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CULTURe EXchange Platform (CULTUR-EXP) project


... Performing arts Visual arts Cultural and architectural heritage Literature Film Music ... No Name Country ... Thanks to the pre-set templates, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: CULTURe EXchange Platform (CULTUR-EXP) project

Joint Operational Programme - BLACK SEA BASIN
CULTURe EXchange Platform (CULTUR-EXP) project
kick-off meeting, 26-27 August 2013, Tbilisi,
Presentation Overview
  • GA2. Selection of existing open source platform
    overview, planning R. Kvatadze GRENA, P.
    Bogatencov RENAM
  • GA3. Platform adaptation and implementation
    overview, planning P. Bogatencov RENAM, R.
    Kvatadze GRENA

Project Platform ?
  • General structure and requirements (as specified
    in the Grant Application Form)
  • User presentation module - will be used to
    create and store platform users own profile, the
    user presentation module will be able to support
  • Artists allow digitized samples of own art,
    express interest in types and geographical
    locations of performance events, interest in
    particular arts or culture areas.
  • Culture infrastructure owners inventory of
    performance sites operated and available to
    artists, timetable of the events and
  • Culture operators description of activities,
    schedule of planned events.

Project Platform?
  • Event scheduler a sort of thematic calendar,
    where platform participants will be able to
    locate and advertise their events.
  • Culture browser this module will provide a
    catalogue and search facility for any type of
    content on the platform. It will be tailor-made
    to enable searching the content (e.g. events) by
    art, region, operator, artist, etc. It is assumed
    that there will be a possibility to interface
    with 3rd party systems to provide the schedule
    other important 3rd party events.
  • Collaborative tools the popular collaboration
    tools (videoconference, chat) will be integrated
    so the platform users will be able to work online
    for preparation of common events.
  • Announcement boards a functionality allowing
    for posting messages, announcements related to
  • Thematic discussion/reflection spaces - where
    users from different areas, cultures may freely
    participate and express their opinions on events,
    art, tradition.

Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Project Platform?
  • To provide rich content on the platform by
    attracting, encouraging and training culture
    providers to advertise on the platform, and (for
    some participants) to provide own cultural
  • To ensure the uptake of the platform by the users
    by disseminating, advertising, training

Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Project Platform ?
  • Open source (or any other cost free solution)
  • Web oriented architecture
  • Multilingual, multinational
  • Various types of content (widget, calendar, add,
    tickets, multimedia files, )
  • Type and possibility of convenient organization
    of operating, adaptation and development
  • Having users friendly interfaces and simple for
    take up

Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
GA2. Selection of existing open source platform
Project Platform ?
  • What we want to analyze, propose to install and
  • Web platforms
  • CMS
  • CMF
  • Repository Platforms
  • Leading platforms for online communities/social
  • Case studies of similar European Cultural
  • Analogous sites in Moldova and in other
    countries of the Black Sea region

List of content management systems (CMS)
Name Platform RDBMS Latest release Licenses
Apache Roller Java HSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL, Apache Derby 5.0.1 Apache 2.0 License
OpenCms Java HSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL 8.5.0 LGPL
Ametys CMS Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, JCR, Apache Derby 3.4 Apache 2.0 License
Liferay Java HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Apache Derby, Informix, InterBase, JDataStore, PostgreSQL, SAP, Sybase 6.1.1 LGPL
DSpace Java Oracle, PostgreSQL 1.8.2 BSD License
Fedora Commons Java MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Mulgara (MPTSTore RDF Semantic Triplestore) 3.6.1 Apache License
dotCMS Java MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL 2.2.1 GNU GPL v2
LogicalDOC Java MySQL, Oracle 6.6.1 LGPL
Nuxeo EP Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, PostgreSQL 5.6 LGPL
Alfresco Community Edition Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, PostgreSQL, DB2 4.2.c LGPL
Magnolia Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, JCR 4.5.8 GPL proprietary
Hippo CMS Java MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Ingres, PostgreSQL, JCR 7.8 Apache 2.0 License
List of content management systems (CMS,
VosaoCMS Java/GAE BigTable 0.8 GPL

Java Any, via Yarep/JCR Continuously Apache License, Version 2.0
OpenWGA Java MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, HSQLDB, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM Lotus Domino, CMIS 6.0 GPL proprietary
OpenKM Java MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, HSQLDB 6.2.1 GPL
Microsoft ASP.NET
Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses
Composite C1 ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC) XML, SQL Server 3.2 Mozilla Public License
DotNetNuke ASP.NET (Web Forms) SQL Server 7.0 MIT License
mojoPortal ASP.NET SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebird, SQL CE CPL
Orchard Project ASP.NET (MVC) SQL Server, SQLCE, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL6 1.6.0 New BSD License
Umbraco ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC) SQL Server, MySQL 6.0.4 MIT License
List of content management systems (CMS)
Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
blosxom Perl Flat-file database 2.1.2 MIT 2008-10-02
Bricolage Perl on mod perl MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle 2.0.1 BSD 2011-02-09
Cyclone3 Perl MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle versionless (SVN) GPL 2012-11-29
EPrints Perl on mod perl MySQL, PostgreSQL 3.3.11 GPL 2013-01-31
Foswiki Perl Plain files (under version control) 1.1.8 GPL 2013-03-01
Ikiwiki Perl Git (software), Apache Subversion, Mercurial 3.20120203 GPL 2012-02-03
Movable Type Perl, mod perl, FastCGI, w/PHP MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite 5.2.3 GPL 2013-01-23
TWiki Perl Plain files (under version control) 5.1.4 GPL 2013-02-16
WebGUI Perl on mod perl MySQL 7.10.27 GPL 2012-10-29
Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
Django-cms Python/Django PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite 3 and Oracle 3.1.0 BSD 2012-11-09
FeinCMS3 Python/Django PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite 3 and Oracle 1.7.4 ? 2013-03-01
MoinMoin Python Flat-file database 1.9.7 GPL 2013-03-17
Plone Python/Zope MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, ZODB, via Zope 4.3 GPL 2013-04-13
List of content management systems (CMS)
Ruby on Rails
Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
BrowserCMS Ruby on Rails MySQL, SQLite 3.3.2 LGPL 2011-10-12
Comfortable Mexican Sofa Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 1.8.4 MIT 2013-07-09
Flagship Docs Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 2.0 MIT 2010-02-02
Radiant Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, DB266 1.1.0 MIT 2012-08-30
Refinery CMS Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 2.0.8 MIT 2012-08-18
Typo Ruby on Rails MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 6.1 MIT 2012-03-17
CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language)
Name Platform Supported databases Latest stable release Licenses Latest release date
Mura CMS Railo / OpenBD / Adobe ColdFusion MySQL/Microsoft SQL Server/Oracle 6.0 GPL / Commercial License 2012-12-13
FarCry CMS Railo / OpenBD / Adobe ColdFusion MySQL/Microsoft SQL Server/Oracle/Postgres 6.2.7 GPL / Commercial License 2013-01-21
List of content management systems (CMS)
Name Platform Supported databases Latest release Licenses Latest release date
AdaptCMS PHP MySQL 2.0.4 GPL 2012-09-29
ATutor PHP MySQL 2.1.1 GPL 2013-03-15
b2evolution PHP MySQL 4.1.6 GPL 2012-11-23
BEdita PHP MySQL 3.1.7 AGPL 2012-03-05
CMS Made Simple PHP MySQL 1.11.6 GPL 2013-4-19
CMSimple PHP Flat-file database 3.4 GPL 2011-05-15
concrete5 PHP MySQL MIT 2013-03-21
Contao PHP MySQL 3.0.6 LGPL 2013-03-21
Cotonti PHP MySQL 0.9.13 BSD 2013-03-16
Directus PHP MySQL21 5.1 GPL 2012-03-20
Dokuwiki PHP Flat-file database 2012-01-25 GPL 2012-01-25
Dotclear PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 2.5 GPL 2013-03-16
Drupal PHP MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server 7.22 GPL 2013-03-06
DynPG PHP MySQL 4.5.2 GPL 2012-11-15
Exponent CMS PHP MySQL 2.1.3 GPL 2013-02-22
eZ Publish PHP5 MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 5.0 GPL 2012-11-22
Geeklog PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server 1.8.0 GPL 2011-06-12
GetSimple CMS PHP Flat-file database 3.2.0 GPL3 2013-02-11
Habari PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 0.9.0 Apache License 2011-12-13
ImpressCMS PHP MySQL 1.3.4 GPL 2012-12-03
List of content management systems (CMS)
Joomla! PHP MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite32 2.5.9 (LTS) / 3.0.3 GPL 2013-02-04
Kajona PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MariaDB, Oracle 4.0 LGPL 2013-01-09
Knowledge Tree Community Edition PHP MySQL 3.7 GPL proprietary 2009-12-08
Lyceum PHP MySQL 1.0.3 GPL 2008-06-04
Magento PHP MySQL GPL 2012-07-05
Mambo PHP MySQL 4.6.5 GPL 2008-06-01
Mediawiki PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 1.20.3 GPL 2013-03-14
MiaCMS PHP MySQL 4.9 GPL 2009-07-29
Midgard CMS PHP (Midgard framework) MySQL LGPL 2012-09-26
MODX PHP MySQL 2.2.6 GPL 2012-12-03
Moodle PHP MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, or Oracle 2.4.3 GPLv3 2013-03-18
Nucleus CMS PHP MySQL 3.64 GPL 2011-03-14
Ocportal PHP MySQL 9.0.6 CPAL 2013-02-189.0.6
papaya CMS PHP5 MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 5.5.2 GNU/GPL 2 2013-02-12
Phire CMS PHP 5.2.6 MySQL 1.1.2 New BSD License 2011-07-07
List of content management systems (CMS)
PHP-Fusion PHP MySQL 7.02.06 AGPLv3 2013-01-27
PHP-Nuke PHP MySQL 8.1 GPL 2009-05-22
phpWebLog PHP MySQL 0.5.3 GPL 2013-04-16
phpWebSite PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL 1.6.3 LGPL 2009-06-17
phpWiki PHP MySQL 1.2.11 GPL 2008-03-18
pimcore PHP MySQL 1.4.9 BSD 2013-03-02
PivotX PHP MySQL, Flat-file database 2.3.3 GPL 2012-05-13
Pixie (CMS) PHP MySQL 1.0.2 GPL 2009-03-24
PmWiki PHP Flat-file database49 SQLite50 2.2.36 GPL 2011-12-28
Prestashop PHP5 MySQL 1.4.7 GPL 2012-02-08
ProcessWire PHP5 MySQL 2.3 GPL 2013-03-18
RavenNuke CMS PHP MySQL 2.5.1 GPL 2013-02-17
SMW PHP - MediaWiki MySQL 1.6.0 GPL 2011-12-02
Serendipity PHP Smarty MySQL, PostgreSQL, MySQLi, SQLite 1.6.2 BSD 2012-05-16
SilverStripe PHP 5.3.2 MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle 3.0.2 BSD 2012-09-17
SPIP PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite 3.0.8 GPL 2013-04-17
TangoCMS PHP MySQL 2.6.1 GNU/GPL 2 2010-11-29
Textpattern PHP MySQL 4.5.4 GPL 2012-12-05
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware PHP MySQL 10.0 LGPL 2012-12-21
Tribiq CMS PHP MySQL 6.0.5a BSD 2012-11-07
TYPO3 PHP MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL 4.5.25 (LTS) / 6.0.4 GPL 2013-04-04

List of content management systems (CMS)
Wolf CMS PHP MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL 0.7.5-SP1 GPL v3 2012-04-11
WordPress PHP MySQL 3.5.1 GPL 2013-01-24
Xpress Engine PHP MySQL, Cubrid, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebird, MSSQL LGPL v2 2012-01-05
Xaraya PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL 2.2.0 GPL 2012-06-23
XOOPS PHP MySQL 2.5.5 GPL 2012-04-17
Zikula PHP MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle 1.3.5 GPL 2012-12-07

List of content management frameworks
(CMF) http//
Name Technologies
Alfresco Java
Ametys CMS Java
Apache Jackrabbit Java
Apache Lenya Java, Apache Cocoon
Apache Sling Java, JSP, ECMAScript
AxKit Perl
Catalyst Perl
CherryPy Python
Cotonti PHP 5 and MySQL
Django-CMS Python, Django and MySQL/PostgreSQL
Drupal PHP and MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL/SQLite
DotNetNuke .NET Framework, works with SQL Server (
Exponent CMS An MVC framework using PHP and MySQL
eZ Publish PHP 5, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server
Jakarta Slide Java
Joomla! PHP and MySQL
Liferay Java
Magnolia CMS Java
List of content management frameworks
(CMF) http//
Mambo PHP and MySQL
Maypole Perl
Midgard GLib, D-Bus, PHP, Python and MySQL
MODX PHP 4.1.x-5 and MySQL 3.2x-5
Orchard ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Compact
OpenACS AOLserver and PostgreSQL or Oracle
Pimcore PHP 5.3, Zend Framework and MySQL
Piranha CMS ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Compact or MySql
Plone Python
ProcessWire PHP and MySQL
Refinery CMS Ruby on Rails
SilverStripe (Sapphire framework) PHP 5, works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server
Solodev PHP 5, MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server
Symfony CMF PHP 5.3 (NoSQL dabatabases, RDBMS through PHPCR)
TangoCMS PHP 5 and MySQL
TYPO3 PHP, works with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle.

List of content management frameworks
(CMF) http//
Umbraco .NET Framework, works with SQL Server, VistaDB, with XSLT or .NET UserControls
Microsoft SharePoint Server .NET Framework, works with SQL Server or Windows Internal Database
Microsoft SharePoint Foundation .NET Framework, works with SQL Server or Windows Internal Database
WordPress PHP and MySQL
Xaraya PHP and MySQL
Xpress Engine PHP with MySQL, Cubrid, Firebird, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MSSQL
Zotonic Erlang with PostgreSQL
Repository Platforms part 1
Archon http// -
Open-source, award-winning software from
University of Illinois for archivists and
manuscript curators. It automatically publishes
archival descriptive information and digital
archival objects in a user-friendly
website. BePress DigitalCommons
http// - Full service,
commercial digital repository platform from
Berkeley Electronic Press. ContentDM
http// - OCLC's commercial
platform for digital libraries. "High-performance
storage and retrieval software for multimedia
collections". Digitool http//
m/category/DigiToolOverview/ - Commercial digital
collections platform from Exlibris. DSpace
http// - Open-source digital
repository software developed at MIT. "DSpace
captures, stores, indexes, preserves and
redistributes an organization's research material
in digital formats." The MIT Libraries and
Hewlett-Packard (HP) jointly developed DSpace.
The system is now freely available to research
institutions world-wide as an open source system
that can be customized and extended. DXLS
http// - University of
Michigan Digital Library eXtension Service (DLXS)
provides the foundation and the framework for
educational and non-profit institutions to fully
develop their digital library collections.
Participating institutions include the National
Library of Medicine and The Getty Research
Institute. Basic DLXS and searching is
open-source and free, but a more robust search
platform is available commercially. EPrints
http// - Open-source and
commercial institutional repository platforms and
support. Developed at the School of Electronics
and Computer Science, University of Southampton,
Repository Platforms part2
  • Fedora Commons http// Fedora
    open-source software, a robust integrated
    repository-centered platform, enables the
    storage, access and management of virtually any
    kind of digital content. Fedora Commons is a
    non-profit organization providing sustainable
    technologies to create, manage, publish, share
    and preserve digital content.
  • Greenstone http// Open-source,
    multilingual digital library platform from
  • Hyperion http// Commercial
    digital archive management from SirsiDynix.
  • Innovative Interfaces Digital Asset Management
    ml Commercial programs from Innovative Content
    Pro, Symposium, MetaData Builder, Media
  • InMagic Presto http//
    sto/index.html Commercial platform for managing
    internal digital assets.
  • Vital http// Commerci
    al institutional repository solution from VTLS.
    Built on Fedora, this software is designed to
    simplify the development of digital object
    repositories and to provide seamless online
    search and retrieval of information for
    administrative staff, contributing faculty and

Enabling deposit, preservation, and access to
digital content.
Tool Implementation Cost Platform Installation User interface API
CONTENTdm Download Service Subscription Lin Win Simple Web Yes
DataFlow Download Free Lin Complex CL Web Yes
DSpace Download Free Lin Mac Win Moderate Web Yes
EPrints Download Free Lin Mac Win Moderate Web Yes
Fedora Download Free Lin Mac Win Complex CL Web Yes Download Free Lin Mac Win Complex CL Web Yes
Enabling deposit, preservation, and access to
digital content
  • CONTENTdm is a digital collection management
    system and hosting service.
  • DataFlow
  • DataFlow is a two-stage data management
    infrastructure that is designed to allow
    researchers to work with, annotate, publish, and
    permanently store research data.
  • DSpace
  • DSpace is an institutional repository system
    which enables easy deposit, preservation, and
    access for all types of digital content.
  • EPrints
  • EPrints provides digital repository software
    that is intended to create a highly configurable
    web-based repository.  
  • Fedora
  • Fedora provides the back-end foundation for
    digital repository systems responsible for
    managing and preserving all types of digital

Ten leading platforms for online communities
  • 1. Open source, based on PHP, and a fork of
    the Mambo project, Joomla is one of the most
    widely used content management systems and
    community platforms. It includes the usual page
    posting, discussion, blogs, polls, etc. Joomla
    has an extensive community of its own and the
    number of 3rd party plug-ins is very extensive,
    with over 3,700 currently listed, making it one
    of the richest community ecosystems in existence.
  • 2. Drupal is one of the darlings of the community
    world and would come first on this list for many
    in the community business. It's a highly capable,
    mature, and extremely popular community platform
    that includes the usual features as well as a
    workflow subsystem, support for OpenID, granular
    user security, and much more. Drupal is developed
    in PHP, is open source, and has several thousand
    3rd party modules available for it as well.
  • 3. One of the older CMS/community platforms,
    PHP-Nuke doesn't have the flair of the first two
    on this list but is still one of the most widely
    used community applications available. PHP-Nuke
    is eponymously named after the language it uses,
    is open source, and have several hundred add-ons
    available for it. Despite being one of the older
    and more traditional community platforms,
    PHP-Nuke continues to grow marketshare rapidly.

Ten leading platforms for online communities
  • 4. The platform formerly known as PostNuke is now
    called Zikula and is a fork of PHP-Nuke 5.0.
    Rounding out the top four, Zikula is one of the
    older, more established offerings. It is also
    open source and developed in PHP.
  • 5. Microsoft's Sharepoint is the first commercial
    product to make the list and is also one of the
    most mature and popular. Though Sharepoint can be
    used to develop collaborative environments that
    have few community features, the most recent
    emphasis and the majority of uses I encounter are
    for community-style deployments. With the advent
    of the Community Kit for Sharepoint which adds
    "best practices, templates, Web Parts, tools, and
    source code", the product is now a capable
    contender in this space. Sharepoint has very
    extensive enterprise penetration and will be on
    the short list for many organizations given that
    they often already own it, though the warning
    above about "technology first" should apply.
  • 6. The first SaaS community platform to make the
    list is Lithium, an innovative and fast-growing
    solution for customer communities that is seeing
    broad uptake according to my metrics. One of the
    advantages of Lithium is the extensive support
    around community developers and managers that it
    provides. One of the disadvantages is that it
    does not have an open source ecosystem so the the
    amount of extensions and plug-ins available for
    Lithium is limited to standard Web widgets.
  • 7. The second .NET plaform (after Sharepoint) and
    the first open source .NET community platform on
    this list, the capable DotNetNuke has been going
    through extensive maturation over the last year.
    Written in VB .NET, DotNetNuke has an extensive
    set of 3rd party modules through its Marketplace
    service, which enables for-pay modules to be
    developed and sold, resulting in some
    high-quality offerings.

Ten leading platforms for online communities
(table continued)
  • 8. One of the few .NET blog platforms has evolved
    into a full-blown community product. Community
    Server is now aimed squarely at the enterprise
    and has been used in very large scale, for
    example, it is currently used to operate
    MySpace's customer forums for over 70 million
  • 9. KickApps is a relatively new up-and-comer that
    is getting wide distribution in a relatively
    short time period including major wins with large
    public Web sites for ABC and the BBC. KickApps is
    a SaaS-based solution like Lithium that is
    extensively widgetized for maximum integration
    flexibility into existing Web sites.
  • 10. ClearSpace Community from Jive Software has
    been getting a lot of attention lately,
    particularly with its popularity in the
    enterprise space. Over 15 of the Fortune 500
    currently use it and while it's highly likely
    that the open source products at the top of this
    list have higher penetration, Jive has
    consistently focused strengths in areas where
    open source products tend to be weaker,
    particularly on enterprise issues around
    security, integration, and customizability.

Leading platforms for online communities
  • We can see how the technologies and platforms
    shaped up in terms of open source and commercial
    software as well as software packages vs SaaS.
    We're seeing a healthy mixture of options
    available for just about any requirements, though
    the open source options tend to be richer because
    of their extensible nature and the large number
    of contributors building plug-ins and add-ons.
  • A number of interesting offerings didn't make
    this top 10 cut and so we thought it would also
    be worthwhile to be aware about the next 15
    candidates since we are likely to see them more
    often in the near future. They made the list due
    to overall popularity, innovative features, early
    groundswell, or a combination thereof

Leading platforms for online communities
  • 11. Mambo - Popular, old school PHP
  • 12. Lotus SameTime and Lotus Connections - IBM's
    answers to community with many integrated
  • 13. OneSite - White label, on-demand social
    network and community.
  • 14. BoonEx - SaaS community that is extensively
    widget-based with many features and capabilities.
  • 15. Crowdvine - Used to power the community for
    the popular Web 2.0 Expo conferences, Crowdvine
    has full community, content management, and
    external site integration.
  • 16. Facebook Open Platform - Use the Facebook
    platform for your community with the open source
    version of the platform.
  • 17. Mzinga - A solution designed for industry
    verticals such as HR and marketing, Mzinga is
    seeing strong uptake.
  • 18. Leverage Software
  • 19. HiveLive
  • 20. SocialGo - On-demand SaaS community service.
  • 21. IglooSoftware - A relatively new entry, Igloo
    is focusing on the enterprise user with
    ease-of-use and simplicity as a top feature.
  • 22. GroupSwim
  • 23. SocialCast
  • 24. Tomoye
  • 25. Pinax - Brand new and feature rich. Pinax is
    getting considerable early adopter interest.
    Based on Python, Pinax is open source.

WordPress (http//
  • Today WordPress is the most popular platform.
    This is an open-source software distributed under
    the GNU GPL. WordPress provides a lot of features
    that allow the developer to quickly and easily
    manage the contents of the site. These include
    simple installation, and publication through
    third-party programs and services, support for
    Atom, RSS, pingback, trackback ability to
    connect additional plug-ins, a huge selection of
    many excellent audio/video plug-ins, a huge
    number of topics on various subjects to quickly
    change the UI, built-in capabilities to support
    the sites in multiple languages, and many others.
  • In addition, WordPress includes features such as
    comments, trackbacks, blogger profiles and
    pinging services, making it easy to use for the
    analysis of traffic and control the operation of
    the site.
  • On the other hand, WordPress is not a
    developer-friendly system. In addition, certain
    plugins and WordPress updates have more bugs than
    fixes and may compromise your computer. It is
    therefore necessary to check the updates for the
    presence of viruses and read reviews when
    upgrading or installing WordPress plugins.
    Overall, WordPress is an effective system for any
    beginner or an experienced user, which makes it a
    very versatile CMS.

Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
WordPress (http//
  • Advantages
  • WordPress is not just received a reputation for
    being extremely easy to use system. Thanks to the
    pre-set templates, you need just a few clicks to
    deploy a workable website and by connecting
    multiple plug-ins required, we will get is a
    full-fledged CMS. In addition, the user is not
    required to know HTML to work with site. It is an
    ideal platform for beginners.
  • Since version 3.0 WordPress provides a very
    convenient navigation menus that greatly improve
    the usability of the site. This menu is easily
    configured, allowing better adaptation to the
    specific needs of the site.
  • There are hundreds of free themes that you can
    use on your website. If desired, you can always
    get exclusive themes for an additional fee.
  • WordPress combined with special plug-ins making
    great integration with search engins with SEO. As
    a result, your website has a much better chance
    of getting new visitors through search engines.
  • Currently, there are about 13,000 of free
    plugins available for download. This makes
    WordPress very flexible to satisfy very
    complicated requirements.
  • Disadvantages
  • Unfortunately, not all changes are carried out
    within the site on WordPress so simple. For
    example, if you need to change or remove the date
    of posts, then without some additional knowledge
    it is not possible.
  • Despite the fact that there are many ready-made
    templates for WordPress, some users will want to
    create your own unique patterns, and you cannot
    do this without knowledge of CSS.
  • Versatility WordPress is hidden in the hundreds
    of available plug-ins. However, setting too many
    plug-ins can affect the speed of loading pages.
    Often there are situations when to achieve the
    required functionality you need such a lot number
    of plugins that it will be rational choose a
    different platform.
  • Frequent updates, which can be classified as
    disadvantages and advantages to the system. In
    any case, all updates are intended to improve the
    reliability, security, and usability of the
    system, but makes inconvenience to the site

Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
WordPress (http//
  • Hosting WordPress
  • Most hosting providers and personal installations
    on Unix/Linux systems should be able to host
    WordPress under very common configurations.
  • Server requirements
  • WordPress server requirements for Version 3.2
  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater
  • (Optional)(Required for MultiSite) Apache mod
    rewrite module (for clean URIs known as
  • Recommended setup
  • It is recommended to use a robust platform
    comprised of the Linux operating system, and
    either the Apache web-server or the NGINX
    web-server. Almost any server that supports PHP
    and MySQL will work.
  • It is also essential that the host allows remote
    connections, for many of the WordPress features
    to work. If the host blocks outgoing HTTP
    connections, many parts of the WordPress will not
  • Hosting providers
  • Hosting can be easy implemented to realize a host
    possibilities that supports the above. For the
    hosting suggestions, please use
  • WordPress Recommended Hosts - these hosts support
    WordPress, in more ways than one.
  • Searching the WordPress support forums for
  • Requirements PHP 5.2.4 or higher, MySQL 5.0 or
    higher, Apache or nginx recommended.

Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
  • Taking in account results of comparative
    analysis, recommendations of independent experts
    and (that is important from practical point of
    view) existing experience in similar systems
    implementation and hosting we propose the
    following platforms for future development and
  • WordPress - http//
  • DSpace - http//
  • Fedora Commons http//
  • The proposed list is open for other
    recommendations / findings. Practical realization
    of the cultur-exp platform can require to make
    necessary adaptation and combination of the
    proposed software systems and solutions.

GA3. Platform adaptation and implementation
Platform adaptation and implementation
  • The activity includes execution of works to
    ensure realization by the selected platform
    (platforms) complete set of functionalities
    specified as output of GA1 - Platform
    requirements definition.
  • This requires to estimate and follow
  • Specified criteria
  • Possible risks
  • Ability to get expected operational solution
  • Compatibility/openness for development
  • Return of necessary investments

  • Human Resources
  • Technical resources
  • Platform configuration and reconfiguration
  • Labor expenses, other costs.

Final decision
  • The initial prerequisites to make final decision
    on the proposed/selected platform adaptation and
  • Availability and analysis of the clear
    elaborated requirements to Cultur-exp platform
  • Review of proposed/selected platforms to comply
    with the elaborated specification of the system
  • Recommendations of the project partners and
    independent experts
  • Examination of case studies of similar cultural
    platforms realizations
  • Estimation of necessary investments of manpower,
    technical resources, qualification of the
    available personnel.
  • Agreement of all (or majority) of partners to
    contribute to the proposed/selected platform
    adaptation, implementation and development

System functionalities offered by cultural
websites by discipline
  • The following content operation functionalities
    have to be taken in consideration for the
    platform adaptation and implementation
  • Performing arts
  • Visual arts
  • Cultural and architectural heritage
  • Literature
  • Film
  • Music / audio production
  • Architecture
  • Design / furniture / jewelry etc.
  • Cultural creative industries
  • "Kulturwirtschaft"
  • Culturalpolicy
  • Cultural science / research
  • Community arts
  • Museum/Archives
  • Online-Media
  • Other art content

Typical functionality of the cultural content
  • Information repositories
  • Photo / video gallery
  • Podcast / videocast
  • Forum
  • Chat
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Rating
  • Online community
  • Online content ordering / selling / buying
  • RSS
  • Newsletter

Case Studies of European Cultural Websites
No Name Country URL
1 - The networking platform for information on European arts and culture Netherlands
2 On The Move The performing arts travellers toolkit Multinational
3 BJCEM - International Association of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean Multinational
4 European Cultural Foundation (ECF) Netherlands
5 Europeana Netherlands
6 Radio station 'Tilos' Hungary
7 Readme Austria
8 RootsRoutes Multinational
9 Virtueel Platform Netherlands
10 Netherlands
11 Visegrad Fund Slovakia
12 Res Artis Netherlands
13 Agonia Romania
14 Sculpture Network Germany
15 Online Film Multinational
Case Studies of European Cultural Websites
16 Frieze United Kingdom
17 BabelMed Italy
18 Artservis Slovenia
19 Artsactive Spain
20 RESEO - European Network for Opera and Dance Education Multinational
21 IETM, international network for contemporary performing arts Multinational
22 THE BUDAPEST OBSERVATORY Regional Observatory on financing culture in East-Central Europe Hungary
23 Resonance104.4fm United Kingdom
24 A Soul for Europe Multinational
25 Trans Europe Halles (TEH) Sweden
26 MICHAEL Multilingual Inventory of Cultural Heritage in Europe Multinational
27 Futureplaces 2009 Portugal
28 FutureEverything United Kingdom
Analogous sites in Moldova, example
(http// part 1,
Analogous sites in Moldova, example
Analogous sites in Moldova, example
(http// part 2
Analogous sites in Moldova, example
  • Work plan for the GA3 activity Platform
    adaptation and implementation has to take in
    considerations achievement of the following
    important objectives
  • to comply with the elaborated requirements to
    the system
  • to offer expected/specified/requested
  • to relay on available Human and Technical
  • to ensure realization of effective and
    perspective solution, compatibility and be open
    for development
  • to have perspectives to return of effectuated

Thank you for your attention!
RENAM Association http//
GRENA http//
Case study - summary descriptions

Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Case study summary descriptions
Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Case study summary descriptions
Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Case study - summary descriptions
Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Case study - summary descriptions
Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Case study - summary descriptions
Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Case study summary descriptions
Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Case study summary descriptions
Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Case study summary descriptions
Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Case study summary descriptions
Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013
Case study summary descriptions
Cultur-exp project, Tbilisi 2013