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... the strongest neighboring Arab ... The Second Plane- A United Airlines flight from Boston to Los Angeles crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Laura Thomas

  • Laura Thomas

What Caused It
  • There are a few reasons as to why the attacks
  • Sanctions imposed on Iraq by United states-
    Sanctions were imposed in 1990 after Iraq invaded
    Kuwait. The purpose was to get Iraq to withdraw
    from Kuwait, pay reparations to Kuwait, and to
    get rid of weapons of mass destruction. After the
    gulf war, economic sanctions were imposed on
    Iraq, which banned all trade and financial
    resources except for medicine and "in
    humanitarian circumstances" foodstuffs. They were
    considered the toughest sanctions in world
    history. The sanctions resulted in increased
    child mortality, poverty and suffering of the
    Iraqi people. Estimated deaths from sanctions
    range from 170,000 to 1.5 million, most of them
  • Presence of U.S Military in Saudi Arabia- After
    the Gulf War 5000 troops remained in Saudi
    Arabia. Saudi Arabia has the holiest sites is
    Islam, Mecca and Medina, and many Muslims were
    upset about the military presence. The continued
    presence of American troops in Saudi Arabia is
    one of the states reasons for the 9/11 attacks,
    in the 1998 fatwa (a ruling on a point of Islamic
    law that is given by a recognized authority),
    Al-Qaeda wrote " for over seven years the United
    States has been occupying the lands of Islam in
    the holiest of places, the Arabian Peninsula,
    plundering its riches, dictating to its rulers,
    humiliating its people, terrorizing its
    neighbors, and turning its bases in the Peninsula
    into a spearhead through which to fight the
    neighboring Muslim peoples.

What Caused It
  • Support of Israel By Unites States- In his 2002
    Letter to America Osama bin Laden describes
    Unites States support of Israel as a motivation
    for the attacks.
  • The best proof of this is their eagerness to
    destroy Iraq, the strongest neighboring Arab
    state, and their endeavor to fragment all the
    states of the region such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia,
    Egypt, and Sudan into paper state lets and
    through their disunion and weakness to guarantee
    Israel's survival and the continuation of the
    brutal crusade occupation of the Peninsula.

Overview of What Happened
  • The September 11th attacks were a number of
    coordinated suicide attacks by al Qaeda. Four
    planes were planned to be part of the attacks,
    with 19 hijackers aboard in total.
  • The First Plane- An American Airlines flight from
    Boston to Los Angeles, crashed into the North
    Tower of the World Trade Centre at 846 am,
    between the 95th and 103rd floors.
  • The Second Plane- A United Airlines flight from
    Boston to Los Angeles crashed into the South
    Tower of the World Trade Centre at 903 am, at
    about the 80th floor.
  • The Third Plane- An American Airlines flight from
    Washington to Los Angeles. Terrorists took
    control of the plane, flew it back to Washington
    and crashed it into the Pentagon causing a 5
    story sector to crumble.
  • The Fourth Plane- Terrorists took control on a
    United 93 flight from San Francisco, forty six
    minutes after takeoff, 35 000 feet above Ohio.
    Voice recording transcripts concluded that
    passengers avoided another terrorist attack that
    was set for a Washington DC target. At 1010 am,
    that plane had crashed into Shanks Ville,

  • Citizens from 78 countries were victims from the
    attacks. People all over the world mourned the
  • But there were many people who were not
    sympathetic at all, some believed the attacks
    were a result of Americas interfering in the
    middle east. The leader of the Islamic militant
    group Hamas announced that "no doubt this is a
    result of the injustice the U.S. practices
    against the weak in the world."
  • NATO (North Atlantis Treaty Organization) stated
    that the attacks on the United States were an
    attack on all of the member nations.
  • The United Stated invaded Iraq because they
    thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but
    none were ever found. There are still U.S. troops
    in the Middle East today.

Death Toll and Damages
  • There wear a total of 2 996 deaths- 19 hijackers
    and 2 977 victims.
  • There were 246 causalities on the four planes (no
    survivors), 2 606 in New York (from the towers
    and on the ground), 125 at the Pentagon. All the
    deaths from the attacks were civilians except the
    55 military officials lost at the Pentagon.
  • Damages The 110 floor twin towers completely
    collapsed, along with the damage done to the
    Pentagon. Various other buildings were damaged
    such as the 7,6,5,4 world trade center buildings,
    World Financial Centre, St Nicholas Orthodox
    Church, and others.

Map of World Trade Centers
Reflecting Absence Memorial
  • The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
    (LMDC) selected a design for a World Trade Centre
    Memorial Reflecting Absence by architect
    Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter
    Walker. The point of the memorial is to create a
    space where people can remember the people whose
    died on this historic day.
  • The design strives to make visible what is
    absent, Michael Arad said. The primary
    responsibility we have is to those we lost that
    day. The memorial will have forest and two large
    voids that serve as a reminder of the absence of
    the people that were lost.

Reflecting Absence Memorial
Absence Memorial
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