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Christians and the Eucharist


Christians and the Eucharist To understand the significance of the Last Supper for various Christian Churches. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Christians and the Eucharist

Christians and the Eucharist
  • To understand the significance of the Last Supper
    for various Christian Churches.

The Jewish Passover
The Jewish Passover
  • In order to persuade Pharaoh to free the Jewish
    slaves, God sent Ten Plagues to Egypt.
  • Despite 9 dreadful plagues Pharaoh refused to
    release the Israelites.
  • God threatened to send the tenth, most
    destructive plague.
  • Moses told the Jews to kill a lamb and put its
    blood on their doorposts.
  • During the night an angel came to every house.
  • The firstborn son in every Egyptian family died.
  • But, the Jewish houses were protected because of
    the blood on their doorposts.
  • That night the Jews were set free.

The Last Supper
The Last Supper
  • Jesus was a Jew who celebrated the Passover with
    his friends on the night of the Last Supper.
  • This Passover meal was a family meal for the Jews
    the meal time was not just about satisfying
  • To share the Passover meal showed a desire to
    offer peace and friendship.

The Last Supper - The warning about Judas
  • Three different things happened at the Last
    supper as recorded by Mark.
  • The warning about Judas the first thing Jesus
    did was to give a warning abut the one who was to
    betray him. He was one of the twelve who was
    present at the table. There is no evidence that
    the other disciples suspected Judas. Perhaps
    Jesus was making a last appeal to Judas before it
    was too late.

The Last Supper - The Words of institution
  • The Words of institution during the supper
    Jesus said some words over the bread and wine.
    These words are known as the words of institution
    (this means the words spoken by Jesus over the
    bread and wine when he celebrated this mean for
    the first time)
  • Take it, he said, this is my body in using
    this phrase Jesus speaks of himself as the broken
    bread which is the fate of his own body. This is
    given in sacrifice.
  • Jesus said, This is my blood which is poured out
    for many, my blood which seals Gods covenant.
    Jesus uses wine to symbolise his blood which will
    be given n sacrifice.
  • (Mark 1422-24

The Last Supper - The Words of institution
  • In sharing out the bread and wine in this way,
    Jesus was showing the disciples that his body
    would be broken and his blood would be shed just
    like the bread which he had broken and passed
    round and the wine which had been poured out at
    the table.

The Last Supper - The vow of abstinence
  • The vow of abstinence (1425) these words are
    normally taken to mean that Jesus is saying he is
    going to die. This will be the last time he will
    pass such cup round at any meal.
  • A second meaning could be the Jesus is saying he
    is about to complete his work. His life now
    belongs to god and his coming kingdom. The
    kingdom of God will only be completed at the end
    of time. This reflects the Jewish idea of the
    Messianic banquet. Jesus will celebrate with his
    followers once again at the end of time.

Links between Passover and the Eucharist
Jewish Passover Christian Eucharist
A lamb was sacrificed Jesus life was sacrificed. (Lamb of God)
Blood of the lamb saved the Jews from slavery Blood of Jesus saves Christians from sin
A reminder of the covenant relationship with God Jesus started the new covenant.
Christians and the Eucharist
  • Christians believe different things about the
    Eucharist because they interpret the story of the
    Last Supper in different ways.
  • Roman Catholics have a Literal understanding of
    the account.
  • Most Protestants (Non-Catholics) have a Liberal

Key words
Phrase Meaning
Eucharist This is a Greek word which means to give thanks. It is used by all Christians to thank God.
Holy Communion This phrase is used by Anglicans and Catholics. It means to take part in a community.
Mass Roman Catholics use this word. It comes from old Latin words and reminds Catholics that they are sent out to continue Christs mission.
Breaking of Bread Used by some Protestant Churches to remind them of the actual Last Supper.
Roman Catholic Beliefs
  • Roman Catholics have a Literal understanding of
    the story of the Last Supper.
  • Roman Catholics believe that during the Mass the
    bread and wine are changed in a miraculous way.
  • The bread and wine actually becomes the body and
    blood of Jesus.
  • Roman Catholics believe that they receive the
    actual body and blood of Christ.

Protestant Beliefs
  • Most Protestants have a Liberal interpretation of
    the story of the Last Supper.
  • Protestants believe that the bread and wine do
    not actually change in anyway.
  • Celebrating the Eucharist is about remembering
    what Jesus did.

Roman Catholic Practices
  • Roman Catholics and High Anglicans celebrate the
    Eucharist at least weekly.
  • There is a Liturgy made up of bible readings and
  • During the Liturgy of the Eucharist an account of
    the Last Supper is read and the bread and wine
    are changed into Christs body and blood.
  • The people come up to the altar to receive the
    body and blood of Christ.

Roman Catholic Practices
Protestant Practices
  • Non-Catholic Christian services are informal.
  • Services are held monthly or every fortnight.
  • There will be readings and prayers before the
  • The bread and wine may be passed around in small
    glasses on trays.
  • The congregation eat the bread and wine at the
    same time to symbolise the community who have

Other differences
  • Some Christians use unleavened bread because
    Jesus would have eaten unleavened bread at the
    Last Supper.
  • The Roman Catholic Church uses individual
    unleavened hosts.
  • Other Christians use ordinary bread to show the
    importance of sharing a single loaf.

  • Christians agree that
  • At the Last Supper when Jesus asked his followers
    to share bread and wine he began the Christian
  • Jesus is present in some way during the
  • The Eucharist gives praise and thanks to God for
    Jesus sacrifice and his resurrection.

  • 1. How did Jesus change the celebration of the
    Passover for his disciples?
  • 2. Copy the words of Jesus from Mark 1422-24.
  • 3. Describe how the Christian Eucharist is
    similar to the Jewish Passover.
  • 4. Explain what it means to have
  • a) a literal understanding of the Gospel
  • b) a liberal understanding of the Gospel.
  • 5. Choose two words or phrases used by
    Christians when referring to the Eucharist.
    Explain the meaning of these words.
  • 6. Describe the Roman Catholic beliefs about the
  • 7. Explain why Roman Catholics hold these
  • 8. Describe the Protestant beliefs about the
  • 9. Explain why Protestants hold these beliefs.

  • 1a) What was the Last Supper? (2)
  • State the definition from your glossary
  • b) Describe the Last Supper Jesus had with his
  • You must retell the story using information from
    Marks Gospel.
  • c) Explain why the Last Supper is important for
    most Christians. (8)
  • You must write a paragraph for each of the three