 218 123456 Sem 1
07 Sculp/Craft I Roberts 117 123456 Sem 2
08 English 9 (H) Amic 244 123456 Year
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Keystone Exams
  • The Keystone Exams are end-of-course assessments
    designed to evaluate proficiency in academic
    content. Beginning with the Class of 2017,
    students must demonstrate proficiency in
  • Algebra I
  • Biology at the conclusion of the course
  • (9th grade)
  • Literature at the conclusion of the course
    (10th grade)

Keystone Exams
  • Students are to be proficient or advanced in
    these subject areas. If a student fails to reach
    at least the proficient status, they must retake
    the test during the school year and remediation
    will be offered to help students become
  • The PA Department of Education has made the
    Keystone Exams part of the state graduation

Keystone Exams
  • 1 Credit Awarded
  • Biology - .33 credit
  • Literature - .33 credit
  • Algebra I - .34 credit
  • Grades Assigned 3rd Grading Term of Senior Year
  • Advanced - 100
  • Proficient - 91
  • Basic - 81
  • Below Basic - 69

Course Selection Deadline
  • April 10, 2015
  • No Schedule Changes
  • After This Date

Looking Ahead (Grades 10-12)
  • Course offerings will include
  • College in the High School courses through Adams
    University, Rochester Institute of Technology,
    Seton Hill University, and the University of
  • Dual Enrollment courses through Indiana
    University of PA and WCCC
  • AP Course selections
  • All of these options provide students with the
    opportunity to earn college credits while
    enrolled in high school.

Online Courses Beyond the School Day
  • Online courses delivered by teachers in the WIU
    Consortium, including Norwin teachers
  • Intended for students with full schedules (8
    periods) who want to accelerate learning
  • Yearlong Course Fee 315/Semester Course Fee 215
    (Fee may change for 2015-2016)
  • Student must have access to a computer and high
    speed internet access
  • Examples
  • A student with a full schedule is taking online
    Microsoft Office I so that she can schedule
    Microsoft Office II next year.
  • A student with a full schedule who is taking
    several AP courses is also interested in
    environmental sciences and elects to take online

Web Resources
  • Norwin High School Guidance Website
  • http//
  • Program of Studies Booklet
  • This PowerPoint
  • Scheduling Selection Forms
  • College and Career Resources
  • Testing Information
  • Contact Information
  • Advanced Placement
  • Norwin High School Student Handbook located on
    the High School website

Scheduling Online
  •  Students will access Skyward Student-Family
    Access via the web at https//
  • Enter username and password. The login must be
    the STUDENTS username and password. Parent
    accounts are not able to select courses. If your
    child does not remember his/her username or
    password he/she will need to visit the guidance
    office to request that information.

Online Scheduling
  • Once you have logged in, click on
  • Schedule on the left hand side of the screen.
  • If you do not see this option, verify that you
  • logged in as the student.

Online Scheduling
  • Once the screen changes, you will see Request
    Courses for 2015-2016 in Norwin High School on
    the top right side. Click on this link to begin
    requesting courses for the 2015-2016 school year.

Online Scheduling
  • To add a course, make sure Request Courses is in
    black bold type. To request a course, highlight
    the course in the left column and click the Add
    Course button. The highlighted course information
    is copied to the box on the right side of the
    screen. Courses listed in the box on the right
    side are the courses you are requesting for the
    next school year.

Online Scheduling
  • If you need to delete a course, highlight the
    course in the right column and click Remove
    Course. The course will be removed from your

Online Scheduling
  • Once you have finished selecting courses, click
    on the Alternates tab that is at the top of the
    scheduling screen. Request Alternates should be
    in black bold type. All students must add two
    alternate course selections, but can add up to
  • Alternate course selections are added in the same
    way as the other courses are added.
  • Alternate courses are numbered in priority order
    so please be certain to verify that the priority
    number (1, 2, 3, 4) corresponds with your choice
    alternatives. Alternate course selections are
    used when your first choices are already filled
    or cannot be accommodated in your schedule.

Online Scheduling
Online Scheduling
  • Once you have made your course selections, please
    review your selections to make sure there is an R
    next to all requested courses and make sure there
    are numbers next to your alternate courses.
  • When finished, logout of the system

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Knights Café
  • At the conclusion of this presentation, you can
    purchase refreshments available at the Knights
  • The Knights Café is run and sponsored by our
    Life Skills teachers and students.