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Welcome to 1920 American Society & Culture Jeopardy! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to

Welcome to 1920 American Society Culture
1920 American Society Culture Jeopardy
People, People, People Potpourri Pop Culture Music Literature Herzogs Famous
100 100 100 100 100
200 200 200 200 200
300 300 300 300 300
400 400 400 400 400
500 500 500 500 500
People, People, People 100
  • Man who made the first reliable and affordable
    automobile available to the average citizen also
    known for Anti-Semitic views paid workers 5/day

Who is Henry Ford?. "Islam etc." Jeopardy
People, People, People 200
  • Notorious bootlegger Mobster of the 1920s he
    claimed he was merely a businessman fulfilling a
    need for the public-50pt bonus-bootleggers led to
    the creation of this sport

Who was Al CaponeNascar? "Islam etc." Jeopardy
People, People, People 300
  • Defeated Woodrow Wilson in the election of 1920
    under the slogan a return to normalcy

Who is Warren G. Harding? "Islam etc." Jeopardy
Daily Double Go to question
People, People, People 400
  • Became President when Harding died known as
    Silent Cal he was sworn in by his father
    known for accomplishing little during his office

Who is Calvin Coolidge? "Islam etc." Jeopardy
People, People, People 500
  • Name of two Italian anarchists that received the
    death penalty for their supposed role in a
    robbery/murder they looked Italian

Who is Sacco Vanzetti? "Islam etc." Jeopardy
Potpourri 100
  • Term for a period of rising stock prices many
    people try to invest using credit during this time

What is a Bull Market? "Islam etc." Jeopardy
Potpourri 200
  • Form of buying stock on credit. (Pay as little
    as 10 up front and the rest over a period of

What is buying on margin? "Islam etc." Jeopardy
Potpourri 300
  • Process used by Henry Ford to keep manufacturing
    costs low (each person puts on one specific part
    of the car) process originally used in meat
    packing industry

What is an assembly line? "Islam etc." Jeopardy
Potpourri 400
  • Name of the scandal that rocked the Harding

What is theTeapot Dome Scandal? "Islam etc."
Potpourri 500
  • Explain what exactly happened and who was
    involved in the Teapot Dome Scandal.

What is Sec. of Interior Albert Fall took bribes
to lease (reserve) oil fields for military to
private companies "Islam etc." Jeopardy
Culture 100
  • Often termed the monkey trial pitted Christian
    Fundamentalism vs. Evolution happened in

What is the Scopes Trial? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Culture 200
  • This group preferred to remain anonymous as they
    brought terror to African Americans and those
    that went against their views

Who are the Ku Klux Klan? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Culture 300
  • Popular dance during the 1920s Hint- named
    after a city in South Carolina

What is the Charleston? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Culture 400
  • Term that refers to when a large number of new,
    affordable goods became available to the public
    many of which were aimed at housewives

What is Consumer Revolution? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Culture 500
  • Describe what a Flapper looked like and how their
    actions differed from traditional female conduct
    during the time

Wore makeup, often red lipstick, short skirts and
a short (bob) haircut publicly drank w/men in
speakeasies smoked cigs sexually
free "Absolutism Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Music/Literature 100
  • Type of music that relies on improvisation

What is Jazz? "Absolutism Constitutionalism"
Music/Literature 200
  • Famous piano player composer. Played at the
    Cotton Club in Harlem regularly

Who was Duke Ellington? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Music/Literature 300
  • Famous trumpet player unofficial Ambassador of
    Jazz great improviser

Who was Louis Armstrong? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Music/Literature 400
  • Wrote the Sun Also Rises A Farewell to
    Armshe is credited with being the voice of the
    Lost Generation

Who was Ernest Hemingway? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Music/Literature 500
  • This famous African American man is known for his
    poetry that talked about the experience of being

Who was Langston Hughes? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Herzogs Famous 100
  • Secret bars operated by bootleggers during
    Prohibition-Shhh not so loud secret password
    needed to get in or someone had to vouch for your

What were Speakeasies? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Herzogs Famous 200
  • Made the manufacture, distribution and sale of
    alcohol illegal didnt address the issue of
    consumption created Prohibition which was a

What is the18th Amendment? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Herzogs Famous 300
  • This law enforced the 18th Amendment this helped
    people like Elliot Ness try to stop organized
    crime and stop the illegal sale of alcohol

What is the Volstead Act? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Herzogs Famous 400
  • This group took advantage of their poker buddy
    (Harding) who won the Presidency (HintTeapot

Who is the Ohio Gang? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Herzogs Famous 500
  • Explain the problems with enforcing the 18th

What is law didnt ban drinking it initially
prescriptions by Drs, Rabbis, Priests could
still get it illegal moonshine/bathtub gintoo
few enforcement officials? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Jeopardy
Welcome to 1920 American Society Culture
Double Jeopardy!
1920 American Culture Society Double Jeopardy
Acts, Laws, Other Planes, Trains, Automobiles Jazz Harlem Renaissance Planes, Movies, Radio Herzogs Famous
200 200 200 200 200
400 400 400 400 400
600 600 600 600 600
800 800 800 800 800
1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Other 200
  • ACLU stands for this. How was this organization
    involved in the Scopes Trial

What is American Civil Liberties Union paid for
lawyer for John Scopes (Clarence
Darrow)? "Absolutism Constitutionalism" Double
Other 400
  • Name of the plan that arranged loans to Germany
    so they could pay off debt to France, Britain
    which in turn went pay their debts to the U.S.

What is the Dawes Plan? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Other 600
  • Name of the trial of a school teacher who
    challenged a Tennessee law that made teaching
    evolution illegal Evolution vs. Fundamentalism

What is the Scopes Trial? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Other 800
  • Controlled Immigration allowed only 2 of the
    of immigrants in the U.S. based on immigration
    numbers during 1890

What is the Quota System? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Other 1000
  • This law repealed prohibition made liquor legal
    once again(hint-must be this age to currently
    drink alcohol legally)

What was the 21st Amendment? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Planes, Trains, Automobiles 200
  • Two word term that refers to the rapid
    manufacture of large numbers of identical items

Where is mass production? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Planes, Trains, Automobiles 400
  • This man travelled nonstop from Long Island, NY
    to Paris, France becoming an instant hero

Who is the Charles Lindbergh? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Planes, Trains, Automobiles 600
  • Name of the first affordable automobile Only
    available in black

What is the Model T? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Planes, Trains, Automobiles 800
  • CarefulTricky ?...Man who created the automobile
    before Henry Ford was very expensive

Who was Ransom Olds? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Planes, Trains, Automobiles 1000
  • The Car the Airplane had devastating effects on
    what industry

What was the Train/Railroads? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Jazz Harlem Renaissance 200
  • Why were many African Americans upset about the
    influx of whites into Harlem?

More clubs began to ban blacks from entering
their clubs except as performers "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Jazz Harlem Renaissance 400
  • Name of the most famous music club in Harlem,NY
    during the 1920s where Duke Ellington performed
    nearly every night

What was The Cotton Club? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Jazz Harlem Renaissance 600
  • Center for Jazz Music in the North was in this
    city (Capones city)

Where is Chicago? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Jazz Harlem Renaissance 800
  • Increased opportunity in the North and leaving
    the South from fear of the KKK led to this

What was the Great Migration? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Jazz Harlem Renaissance 1000
  • The significance of this was that it produced a
    wealth of African Americans poetry, literature,
    art, music

What is the Harlem Renaissance? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Planes, Radio, Movies 200
  • The first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean
    was done by this man Also name his plane

Who was Charles Lindbergh Spirit of St.
Louis? "Absolutism Constitutionalism" Double
Planes, Radio, Movies 400
  • Americans owned nearly 600,000 of these in 1923

What are radio sets? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Planes, Radio, Movies 600
  • These brothers are credited with being the first
    in flight

Who are the Wright Brothers? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Planes, Radio, Movies 800
  • Since the first talkie this industry eclipsed
    all other forms of entertainment, weekly
    admissions of 100 million occurred

What is the movie industry? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Planes, Radio, Movies 1000
  • Civilization becoming more closely linked was the
    result of this invention

What is the the Airplane? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Herzogs Famous 200
  • According to Mr. Herzog, America is known for the
    Constitution, baseball and _________

What is Jazz? "Absolutism Constitutionalism"
Double Jeopardy
Herzogs Famous 400
  • Famous Austrian Psychologist his theory claimed
    human behavior is driven by our unconscious

Who was Sigmund Freud? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Herzogs Famous 600
  • Marcus Garveys philosophy of separation of the
    races went directly against the philosophies of
    these two famous African Americans you learned

Who were Washington Dubois? "Absolutism
Constitutionalism" Double Jeopardy
Herzogs Famous 800
  • Full name and nickname of the man who was Vice
    President to Harding and became President when
    Harding suffered a heart attack

Who was Calvin Coolidge AKA Silent
Cal? "Absolutism Constitutionalism" Double
Herzogs Famous 1000
  • Lack of enforcement officials, could be sold with
    a doctors prescription, people were doing it
    anyway even though it was illegal

What was Problems with Enforcing
Prohibition? "Absolutism Constitutionalism"
Double Jeopardy
Final Jeopardy Category Prohibition
List 5 Reasons why Prohibition (18th Amendment)
was unsuccessful in the U.S.
  1. 18th-banned sale/distribution but not consumption
    (Volstead Act
  2. Prescriptions by Drs. (Ex-cough)
  3. Rabbis/Priests could get legally
  4. Too few enforcement officials
  5. Organized Crime/bootlegging stronghold-too much
    to stop
  6. Law enforcement tempted by bribes
  7. Speakeasies continued to operate-police were
    customers (too many to bust all)
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