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Much Ado About Nothing Summary


Title: Much Ado About Nothing Summary Author: Osseo Admin Last modified by: Benton, Caroline (OSH) Created Date: 12/10/2010 4:41:57 PM Document presentation format – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Much Ado About Nothing Summary

Much Ado About Nothing Summary
Act 3.1
  • Dogberry and Vergesdrunk
  • Dogberry and Verges give orders to the Watch
  • Dogberry contradicts himself a bit

Act 3.2
  • Don John upset about marriage of Hero and Claudio
  • Borachio offers up a plan to ruin the impending
  • Borachio says he can get Margaret into the window
    that night
  • Borachio tells him how he makes it work is up to

Act 3.3
  • Benedick would like to speak to Leonato privately
  • Don John shows Claudio and Don Pedro Hero in
    the window with Borachio (its really Margaret)
  • Don John tells Claudio that is he loves Hero then
    marry her, but it will do more for his honor if
    he doesnt

Act 3.4
  • Borachio brags to Conrad about the trick
  • The Watch arrest the two men

Act 3.5
  • Wedding day preparations are being made
  • Dogberry and Verges tell Leonato about arrest
  • Leonato tells them to examine the men and report
    back to him

Act 4.1
  • The wedding begins on a happy note, but
  • Claudio accuses Hero of being familiar with a
    luxurious bed and that he wont marry a
  • Hero is clearly confused about the situation and
    Leonato asks Don Pedro his opinion of this
  • Don Pedro agrees that Hero is a common stale

Act 4.1 cont
  • Claudio confronts Hero and asks who she was with
    in her bedroom window
  • Don Pedro confirms what he saw and says she is
    guilty of the crime Hero faints Don John, Pedro
    and Claudio leave
  • Leonato is MAD and takes it out on Hero and
    wishes she were never born regrets having only
    one child

Act 4.1 cont
  • Benedick tries to make sense of this situation
    and asks Beatrice her opinion, but Leo believes
    in Heros guilt and wants her dead
  • Friar jumps in and asks Hero who would do this to
    her Benedick says Claud and Pedro are honorable
    and only John the Bastard could have misled them

Act 4.1 cont
  • Friar wants to find out truth Leonato wants
    those involved to pay
  • To figure out the truth, they will say Hero died
    because of this accusation and Claudio will feel
    so bad because he will remember how great she was
    and feel bad for having accused her
  • Benedick agrees with the idea and Leonato
    follows Hero will die to live

Act 4.1 cont
  • Benedick and Beatrice are alone and declare their
    love for each other
  • Beatrice is upset and wants Benedick to kill
    Claudio to prove that he loves her
  • Beatrice wishes she were a man
  • Benedick will challenge Claudio because it means
    that much to Beatrice
  • At the end of this scene, Don John leaves town
    very pleased with his work.

Act 4.2
  • Dogberry examines Conrad and Borachio
  • The Watch verifies the trick played on Claudio
    and Hero
  • Sexton verifies the story and that Don John has
    left town and that Hero has died because of these
  • They will bring these men to Leonatos