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Understanding Corporate Worship


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Title: Understanding Corporate Worship

Understanding Corporate Worship Prayer
  • BLD Newark
  • Teaching Ministry

  • Corporate Worship? Whats that?
  • Understand Christian prayer leadership

  • Scripture Foundation
  • Praise Worship
  • Nature Purpose of Worship
  • Worship TEAM
  • Biblical Prayer Leaders
  • Jesus The Model Prayer Leader
  • ACTS
  • The Heart Character of the Prayer Leader ITL

Agenda (contd)
  • Effective Prayer
  • Spiritual Preparation
  • Logistical Preparation
  • Workshop Writing Prayer
  • Song Selection
  • Workshop Leading Group Prayer

Scripture Foundation
  • John 423-24
  • Worship in Spirit truth
  • Matthew 410b
  • The Lord shall you worship
  • Psalm 1506
  • Let everything that has breath give praise
  • 1 Peter 29
  • You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood
  • Hebrews 1315
  • Through Him let us continually offer God a
  • sacrifice of praise

Praise Worship
  • Why? God is worthy for all His benefactions
    toward man
  • I will thank you in the great assembly, I will
    praise you before the mighty throng Ps 3518
  • Come, let us sing to the Lordfor He is our God
    and we are His people, the flock He shepherds
    Psalm 951-7
  • Before all I will praise my God Ps 10930
  • Response to call to praise worship Personal
    prayer prayer of the assembly
  • Church prays (liturgically) 7 times per day

Praise Blesses God for His
  • Goodness Justice (Ps 1456f)
  • Salvation (Ps 7115)
  • Assistance (1 Sm 21)
  • Love and Fidelity (Ps 892, 1172)
  • Glory (Ex 1521)
  • Might (Ps 294)

Praise Blesses God for His
  • Wonderful Plan Is 251
  • Judgments, Liberation Ps 1467
  • Wonders Ps 963
  • Mighty Deeds Ps 1051 1062
  • Works Ps 925f
  • Miracles Lk 1937

Nature Purpose of WorshipFrom BLD Norms
Policies (was CofC)
  • Worship is the celebration in our lives --- in
    our spirits, minds, hearts, and in our beliefs,
    words and acts --- of the Holiness and
    Sovereignty, and of the Loving-Kindness and
    Majesty of God. We worship as we outwardly
    express our repentance, reverence and awe, our
    love, joy and thanksgiving, through acts of
    praise and exultation, of music and song, and of
    prayer, silence and prophecy.
  • The highest and purest form of worship is the
    Eucharistic Celebration, instituted by the Lord
    Jesus Christ Himself and handed down through the
    centuries as the sacrament of worship. All forms
    of worship are derived from, and serve to affirm,
    the memorial and sacrificial character of the
  • In worship, we humbly offer our homage and
    allegiance to the father, in the name and by the
    blood of Jesus. We gratefully proclaim the
    abiding presence of the Spirit within us and in
    our midst. By faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, we
    open ourselves to communion with the Father
    through union with the Lord Jesus Christ and to
    empowerment by the Holy Spirit through the gifts
    and fruit which He freely grants.

Nature Purpose of Worship From BLD Norms
Policies (was CofC)
  • As we worship from our hearts, we then receive,
    through an inward flow of grace, the wholeness of
    our person, and the upbuilding of our Church.
    This grace of God enables us, individually and
    collectively, to live out our Community Values of
    Righteousness and Servanthood, and to bring to
    reality the mission entrusted by God to our
    Community and our Church.
  • It is from the Communitys body of Worship that
    other forms of Community prayer are empowered.
    The strength of Community intercession, which
    propels the vitality of Community action in its
    mission fields, is drawn from the sustained
    excellence of Corporate Worship. Likewise, the
    Communitys empowerment for Spiritual Warfare is
    drawn from the gifts and fruit of the Spirit
    received in Corporate Worship.

Worship Team
  • (King Davids Appointees)
  • Worship leaders 1 Chronicles 164-6
  • Choir leader 1 Chronicles 1522, 27-28
  • Instrumentalists 1 Chronicles 256-7
  • Congregation
  • Hebrews 21-2
  • 1 Corinthians 1415
  • Ephesians 519
  • Colossians 316
  • Habakuk 220 (quiet time)
  • Corporate worship Hebrews 1025

Worship- A Team Ministry(1)From BLD Norms
Policies (was CofC)
  • Corporate worship is the Communitys anointed act
    of ministering unto the Lord in solidarity and
    order, with one mind and one heart. The entire
    Community is gathered together as Gods special
    people to come into his presence and communion
    and receive the power of His Spirit. We dedicate
    the moments of corporate worship to fulfill the
    commandments of His Love and follow the
    directions of His Word as wellsprings and
    guidelights in our Communitys life and programs
    and in our day-to-day lives.
  • The entire Community shares in the united act of
    corporate worship as members and faculties of one
    whole body, moving together in harmony towards
    encounter and communion with God. We respond as
    one to the movements of the Spirit, as directed
    by the Worship Leaders, in giving praise and
    glory to the Lord.

Worship- A Team Ministry(2)From BLD Norms
Policies (was CofC)
  • The Praise Ministry, coordinated by the Music
    Leader and in accord with the Worship Leaders,
    ministers to the entire Community --- enabling
    all to fully participate in the expressions of
    praise through music and song.
  • All Community Disciples, particularly the
    District Stewards and bearers of ministerial and
    pastoral responsibility, share in the privilege
    of supporting, lifting and sustaining the acts
    and motions of praise and worship expressed or
    initiated by the Worship Leaders.

Worship- A Team Ministry(3)From BLD Norms
Policies (was CofC)
  • Assigned Community Intercessors actively support
    the Worship Leaders and Praise Ministry in the
    conduct of their respective roles and functions.
    They are distributed strategically in focal
    places, interceding for the outpouring of the
    Spirit upon the hearts and minds of the Community
    of worshippers.
  • Readers of the Word are prepared and guided by
    the Liturgy Ministry for their function before
    the worship service through advance study and
    reflection on the assigned scriptures, and
    through simulated rehearsal. They proclaim Gods
    Word with solemnity, clarity and purposefulness.

Fruits of WorshipReading from the Covenant of
  • Worship binds the Community together as one
    people and collectively with God it is the
    principal means of Communion among the members of
    the Community, and is the forum for communal
    fellowship with the Holy Spirit. In the context
    of BUKAS-LOOB SA DIYOS Community, it is the
    unique occasion at which the entire Community
    comes together as one. The primary fruit of
    worship therefore is unity of mind, heart and
    spirit, from which all anointing flows. In the
    same context, participation at the Worship
    Service is the most profound and concrete
    expression of membership in the Covenant
    Community as it affirms and solidifies the
    individual members allegiance to Christ as the
    center and head of the Community, as well as its
    commitment to other Community members.

Fruits of WorshipReading from the Covenant of
  • The spiritual empowerment that flows (and
    exclusively originates) from the worship service
    moves into intercession and Spiritual Warfare,
    and prepares and sustains the entire Community
    and its members for the pursuit and fulfillment
    of the Community Mission. It is impossible to
    administer harmoniously the various activities
    and programs of the Community Institutes,
    Centers, without gathering for worship with
    regularity and commitment. The worship service
    is a forum for keeping in personal touch with
    members of the Community who work in separate
    ministries, or live in different places. It is
    also the logical venue for Marriage or Family
    Encounter classes to come in contact or
    communicate with each other.

Stretch Break
  • Workshop

Ministry of Prayer Leaders
  • Biblical origin standing between God and men as
  • Old Testament models
  • Moses Ex 151-18
  • David Psalms (73 of 150)
  • Solomon 1 Kings 822-66
  • New Testament
  • Jesus Jn 171-26

JesusThe Model Prayer Leader
  • United with God
  • In being
  • Will
  • In Prayer
  • Obedient
  • Humble
  • Loving/Compassionate
  • Forgiving
  • Disciplined

Spiritual Preparation
  • Matthew 41-2 Romans 121-2
  • Receive Sacraments of Reconciliation and
    Eucharist often
  • Reconcile with others
  • Devote time for daily prayer/quiet time
  • Prayer partner
  • Brew Gods word for prayer
  • Living Word
  • Word study
  • Fast give alms
  • Burden-bearing, intercession
  • Rest, exercise, observe good nutrition
  • Cover family, loved ones with intercessory prayer
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Practice with prayer team

The Heart Character of the Worship/Prayer
  • Instrumented Team Learning from BLD Policies
    Norms (formerly CofC) Statement of Excellence
    in Worship

Worship Dynamics - A C T S
  • Adoration Exalt Gods character
  • Psalm 223 God dwells in our praises
  • Psalm 1495-9 exult in Gods glory
  • Psalm 1031 bless the Lord my soul
  • Contrition Appeal to Gods mercy
  • 1 John 19 God is trustworthy and upright to
  • James 516 that you may be healed
  • Thanksgiving Gratitude for Gods providence
  • 1 Thessalonians 518 in all circumstances
  • Psalm 5014-15 even in time of trouble
  • Supplication Appeal to Gods compassion/providen
  • Ephesians 618 for everything
  • 1 Timothy 21-2 for everyone

Worship DynamicsExcellence in Worship Model
  • Prologue
  • Receiving the Word of God
  • Opening to the Spirit of God
  • Communing with the Heart of God
  • Empowering with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Epilogue

Dynamics of WorshipExcellence in Worship Model
  • Prologue
  • Opening Prayer / Intro of Theme Promise
  • Focus on Jesus
  • Invocation of the Holy Spirit
  • Receiving the Word of God
  • Scripture Readings
  • Reflection
  • Opening to the Spirit of God
  • Contrition
  • Love Offering
  • Petitions

Dynamics of WorshipExcellence in Worship Model
  • Communing with the Heart of God
  • Praise/Exaltation
  • Exaltation
  • Exaltation
  • Empowering with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Quiet Time
  • Epilogue
  • Closing Prayer

Effective Prayer
  • In the Name of Jesus
  • John 1413, 14
  • In accord with His will
  • 1 John 514 Acts 423-26
  • In faith
  • Matthew 2121-22 James 16
  • In the Spirit
  • Ephesians 218 Romans 814-17, 26-27
  • With fasting
  • Isaiah 586-7 Jonah 35,10 Mark 929
  • Intercession
  • Ezekiel 2230 1 Timothy 21-3
  • Thanksgiving
  • Ephesians 320

Format of a Worship Brief
  • Theme for the Week
  • Bible Promise
  • Significant Verse
  • Suggested Song List

Writing the Reflection
  • Read, Study, Discuss and Consult
  • Theme
  • Thought Balloon Writing Technique

Thought Balloon Writing
  • to exhaust ideas
  • to link various thoughts
  • to discard unnecessary thoughts
  • to focus on the main message

Formulating your Prayers
  • Opening Praise
  • Receiving the Word

Formulating your Prayers
  • Opening to the Spirit
  • I or We Phase
  • Offering
  • Cleansing
  • Intercession
  • You Phase

Formulating your Prayers
  • Communing with the Heart of God
  • Empowering with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Tips for formulating prayers
  • Understand thoroughly the Word, Theme and Promise
  • Prepare an outline based on the theme
  • Assign a significant verse for each movement
  • Prayers should be short and simple

Tips for formulating prayers
  • Start prayer with a line or two from the song
    just sang or prayer said
  • For Generic songs, prayers leading to the song
    are focused on the theme
  • On Intercession, prayer intentions to be taken
    from the list submitted by Intercessory

Tips for formulating prayers
  • During the You and Communing Phase
  • address prayers to God
  • make it short and subdued
  • spoken from the heart
  • On the Prologue phase, close with prayers of
    thanksgiving, praise or resolution on the theme

Tips for formulating prayers
  • The Closing prayer
  • must address the congregation
  • exhort them to live out the Word of God in the
  • short and exhortatory in nature

Tips for formulating prayers
  • On long prayers such as Intercessory or
  • insert a song between prayers to have more
  • When developing prayers, always check if you are
    still focused on the theme.

Principles of Song Selection
  • Theme, direction and movement
  • Drawn from Scripture
  • Songs underscore or expound on prayers
  • Prayers and songs must have consistent, gradual

Principles of Song Selection
  • Dont use songs frequently sung.
  • Use reflective and testimonial song for listening
  • New songs are to be submitted 14 days prior to
    Prayer Meeting
  • Explain the meaning relevance of new songs

Logistical Preparation
  • Luke 1428-32
  • Schedule time to prepare for prayer 30 days
  • Assemble tools
  • Bible/liturgical readings for date of prayer
  • Concordance/Topical guide
  • CCC
  • Praise books/tapes
  • Commentaries
  • Develop prayer outline
  • Participate in Team or ministry LWG
  • Theme, Order/Direction, Reflections, Promise
  • Prepare song list/lyrics/transparencies/slides
  • Write prayer

Using Liturgical Readings Related Verses In
Prayer - ACTS
Book Invocation of the Holy Spirit Contrition Supplication Thanksgiving Adoration
1st Reading
2nd Reading
Related Verses
Liturgical Readings Related VersesAre Used In
Prayers Songs Selection
Book Prologue Receiving Gods Word Opening to the Spirit of God Communing with the Heart of God Empowering of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Epilogue
1st Reading
2nd Reading
Related Verses
LWG - 3rd Sunday of Lent, March 23
  • Word
  • Ex 201-17 Ps 198-11 1 Cor 122-25 Jn 213-25
  • Order
  • 1 Cor 123 Preach Christ-crucified
  • Reflection (next two charts)
  • Direction
  • Teach Building Community to the DLC
  • Realign community life to Christ crucified
    preaching, teaching and witnessing
  • Promise
  • the precepts of the LORD are right, rejoicing
    the heart the commandment of the LORD is pure,
    enlightening the eyes (Ps. 198).
  • Theme for Prayer Meeting
  • The New Covenant in Christ calls for zeal to
    adhere to His Word and Precepts.

Reflection3rd Sunday of Lent
  • In a few weeks from now, we will be painfully
    reminded again of the scourging of the LORD.
    This 3rd Sunday of Lent, however, gives us one of
    the most memorable images of Christ. Angered at
    the transformation of the Jerusalem temple from a
    house of prayer into a den of thieves, we see our
    Savior whipping instead of being whipped.
    Appalled at the shameful sight of the temple, we
    see our Redeemer consumed with zeal.
  • The word zeal comes from the Greek word
    zelos meaning heat. The best visual image of
    zeal is a boiling pot, which intensifies the
    hotter it gets. By secular definition, zeal is
    the desire to defend a cause or to pursue an end.
    It is, by and large, grounded on human wisdom,
    strength and aspirations, motivated by social,
    economic or political considerations. Hence,
    secular zeal could have positive or negative
    implications, depending on its motive or purpose.

Reflection (contd)3rd Sunday of Lent
  • In contrast, Christian zeal must always be
    grounded on love. In fact, it is none other than
    the flame of the fire of love. It is the hunger
    and thirst for the LORD that the Spirit puts in
    the heart of every practicing Christian. Its
    sole purpose is to honor and glorify God, even
    unto death, if necessary, but its glorious reward
    is God Himself. To do the things we want to do
    for God is well and good, but to do the things
    that God wants us to do with zeal is a greater
    achievement. Without zeal, it would be
    impossible, therefore, to make any substantial
    progress in our Community endeavors or to do any
    considerable service to our neighbor, whether
    temporal or spiritual.

Reflection (contd)3rd Sunday of Lent
  • Exceptional examples of such Christian zeal come
    to us from the pages of Sacred Scriptures and the
    annals of the Church. From the prophets to the
    psalmists, from the apostles to the saints, we
    are presented with fine examples of zeal worthy
    of imitation. In modern times, we saw that zeal
    in the person of Mother Theresa, and we see that
    same flaming zeal in the Holy Father, who refuses
    to compromise the teachings of Christ in fidelity
    to the Word. Our missionaries and religious,
    Catholics and Protestants alike, most of whom
    have abandoned comfortable lives in exchange for
    unspeakable poverty and hardship for the sake of
    the Gospel, are true models of Christian zeal.

Reflection (contd)3rd Sunday of Lent
  • In our own Community, we witness that zeal in
    the lives of those who serve and nurture the
    Community without grumbling or complaining, in
    particular, Fr. Paul Lehman, who tirelessly
    ministers to our spiritual needs. And we must
    never forget that those who pioneered the
    Bukas-Loob sa Diyos Covenant Community were
    impelled by zeal. But above this endless list
    towers Someone Who defied the limits of Christian
    zeal beyond human comprehension. My friends,
    there is no better example of zeal than
    Christ-Crucified. For on that Cross, the LORD
    Jesus took upon Himself every breach of the
    Covenant and every violation of Gods Word and
    precepts, demonstrating the power of zeal at its
    greatest strength.

Suggestions for Writing Prayer
  • Understand thoroughly the Word, Theme and Promise
  • Pray
  • Study Read
  • Discuss with spouse and prayer team
  • Prepare an outline based on the theme
  • Assign a significant verse for each movement

Suggestions for Writing Prayer
  • Write and edit prayer
  • Prayers should be short and simple
  • Write prayer for the community, not personal

Suggestions for Writing Prayer
  • Start prayer with a line or two from the song
    just sang or prayer said
  • For Generic songs, prayers leading to the song
    are focused on the theme
  • On supplication, prayer intentions to be taken
    from communitys Intercessory

Suggestions for Writing Prayer
  • Addressing prayers
  • address prayers to God
  • make it short and subdued
  • spoken from the heart
  • Closing prayer must address assembly
  • Briefly exhort them to live Word of God in promise

  • Write prayer based on ACTS format
  • (30 minutes)
  • Actual Worship

Song List
3rd Sunday of LentPossible Song Choices
  • You Alone Deserve Our Praise
  • I Was Made to Praise You / No Other Name
  • Holy Spirit Breathe on Me
  • O How I Love Thy Law
  • You Shall Love the Lord
  • Thy Word
  • We are Here to Praise You
  • Great is Your Mercy
  • Great Are You Lord
  • Exalted / I Exalt Thee
  • Above All
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