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Budget Basics Boot Camp Basic Training


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Budget Basics Boot Camp Basic Training

Budget Basics Boot Camp Basic Training
  • Butte County Office of Education

  • Basic Training
  • -Basics of SACS
  • -Break
  • -Budget

Basics of SACS
  • Topics
  • -What is SACS?
  • -SACS Org Keys and Cost Centers
  • -SACS Resource Codes
  • -Fiscal Year/Project Year
  • -SACS Object Codes
  • -Using SACS

What is sacs?
  • Basics of SACS

What is SACS?
  • SACS (Standardized Account Code Structure) is a
    series of account codes used to easily
  • classify revenues and expenses
  • keep accounting in regulatory compliance
  • facilitate financial reporting

SACS Org keys and cost centers
  • Basics of SACS

What is an Org Key, basically?
  • -An Org Key is an account number used to pay for
    goods and services and accept income
  • -Each program has its own set of Org Keys
  • -There are different Org Keys used for different
    type of revenues and expenses

What is an Org Key, specifically?
  • -An Org Key is a shortcut to a specific
    combination of SACS codes
  • -This SACS code combination is like the DNA of
    the Org Key, it can and cannot do specific things
    because of its DNA
  • -Like DNA, every Org Key is unique

What are the SACS codes that makeup the DNA of
each Org Key?
What is an Org Key, specifically?
  • Each Org Key contains a combination of these SACS
    Codes making up its DNA
  • Fund
  • Resource
  • Project Year
  • Goal
  • Function
  • School
  • Manager

Types of Org Keys
  • Due to the need for different specific SACS code
    combinations, BCOE has developed four main
    different types of Org Keys.
  • They are
  • Regular Org Keys
  • OGA Org Keys
  • Admin Org Keys
  • MO Org Keys

Regular Org Keys
  • A Regular Org Key is used for the majority of
    program expenses, like
  • Books
  • Salaries and Benefits
  • Services
  • Independent Contractors
  • Equipment

OGA Org Keys
  • OGA stands for Other General Administration.
    An OGA Org Key is only ever used for two things
  • Indirect costs
  • 2. Revenues

Admin Org Keys
  • Admin stands for Administration. An Admin
    Org Key is used for
  • Administration expenses as defined by your
    specific program
  • Most common example is a school budget with
    Site expenses and Admin expenses

MO Org Keys
  • MO stands for Maintenance and Operations.
    An MO Org Key is used for
  • Maintenance expenses
  • CU or Cost Unit costs for pooled maintenance
    and operations expenses

What is Cost Center?
  • A Cost Center is
  • A group of related Org Keys with the same
    Resource Code
  • A Cost Center generally contains at least one
    Regular Org Key and one OGA Key.

SACS resource codes
  • Basics of SACS

What is a Resource Code?
  • Generically, a Resource Code is the part of the
    SACS that
  • Classifies specific revenues and resulting
  • Restricted programs generally each have their own
    resource code
  • Reporting is generally done based on Resource Code

What is a Resource Code?
  • Here are some examples of
  • Resource Codes at BCOE
  • Migrant Education - 3060
  • Juvenile Court School - 2400
  • After School Education and Safety 6010
  • Routine Repair and Maintenance - 8100

SACS Resource Code Matrix
Description Resource Code Range
Unrestricted Resources 0000-1999
Restricted Revenue Limit Resources 2000-2999
Federal Restricted Resources 3000-5999
State Restricted Resources 6000-7999
Local Restricted Resources 8000-9999
Fiscal year/project year
  • Basics of SACS

Fiscal Year
  • A fiscal year, in California Schools, is
  • A year that runs 12-months
  • From July 1 June 30

Project Year
  • A Project Year
  • Is defined as any span of time
  • Can last for as many or as few months required
  • Is generally used for Federal programs as their
    year is 15 months from July 1 through September

Project Year
  • Project Year Org Keys also have a two extra
    digits representing the project year at the end
    of the Org Key
  • For example
  • If Org Key 30113 was made into a project year, it
    would be 3011314 the 14 represents the year
    ending in 2013-14.

SACS object codes
  • Basics of SACS

What is a SACS Object Code?
  • An Object Code is the part of the SACS code used
  • Classifying expenditures by the type of item or
    services purchased
  • Classifying revenue by source and type

SACS Object Code Matrix
Description Object Code Range
Certificated Salaries 1000-1999
Classified Salaries 2000-2999
Employee Benefits 3000-3999
Books and Supplies 4000-4999
Services and Other Operating Expenditures 5000-5999
Capital Outlay 6000-6999
Other Outgo 7000-7499
Other Financing Uses 7600-7699
Revenues and Other Financing Sources 8000-8999
Balance Sheet 9000-9999
More on SACS Object Codes
  • The BCOE Administrative Services Operating
    Procedure explains, specifically, which Object
    Codes are used for which expenses. To access it,
    go to the BCOE website, www.bcoe.org, select
    Administrative Services, select Procedures,
    then select Expenditures.

Using SACS
  • Basics of SACS

Using SACS
  • Ensuring revenues and expenses are properly coded
    is not important, it is mandatory due to the SACS
    State Reporting Software, which tests for these

Coding Expenses
  • To properly code an expense do the following 1.
    Select the correct Org Key
  • 2. Select the correct Object Code
  • 3. Write them in this manor
  • Org Key-Object Code
  • For example, 0100007210-4300

  • For Fiscal Services to purchase copy paper
  • For Title I, Part A to pay a teacher
  • 2042914-1100
  • For BTSA to pay for food for trainings
  • 67396-5800

  • Butte County Office of Education
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