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Emerging Standards Impact on Storage Networks


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Title: Emerging Standards Impact on Storage Networks

Emerging Standards Impact on Storage Networks
  • John Webster
  • Senior Analyst and Founder
  • Data Mobility Group

Emerging Standards Impact on Storage Networks
  • Fabric wars - Cisco battles the established
    players. How do you win?
  • CIM for storage - When will you see it? What will
    it do for you? Will you be better off choosing
    CIM-compliant storage?
  • Single vendor support for multi-vendor, storage
    networks vs. vendor consortiums - Which is
    better? What is the SSF and can it help you?
  • IP Storage - The hype says no interoperability
    issues here. Are there problems lurking in the

Why Multi-Fabric Interoperability?
  • Disaster Recovery
  • On-demand Resource Sharing
  • Content Sharing
  • Grid Computing

The Road to Multi-vendor Fabric Extension
  • FC-SW-2
  • Long road to adoption
  • Backward compatibility requirements result in
    proprietary vs. open systems modes
  • Fabric extension consequences
  • Large layer 2 network
  • More of the fabric exposed to error conditions
  • FSPF-BB to the rescue?
  • Proposed standard for creation of autonomous

Bridging SAN Islands FCIP vs. iFCP
  • FCIP
  • Uses tunneling
  • Fault isolation can be an issue
  • iFCP
  • Uses conversion
  • Achieves problem isolation but potentially
    exposes SAN to network administrators
  • Nishan now seeing major spike in demand for iFCP

Assessing the Impact of Cisco
  • Its a high stakes chess game
  • The Winner could dominate more than storage
  • Will VSANs rule?

What is SMI-S?
  • The Storage Management Initiative Specification
  • F.k.a. Bluefin, a.k.a CIM for storage
  • Lives within the SNIAs Storage Management Forum
  • SNIA working to become accredited ANSI Standards

What is SMI-S?
What is SMI-S?
  • Platform Independent
  • Distributed
  • Automated Discovery
  • Security Features
  • Locking Mechanisms
  • Recognizes vendor-unique functions
  • More robust than SNMP

SMI-S Reference Model
Vendors Currently Demonstrating SMI-S Providers
  • Brocade
  • Cisco
  • EMC
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • HP
  • IBM
  • LSI Logic Storage Systems
  • McDATA
  • Network Appliance
  • QLogic
  • StorageTek
  • Sun

SMI-S Deliverables V 1.0
  • Arrays and Virtualization Platforms
  • Read device configuration (physical and logical)
  • Monitor health (operational status) of systems
    and volumes
  • Create and delete volumes
  • Perform LUN Mapping and Masking
  • Set-up and perform copy services
  • Snapshots
  • Synchronous and asynchronous mirrors
  • Storage Media Libraries
  • Gather information on major components
  • Monitor heath
  • Receive asynchronous events/alerts for problems
    and status changes

SMI-S Deliverables V 1.0
  • Fabric
  • Discovery and topology of the fabric and SAN
  • Switch device configuration and control
  • Switch performance statistics
  • Zoning and configuration control
  • HBA configuration and control
  • HBA performance statistics
  • Delivery End of Q202
  • NAS included in V 1.1 (YE03)

The CIM/WBEM End-Game
Can SMI-S Succeed?
  • No
  • Vendors wont cooperate
  • Progress will be too slow
  • Result will be of marginal value (i.e. its vendor
  • Yes
  • Its in the commodity realm and commodities win
  • Users will perceive value in a common management
    interface standard
  • It makes life easier for vendors too
  • Its up to you

SNIA Supported Solutions Forum (SSF)
  • Configuration and testing of multi-vendor
    registered solutions
  • Presently 8 registered solution sets
  • Multi-vendor Support Agreements
  • Cooperative support for tested solutions
  • Contact information and problem escalation
    procedures known to and endorsed by all members
  • Support available 24x7, world wide.

iSCSI No Interop Issues Here .Right?
  • Recommendations
  • Stay tuned to the Microsoft channel for iSCSI
    certification if you plan heavy iSCSI
    deployment in MS application environments
  • Monitor the progress of the iSCSI Management API
    (IMA) standard

Can Interoperability and Security Co-exist?
  • IEEE Searching for a standard encryption method
  • Proposed solutions now on the table
  • One method use open source-developed code with
    unique user-created keys to unlock the data

Can Interoperability and Security Co-exist?
  • Recommendations
  • Investigate potential conflicts with existing SAN
    security features (i.e. Zoning and Masking)
  • Investigate impact on data life cycle management
    infrastructure and strategy (i.e. exposure to
    data loss long term)
  • Investigate potential for vendor lock-ins
  • Whatever you do, dont lose the keys

Interoperability and Standards Compliance Testing
  • FCIA SANmark Qualified Program
  • SNIA Interoperability Conformance Testing Program
  • SMI-S V1.0 compliance testing
  • IMA compliance testing
  • More to come

Reading the Fine Print
  • Recommendation Understand What These Terms
  • Compatibility
  • Qualification
  • Conformance
  • Compliance
  • Certification

Ultimately, Its Up to You
  • Making your voice heard
  • The RFP process
  • The SNIAs Customer Executive and Customer
    Advisory Councils
  • Local Storage Networking User Groups (SNUGs)
  • Watch for StorageNetworking.org later this year
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