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Task I Fill in the blanks with the occupation
nouns provided based on the audio. Change the
forms of the words if necessary.
LET THEM DREAM! Though todays society
pressures young people to immediately select a
career, it sometimes takes time to decide what
your real aspirations are. For example, while
Brad Pitt attended college to be a news 1
___________, he is now a millionaire movie star.
Although Serena Williams has a successful career
as a(n) 2 ___________, she is also studying to
become a certified 3 ___________. Playing
Australian football used to be Curtis Stones
ultimate goal, but currently he is a celebrity 4
professional athlete architect nail
technician interior designer comedian corresponden
t vet novelist chef surgeon
professional athlete
nail technician
Task I Fill in the blanks with the occupation
nouns provided based on the audio. Change the
forms of the words if necessary.
And Jim Carrey is widely regarded as one of the
foremost 5 ___________ in Hollywood. He didnt
always want to pursue a career in acting,
however. He actually yearned to work as a(n) 6
___________. These examples demonstrate that
everyone should be allowed the opportunity to
take their time making career choices. Who knows?
They might accomplish more than they ever dreamed!
professional athlete architect nail
technician interior designer comedian corresponden
t vet novelist chef surgeon
Audio Transcripts
Thank you for inviting me to speak. Let me first congratulate this years graduating class! (applause) I know that you all have aspirations regarding your future careers. Im here to tell you about what could happen even if you dont secure your dream job. Take Brad Pitt, for example. He studied journalism in college. Instead of news reporting, however, he became one of Hollywoods A-list actors. Other celebrities have similar stories. Curtis Stone, host of The Learning Channels Take Home Chef, yearned to play in the Australian Football League when he was growing upuntil his mother taught him how to cook. When Jim Carrey was a kid, he wanted to make a living by lessening animals pain. Now hes starred in many successful comedies instead. Serena Williams has won two Olympic gold medals in womens doubles, but being the worlds best tennis player isnt her ultimate dream. She longs to work in a nail salon. She is even taking classes so that she can get certified to give manicures. So remember, graduates, while your original dreams may not work out, something better could come your way!
Task II Use the words provided to write four job
ads. Be creative!
Here at Happy Pets Clinic, we love our furry
friends! We are seeking an animal surgeon who
cares about animals as much as we do. The
applicant must have at least ten years of
experience performing operations. Those
interested should submit a résumé to our head
vet, Robert Peterson, at robert_at_happypets.com.
Task II Use the words provided to write four job
ads. Be creative!
Does gossip give you a thrill? Are you good at
finding out secrets? Then join our staff as an
entertainment news columnist! A journalism
degree is required. No prior experience
necessary. Contact Clint at 4516-7822 and tell
him why youre qualified for this job!
Task II Use the words provided to write four job
ads. Be creative!
Suzies Salon is looking to hire a certified
nail technician. We offer our clients many types
of manicures and foot massages. You must be
outgoing and should have creative nail design
ideas. Call Nancy _at_ 09-4580-0034.
Task II Use the words provided to write four job
ads. Be creative!
Star Lite Lounge is now employing comedians to
perform in their weekend comedy show! Customers
come expecting to hear plenty of hysterical
jokes. If you are friendly and amusing, send Tim
a demo today! Tim 09-4295-7782 tim_at_starlitelounge
A. Listen Up Take the quiz. Then use the chart
to determine your personality type.
1. At school, you have to follow a rigid schedule. This makes you feel
A annoyed. You like to work at your own pace. B bothered. You have a party to go to! C relaxed. You feel at ease when theres a plan.
2. In basketball, you like
A trying different positions. You can help your team from anywhere on the floor! B playing the shooting guard. You get excited by scoring points. C being a cheerleader. You love cheering on the home team.
3. You flunked a test. Your response is to
A study harder. You are confident that you can improve. B blow it off. Its just a little test after all. C feel guilty. You disappointed your parents.
A. Listen Up Take the quiz. Then use the chart
to determine your personality type.
Whats your type?
If you answered mostly a, you are a go-getter. You are motivated to accomplish big goals. You are competitive, but you can also be flexible. Youd make an ideal entrepreneur.
If you answered mostly b, you are a socializer. You are energetic and love being in the spotlight. You have a fun personality and the potential to be an exceptional salesperson.
If you answered mostly c, you are a duty-fulfiller. You stick to rules and dislike taking risks. Loyalty and dependability are your best qualities. Being a clerk could be a good fit.
Dont worry if you have different answers. Everyone is a unique blend!
Listen and decide what kind of personality type
Lucy has.____________
Audio Transcripts
Dr. Abbie Lucy, welcome! Lucy Thanks, doctor. Im here to discuss my personality. Im graduating soon, and my teacher advised that knowing more about myself would help me choose a rewarding career. Dr. Abbie She is very insightful. It will also be useful for your daily activities and social interactions. So, describe yourself. Lucy I enjoy knitting. Following the different patterns soothes me. I usually give my creations to my family. Dr. Abbie OK. Tell me about your relationships with your friends. Lucy I try to be accessible to them. Whenever they need a favor, Im there. Dr. Abbie How about your values and ideal job? Lucy Honesty and integrity are qualities that are important to me. Im not sure what my dream career is, but I prefer to work in an office environment that isnt too stressful. Job security is also a factorI dont want to work for a struggling company that might go bankrupt. Dr. Abbie This is all interesting. Im glad you came in.
B. Word Focus Personality Draw a line from each
description on the right to the correct
personality type.
supportive of others finds adventure
intriguing possesses excellent communication
skills driven to succeed strives to elicit
attention irritated by disloyalty
C. Speak Out Loud Interview another classmate by
asking the questions below. Report the results to
the class.
Could you become a millionaire? Find out if your personality is similar to those of highly successful people!
1 Do you value integrity? Is it crucial that others consider you dependable? 2 Are you a good leader? Can you make insightful decisions quickly? 3 Would you say you are a competitive person? Is winning important to you? 4 Are your family and friends supportive of your aspirations? 5 How are your people skills? Can you keep your colleagues motivated? 6 How strong is your enthusiasm for constant self-improvement?
A. Complete the Sentences Fill in the blanks with
words from the conversation. Use the hints to
help you.
1. After competing and losing several times, she
realized she didnt have a(n) ___________ for
running hurdles. (natural ability) 2. Would you
like to see Dr. Rosenthal on next Wednesday? A(n)
___________ just opened up due to a
cancellation. (period of time) 3. Students were
outraged when they were informed of the
unexpected increase in ___________. (fees) 4.
Ted has been feeling ___________ in his legs
ever since the car accident. (pain) 5. When
Perry notified his coach of his ___________ to
play professionally, he was advised to practice
more. (ambition) 6. Peters hopes were
___________ when his application for a mortgage
loan was denied. (destroy)
B. Understand from the Context Match the sentence
with its meaning.
Sentence Paraphrase
_____ 1. You feel like the sky is the limit when youre young, but you have to be down-to-earth when youre an adult. _____ 2. Im concerned Ill fall flat on my face. _____ 3. You tell some hysterical jokes. _____ 4. If you are passionate about comedy, you should just go all out! _____ 5. Im kind of on the fence. a. Im afraid that I will fail. b. Since you love entertaining others, you must work hard to make it your career. c. Things seem attainable before you grow up, but then you have to become more realistic. d. Your sense of humor causes amusement for others. e. Im not being decisive Im still thinking about my options.
C. Make Inferences Check the appropriate
inferences and write the sentences that support
your answers.
Inference Clue from the Text
? 1. Tina hasnt come to a conclusion concerning her career path. I was planning to be a surgeon, but nothing is set in stone.
? 2. It can take many years to repay student loans.
? 3. Tina has confidence in Jimmys aptitude for his ideal job.
? 4. Having sufficient enthusiasm for work will surely guarantee success.
? 5. Dont let fears of failure hinder you from following your dreams.
? 6. Tina would be displeased if her job didnt require much thinking.
Im not interested in being in debt forever.
You tell some hysterical jokes.
If you are passionate about comedy, you should
just go all out!
I yearn to do something academic and intellectual.
A. Expressing Certainty
Certain Uncertain
(something) be set in stone (something) be a done deal (something) be nailed down (someone) be on the fence (something) be up in the air (something) be a toss-up (between . . .)
Rewrite the sentences in bold with the
expressions above.
1. A Have you decided which dress you want to
purchase for the party? B I bought the red one
yesterday, so my decision has been
made. ? ?_________________________________________
______________________ 2. A What has been
confirmed for the banquet next week? B It beats
me. The plans are still not settled. ? ?__________
I bought the red one yesterday, so its a done
The plans are still up in the air.
B. Talking About Opportunities and Disappointments
Hopeful Disappointed
the sky is the limit the world is (ones) oyster have a rosy future (ones) hopes are dashed get / have a reality check be let down (by . . .)
Fill in the expressions that fit best.
1. My parents are always encouraging me to
follow my dreams. They reassure me that
_____________________. 2. I was extremely
_____________________ when I learned that I
wasnt accepted for the internship.
the sky is the limit / the world is my oyster / I
have a rosy future
let down
C. Discussing Goals and Dreams
Trying Hard Not Achieving
go all out take great pains to do (something) pull out all the stops fall flat on (ones) face drop the ball blow (ones) chance
Pair up with a classmate and practice responding
to the following statements by giving words of
encouragement. Use the expressions above.
1. Im going to fall flat on my face during the
tennis match. 2. Im afraid that I am going to
drop the ball on this science presentation. 3.
Rick thinks that he blew his chance during the
job interview.
1. What are you talking about? If you take great
pains to practice, youll win the game for sure.
2. You will be spectacular as usual. You always
pull out all the stops.
3. He should relax. Im sure he went all out
and impressed the interviewer.
A. True, False, or Unknown Listen and select if
the statements are true, false, or unknown.
1. T ? F ? U ? The duration of the trip will
be one week. 2. T ? F ? U ? This years company
outing will be held at the Grand Canyon. 3. T ?
F ? U ? They will be checking into a four-star
resort near their destination. 4. T ? F ? U ?
Heather prefers accommodation with great
comfort. 5. T ? F ? U ? The employees will
need to make arrangements for sightseeing
activities. 6. T ? F ? U ? The company has
decided on how much they can spend on
Audio Transcripts
Heather Hello, Melody. How are the plans for our company trip coming? Melody Many of the details are up in the air, including how long the trip should be. Heather What about the destination? Is the Grand Canyon plan set in stone yet? Melody Yes, but the lodging arrangements are a toss-up between a four-star hotel and a cabin. Heather I personally prefer a hotel to a cabin. Most cabins Ive stayed in are gross. Will we hire someone to show us around? Melody Yes, we will. Thats a done deal, as Ive already hired a tour guide. We dont want anyone wandering off and getting devoured by a bear. Heather Well, I wont be getting lost in the woods. Have we decided on how we are getting there? Melody Were still on the fence about that. The people in accounting are nailing down the financial details. Last years trip was under budget, so we may be allowed to apply the surplus to this years trip. Then we could fly everyone there. Heather That would be fantastic!
B. Finish the Letter Fill in the blanks with
words or expressions from the audio.
Dear Graduating Class, I appreciate your 1.
_________ in last weeks job fair. As you know,
the 2. _________ has been struggling lately.
Bear this in mind and stay 3. __________ when
looking for work so you dont get 4.
_________________. You will possibly have 5.
_________________ when you are trying to secure a
job. This is especially true with a position that
provides you with a large salary and 6.
_________________. My advice is to be diligent in
utilizing your 7. __________ and keep reminding
yourself that the world 8. ______________.
Good luck with your career hunt! Sincerely, Rolan
d Taylor Career Services
let down
a harsh reality check
a rosy future
is your oyster
Audio Transcripts
Thank you for your participation in todays employment fair. As a career counselor, I often get asked for advice on navigating the job market. Let me start by saying that the world is your oyster. Diligent workers with good qualifications will have a rosy future. Despite this, it is of enormous importance to be down-to-earth during your search. The economys current state is alarming, and it could be a long while before it makes a comeback. Until then, recent graduates will get a harsh reality check when they discover their only extras are medical and dental insurance. Additionally, those new to the workplace will come to realize that they must work an average of nine hours more each week than their senior coworkers. And with just seven days of annual leave, ones hopes of a lengthy trip to Hawaii will be quickly dashed. However, dreams can come true! Although some of you might be let down, many of you will find that the skys the limit.
C. Complete the Report Finish the chart with
words or expressions you hear. There may be more
than one possible answer.
Newcastle College Football Tryouts Report Newcastle College Football Tryouts Report
Andy seems to be very determined, but his size puts him at a significant 1. ___________ against other players. Hell definitely have to 2. ________________ now. I hope he will 3. ___________ in his efforts this year.
Tom made the team last year, but Im afraid he might 4. __________________ this season if he doesnt take the tryouts seriously. If he plans on keeping his 5. ___________, he will have to 6. __________________.
I would hate for Billy to 7. __________________ of playing professionally because of a sprained ankle. He has always 8. __________________ to achieve his personal best in the past, so Im not too concerned about his resolution.
go all out
drop the ball
pull out all the stops
blow his chance
taken great pains
Audio Transcripts
Dialogue 1 Coach Jones Andy, you arent as bulky as the rest of these guys, so you are at a disadvantage. If you want to make the team, youll need to try your hardest. Andy I understand, coach. Coach Jones Youre not going to get anywhere if you perform like last year. If you want to impress me, you must persevere in spite of your size. Andy Dont worry! I wont fall flat on my face this time.
Audio Transcripts
Dialogue 2 Tommy Its been ages since I saw you, coach! Coach Jones Stop kidding around, Tommy. I saw you two days ago. Now listen up. Just because you made the team last year doesnt mean you wont drop the ball now. You need to have a resolute attitude toward these tryouts. Tommy I will go all out. I practiced every day this summer! Coach Jones I hope so. Dont risk losing that scholarship by taking your talent for granted. You still have to pull out all the stops.
Audio Transcripts
Dialogue 3 Coach Jones How is your twisted ankle, Billy? Billy Its almost at 100 percent. Im taking pain medicine, but the doctor said there wont be any side effects. Coach Jones I dont want you to blow your chance of becoming a professional by not letting your ankle heal fully. Billy I will absolutely take great pains to pass the tryouts. I wont let this injury deter me. Coach Jones I have faith in you, Billy. Just be careful to take care of that leg of yours.
Future in the Past We normally use the future in
the past to talk about something we thought was
going to happen. Remember that it is not
important whether or not it does actually happen.
Form Usage Example
would V. to offer or promise, to predict something He promised he would drive me to the airport.
was / were going to V. to plan or predict something She was going to be an ER nurse and ended up as a housewife.
was / were V-ing to talk about a future situation in the past I was planning to be a surgeon, but the enormous tuition costs dashed my hopes.
was / were about to V. to explain that something almost happens when something else (unexpectedly) happens They stopped by my house just as I was about to leave for work.
Future in the Past We normally use the future in
the past to talk about something we thought was
going to happen. Remember that it is not
important whether or not it does actually happen.
Usage Note As with other future forms, the future
in the past is not used in clauses starting with
time expressions such as before, by the time, as
soon as, or when. In such cases, use the simple
past. Example Dana already told Selma that
when she arrived would arrive, we would go to
the amusement park.
Perfect Modals We often use the following
structure to express the degree of certainty
about past events modal have past participle.
Perfect Modal Usage Example
must have past participle fairly certain something happened Ted didnt look well this morning. He must have caught a cold.
may / might / could have past participle not certain if something happened Eddie hasnt gotten here yet. He may / might / could have missed the train.
should have past participle needed to do something but did not I should have enrolled in that career workshop to get inspiration.
would have past participle planned to do something but did not I would have signed up for that, but I had basketball practice.
A. Complete the Sentences Fill in the correct
forms of the words. Some blanks may have more
than one possible answer.
was going to fly
1. Betty _________________ (fly) to Manila
yesterday, but her flight was overbooked. 2. I
havent seen my neighbor for a while. He
_________________ (go) on a vacation abroad. 3.
I thought they _________________ (have) fun at
the party, but they said it was disastrous. 4.
Molly _________________ (forget) to bring her ID
because they wont let her into the disco. 5. I
_________________ (study) harder for the exam.
That way, I _________________ (not flunk) it. 6.
Nelson _________________ (pay) the bill when he
realized that his wallet was missing. He
_________________ (put) it in his front pocket.
may / might / could have gone
would have / would have had
must have forgotten
should have studied
wouldnt have flunked
was about to pay
should have put
B. Match Match the statement with the most
appropriate response.
1. Where did you put my glasses and keys,
Kristen? _____ 2. We shouldnt have painted the
wall gray. It looks so dreary. _____ 3. Wheres
Danny? He was going to help me with my math
assignment. _____ 4. I was going to play table
tennis, but I had to babysit my sisters kid.
_____ 5. The place is in utter chaos. Dont you
ever tidy up? _____
a. I absolutely agree. We should have used a
more cheerful color. b. Thats thoughtful of
you. She must have really appreciated that. c.
I would have cleaned up, but youre here early.
I was just about to vacuum the floor. d. Let me
think. I may have left them on the dining room
table. e. I havent got the faintest idea. I
havent seen him all day.
C. Complete the Passage Finish the passage using
the correct tenses. Some blanks may have more
than one possible answer.
Computer Age Magazine
Each week, tech expert Doug de Nimes answers your
questions in Ask Doug . . .
With the new iPhone coming out, youre
probably considering selling your old model.
Chances are you spent a fortune on it and would
like to get some money back. You think that you
1. _________________ (not pay) so much for it.
Well, dont worry. Apple products normally have a
considerably higher resale value than those of
other brands, even if they are secondhand. A year
ago, I 2. _________________ (sell) my iPhone 2
to a used electronics store. A friend recommended
that I try an online auction site instead. I 3.
_________________ (get) NT3,000 from the shop.
In the end, I earned double that sum by selling
it on Yahoo!, and I believe I 4.
_________________ (make) even more. So remember
your old iPhone does have monetary worth. If you
havent been able to sell it, you 5.
_________________ (not try) hard enough.
shouldnt have paid
was going to sell /
was about to sell / was selling
would have gotten
could have made
must not have tried
Scan the article below. Match the numbers with
the things they refer to.
1. 50 2. 14 3. 5 4. 400 5. 8
a. The age that Hannah set up a charity
organization b. The age that Hannah met someone
in need c. The age of Suhas when he started his
own business d. The millions of dollars ModCloth
is worth e. The number of employees at Globals
Young and In Charge!
It may come as a surprise, but many of the
worlds leading businesses were established by
people under the age of 30. Google, Facebook, and
Microsoft, among others, were all set up by
college students, and today these companies
dominate their respective industries. For those
of you who have the makings of a young
entrepreneur, read on for inspiration.
Young and In Charge!
Susan Gregg Koger has always had a passion for
unique clothes and good deals. As a college
freshman, she and her boyfriend sold vintage
clothing they found at thrift stores through an
online shop they created. Although the site was
useful for extra income, they knew that if this
hobby was going to be a full-time job, they would
have to expand. They began purchasing clothing
from independent designers to carry along with
their vintage findings. Today, ModCloth has over
200 employees, and the company is valued at more
than 50 million!
Young and In Charge!
After teaching himself the ins and outs of
programming software and building websites, Suhas
Gopinath opened his IT consultancy company,
Globals Inc., at the age of 14. Using his shrewd
business sense, Suhas registered his business as
a corporation and thus became the worlds
youngest CEO. Now, Globals Inc. has offices in
several countries and employs more than 400
people. Even though he could have sold the
company for hundreds of millions of dollars,
Suhas prefers to continue leading his own
Young and In Charge!
At five years old, Hannah Taylor saw her first
homeless person. She was strongly affected by the
realization that some people have nothing and
decided that she would assist the needy people of
Canada. When she turned eight years old, she
founded the Ladybug Foundation. This charity
collects funds to help the homeless and raises
awareness of the issue. Even though shes now a
busy teenager, Hannah still works relentlessly
with the foundation. She constantly visits
schools and other venues to spread the message
that the problem of homelessness could be
Young and In Charge!
Nowadays, young competent and successful business
leaders are common all around the world. This
shows that no matter your age, when you have the
zeal to make your dream a reality, you can launch
an organization that will thrive!
Young people who take on huge responsibilities,
like a business, can miss out on enjoying
youthful freedoms. Look at Mark Zuckerberg,
founder of Facebook, or Justin Bieber, pop star.
Theyve made millions but are constantly working
to meet up to peoples expectations. What are the
advantages and disadvantages of starting a
business before adulthood?
A. Fill in the Missing Letters Complete the
sentences with words from the article.
1. Even after a terrible breakup, nothing could
diminish Samanthas z__________1 for romance. 2.
He worked r__________y to finish the project
ahead of the deadline. 3. In times of economic
recession, the ability to be s__________d in
business transactions is crucial. 4. Melissa
wants to hire someone that is more c__________t
than her current assistant. 5. After the police
arrived at the demonstration, the college
students retreated to their r__________e dorm
B. Complete the Profiles Finish the passages with
the correct forms of the words provided.
eliminate launch adore charity
corporation vintage independent
consultation enthusiasm
Susan Gregg Koger
Suhas Gopinath
Hannah Taylor
Susan Gregg Koger founded her business when she was still in college. She 1. ___________ fashion and wants to share her 2. ___________ with others. She sells 3. ___________ clothing and commissions outfits by 4. ___________ designers. Now, her company is worth over 50 million. Surprisingly, Suhas Gopinath, the worlds youngest CEO, was just 14 when he established his 5. ___________. Also intriguing is that he educated himself in the complex field of IT. His company provides 6. ___________ to other businesses regarding technical problems. As a child, Hannah Taylor was greatly inspired to start a(n) 7. ___________ after seeing a needy person. At eight years old, she 8. ___________ the Ladybug Foundation. Today, she frequents schools where she helps raise consciousness about the efforts to 9. ___________ homelessness.
C. Multiple Choice Circle the answers.
1. Where did Koger find the clothing that
she originally sold at ModCloth? a. They were
made by college students. b. They were found at
secondhand shops. c. They were from her favorite
clothing sites. d. They were created by
self-employed designers.
C. Multiple Choice Circle the answers.
2. Why has Gopinath NOT sold his company? a. He
would rather manage it himself. b. He hasnt
received a worthwhile offer. c. He has sold it
but still oversees the business as
CEO. d. Investors are reluctant to spend money
on such a new venture.
C. Multiple Choice Circle the answers.
3. What is the objective of Taylors
charity? a. To help children who are unaware
that homelessness exists b. To give
advice on how charities can assist a
corporation c. To tackle the problem of people
not having a place to live d. To teach
people how to sell merchandise online
C. Multiple Choice Circle the answers.
4. What is TRUE about young entrepreneurs? a.
They are normally too inefficient to launch their
own businesses. b. Those under 30 will
need abundant financial aid to get
started. c. Most of them create charities in
order to earn recognition. d. They have
proven to be just as remarkable as older
Introduction Hooks To grab your audiences
attention, use a hook! It can be ? a surprising
fact ? an interesting story ? a famous quote
? a rhetorical question
Task I Write the letter of the hook that best
fits the following introductory paragraph.
______ Then be an entrepreneur and become your
own boss! While turning a profit might be a
prolonged process, the positives of working for
yourself outnumber the negatives. Everyone has a
specialty or skill to offer society. Once you
determine what yours is, youll be on the road to
financial freedom.
________________ _________________________________
a. Id always dreamed of starting a security company, but the uncertainty of generating enough income held me back. c. Do you wish you could set your own work schedule? Are you tired of meeting someone elses demands?
b. Nolan Bushnell, whos founded over 20 successful businesses, once said, The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. d. Even though large corporations dominate the US economy, small businesses employ roughly 50 percent of Americas workers.
Conclusion Clinchers A clincher is the
conclusions impacting final statement. An
effective clincher refers back to the hook
by ? making a prediction based ? finishing the
story on the fact ? mentioning the quotation ?
asking a final rhetorical question
Task II Write a conclusion clincher below. Relate
it to the hook you chose in Task I.
Having a flexible schedule, choosing your
colleagues, and feeling fulfilled by your work
are all motivating reasons to become
self-employed. ________ __________________________
So what are you waiting for? Quit your dull job
and start working for yourself today!
Visit the site www.thehersheycompany.com to learn
about The Hershey Company. Write down information
that could be used as a hook and / or clincher in
an essay about the company.
Hersheys employs around 13,700 employees and sells 4 billion worth of products annually. Caramels are only a fad. Chocolate is a permanent thing. Milton Hershey
Milton S. Hershey, a candy-making genius,
suffered two failed candy businesses before
establishing the caramel company that would later
become Hersheys.
Write an introduction and conclusion for the
essay about Hersheys below. Use the information
you collected above to write an effective hook
and clincher.
__________________________ (Be creative.)
Building with Chocolate
Milton Hershey, a candy-making genius, knew what
he was talking about when he said, Caramels are
only a fad. Chocolate is a permanent thing.
Hersheys chocolate has been putting a smile on
peoples faces since 1900, when the chocolate bar
was introduced. Although the founder had
difficulty with his other businesses, Hersheys
has become an internationally known brand, both
for chocolate and for generosity.
Write an introduction and conclusion for the
essay about Hersheys below. Use the information
you collected above to write an effective hook
and clincher.
Milton Hershey was born in rural Pennsylvania in
1857. Despite growing up with little formal
education, Milton established the successful
Lancaster Caramel Company. He became passionate
about the art of making chocolate and began
coating his caramel candies in it. Chocolate was
expensive back then, and Milton realized that he
could find a way to manufacture affordable
chocolate so that everyone would be able to enjoy
its rich taste. After numerous experiments, he
discovered a recipe for delicious milk chocolate.
Hersheys chocolate was born!
____________ _____________________________________
Write an introduction and conclusion for the
essay about Hersheys below. Use the information
you collected above to write an effective hook
and clincher.
The Hersheys chocolate bar was quite
profitable, and Milton put those profits to good
use. He believed that workers who were treated
well would produce better products. Therefore, he
made improving his town a priority, spending
money to build a community building, convention
hall, and schools. In fact, Milton Hershey School
has been providing education to children from
lower-income families since 1909. Hershey, PA,
could have been a completely different place if
it werent for Miltons charity.
____________ _____________________________________
Write an introduction and conclusion for the
essay about Hersheys below. Use the information
you collected above to write an effective hook
and clincher.
Without Milton, Hershey, PA, wouldnt even
exist, and people would have to spend a small
fortune to get their hands on chocolate. Thank
goodness Milton Hershey recognized the permanent
popularity of this tasty treat. Imagine what we
could have missed out on!
The End
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