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Documentary Script: Global Warming and Alternative Future


Documentary Script: Global Warming and Alternative Future Thesis: It is widely known that global warming is caused by greenhouse gasses which are increased along with ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Documentary Script: Global Warming and Alternative Future

Documentary ScriptGlobal Warming and
Alternative Future
Thesis It is widely known that global warming
is caused by greenhouse gasses which are
increased along with human societal progression,
but it is the perspective we have on our changing
society that will determine whether we have a
major effect on the changing of climate.
  • Cooper Chapman and Sam Medina
  • Pg. 2-11Sam Medina
  • Pg. 12-22.Cooper Chapman
  • Narrated by Morgan Freeman

The score from Requiem For A Dream
begins to play to set the tone of the film and to
establish our theme and thesis with the music.
Sound effect of a train quickly passing by is
used for the transitional zoom effect.
  • Judging by our historical evidence of the glacial
    period (or ice age) the world has witnessed
    18,000 years ago, it is a well known fact that
    there is an active climate on earth today. What
    has happened previously would be considered as
    global cooling.

A long fade in opens up the film as the audience
begins to see the earth zooming in slowly to the
center. A quick zoom transitions into the next
shot. http//
  • It is not known exactly how the last ice age was
    caused, but scientists understand it has
    something to do with atmospheric composition,
    plate tectonics, and changes in the earths orbit
    around the sun.
  • Wide shots of various icecaps in northern parts
    of greenland cross fade into one another.

The sound of cold icy Wind blowing sustained As
the white noise of A quiet planet.
http// f
-greenland.gif http//
es/Greenland-Ice.jpg http//earthasart.gsfc.nasa.g
The musical score from Requiem
for a dream cuts back and continues. As the
different weather climate appears multiple sound
effects are being layered including sounds of
news broadcasters casting weather reports. When
the ice cap montage cuts in all the music stops
except for the score and the noise of the ice
falling into the water. The narrator continues
reading after 10 seconds of the montage. The
musical score fades out by the end of the scene.
  • In relativity to the event of global cooling, we
    are experiencing a new climate change most people
    are familiar with. Global warming is an increase
    of the average temperature in the earths
    atmosphere. Scientists know it is capable of
    melting the icecaps. But what most of our society
    doesnt know is that this global warming is
    affecting us at a rate fast enough that it is
    becoming the possibility of a future phenomenon.

Quick cuts of weather charts and all different
kinds of weather conditions flash constantly on
the screen while suddenly a montage of ice caps
melting/collapsing makes a cold cut onto the
/hurricane-katrina.jpg http//www.electrical-res.c
om/EX/10-19-02/polar_ice_caps_melting1.jpg http//
The musical score continues. As
the different weather climate appears multiple
sound effects are being layered including sounds
of news broadcasters casting weather reports.
When the ice cap montage cuts in all the music
stops except for the score and the noise of the
ice falling into the water. The narrator
continues reading after 10 seconds of the
montage. The musical score fades out by the end
of the scene.
  • This questionable phenomenon could bring us
    problems such as the corruption of our global
    economy, or even interference with our species
    optimum behaviors. But is this really happening
    at a rate in that we need to take affirmative

When the narrator says questionable a big red
question mark zooms in slowly (opacity 50) on
top of the ice cap montage.
  • According to Larry West for the study of global
    warming, this heating of the atmosphere is caused
    by the green house gasses attracting sunlight
    energy and ultimately heating the earth. Among
    these green house gasses, Carbon dioxide takes
    the lead for 77 of of all greenhouse gasses
    emitted total. Followed by smaller deposits of
    methane and Nitrous Oxide.

A Long dolly shot shows a majority of the desert
which then tilts up to reveal the sun.
Hymn to the sea musical score from the Titanic
begins to play. Sounds of the dry dust of the
desert and a boiling of water SFX begins to get
louder as the sun enters into frame.
0606c46.jpg http//
  • Not only is this drastic statistic the leading
    contributor to greenhouse gasses, carbon dioxide
    lasts the longest having lingering in our
    atmosphere for approximately 100 years at a time.
    It is the issue of whether green house gases are
    heating the earth fast enough that it could
    effect us that brings up controversy.

A 3D visual chart of green house gasses appears
to give a visual to what the narrator is
The musical score continues throughout the scene.
0606c46.jpg http//

For each fact that is read off, an area of the
world where pollution and global warming is
happening appears along with a large 3D title
effect to go with that number. http//www.solarpow
  • CEI environmental studies program has stated that
    between the years of 1881 and 1993 temperatures
    have increased .54 degrees Celsius. This is
    nearly 70 of warming in the entire time period
    which is quite frankly, not very much. On the
    other hand, studies from national geographic say
    that the average temperature has increased .8
    degrees Celsius just within the last few decades
    which is definitely something to look at.

The music from the titanic slowly begins to fade
out of the scene.

A small montage of fox news broadcasts are played
throughout the scene.
  • According to climate studies, the past 2 decades
    were the hottest in 400 years. However, many
    against the theory of global warming believe our
    technologies for the study of climate change
    aren't accurate. Some politicians, and
    republicans including Fox News believe scientists
    are just spending time in this issue and claiming
    there is a problem, just to obtain more money and
    higher political stature. So aside from such
    biased views, analyzing the issue may draw a

Original audio from actual Fox news broadcasts
are being herd.
  • It is universally known that only time will
    predict when we run out of the natural resources
    (i.e. gas/petroleum) and when the carbon dioxide
    piles up enough to really do some damage.
    Ultimately we are starting to move towards
    alternative energies for that very reason.

Farewell music from Crouching Tiger Hidden
Dragon is used to give the audience the sense of
overwhelming information and make them feel that
the problem is becoming a distance from them. The
entire scene is just the musical score and the
narrator there are no other SFX.
Wide shots of deserted areas and locations of no
life appear. http//
  • There are a number of causes of pollution
    including agricultural/industrial polluting, to
    electrical and heating pollution, but if you were
    to look in a general magazine, or watch a common
    television ad, youll find that neither of these
    factors are put on blast in terms of movements to
    a better environment.

Song from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon continues
throughout the scene
Industry workers from the movie Metropolis
begin to appear to give the audience a visual of
the industrial pollution.
  • Sure energy consumers such as electrical and
    industrial machines are some of the leading cause
    of CO2 emissions, but what are the highlights in
    movement towards more emission free technology
    have been the actions of everyday mid-class
    people? Today, the latest in environmental
    technology are alternative energy vehicles.

A low angle of the alternative energy car is used
to show its superiority among other cars and to
establish itself in the film as a more
environmental friendly way to drive. http//www.hy
Immediately as the narrator starts talking about
alternative energy vehicles, a high pitched ding
noise comes in which cues off the musical score
and tone for the next scene.
  • According to Kyriakidesautomotive blog, Vehicles
    are among 13 of green house gas emissions.
    Although it may not sound like much of a
    difference if we were to rid of 40 of that, this
    involves another issue of our shortage on crude
    oil to power these vehicles and keep our economy
    stable, but lets stay on topic here.

Creaking noises from the oil rig and wind gusts
set are present throughout this scene.
Wide shots of an oil field appears. As a
statistic is read off from the narrator a 3D
credit appears on screen to correspond with the
  • Alternative energy such as electric and hybrid
    automobiles have been used since the early 1800s
    according to the PBS timeline, but it is now that
    they have really start to come out of the factory
    and show some stunning eco friendly results.

Flashes highlight all the different types of
hybrid and electric cars that have been made and
are currently being made today.
Uplifting powerful music. Highlights the cars.
Original sounds/musical recording from Prius
  • (John Neff _at_ The Toyota Prius all
    hybrid car had triggered the hybrid generation
    for new energy efficient motor vehicles in the
    year 2000. Ever since then, car companies have
    been progressively designing hybrids to keep up
    with the mainstream purchasing of these cars.

Exerpt from a common Toyota Prius commercial
  • The Porsche 918 Spyder concept was introduced
    just recently at the US Geniva motor show with
    mind-blowing capabilities worthy of putting any
    high class million dollar car asleep . This
    hybrid Porsche concept is recorded topping out at
    198mph, packs a whapping 500hp v8 engine with an
    additional 218hp generated by the two electric
    motors powering the front wheels. With the help
    of this powerful hybrid engine, the car can
    achieve a 0-60mph distance in 3.2 seconds. Thats
    about the time it took your brain to process that
    fact just now. All of this is possible while
    getting a mind blowing 78 miles per gallon.
    Thats about 27 more mpg than the current
    generation Toyota Prius.

Vigourous musical score from James Bond plays in
the background to follow the feel of the Porsche
in its explanation
The porche is given a bold look separating itself
from the rest of the sports car world.

Wide shots of moving cities provide a visual of
times are moving fast and this problem is
happening everywhere around the globe. Leading to
the conclusion of our story.
  • So weve covered the amazing technological
    advancements our society has brought fourth, but
    we also must consider the disadvantages. Although
    the Porsche concept sounds like it has all the
    positive wants and needs while making the world
    go round, it is still only a mere concept,
    meaning it is being tested and still has a chance
    of not even making it to production.

Sound effects include, cars engine, clunks of
parts falling off the vehicle, and ambience
An animation of a car appears driving on the
highway. Then the car zooms by a snail, then a
bicyclist, and last a sports car. The car slowly
starts to slow down and the car parts start to
fall off. And in the end the car is towed to a
mechanic and he doesnt know how to fix it.
  • We also must consider the facts that hybrid cars
    in general share a bit of a relation to snails in
    that they arent very fast, and most everyone
    wants a car that will keep up with the bicyclist
    next to them when driving. There is also the
    problem that hybrids use batteries which are not
    recyclable, i.e. annual replacements would not
    get along with ones bank account, and that with
    the technology being new to us, mechanics cant
    keep up with these new devices and modules,
    making it really expensive to maintain these
    energy efficient cars.

  • If we are still looking to see if we actually
    have a primary effect on our rapid changing of
    climate, this must be why we are moving towards
    such alternative energies. But the government
    puts these regulations and begins to move us in
    that direction in the hope that people would
    follow along and join in the help for a more
    emission free environment, the same concept as
    encouraging our economy to recycle.
  • If you were to categorize the issue of movement
    towards a green future on a seesaw, youd see
    that if we all have an impact on protecting the
    environment, it would lean to the left. But if
    more and more rebel against the issue in belief
    that it is false, the seesaw would lean the other
    way causing this problem to get exponential
    worse, to such a point that we will no doubt make
    a major effect on climate change.

Chattering of individuals Cheering of
individuals in Movement towards a Better
future, followed by Revolting of same people In
booing, yelling, and Screaming all followed by
An explosion, and utter Silence aside from the
sounds of Fiery flames of a ball of Fire seen
as earth.
20of20fire.gif http//
_225/12001876085D241n.jpg http//
seesaw1.jpg http//

A tracking dolly follows the cars moving along
the highway against all of the waste and
pollution on the side of the street. The word
Decision Appears in Bold and in red on the
  • If we are still looking to see if we actually
    have a primary effect on our rapid changing of
    climate, this must be why we are moving towards
    such alternative energies.
  • After reviewing the progression our society has
    made with the movement toward a healthier economy
    and earth, it leads us to the question or
    decision of whether humans are affecting the
    climate at a rate that could exponentially cause
    the earth to heat up and if so, is it too late to
    restore this heating ball of eclectic terrain
    before its too late.

The first musical score, Requiem For A Dream
comes in at the begging of the scene to alert the
audience of what they have scene before. Sounds
from the city and street are loud and busy.
.jpg http// http/
  • Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this
    simple question, just as there isnt an exact
    answer to the thought of life on other planets.
    And this can be better understood if one were to
    think of it this way.

Musical score continues.
An animated boy apears on screen developing a
question in his head. A big red question mark
appears over his head.
The musical score starts over again and
continues to play throughout the
A slow long 3D animation of a pond becoming into
the earth is used for a visual metaphor of the
text being read by the narrator. The word
Decide appears in red on the screen while the
earth begins to fade out of the screen. Decide
stays there for 3 seconds then fades out. Roll
  • There is a big pond right smack in the
    middle of our industrial society, and in that
    pond is a family of frogs. Only time will tell if
    or when that family of frogs finds their way out
    of that pond and discovers what more there is to
    life in that pond. Until then, it is up to that
    family of frogs to decide what the future has in

.jpg http// http/
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