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Business Intelligence Solution for Stock Broking Houses


Business Intelligence Solution for ... Skill Set Data Management Manage large volume of data Building Data Warehouse or Data Mart Building OLAP Cubes Building ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Business Intelligence Solution for Stock Broking Houses

Business Intelligence Solution for Stock Broking
  • for Actionable Information

  • About C-BIA
  • Business Intelligence Solution for Stock Broking
  • XLDashBoard Demonstration

Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • for Actionable Information

  • Create business value for clients by enabling
    superior performance through unleashing hidden
    wealth in operational and external data sources
    combined with innovative Analytics.

C-BIA, a division of TechKnit was founded in 2004
Cyrus Mehta, Ph.D. Founder and President Cytel
Nitin Patel, Ph.D. Founder and Chairman Cytel
Statistical Software, Consulting and Services for
Clinical Trials
BI Solutions and Analytics Services
e-Tutoring and Educational Content
People Capabilities
  • Team of 40 people in Pune, consisting of
  • Business Analysis and Solution Design (Ph.D. and
  • Application Development
  • Statisticians (Masters in Statistics)
  • Web Interface
  • Data Managers (MCAs)
  • Tools Development (Masters in Statistics and
    Computer Science)
  • Information Technology (Engineers and MCAs)
  • Platforms
  • SAS
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Cognos
  • Business Objects

C-BIA Management
  • Mayank Shah Chartered Accountant
  • Mayank has over 27 years' experience as
    Consultant in the field of MIS BI applications.
  • Ajay Sathe PGDM, IIM, Ahmedabad
  • Ajay has over 17 years' experience in IT industry
    specializing in Software Development and
    Technology Management.
  • Shrikant Athavale, Industrial Engineer
  • Shrikant has nearly 36 years' experience in
    Industrial Engineering and Quality Management.
  • Vanaja Vaidyanathan, MBA and Cost and Works
  • Vanaja has over eight years of experience in
    Business Intelligence practice.
  • Dan Crowell, MSc. in Economics, London School of
  • Dan is our associate based in USA, looking after
    business development and client interaction.

Experts Panel
  • Nitin Patel, Ph. D.
  • Dr. Patel is a leading expert on the development
    of fast and accurate computer algorithms to
    implement computationally intensive statistical
  • Suresh Ankolekar, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Ankolekar has over 23 years of academic and
    consulting experience at Indian Institute of
    Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) and Maastricht
    School of Management, Netherlands (MSM).
  • Ashok Nag, Ph. D.
  • Dr. Nag, a former senior executive of the Reserve
    Bank of India, is a well-known expert in the
    banking and financial analytics, data warehousing
    and data mining.
  • Sunil Lakdawala, Ph. D.
  • Dr. Lakdawala has over 20 years' of consulting
    experience in IT applications for business
    including Data Warehousing and Data Mining.
  • V. Chandran, Aeronautical Engineering
  • Chandran has over 22 years' experience in
    technology functions, including CTO positions in
    companies with sizeable software teams.

C-BIA Partnerships
  • SAS Silver Alliance partner
  • Mastek BI Solutions
  • Cytel-Cognizant Pharmaceuticals- clinical
  • XLMiner marketing in USA
  • Syscon BI solutions to logistics vertical

Skill Set
  • Data Management
  • Manage large volume of data
  • Building Data Warehouse or Data Mart
  • Building OLAP Cubes
  • Building ETL processes for extracting and
    transforming data from independent systems
  • Working on multiple platforms MS SQL, Oracle,
  • OLAP
  • Building data cubes
  • Studying data
  • patterns by slicing,
  • dicing and drilling
  • Making inference
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Exploratory analysis
  • Confirmatory analysis
  • Model building
  • Simulations
  • Making inference
  • Data Mining
  • Sampling
  • Building valid models
  • Making predictions
  • scoring

Selected Customers
Business Intelligence for Stock Broking Houses
Our Offering
  • Business Intelligence Solution
  • Business Intelligence Platform End User BI Tool
  • Data Warehouse
  • Extract Transform and Load Process
  • System Administration Processes
  • Customization and Implementation
  • Support Service on Annual Contract Basis
  • Solution on Microsoft or SAS platform

Critical Success Factors for BI
  • Actionable Information
  • Summary information to assess performance v/s
    target and benchmark
  • Discover low performing and high performing areas
  • Discover causes of low / high performance
  • BI Design
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • OLAP Views
  • Reports
  • Leverage technology
  • Dash Board
  • Drill-down, Slice and Dice information
  • Reports filter / sort information
  • Deploy analytical techniques correlation,
    pareto analysis, trend analysis, distribution

Illustrative Business Processes
  • Capital Market
  • Derivatives Earnings
  • Derivatives Risk Management
  • Equity
  • Depository
  • Distribution
  • IPOs
  • NFOs, Mutual Funds
  • Life Insurance
  • Non-Life Insurance
  • Any other Fixed Income Instruments
  • Fund and Wealth Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Advisory
  • Knowledge Management Customer Profiling
  • Research Distribution
  • Privilege Customer Services
  • Customer Call Effectiveness
  • Business Overview

  • Performance Management Issues
  • What is the share of total business of my top few
  • Which are the most popular scrips traded in?
  • Who are my most valued clients w.r.t trade
  • What is the share of total equity business of my
    top few channels?
  • Who are my most valued clients w.r.t equity?
  • KPI and Trends
  • Purchase Qty./Amt. Traded
  • Sale Qty./Amt. Traded
  • Purchase Amt. Delivered/Settled
  • Sale Amt. Delivered/Settled
  • Total Trade Amount
  • Dimensions
  • Exchange
  • Scrip
  • Channel
  • Client wise
  • Transaction Type

Key Performance Indicators and Their Performance
TrendsTotal No. of Trades
XLDashBoard Demonstration
for Actionable Information
Look at All Reports and Views Available
Subject-wiseSelect Information from Chosen
Key Performance Indicators and Their Performance
TrendsTotal No. of Trades
Graphical Dash Board for Your Favorite
Performance Charts.
Study Details.find Performance LevelsCustomer
Type-wise Average Trade per Transaction
Drill down Study Low and High Performing
Customer Category within Customer Type to Look
at Avg. Trade Value
Look at User-friendly GraphsCustomer Type-wise
Avg. Trade Value
Analyse Age Group that Contribute to
Trade.Pareto ChartAge Group-wise Average Trade
per Transaction
Generate Trend Chart of Transactions and Net
Brokerage Across Periods...
Generate a Reportof Scrip-wise Analysis
User-wise Customized Access
  • Separate logon for each role
  • Customized portal page
  • Customized KPIs, Graphs, Views
  • Access restrictions based on
  • Role
  • span-of-control
  • Level of Information requirement

Technology and Architecture
  • XLDashBoard tools and applications are built on
    Microsoft platform using
  • tools

Component Tools
Data Warehouse MS SQL 2000 or MS SQL 2005
OLAP Cube MS Analysis Service
BI Interface Excel 2003 (MS Office 2003) (Using VBA)
Data Source MS SQL Server, Excel, MS Access, Oracle
Implementation Approach
Project Approach
Why XLDashBoard?
  • Key Benefits
  • Enterprise wide application providing single
    version of truth
  • Corporate and Departmental Managers can Analyze
    their Own a lot of energy
    in constructing Excel based Reports and Charts
  • How delivered
  • Data stored in dedicated Data Warehouse and
    Information Cubes
  • Protected data
  • No voluminous queries run on transaction systems
  • Instantaneous response to users with summary
    information, drill-downs, slice and dice
  • BI delivered on Excel, a most familiar platform
  • Ability to build ad-hoc reports, new Query and
    Analysis Views
  • BI functionality comparable to any world class BI
    Application. Plus, statistical analysis and data
  • Access control mechanisms
  • Cost Effective

  • We understand the language of business
  • Experts at designing KPIs given business strategy
    and Critical Success Factors
  • Right methods for generating actionable
  • Experts at Analytics approaches for
    improving business performance
  • Leverage technology to its best potential

Thank You
  • Any Questions?

  • KPIs and Trends
  • Brokerage Delivery
  • Brokerage Settled
  • Total Brokerage
  • Brokerage Charges
  • Net Brokerage
  • Dimensions
  • Customer Type
  • Time
  • Exchange
  • Branch
  • Scrip
  • Performance Management Issues
  • Which Channels earn the highest brokerage and in
    which exchanges?
  • Which of my clients contribute highest to the
    brokerage kitty?
  • What is the breakup of brokerage earned on
    Delivery/ Settlement transactions?
  • What is the proportion of Purchase and Sale
    Brokerage in my total earnings from derivatives

  • Performance Management Issues
  • What is the share of total derivatives business
    of my top few channels?
  • Who are my most valued clients w.r.t derivatives
  • What is the proportion of Purchases and Sales in
    my total derivatives trade?
  • KPIs and Trends
  • No. of Contracts
  • Purchase Qty./Rate/Amt.
  • Sale Qty./Rate/Amt.
  • Purchase Brokerage
  • Sale Brokerage
  • Total Brokerage
  • Dimensions
  • Exchange
  • Scrip
  • Channel
  • Client wise

Business Overview
  • Performance Management Issues
  • How many active clients do I have?
  • What is the average value traded per transaction/
    per scrip?
  • How many scrips do I trade in?
  • How many trades do I execute on an average per
    month/ per client/ per exchange?
  • Which are the most popular instruments traded in?
  • KPIs and Trends
  • Total No. of Transactions
  • No. of Scripts Traded
  • Average Trade per Transaction
  • Average Trade per Client
  • Average Trade per Scrip
  • Dimensions
  • Customer Type
  • Time
  • Exchange
  • Branch
  • Scrip

Customer Profiling
  • Performance Management Issues
  • Which type of client (age group, type, status
    etc.) contributes most to my business?
  • Which category do a majority of my clients fall
    into? Am I attracting a certain type of clientele
  • What is the frequency of transactions for each
    type of client?
  • Who are my High Value-Low Frequency clients?
  • KPIs and Trends
  • Total No. of Clients
  • No. of Active Clients
  • of Active Clients
  • Average Trade per Client
  • Dimensions
  • Client Type
  • Transaction
  • Customer segment
  • Time

Call Effectiveness Analysis
  • KPI and Trends
  • Total No. of Recommendations
  • No. Acted upon
  • No. Target Achieved
  • No. Stop Loss Hit
  • Dimensions
  • Client Type
  • Time
  • Performance Management Issues
  • How many recommendations were issued in a
    particular period?
  • Of the recommendations, how many were acted upon
    by clients?
  • What of recommendations hit their Target rate?
  • How many hit their Stop Loss rate?