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2011-2012 Encinal Site Council Survey


2011-2012 Encinal Site Council Survey Final Report May 14, 2012 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 2011-2012 Encinal Site Council Survey

2011-2012 Encinal Site Council Survey
  • Final Report
  • May 14, 2012

Survey Purpose
Each year, the Encinal School Site Council
conducts a parent survey to measure progress on
our site goals and inform decision-making for
future goal-setting. Its a systematic way to
gather input from our parent community in the
Spring to help in formulating the plan for the
2012-13 school year and to receive feedback
during the current school year. This parent
input, as well as other measures used throughout
the school year, is critical as we reflect on
successes and plan for improvements based on
identified areas that need growth. In this coming
year of transition to a new principal at Encinal,
the survey will serve as a lens into the views of
our parents and their childrens
experiences. What follows is a report
highlighting the overall observations and trends
that emerged this year. We have placed a strong
focus on the schools ability to exceed parents
expectations. The report reflects a combination
of both the quantitative and thoughtful
qualitative feedback that was received from
parents. All responses have been reviewed by
Principal Liner and will be shared with
individual staff members as appropriate.
Survey Overview
  • Survey conducted between February 26th and March
    18th, 2012
  • 451 responses (59 of Encinal students
  • Last year 378 responses
  • Two years ago 510 responses
  • Three years ago 96 responses
  • Four years ago 231 responses

Survey Responses by Grade and Classroom
Does not include those responders that didnt
identify the teacher/grade on the survey.
Survey Overview
  • The survey captured quantitative and open-ended
    feedback from parents on the following areas
  • Classroom experience
  • Curriculum
  • Administration
  • Community
  • And captured additional open-ended feedback on
  • What works really well at Encinal
  • Areas that needs to change or improve
  • Transitioning 4th graders from Laurel to Encinal

Survey Overview (contd)
  • The survey allows us to look at the quantitative
    feedback from parents by the following student
  • Overall Encinal School
  • By Grade Level
  • By Gender
  • By Race/Ethnicity
  • By Spanish Immersion
  • By Transitioning 4th graders from Laurel to
  • New student group profiled this year.

Survey Overview (contd)
  • The open-ended qualitative comments provided
    thoughtful and additional insights into the
    quantitative results. The survey captured 1,124
    comments from parents on the following topics
  • Classroom experience - 256 comments
  • Support Services Curriculum - 262 comments
  • Administration 82 comments
  • Community 77 comments
  • What works really well at Encinal 182 comments
  • Areas that needs to change or improve 191
  • 1st year at Encinal 72 comments

Classroom Experience
Classroom Experience Questions
  • My child is excited about coming to school.
  • My childs teacher
  • - understands my child as an individual.
  • - actively supports my childs academic and
    social emotional
  • growth.
  • - creates a respectful and fair environment.
  • - has established a home/school communication
    system that
  • works effectively for my family.
  • Homework effective to reinforce learning,
    manageable amount for my child and can be
    completed independently.
  • My child enjoys recess.

Classroom Experience Overall Observations
Childs experience with their teacher Overall,
parents feel that teachers have created a
positive classroom experience for their children
-- with teachers creating a respectful and fair
environment being the strongest aspect. Many
made extremely positive remarks about the high
quality of teaching and caring by the teachers.
There does remain room for improvement,
especially on social emotional learning and on
communicating in a way that effectively works for
individual families. Parents are also looking
for the high quality experience to be more
consistent throughout the school. Excitement
about coming to school In general, parents
express that their children are excited to come
to school but it does not overwhelmingly exceed
their expectations (less than 40 responded that
it exceeded their expectations).
Classroom Experience Overall Observations
Homework Significant improvement occurred with
homework versus last year, especially on the
amount of homework and children completing their
homework independently. Although, homework
continues to be an area which needs focus,
efforts are moving in the right direction -- many
fewer comments were made about the amount of
homework this year. The one area that does
stand out is the need to improve on using
homework as an effective tool to reinforce
learning (mostly in grades 2-5). Parents
commented that homework does not always feel
meaningful or helpful and that there is a lack of
understanding of the intended purpose. This
presents an opportunity to revisit what we are
asking students to do for homework.
Classroom Experience Overall Observations
Recess Overall parents feel that their children
enjoy recess. Worth looking into is that the 1st
- 3rd grade recess experience is significantly
lower at exceeding parents expectations than for
Kindergarten or the upper grades.
Additionally, there is a strong interest from
parents (within the open-ended comments) in
seeing more support attention to building
students skills and habits to play well at
recess (including conflict resolution skills, how
to play cooperatively and the inclusion of others
in play).
Classroom Experience - Overall
Classroom Experience Overall Year over Year
Comparison Exceeds Expectations
Only reflects questions that were asked the
same way in previous years.
Classroom Experience Overall Year over Year
Comparison Meets Exceeds Expectations
Only reflects questions that were asked the
same way in previous years.
Classroom Experience A Sampling of Positive
Open-Ended Comments
The problems of the week are great! They allow
for broader thought as well as allow for
flexibility in the timing they are to be
completed.   Our childs teacher has been a
tremendous influence on our son. He has learned
to read, loves to write stories and do math. He
loves school and is very excited to learn. She
has created a warm, kind environment in which my
son feels secure and her creativity sparks his
interest in learning.   My child is flourishing
and our teacher helps my child to accelerate in
the areas she exceeds in and encourages us to
help in areas for which she needs reinforcing.
Our teacher notices personality traits in my
child and is always communicative via notes,
email, handouts. My child loves recess and play
time with her friends.   My childs teacher is
incredible. She has such a good sense of my
child and what motivates him. The amazing part
is I think most every parent would say the same
thing! She has high expectations of the kids,
and they strive to meet those expectations. She
must work tirelessly to keep up with the parents
and kids the way she does. I have so much
respect for her and would venture to say she's
been our best teacher so far, which is saying
something because I've been thrilled with most of
my older child's teachers.   My childs teacher
has been incredibly sensitive, supportive and
helpful to my child's needs and has tried very
hard to meet them. She really cares and makes a
personal connection to the children. My child
likes and respects her. She's a really wonderful
person and a fabulous teacher.
Curriculum Questions
  • Overall, student is presented with a challenging
    educational program.
  • The ___ instruction/program is effective in
  • a) students curiosity about interest in
  • b) students skills, knowledge and competency
  • - MATH
  • - ART

Curriculum Overall Observations
Interest Curiosity Parents expressed great
desire and placed high value on hearing their
children express excitement, interest and
curiosity regarding what they are learning at
school. In most cases parents responded
similarly to the schools effectiveness in
cultivating their childs interest in and
curiosity about a subject versus cultivating
their childs skills, knowledge and competency.
Challenging Educational Program Although in
general, a large majority of parents are
satisfied that Encinal is presenting their child
with a challenging educational program, there is
room to grow in exceeding their expectations
(especially in grades 2-5) and reducing the
number that indicated a need for improvement.
Parents see and appreciate the individualized
support teachers provide to struggling students.
They are also very interested in seeing the same
level of differentiation provided to students who
are excelling in the current curriculum. For
example, when a student completes work early or
simply needs to go further with their study and
understanding of concepts, parents would like to
see the teacher provide the student with pathways
or options to pursue.
Curriculum Overall Observations (contd)
Academic Subjects Parents care about academic
learning -- particularly the depth of learning,
critical thinking and active engagement with
content, ideas and skills. All academic subjects
(Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science Social
Studies) were similarly strong in meeting parent
expectations with Reading being the strongest.
Parents identified the need to better communicate
what is happening in Science and Social Studies
especially in the younger grades (K-3rd) since
many parents are not sure what occurs. A
significant percentage of parents did express the
need for improvement across the academic
subjects. Many specifically want increased
opportunities for students to practice writing
and noted the inconsistency across classes.
Curriculum Overall Observations (contd)
Enrichment Subjects Parents expressed an
appreciation for the enrichment subjects (Art,
PE, Library and Music). While the majority of
parents report that they are pretty satisfied
with the enrichment classes, many of their
comments did focus on this area as a place where
they are very interested in seeing some
growth. Across all enrichment subjects there was
a lack of understanding about the goals,
objectives and content of these programs and in
some instances sited scheduling challenges and
classroom management concerns.
Curriculum Overall my child is being presented
with a challenging educational program.
Exceeds Expectations Meets
Expectations Needs Improvement Dont
Question new this year.
Curriculum - Overall Academic Subjects
Curriculum - Overall Enrichment Subjects
Curriculum A Sampling of Positive Open-Ended
Curriculum is very rich, great use of learning
tools to keep the children interested and
engaged.   The hands-on science program is a
big hit with my child. When it's going on, that's
all I hear about.   Our childs teacher
frequently tries to find interesting books for
both of our children. She really has gone out of
her way to do this and we appreciate it! We love
the Walk Through the American Revolution
too.   The curriculum meets my expectations and
I am very happy my child is meeting up to the
standards. He still needs to improve in a couple
of areas and I know he will exceed the standards
because he is in the right school with the right
teacher.   My daughter has difficulty with
reading and this is an area of great concern to
me. The curriculum is based around her needs and
I feel confident she will gain the needed skills
in order to read at her grade level.   Her
teacher recognizes when my daughter is capable of
working beyond grade level in some units /
subjects and gives her opportunities to do so.
This is vital to keep her interested in and
feeling challenged/excited about school.   My
childs teacher has really fostered a love for
writing and reading in my child. He is
incredibly excited about writing and calls
himself an author! I have never heard of a
kindergarten student call himself an author.
Support Services A Sampling of Positive
Open-Ended Comments
Overall, the services have been comprehensive,
the team dedicated and knowledgeable. It is
awesome support for us! Thank you!   My child
worked with a support service teacher for a
portion of this year. He made tremendous
progress with her and I'm thankful for the time
he had with her. My child participated in a
group with another support service teacher and
that time with her was worthwhile.   Overall,
the services have been comprehensive, the team
dedicated and knowledgeable. It is awesome
support for us! Thank you!   My child is in the
Speech Therapy Program and I am thankful for all
the help and support that she has received in
this area. Our therapist has engaged her and us
as a family to help her achieve her speech goals
which over the years has been a very successful
tactic.   Our child received extra reading
support and we are so appreciative of this
support. Our child's reading has improved
tremendously and the teachers were in tune to our
child's progress.   The Newton after school
program is fabulous!!! We love the time spent on
homework and reading, the art projects, and the
care the staff demonstrates for the kids. Other
on-campus after school activities are also
wonderful and make life so much easier for
families with two working parents (F4Ed,
basketball, Legos, etc.). And last but certainly
not least, the Spanish Immersion program is
fantastic!!! We are so proud to be part of the
program. Thank you for providing this opportunity
for the kids!
Community Administration
Community Administration Questions
  • Community
  • - Our family is proud that our child attends
  • - Encinal has an effective home/school
    communication system.
  • - As parents, we feel welcomed by the school
    staff as partners in our
  • childs education.
  • Administration
  • - The school office operates in an efficient
    and supportive manner.
  • - The principal and vice principal are
    responsive to parent concerns
  • and student issues.
  • - The office handles health issues appropriately.

Community Administration Overall Observations
Community Families are proud to be part of
Encinal and they want to be involved and engaged
participants. Parents responses were positive
for all aspects of community -- pride in school,
effective communication system, and parents
partnering with the school staff -- and exceeded
or were on par with last years responses.
Parents did offer constructive feedback to
improve on their feeling of community 1)
Limited parking makes it difficult to access the
campus during the day and hinders their ability
to participate, build community and feel
welcomed. 2) The expectations for parent
volunteers are not always clear (e.g., time
commitment) and that a significant number of
curricular and extra curricular programs require
many parent volunteers. 3) Most social gatherings
are tied to fund-raising versus just connecting
with each other. 4) Parents sited improvements
which could be made in home/school communications
and the school website classroom pages.
Community Administration Overall Observations
Administration Overall, parents feel positively
with regards to their experience with our school
administration and front office staff. This was
apparent in both the quantitative and open ended
feedback. Parent response to the principal
and vice principal responsiveness declined from
last year while the office efficiency and
handling of health issues remained the same.
Parents offered some insights to further improve
on these fronts.
Community Administration - Overall
Community Administration Year over
Year Exceed Expectations
Community Administration Year over
Year Meets Exceed Expectations
Community Administration A Sampling of Positive
Open-Ended Comments
Community  I feel very welcome at Encinal and
very much a part of the school community.   We
love Encinal and feel very fortunate to be part
of a very dedicated community of teachers,
parents and students.   We do feel incredibly
proud that our children attend Encinal. I wish
that there were opportunities for the community
around us to know more about what our students
and teachers are doing... I feel like Encinal is
not well known or understood in the community...
and would love for a larger circle of people to
be informed and proud! Administration Things
just seem well greased the teachers are a more
cohesive group, the curriculums across the grades
are moving closer togetherthe energy seems
positive,the kids look like they're having fun
and there is a collaborative spirit in the air!
Thank you so much for all you've done for our
school and community!   Such caring, educated
teaching and administrative staff! Your programs
work well!   We are very, very happy with the
Administration. Well done team!   I wish I
could express in an email how fabulous I think
the principal is. She is amazing!! At a school
that has gone through some major growths, changes
and challenges, she still communicates 11 with
parents like me when requested. She has gotten to
know each of my children, in a personal way -
their strengths and challenges and has helped me
be a better advocate for my child as a result.
Whats Working Well at Encinal A Sampling of
Open-Ended Comments
We feel our kids are getting a great education,
and enjoying their experience at
Encinal.   Excellent diversity of teaching
methods. Interesting and engaging project-based
assignments. School environment is warm, caring,
and loving.   Level of education and training
of the teaching staff. Last year and this year I
felt that my childs teachers really understood
her and spoke to us frequently about her progress
and how we could work together to support her
learning. They wanted success and have fostered
in her and us the sense of teamwork and
collaboration in order to help her succeed and
grow. I am so pleased and grateful we have music,
art, library, sports, the new gym, the gardens,
the field trips. Is all so necessary in order to
develop curious and well-rounded
kids!   Encinal is a supportive, caring
environment. I feel confident my child is safe
and learning while she is at school.   The
teachers are awesome and work hard to ensure the
kids get what they need. The Administration
works well with families to do everything they
can to make it an awesome experience for
everyone. The programs overall are very robust
including science experiments, great art
projects, and other programs to enhance students'
Additional Groups
Additional Groups Looked at This Year
In previous years the quantitative responses were
looked at by Encinal Overall and by Grade Level.
This year the following additional groups were
also looked at to evaluate the relative
experiences these groups have had at Encinal.
The additional groups are
- Gender a) Male b) Female - Ethnicity a)
White /or Asian b) Hispanic, Latino, Black,
African American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific
Islander, American Indian, Alaska Native, Other,
Multi-Ethnicity - 4th Grade Laurel to Encinal
Transition a) 4th Graders from Laurel b) 4th
Graders from Encinal - Spanish Immersion a)
K-3rd in Spanish Immersion b) K-3rd not in
Spanish Immersion
Observations - By Gender (Male and Female)
  • Classroom Experience
  • There is a strong similarity between both groups
    on most aspects of the classroom experience. A
    few differences worth noting are Parents of
    females respond stronger on excitement to come to
    school and able to complete their homework
    independently. Parents of males report stronger
    on recess, teacher supported social emotional
    growth and teacher creating a respectful fair
  • Curriculum
  • Both groups are equally challenged by the
    educational program.
  • For the academic subjects Parents of females
    respond stronger for Reading, Social Studies and
    especially Language Arts. Parents of males
    respond stronger for both Math and Science.
  • For the enrichment subjects Parents of females
    respond stronger for all enrichment subjects
    except PE.

Observations - By Ethnicity
Group 1 Parents of White /or Asian
Student Group 2 Parents of Hispanic, Latino,
Black, African American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific
Islander, American Indian, Alaska Native, Other,
Multi-Ethnicity Student
Classroom Experience There are a few key
differences in the classroom experience. Group 2
responded stronger for completing homework
independently. Group 1 responded stronger for
teachers understanding their child as an
individual and creating a respectful
environment . Curriculum My child is being
presented with a challenging educational program
is stronger for Group 2. All academic and
enrichment subjects (except PE and Music - not
band or strings) had stronger responses from
Group 2. Administration Community Both groups
responded similarly to all aspects of
Administration and Community except for
effective communication system. This was
stronger for Group 1.
Observations - By 4th Grade Transition (From
Laurel and From Encinal)
Classroom Experience Curriculum Parents of the
from Encinal group responded more strongly on
most aspects of the classroom experience and
recess as well as across all academic and
enrichment subjects (except for Science and Music
- Band or Strings). The difference was
especially strong for parents of the from
Encinal group on My child is being presented
with a challenging educational program.
Administration Community Parents of thefrom
Encinal group responded significantly stronger
on all community aspects, especially family pride
in the school and in the administrative
areas. Families transitioning to Encinal
reported that they had a positive experience with
the transition. Some noted that additional buddy
systems would help further integrate students and
families more fully into the school community.
Observations - Spanish Immersion(SI) and Not SI
-- K-3
Classroom Experience Most classroom and recess
experiences were similar between the two groups.
The following are the differences worth noting
Parents for both groups were equally satisfied
with regard to their teachers understanding of
their child and creating a respectful
environment although parents of the Not SI group
did respond more strongly that these exceeded
their expectations. In addition, Parents of the
SI group responded stronger that their child
could finish homework independently. Curriculum
My child is being presented with a challenging
educational program was reported stronger by the
SI group. This also holds true for all academic
and enrichment subjects (except PE which is
similar between the two groups). Administration
Community Parents of the SI group responded
somewhat stronger with regard to being proud
their child attends Encinal. Encinal
communications were on par in meeting and
exceeding expectations but were stronger with the
Not SI group parents for exceeding expectations.
The remaining administration community areas
are on par between both groups.
Spanish Immersion A Sampling of Positive
Open-Ended Comments
The Spanish immersion program is truly amazing.
I was already a believer in public education but
it is amazing to see that the public system is
adaptable and responsive enough to take on
something like this.   We are ecstatic to have
the Spanish Immersion program. Our teacher is
passionate about children being bilingual and
it's infectious. The amount of Spanish my
child is speaking, writing and reading exceeds my
already high expectations. It is incredible to
see the writing that the children in the
classroom are producing...and in Spanish! I
hope that other teachers across all grades are
seeing the great work she's doing.     We are
very pleased with the progress our daughter is
making in school this year. She loves going to
school and is thriving socially and academically.
She is proud to be an Encinal Eagle and is
becoming fluent in Spanish. I plan to start
volunteering more in the classroom to gain better
insight to the daily details and become more
familiar with her peers. Thank you for everything
that you do.  
In Conclusion Key Questions to Consider as We
Move Forward
  • Teacher Quality How might we better share whats
    worked really well ensure high quality for
    students across classrooms?
  • Personalization Differentiation How might we
    expand on differentiated learning in the
    classroom to better address the high
    achieving/quick learner students?
  • Enrichment Classes How might we create more
    clarity for parents about the purpose, objectives
    and content of these classes?
  • Science Social Studies How might we enhance
    communication about the curriculum and student
    experience in these subjects?
  • (Continued on next page)

In Conclusion Key Questions to Consider as We
Move Forward (Continued)
  • Social Emotional Learning What ways could we
    create more intentional and systematic efforts to
    support this at recess and within the classroom?
  • Homework What might we consider to increase the
    meaningfulness of homework to reinforce learning?
  • Gaps between Student Groups How might we begin
    to better understand the identified gaps between
    the different groups of students attending
  • Community What ways can we explore which might
    increase campus accessibility, better manage
    parent volunteer requests expectations and
    balance the need for fundraising with the need
    for pure social or school related gatherings?
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