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5 Themes of Geography


5 Themes of Geography Learning Targets: PG4- I can contrast differences between relative and absolute location. HG4 I can identify the characteristics that define ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Themes of Geography

5 Themes of Geography
Learning Targets PG4- I can contrast
differences between relative and absolute
location. HG4 I can identify the
characteristics that define a region
1. Location
  • Where is it at?
  • Absolute location gives an exact location to
    locate a place. Could use a grid system such as
    latitude and longitude or could be something like
    a street address.
  • Relative location is where a place is in relation
    to another place. Uses directional words to
    describe (Cardinal intermediate )or identifying
    landmarks, direction, or distance between places

Absolute location -Antarctica
Absolute location the exact location of a place.
Neumayer, Antarctica Position 7039'S, 0815'W
Relative Location - Antarctica
Relative location is where a place is in relation
to another place or explained by identifying
landmarks, direction, or distance between
  • Antarctica is located south of the equator or
    Antarctica is at the bottom of Earths axis

2. Place
Place - Physical characteristics - Antarctica
  • Shining icebergs, deep blue sea, pure white land
    that expands toward the horizon, mountains
    exposed in ice sheets
  • There are no trees in Antarctica

Place -Human characteristics - Antarctica
  • The only people who live there live in research

3. Human-Environment Interaction
  • What do the people do to the environment? What
    does the environment do for the people?
  • Explains how humans and the environment interact
    with each other. This theme considers how humans
    adapt to and modify the environment while
    depending upon it. Human interaction has both
    positive and negative effects on the environment.

Human-Environment Interaction - Antarctica
  • Antarctica is the biggest pristine (cleanest)
    area on Earth. It has little disturbance by
    human activities and therefore has little
    environmental destruction or pollution.

Human-Environment Interaction - Antarctica
  • Since Antarctica is geographically distanced from
    human activities and environmental pollution, it
    is a perfect site to collect baseline data on the
    global environment. Antarctica also contains the
    information on the Earth since its birth in a
    particularly good condition.

4. Movement
  • People and ideas get around!
  • Humans move, a lot. In addition, ideas, fads,
    goods, resources, and communication all travel
    distances. This theme studies movement and
    migration across the planet.

Movement - Antarctica
Most coastal stations have offshore anchorages,
and supplies are transferred from ship to shore
by small boats, barges, and helicopters. A few
stations have a basic wharf facility.
5. Region
  • What do locations have in common?
  • Region divides the world into manageable units
    for geographic study. Regions have some sort of
    characteristic that unifies the area.
  • Regions are defined in many ways including area,
    vegetation, political divisions, etc.

Region Antarctica
South Polar Region is the various lands and
waters surrounding the South Pole near the
geographic poles
Five Themes of Geography
  1. Location
  2. Place
  3. Human/Environment Interaction
  4. Movement
  5. Regions

5 Themes of Geography
Come up with a way to memorize the 5 themes. L P
Lucky People Have Many Relatives
Show What You Know
  • Label each of the following statements as one of
    the following absolute location, relative
    location, place, human-environment interaction,
    movement, or region.

  • 1. During the 1840s Irelands potato crops
    failed and Ireland experienced a famine. It was
    during this time that many Irish immigrated to
    America seeking a better life.
  • Movement

  • 2. The Incas invented terrace gardening. They
    carved steps of flat land up the side of the
    Andes mountain to create flat land for farming.
    The terraces also helped to keep rainwater from
    running off. They reduced erosion. The government
    built raised aqueducts to carry water to
    farmlands for irrigation.
  • Human-Environment Interaction

  • 3. Greenwich, England is located on the Prime
    Meridian which is zero degrees longitude.
  • Absolute Location

  • 4. If I had to choose to live somewhere other
    than East TN, I think I would like to live in
    Hawaii. Hawaii has lush mountains as well as
    beautiful beaches. And the people there seem to
    be so laid back and have less worries.
  • Place

  • 5. We live in Maryville, TN which is located in
    East TN about 20 miles south of Knoxville, TN.
  • Relative Location

  • 6. The history of the Middle East dates back to
    ancient times, and throughout its history, the
    Middle East has been a major center of world
    affairs. It is also the historical origin of
    major religions such as Judaism, Christianity,
    and Islam. The Middle East generally has an arid
    and hot climate, with several major rivers
    providing for irrigation to support agriculture
    in limited areas.
  • Region

  • 7. Write your own statement that deals with at
    least 1 of the 5 Themes of Geography and ask a
    friend to answer it.
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