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Day 61 Spanish American War


Day 61 Spanish American War – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Day 61 Spanish American War

Day 61 Spanish American War
US -Spanish Tension
  • Spain had been a dominant empire since the early
  • Monroe Doctrine (Pres. 5)
  • US interest in Cuba
  • 90 miles off Florida Coast
  • US investment in Sugar, Tobacco plantations
  • In 1854 Franklin Pierce (Pres. 14) offers to buy
    it Spain responds we would rather see Cuba
    sunk into the sea

Cuban War for Independence
  • First Rebellion 1868-1878 unsuccessful but helped
    end slavery
  • US starts to purchase sugar cane plantations
  • In 1895 Jose Marti ( A Cuban poet and Journalist)
    leads Revolutionary movement
  • US opinion backed Cuba

War Fever
  • Valermo Weyler (Spanish commander) concentrates
    rural population 300,000
  • Yellow Journalist- told exaggerated accounts to
    sell papers enraged American readers
  • McKinley (25)- tries diplomatic method and has
    some success
  • De Lome Letter- A Cuban rebel stole a private
    letter that the Spanish Minister had written
    saying that McKinley was weak that was published
    Hearst paper
  • Spanish were apologetic. But Americans were

Hearst to Artist Fredric Remingtonafter
Remington said that he didnt think that the US
would go to War
  • You furnish the pictures and I will furnish the

  • USS Main was sent to evacuate American citizens
  • February 15, 1898 exploded in Havana Harbor
  • Newspapers reported and offered an award that the
    Spanish had blown it up
  • The Spanish agree to all demands but US still
    declares war

The Philippines
  • Spain prepared for war in Cuba so the US attacks
    the Philippines
  • George Dewey destroys Spanish Fleet and took
    Manila within hours
  • US Troops fought with Emilio Aguinaldo a Filipino
    rebel that had been fighting against Spanish rule
  • US concentrates population - defeats Filipinos

Caribbean War
  • US Establishes Naval Blockade
  • Naval contrast with army. Ill prepared with heavy
    coats not suited for tropical fighting
  • 9th and 10th Cavalry (African American regiments)
    clear way in Santiago
  • Rough riders led by Teddy Roosevelt get credit
    for San Juan Hill
  • Newspapers focus on minor Victory of San Juan
  • US Then invades Puerto Rico

Treaty of Paris
  • Spain frees Cuba turns over Guam, Puerto Rico and
    West Indies
  • Sells Philippines for 20 million

McKinley on the Philippines
  • There is nothing left to do but to take them
    and to educate the Filipinos, and uplift and
    Christianize our little brown brothers

Summary Question
  1. This is a sensational style of writing to lure
  2. Cuban Poet who launched a revolution.
  3. The US declared War when this ship was destroyed.
  4. What was the result of the Spanish American war
    for Cuba?
  5. This Letter helped fuel the resentment toward
  6. Which Spanish General concentrated the Cuban
  7. The US paid 20 million to annex this Island.
  8. Teddy Roosevelt became a hero because of this
    event although the Rough Riders played a minor
  9. He was the Admiral that defeated the Spanish
    fleet in Manila Bay.