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2nd Grade 101


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Title: 2nd Grade 101

2nd Grade 101 2012-2013
General Information
  • School Hours 745a.m. 245p.m.
  • Conference/Specials 755-850
  • Lunch 1130-1200
  • Recess 1200-1230

Our Schedule
  • 745-755 Morning meeting
  • 755-850 Specials
  • 850-910 Flex time (word work)
  • 910-1020 Readers Workshop
  • 1020-1130 Writers Workshop
  • 1130-1230 Recess/Lunch
  • 1230-140 Math
  • 140-245 Science
  • 245 Dismissal

F.R.O.G Binders(Fully Responsible Organized and
  • Agenda book
  • Daily Behavior Log-initial every night
  • Homework - given Mondays, due Fri.
  • Resources- spelling lists, handwriting, etc.
  • Goal Setting

Behavior Plan
Our goal is to have a classroom that reinforces
positive behavior. Changing
lights Blue ? Green ? Yellow ? Red ?
A letter of SOAR will be crossed out
as a child earns yellow or red. If all of the
letters in SOAR are crossed out at the end of
the six weeks, the student will miss Eagles in

Eagles in Flight
  • Qualifications
  • Passing all subjects on report card
  • All assignments turned in are complete, on time,
    and represent a desire for QUALITY
  • Assumes responsibility for appropriate behavior
    by following our Social Contract. (no more than 4
    yellows/reds and no discipline referrals issued
    in the six weeks period)
  • No more than 3 tardies

Pick up
The final bell rings at 245 pm. If you would
like to pick up your child prior to 230 pm, you
must go to the office and sign your child out.
The office will then call the classroom and have
the child sent to the office with his/her things.
Please send a note with your child if their
mode of transportation changes. If you forget
to send a note, please call the office PRIOR TO
  • Since the brain works better when fed frequently
    we have a morning snack. Snack time is around
    1000 a.m. Water is the only drink allowed.
  • Students are responsible for bringing their own
  • snacks should be healthy
  • Remind your child they are NOT allowed to share
    snacks, especially with the risk of food

Report Cards
You will be only be able to access your childs
grades online. You will receive a letter from the
school, concerning how to access your childs
grades. If you need an additional paper copy,
please notify your teacher.
Math Workshop
  • Goal Students to be fluent with numbers in
    different situations.
  • Number Corner/ Target the Question
  • Investigations Workshop Model
  • Mini Lesson
  • Workshop Time
  • Closure Meeting
  • Math Homework- given on Monday, collected on

Check out our website for more info
on Investigations!
Social Studies
  • The Big Idea in social studies is, Leaders
    share many qualities.
  • We will examine the impact of various historical
    figures by asking
  • What many qualities do leaders share?
  • In what ways do leaders solve problems?
  • How do leaders shape communities?
  • What are the many ways to be a leader?

Readers Workshop
  • Goal Reading with Meaning (Comprehension)
  • Becoming lifelong readers.
  • Workshop Model Mini Lesson, Work Period,
    Closing meeting
  • Small Group Instruction
  • (Guided Reading Groups/Book Clubs)
  • Reading Homework
  • Browsing Boxes Our Just Right Books
  • .

  • I.P.I.C.K
  • Just Right Books
  • I I choose the book
  • P Purpose Why do I want to read it?
  • Why was it written?
  • I Interest Do I like it? Is it
  • interesting?
  • C Comprehend Do I understand it? Is it
  • too hard? Too
  • K Know most of the words 5 finger test-
  • Too hard if there are 5 words you do not know

Million Word Challenge
  • Second Grade Goal
  • To read 150 books this year (one chapter book
    4 picture books)
  • Record titles of JUST RIGHT books on Independent
    Reading Log, found in the resources section of
    the FROG binder.

Writers Workshop
  • The goal in second grade is to learn that details
    convey meaning directly and indirectly.
  • Students will be writing first draft compositions
    and revised compositions to increase their
    conventions, word choice and writing fluency
  • Workshop Model
  • Mini Lesson
  • Work Period
  • Closing meeting

Science Inquiry
  • We want our students to experience science in a
    real way.
  • We will use life experiences and experiments.
  • Many experiments are open-ended, in addition to
    doing them at school they can also be conducted
    at home, resulting in different outcomes.

  • Math Homework is for practice or reinforcement,
    should not take more than 20 minutes. If it is a
    struggle, send a note or contact teacher.
  • Math homework Monday Thursday DUE FRIDAY!
    (Will complete during Friday recess if not
  • Reading homework 4 books per week. This could
    include library books or guided reading book
  • Spelling homework new words will be reviewed in
    class starting on Wednesdays and tested the
    following Tuesday. Words for the entire 6 weeks
    will be given at the beginning of each grading

Incomplete Work
  • Unfinished work that is sent home to be completed
    is not the same as homework.
  • If a redo is sent home after a re-teaching
    session with the teacher, the first and second
    attempt will be averaged together for a grade in
    the grade book. A notation will be make that this
    is an averaged grade of a re-teach.

Practice for PerfectionStudent
_____________________Date work was assigned
______________________Date work is (was) due
_______________________Please,Redo Complete
Practice The following assignment
______________________ Please sign your
initials when assignment is completed.
________ Thank You
  • We can use HELP in out of our Classrooms
  • In the class
  • Reading Buddies
  • Classroom Reader
  • Math Buddies
  • Outside the class
  • Volunteer to help with sorting and cutting
    materials that can be done at home.
  • Stapling flip books or writers booklets.
  • Please make sure you have filled out a district
    Volunteer form so that you can work with students.

Thank you for attending our presentation. If you
have any questions, comments or concerns, feel
free to contact us!
Emily Rivera-610erivera_at_nisdtx.org817.215.0895 S
hannon Burnett-611sburnett_at_nisdtx.org817.215.088
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