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Firm Foundations Lesson 22: God Sent Plagues on Egypt; God Passed Over Israel Key verse: Nahum 1:7 Introduction Israelites were enslaved in Egypt by a powerful ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Firm Foundations

Firm Foundations
  • Lesson 22
  • God Sent Plagues on Egypt
  • God Passed Over Israel

Key verse Nahum 17
  • Israelites were enslaved in Egypt by a powerful
  • God was going to make a way to deliver them!

Pharaoh refused to obey Gods command
  • Exodus 51-2
  • God spoke to Pharaoh through Moses and Aaron
  • Egyptians didnt worship the true God
  • Worshipped the Nile
  • Worshipped sun, moon, and animals
  • Even worshipped Pharaoh
  • Most people had turned away from true knowledge
    of God
  • God had called Abraham, made him Father of nation
    of Israel
  • Pharaoh didnt want to listen to God

God wanted to show Israel that He was their God
  • Israelites had never seen Gods power
  • Had heard about what He did for Abraham, Isaac,
    Jacob, and Joseph
  • Exodus 61-8

wanted to show Egyptians He was the only God
  • Egyptians were intelligent
  • Writers, mathematicians, chemists, etc.
  • But, enslaved to Satan
  • Gods they trusted were unable to protect them
  • Only He is the true and living God over the whole
  • Pharaoh determined to fight God
  • Exodus 74-5

The Lord sent 9 plagues on Egypt
  • Egypt refused to released the Israelites, so God
    showed His power
  • Described in Exodus 714-1029
  • Turned waters into blood
  • Next, plagues of frogs, gnats, and flies
  • Next, plagues on livestock
  • Next, terrible boils on their bodies
  • Next, hailstorm, locusts, and thick darkness
  • Couldnt save themselves
  • Each plague pointed to one of their false gods
  • God protected the Israelites from these plagues
  • Loved them
  • Remembered promises to Jacob
  • Wanted king of Egypt to know He was One True God
  • Pharaoh responded same way to each plague
  • Called for Moses to remove it
  • Promised to let them go, God removed the plague
  • Once plague was gone, changed his mind
  • Became more hardened each time

Gods last judgment on the Egyptians
  • Pharaoh still refused to obey
  • God knew that Pharaoh would refuse
  • knows everything before it happens
  • knew that Pharaoh would release them after the
    final plague
  • Exodus 111, 4-7

The Lords instructions to Moses
  • Told Moses to prepare for the final plague
  • Israelites deserved plague, God would spare them
  • God was merciful to them
  • Remembered promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
    bring them back to promised land
  • God gave them 3 things they must do

1. Choose a lamb or goat without blemish
  • Exodus 121-5
  • Head of each home to choose a lamb or goat.
  • Lamb had to be perfect no spots or blemishes
  • Why?

2. They must kill lamb and catch blood in basin
  • Exodus 126
  • Keep lamb 14 days
  • Kill lamb in evening of 14th day
  • Blood must flow out
  • Punishment for sin is death

3. Place blood on doorposts and above door
  • Exodus 127
  • Catch blood in basin
  • Dip branch in blood
  • Paint blood on doorposts, over the door
  • Blood would save firstborn from judgment

4. Stay in house on where blood was painted
  • Exodus 1222
  • They must not go out

5. Not break any of lambs bones
  • Exodus 1246
  • God does not allow people to save themselves in
    their own way
  • Everything to be done exactly as God commanded

The Lords promise to the Israelites
  • Exodus 1212-14
  • God promised He would pass over their houses, not
    kill first born
  • Only if blood was painted over door, on doorposts

Israels faith and obedience
  • Israel feared God, obeyed
  • Exodus 1228
  • What if an Israelite chose not to kill the lamb?
  • Lamb had to die
  • Punishment for sin is death
  • Israelites had to trust God

All of Egypts firstborn died
  • Exodus 1229-30
  • Firstborn children, firstborn of livestock all
  • Always does what He says
  • No escape from His determined judgment
  • God passed over those with blood on door
  • Always does what He says

Pharaoh told Israelites to go
  • Exodus 1231-36
  • Pharaoh thought He could fight God, but was wrong
  • Remember Gods promises to Abraham
  • 400 years had passed
  • Now Egyptians were giving gold silver to slaves
    (Israelites) as they left
  • God never forgets His promises

  • The Lord delivered as He had promised
  • God punishes those who fight against Him
  • God shows mercy to those who trust Him
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