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Aktion Associates Inc.


Aktion Associates Inc. In business since 1979 IBM Premier Business Partner Over 1600 customers in OH, MI, IN, KY Offices in Toledo, Columbus, Detroit, Indy – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Aktion Associates Inc.

Aktion Associates Inc.
  • In business since 1979
  • IBM Premier Business Partner
  • Over 1600 customers in OH, MI, IN, KY
  • Offices in Toledo, Columbus, Detroit, Indy
  • Certified Lotus Software Experts
  • Custom Domino and Lotus Applications
  • Specialize in Employee Productivity Apps
  • Aktion QuickStart Program

Lotus Forms 3.0
  • Chris Blatnick Senior IT Specialist,
    IBM chris.blatnick_at_us.ibm.com

  • What is Lotus Forms and why would I use it
  • How can Lotus Forms provide Solutions
  • The value of Lotus Forms
  • What is Lotus Forms

Solution Overview
Todays Business Demands
We need to improve operational efficiency and
reduce costs.
We need to be more agile in the way we respond
to our employees, customers partners and
We need to retain and attract more customers
through enhanced customer service and new,
competitive offerings.
Customer Service
A vision for growth
Executing The Vision
  • Streamline costly business processes to enable
    employees to work more effectively
  • Leverage existing IT investments by extending
    the reach of existing applications
  • Accelerate sales cycles and do more business in
    the same amount of time

Customer Service
  • Use Web-based services to reduce transaction
    cycle times and improve customer satisfaction
  • Combine existing systems into new, compelling
    applications that can be deployed through a
    single corporate portal

  • Quickly develop and deploy new applications
  • Industry standards accelerate e-business with
    our customers and suppliers
  • Leveraging Service Oriented Architectures helps
    us react quickly to changing business conditions

What we do
  • A forms-based human interface for business
    process automation and SOA
  • Deploys without the expense of client software
  • Works with IBMs industry-leading BPM technology
  • Captures complete and accurate data at the source
  • Simplifies forms for users, saving time and
  • Uses portal and forms technology to provide a
    single point of contact for customers and partners
  • Helps develop new applications quickly and
  • Facilitates business-to-business commerce using
    industry standard data formats
  • Eases regulatory compliance by creating
    complete, auditable transaction records

The Value of Forms
  • The cost of using and processing paper forms in
    many organizations today is staggering
  • A single paper form costs 30-165 to use,
    process, enter and retain
  • 22.5B is spent on pre-printed forms in the US
  • 30 of pre-printed forms are wasted

Where are Lotus Forms used?

Lotus Forms is used to streamline forms processes
throughout industry and government.
  • Public Facing
  • Customer / Prospect
  • / Partner / Citizen
  • Scalability and Security
  • Standards Usability

Typical Form-Driven Processes
  • Industry Drivers
  • Legislation
  • Industry standards
  • Scalability and robustness
  • Health Safety compliance
  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Supplier Management
  • Leave Request and Approval
  • Travel Request and Approval
  • Procurement Approval
  • Time Recording Approval
  • Performance Management
  • Personnel Profile and Updating
  • Records Management
  • Contract Management
  • Forms Management
  • Compliant Document Generation
  • Internal Processes
  • Cross-Platform
  • Cross-Function
  • Great place to start

More than 80 of the processes in public and
private businesses depend on forms. - IDC
Where are Lotus Forms used?
Typical Industry Solution Areas for E-Forms
Banking And Finance
Manufacturing And Retail
  • New Business and Renewals
  • Group Enrollment
  • Underwriting
  • Quote/Proposal Generation
  • Claims Processing
  • Agent and Customer Servicing
  • Compliance and Reporting
  • Agent, Underwriter, Adjuster
  • Account Opening
  • Loan Origination
  • Wire Transfer
  • Compliance Filing
  • Profile for cross-sell of services
  • Broker Management
  • Records Management
  • Multi-Channel Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Fulfillment
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Cross-Channel Services

Customer Success
Customer Success
Customer Success
Woodmen Insurance Accelerated new business
application from weeks to hours!
AMP Automated new business process to reduce
costs and increase revenues UK Financial Services
Organization Automated new account opening
GXS A leader in B2B solutions uses Lotus Forms
between trading partners Global Apparel
Manufacturer Reduced process time by 75.
Estimated cost savings per year 787,500
Where are Lotus Forms used?
Typical Industry Solution Areas for E-Forms
Health Care And Life Sciences
  • e-Permits and License Applications
  • Business Registration
  • e-Court Filing and Processing
  • e-Grant Processing
  • Court Document Processing
  • Compliance Audit Documents
  • Records Contract Management
  • Payer Operations
  • Claims
  • Enrollment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Products to market
  • Trials
  • Submissions
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Care Delivery
  • Medical Records
  • Physician productivity
  • Compliance and reporting (HIPPA)

Customer Success
Customer Success
US Army Used by 1.4 million Army personnel
expected ROI more than 1.3 billion Nova Scotia
Land Registry Reduced transaction time from 7
days to 1 day
Large U.S. Healthcare Payer Reduced enrollment
in its provider network from 18 weeks to 2 weeks
A Closer Look
The Lotus Forms Solution
Lotus Forms is a complete Web 2.0 Forms solution.
Lotus Forms works with IBMs industry-leading
portal and BPM technology to extend, streamline
and automate business processes.
Lotus Forms Services Platform A framework for
integrating forms with business applications
Lotus Forms API Allows your Web application to
manipulate Lotus Forms
Lotus Forms Webform Server A Web 2.0 client for
inside or outside the corporate firewall
Lotus Forms Viewer A rich client for mobile or
disconnected users
Lotus Forms Designer An Eclipse-based,
drag-and-drop forms editor.
The Lotus Forms Solution Efficiency
Deploy applications without installing and
maintaining client software
  • Web 2.0 deployment lowers total cost of
  • A dynamic, intelligent interface
  • Digital signature support
  • High performance/enterprise scalability
  • Precision printing

Dont make customers and partners install
software to do business with you
  • Rich client allows Lotus Forms to be used by
    mobile/disconnected workers

The Lotus Forms Solution Efficiency
Protect and increase the value of your existing
IT investments
  • By front-ending existing systems, Lotus Forms
    extends their reach both inside and outside the

Capture complete and accurate data the first time
  • Intelligent forms reduce the need for
    back-office error correction
  • Free up staff to work on more productive
    business tasks
  • Integration with multiple backend systems
    reduces or eliminates re-keying

The Lotus Forms Solution Efficiency
Lotus Forms integrates easily to provide a
complete solution for automating and streamlining
business processes
  • WebSphere Portal
  • WebSphere Application Server
  • WebSphere Process Server
  • Content Manager
  • DB2, Oracle, SQL Server
  • SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft

The more integrated forms are with your business
processes, the greater the value to your company.
The Lotus Forms Solution Efficiency
Reduce paper and do more business in the same
amount of time
  • Eliminate physical routing of forms
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for document
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and error
  • Shorten approval cycle times with sectional and
    overlapping digital signatures
  • Generate business metrics more easily, to help
    create a flexible, innovative organization

Leverage your existing infrastructure and
  • Deploy on your choice of server architectures
  • AIX, MS Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux (RedHat and
  • I-Series

The Lotus Forms Solution Customer Service
Customer Service
Simplify forms for end users, saving them time
and effort
  • Guided wizards make complex forms easier for
  • Error checking at point of data entry
  • Pixel-precise eForms that may be completed
    online or offline
  • Pre-populated data from backend systems helps
    save time for end users

Use industry leading BPM, portal and forms
technology to provide a single point of contact
for your customers and partners
  • Increase customer satisfaction through
    streamlined customer communications and faster
    transaction cycles

The Lotus Forms Solution Customer Service
Reach out to your customers no matter where they
  • Translated to 28 languages
  • Supports bidirectional languages (Arabic and

Make sure your applications are accessible to
  • Comply with industry and government standards
  • Complies with Section 508, W3C Content
    Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 1.0 and
  • Supports common screen readers

The Lotus Forms Solution Agility
Develop new applications quickly and easily
  • Does not mandate specific, proprietary IT
    components for management of forms
  • Easily integrates with your IT environment
  • Team-based development environment promotes
    sharing of resources
  • Forms Designer - creates presentation layer
  • Business Analyst - creates the business rules
  • Data Analyst - integrates data model
  • Design experience facilitates rapid form design
  • Support for scripted mashups enables HTML
    component re-use and integration
  • Forms conversion tooling allows legacy forms to
    be leveraged immediately

The Lotus Forms Solution Agility
Future proof your companys documents with open
  • Lotus Forms is built on the World Wide Web
    Consortiums XForms standard

Lower time-to-value by leveraging
industry-standard data formats
  • Lotus Forms facilitates business-to-business
    data interchange by encapsulating industry
    standard data formats
  • Reduces system integration overhead
  • Insurance ACORD
  • Financial Services SWIFT, XBRL
  • HealthCare HL7
  • Banking ISO
  • Manufacturing RosettaNet

The Lotus Forms Solution Agility
Develop new systems faster and improve component
re-use with Service Oriented Architectures
  • Lotus Forms allow humans to interact with SOAs
  • Forms can interact directly with Web Services

Ease regulatory compliance with complete,
auditable document records
  • Form data and business logic are combined into a
    single, intelligent document that flows through
    an IT environment
  • Transaction content and context can be saved as
    single, verifiable record

Lotus Forms 3.0 Where Process Automation Begins
Lotus Forms is a complete forms solution for
extending, streamlining and automating business
Lotus Forms works with IBMs industry-leading
portal and BPM technology to help your company to
save money, improve customer service and react
faster to todays challenging business climate.
The Products
IBM Workplace Forms products - Viewer
  • Workplace Forms Viewer
  • Standalone or browser-based application to
    present, manage, interact with, integrate,
    digitally sign and submit Workplace Forms XML
    e-form and process-wizard front-ends

IBM Workplace Forms products - Designer
  • Workplace Forms Designer
  • Powerful, easy to use WYSIWYG design environment
    to create secure XML e-form and process wizard

Designer Ease of Use
Designer Ease of Use
New features in the Lotus Forms Designer make it
even easier to design and deploy forms
  • A simple drag-and-drop/point-and-click design
    experience for XForms
  • Direct editing of font color options
  • Compute editor promotes rapid development of
    form logic
  • Get started quickly with New Form wizard
  • Eclipse-based designer promotes team development
  • Integrates with related development tooling
  • Schema-based form design
  • Data-to-glass and glass-to-data are both

Form Conversion Tooling
Form Conversion Tooling
Form conversion tooling allows legacy documents
to be leveraged quickly and easily
  • Saves development time and expense by converting
    legacy PDF documents into Lotus Forms
  • Supports conversions in 20 languages.
  • Performs batch form version updates
  • Runs within the Eclipse-based Lotus Forms
  • Open framework allows conversion of multiple
    form format.
  • Enables Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and
    System Integrators (SI) to create parser

IBM Workplace Forms products - Server
  • Workplace Forms Server
  • API Enables the creation and delivery of forms
    applications. It provides a common, open
    interface to Workplace Forms that enables eforms
    data integration with server-side applications.
  • WebForm Server Provides real-time page-by-page
    conversion of Workplace Forms XML eforms into
    HTML and JavaScript for rendering within a common
    web browser. Enables zero-footprint viewing of
    Workplace Forms.
  • Deployment Server Deploys rich client and forms
    in a lightweight manner.
  • Forms Services Platform OSGi-based Forms
    application framework.

Webform Server
Webform Server
Webform Server is a Web 2.0 forms experience
  • Forms are rendered as HTML/JavaScript
  • Eliminates the expense of deploying and managing
    desktop software
  • Enables complex, interactive customer-facing
    forms applications
  • Customers dont have to install software to do
    business with you

Webform Server is a cross platform solution
  • Windows (IE and Firefox), Mac OS X (Firefox)

Webform Server provides an interactive fill
  • AJAX is used to update forms dynamically
  • Includes support for
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Translated to 26 languages
  • Document attachments
  • Electronic signatures
  • Local form open/save

Webform Server Signatures
Webform Server Signatures
Electronic signatures allow complete, high value
business processes to be automated
  • Webform Server supports two kinds of electronic
  • Public Key Cryptography (PKI) based digital
  • Forms are signed with local, standards-based
  • Ideal for high value, high security transactions
  • Authenticated click-wrap signatures
  • User is authenticated using shared secret
    (account information, personal information, etc.)
  • Ideal for medium value business

Webform Server Printing
Webform Server Printing
Webform Server provides multiple print options to
meet a diversity of business needs
  • Print to image (PNG/GIF)
  • Provides good print fidelity
  • Prints directly through browser
  • Print to static PDF/PDF-A image
  • Provides excellent print fidelity
  • Requires local reader software
  • Print conversion can be invoked programmatically
    through URL interface
  • Automated conversion for form imaging

Workplace Forms eForm document model
  • Presentation Layer
  • Pixel-perfect resolution for duplicating paper

Workplace Forms eForm document model
  • Presentation Layer
  • Guided-interview process option (Wizard driven)
  • User Interface Flexibility
  • Multiple views on the same data
  • Data/Rules-driven views

Workplace Forms eForm document model
Presentation Layer
  • Business Logic
  • Capture forms processes in the form
  • Integrate business process workflows

Workplace Forms eForm document model
Presentation Layer
Business Logic
  • Data Instances
  • Based on W3C XForms specification
  • Multiple XML payloads for integration
  • Validate against external XML schemas

Workplace Forms eForm document model
Presentation Layer
Business Logic
Data Instances
  • File Attachments
  • Capture complete transaction
  • Supplemental or associated e-forms
  • MS Office, videos, faxes, etc.

Workplace Forms eForm document model
Presentation Layer
Business Logic
Data Instances
  • Digital Signatures make form a Secure
  • Sign multiple, overlapping sections or complete
  • Use built-in signing, digital certificates or
    signing pads
  • Significantly smaller file sizes compared to
    proprietary binary formats

File Attachments
Unmanaged Spreadsheets become Controlled Document
Unintelligent Forms become assisted interviews
Printed Word/XLS Documents become live Forms
Custom Applications become just another Form
Simple PDFs become Interactive/Live Forms
Take a PC Interface and push to a tablet with seal
Scanned Images become interactive interfaces
All from the same platform
Quick Summary Lotus Forms Brings Customers real
Business Benefits
  • Just Some Examples
  • US Army 100,000 forms, used by 1.4 million Army
    personnel around the world expected ROI more
    than 1.3 billion.
  • USAF 18,000 forms, serving 700,000 employees
    globally ROI 50 Million annually.
  • Global Apparel Manufacturer Reduced process time
    by 75. Estimated cost savings per year 787,500
  • Woodmen Insurance accelerates application
    process from weeks to hours!
  • Nova Scotia Land Registry Reduces transaction
    time from 7 days to just 1 day. Reduce rejection
    rate from 15 to 3.
  • SEC 27,000 publicly traded firms. Estimated
    annual to taxpayers of 1.8 million.
  • U.S. Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
    Shortens the application process from up to 66
    days to as little as 9 days
  • IBM Express Managed Services Boosts productivity
    by 25, Improves data accuracy and completeness
    from 75 to 100, cycle times down by 25,
    reduces form localization times by 80
  • City of Los Angeles increased online business
    tax renewal collections of more than US14
    million in 2005, up from US700,000 in 2003
  • Major League Baseball reduced staffing
    requirements as well as development, printing,
    travel and telephone costs. MLB estimates annual
    savings of more than US350,000.

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Aktion Associates Inc.
  • Aktion QuickStart Program
  • Purchase Licenses through Aktion
  • Flat fee for implementation
  • Design and implement solution together
  • Get trained while implementing the solution
  • End result is a fully functional application
  • Chris Elekonich
  • celekonich_at_aktion.com
  • 419-794-2504
  • www.aktion.com
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