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Gifted Hands Author: Ben Carson


Gifted Hands Author: Ben Carson By: Joe U Ben s Parents Divorce As Ben Carson was a child he experienced a hurtful divorce with his parents, his parents divorce ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Gifted Hands Author: Ben Carson

Gifted HandsAuthor Ben Carson
  • By Joe U

Bens Parents Divorce
  • As Ben Carson was a child he experienced a
    hurtful divorce with his parents, his parents
    divorce because his father had a totally
    different life with another woman and children,
    also Ben has not gave his best at school but he
    got glasses and it help him bring up grades from
    a F to a D and by the time report cards came the
    mother decided to Give the boys work so they can
    have a education, he has made History over an

Bens childhood
  • As Ben was a child he didnt have a great
    childhood until he knew that his father was
    cheating on his mother. Before that her had his
    father bring presents for him for no reason and
    he was so happy. As the years went by Ben as grew
    taller and wiser to not make mistakes and to
    forget about the times that he was happy with his
    only father.

Bens future prediction
  • As Ben has made the top smart kids in class he
    has told himself that he wanted to be a doctor he
    wanted to fix peoples health and to make history
    but as his mother said never give up and to not
    let people keep you from making who you really
    are and to ignore people if they are trying to
    insult you and to make something out of yourself
    before its to late.

Bens education
  • As Ben was finishing elementary school he made it
    to the toper schools and as he finished middle
    school he made it to high school but as people
    are making fun of Ben he had his grades drop
    form a perfect A to straight Fs he wanted to be
    one of the guys by making fun of them and
    treating them like they treated him so by report
    cards Ben met a group that turn his grades around.

Ben and his education mistake
  • As Ben was finishing Middle school he met a group
    of kids that always teased him and he thought
    that if his mother bought him noticeable clothes
    and he did just that and the next morning the
    group of kids came again and said that shirt have
    been World War 1, and 2 and Ben said yeah and you
    wore it. All the kids laughed and made him cool
    but all his grades drop down in a hurry when he
    went out with his friends instead of doing

Ben with his smallest patient
  • Ben just started as a surgeon but that means he
    had to do the toughest thing, he had a patient
    that was only 3-month old and that means that Ben
    had to do his best because if she did her family
    would be devastated and she was only a child that
    had a disease.

Ben and His Family
  • When Ben finished or was in High school he met a
    lady called Candy She quickly fell in love with
    Ben and when Ben had the same feeling they
    finished there education or college got married
    and had three boys that had a father to remember
    that he put up of doing something out of him to
    go thru school and get his degree.

Making college choices
  • As Ben was developing he decided that was going
    to Yale. As he was Entering Yale he found a young
    lady named Candy she was 5 feet 150 pounds and
    Ben was in to her but not that much. Ben decided
    to just focus on his 4 years of college and his 2
    years that he been there Candy finally noticed
    him and she was attractive to him as well.

Little Beth
  • When Beth was born in 1979 she was a perfectly
    healthy child but there was something wrong but
    she didnt look wrong she was good but when she
    had surgery something went wrong, nothing work
    and the second time she had surgery her family
    was suspicious that she would die because all the
    money they have to do, all the doctors were
    confused nothing worked but she managed to

Ben with Craig and Susan
  • When Craig had his surgery his Wife Susan prayed
    to God that everything will go right But when was
    a child his father expericed 5 tumors that cost
    him his life, like everybody says like father
    like son but the only thing that Craig needed was
    a surgery and Craig only had one tumor and he
    expericed getting taller, this surgery that was
    required, a disease called Von Hippel-Lindau
    (VHL) that sometimes will cost someones life.

Ben at surgery with the twins
  • As Ben had grew his intelligence he found a way
    to do surgery in the back of the head it was a
    non bone spot it was a way but it will pay off
    and Ben made millions of dollars just to put the
    Siamese twins apart and he did, he made history
    he has a loveable wife, kids and a future and Ben
    Carson will always be the surgeon that made

After the Surgery
  • As Ben finished people were just clapping they
    clap for the person who separated the twins. He
    managed to separate the twins without one of them
    dying. Everybody just was happy and Ben was to
    that he made history by using the back non-bone
    skull to some hoe get to there brains and
    separate the skin that made there heads together.
    After the celebration they had a meeting of the
    accomplish work.

Ben and Candy there future
  • When Ben and Candy was married there were happy
    together they wanted to have 3 kids and they did
    they were loveable children and they never knew
    what there father was a was the man who change
    history and peace to the Siamese twins he
    separated them and none of them died he made the
    doctor of the year and he was a responsible man
    who wanted to make a change in some bodys life.

When with his wife candy
  • When Ben was still a doctor people rush in to
    always make sure that he would do the surgery
    everybody clapped for him and cheered because he
    was to the person that made something out of
    himself. When Ben and Candy finished college Ben
    moved on to University and Candy instead of doing
    what Ben did she went and took care of the kids.

Ben and His Career
  • When ben had done his job to the Siamese twins he
    had made a difference to the worlsd and to the
    whole United States. Today Ben is living large
    with money and fortune but he will always be our
    Ben Carson.

Ben and His success
  • Ben had did it he made history and is still
    helping people he has a loveable wife that he
    will treasure forever and when everybody goes on
    his foot step that there will have to be a new
    Ben Carson but the old one will never be
    forgotten because everybody is on there way to

Ben Carson photes
  • Joe, you have worked very hard on your
    PowerPoint! Thank you for all your efforts!
  • May I make suggestions to help you improve this
  • Always double check the links. Some are not
    working. You have to check in the slide show
  • Also, when you are writing, you will have to have
    someone edit your work. You have many, many run
    on sentences. This work deserves better writing.
  • Write your slides ahead of time and edit before
    you go to the computer lab. You are an A student
    but this writing skill will always lower your
    grade. Work on it with Mrs. Blumatte. This is
    the year to improve! Good job!
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