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Slavery in Ancient Egypt


Slavery in Ancient Egypt by Robert Glomb Harvest Music Winnowing (scooping grain w/wooden trays) Taxes Cattle Slavery in Ancient Egypt Slaves were often sold at a ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Slavery in Ancient Egypt

Slavery in Ancient Egypt
  • by Robert Glomb
  1. Harvest
  2. Music
  3. Winnowing (scooping grain w/wooden trays)
  4. Taxes
  5. Cattle

Slavery in Ancient Egypt
  • Slaves were often sold at a marketplace.
  • Slaves could be children. Age did not matter.
  • Slaves could be traded for things other than
  • Slaves were brought to Egypt from other lands.
  • Slaves were often given Egyptian names.
  • Slaves were vital to the growth of the Egyptian

Social Pyramid in Ancient Egypt
Where did slaves find their place within the
social pyramid of ancient Egypt? The pharaoh?
Slavery in Ancient Egyptcontinued
  • Some people became slaves as punishment for a
    crime or for going into debt. How does this
    differ from what youve learned about the
    practice of slavery in the past? What does the
    word debt mean?

Slavery in Ancient Egyptcontinued
  • With the practice of slavery sometimes comes
    forced labor. While many people believe that the
    pyramids were built by slaves, many historians
    disagree. It was most likely free men (farmers)
    who couldnt farm during the annual flooding of
    the Nile.
  1. Raising stone blocks
  2. Supervisors
  3. Shaping the stone
  4. Accidents happen

Slavery in Ancient Egyptcontinued
  • Egyptians believed in life after death and the
    good or bad that a person did while alive,
    translates over to the afterlife. In other
    words, most Egyptians did not abuse slaves for
    fear of their own life in eternity.

Slavery in Ancient Egyptcontinued
  • Could a slave become free? Absolutely! An
    Egyptian slave could marry into a free family or
    buy their freedom. Some slaves held
    high-esteemed positions such as scribe or
  1. Pottery
  2. Gold
  3. Sandals
  4. Wood carving

Slavery in Ancient Egyptcontinued
  • Summing it up
  • -There were slaves in ancient Egypt.
  • -You could become a slave for a crime committed
    or a debt owed.
  • -A slave could earn/buy their freedom.
  • -Slaves most likely did not build the pyramids.

Slavery in Ancient Egyptcontinued
  • Think about it
  • Would ancient Egypt have succeeded without the
    practice of slavery?
  • Do you think that the institution of slavery
    is ever justified? Why or why not?
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