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Lean Master Program


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Lean Master Program

Lean MasterProgram
Objectives Contents
  • Brief background of AMC
  • Lean TOC in a nut-shell
  • AMC Services
  • Details of the Lean Master Certification Program
  • Benefits Credentials of the Lean Master Program

The Lean Master Program
pathway to developing Change-Agents who can
increase profitability
Brief Background of AMC
  • Advanced Manufacturing Consultancy (AMC) is a
    Manufacturing Consulting company, founded and
    registered in Malaysia in 2001
  • The company is founded by former Seagate
    Technologys internal Corporate Lean Consultants.
    They had extensive exposure in Lean Deployment
    within Seagate and led the Supplier Lean Academy
    in Asia. Having accomplished great savings for
    Seagate its suppliers they formed AMC as a
    leading service provider in Lean Manufacturing
    consulting training in Asia and have currently
    expanded to wider areas of service

Lean TOC in a nut-shell What is Lean
  • Lean is a leading edge manufacturing technology
    which aims to identify and eliminate or reduce
    Lean Wastes (non value added activities) in any
    manufacturing environment (regardless of size or
    industry) by using systematic Lean Tools.
  • The Lean Wastes are
  • Excess Inventory
  • Maintaining excess inventory of raw materials,
    parts in process, or finished goods
  • Overproduction
  • Producing more than is needed before it is needed
  • Motion
  • Any wasted motion to pick up parts or stack parts
  • Transportation
  • Wasted effort to transport materials, parts, or
    finished goods into or out of storage
  • Waiting
  • Material awaiting to be processed or to be
  • Over processing
  • Doing more work than is necessary
  • Correction
  • Repair or Rework
  • Unutilized Human Resources

Lean TOC in a nut-shell What Is The TOC
  • The Theory of Constraints is a focused and proven
    approach of identifying what limits (constraints)
    a system from achieving its profit goals or
    continuously achieving higher goals and
    exploiting these constraints in order to achieve
    quantum gains within a very short period of time
  • Advanced Manufacturing Consultancy approaches
    Manufacturing Solutions by using the Theory of
    Constraints to identify System Limitations
    (Constraints) and using Lean Tools to eliminate
    Waste at the constraint

This results in unbelievable leaps of
increased Productivity and Throughput within a
very short period of time
Services Offered by AMC
Lean Consulting Assessments Opportunity
identification Lean Diagnostics to identify
Waste Factory Audit and scoring Engaged with
client in Lean Projects Supplier Lean initiatives
speeding time to respond
Solutions For Increased Profitability
Constraint Busting Identifying System Constraints
Bottlenecks Increasing bottleneck Capacities
with Low Cost or No Cost Solutions
Training Education Lean Tools Training Lean
Master Certification Program Public
Seminars Executive Boot-camps Short Courses Six
Sigma training
Key Services Description
  • Lean Assessments
  • Diagnostic Assessment and Opportunity
  • This service is performed typically over a period
    of 2 to 3 days by 2 consultants. The clients
    level of Lean deployment and opportunities for
    improvement is assessed

Sample assessment radar chart
Key Services Description
  • Lean Consulting-Constraint Busting
  • Consultants work with clients to identify and
    improve existing bottleneck performances to meet
    increased demands. Projects frequently lead to
    huge capital avoidance for clients

Sample bottleneck improvement chart
Key Services Description
  • Lean Education
  • Lean Education involves the transfer of hands on
    knowledge on theory and application of all the
    Tools in the Lean Toolbox. This is done through
    in-house or public training sessions. The
    approach taken is one of Learn-Do-Mentoring.
    Training includes
  • Two Day Value Stream Mapping session
  • 5-14 day short courses
  • One day Theory of Constraint Boot-camps
  • Two day Executive Boot-camps (TOC, Lean Overview,
    Value Stream mapping Change Leadership)
  • Lean Master Certification Program

The Lean Master Program Outline
Total 5 Waves Spread Over 5-6 Months
  • Delivered Through
  • Class Room Theory
  • Simulations
  • Diagnostics
  • Shop Floor Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Projects on Real Problems

Taught by Qualified Lean Masters With Long
Industry Exposure
The Lean Master Program Outline
Total 5 Waves Spread Over 5-6 Months
  • Delivered Through
  • Class Room Theory
  • Simulations
  • Diagnostics
  • Shop Floor Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Projects on Real Problems

Taught by Qualified Lean Masters With Long
Industry Exposure
The Lean Master Program Outline
Total 5 Waves Spread Over 5-6 Months
  • Delivered Through
  • Class Room Theory
  • Simulations
  • Diagnostics
  • Shop Floor Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Projects on Real Problems

Taught by Qualified Lean Masters With Long
Industry Exposure
The Lean Master Program Outline
Total 5 Waves Spread Over 5-6 Months
  • Delivered Through
  • Class Room Theory
  • Simulations
  • Diagnostics
  • Shop Floor Activities
  • Case Studies
  • Projects on Real Problems

Taught by Qualified Lean Masters With Long
Industry Exposure
The Lean Master
The Lean Master Graduate Will Be Trained To
Lean Leaders of Operational Excellence
Lean Practitioners who can Diagnose Solve
Effective Organizational Change Agents
Lean Consultants who can improve manufacturing
The Training Approach
  • The program is taught in a Learn-Do-Mentor

Wave Three Error Proofing Overall Eqt.
Effectiveness Total Prod. Maintenance
Need to complete 1 project before next Wave
4 5 Weeks Later
Wave Two Setup Time Reduction Visual
Management Work Standardization
Need to complete 1 project before next Wave
4 5 Weeks Later
Wave One Lean Overview Change Management 5 S
The Course Contents
  • Wave 1 - The Compass Wave
  • Lean Overview
  • This offers a birds-eye view of the Tools of
    Lean Manufacturing and their effect
  • It is delivered through a one-day highly
    interactive simulation using Lego
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • It is a Diagnostic exercise which helps map what
    adds value and what is not adding value in the
    whole system
  • Identifies opportunities for Lean improvement
  • Team is made to draw clients actual value stream
  • Lean Thinking Process
  • Theory and thought process of Lean Manufacturing
    and the Theory of Constraints

The Course Contents
  • Wave 1 - The Compass Wave
  • Change Management- Leading Change Communication
  • A detail look into why any organizational change
    fails and how to Lead effective change
  • Methods of stakeholder communication
  • The Who Moved My Cheese video is showed
  • Shop Floor Management - 5S
  • The basics of Lean starts with an organized
  • 5S methods are taught and shop-floor red-tagging
    activity is carried out
  • Lean Project Management and requirements
  • Projects are identified for Wave 1

The Course Contents
  • Wave 2
  • Wave 1 Projects presentation Review
  • Review of actual projects completed by Lean
    Master candidates between Wave 1 2
  • Change Management - Handling Resistance
    Practical Filed Guide
  • Covers difference types of resistance people
    pose to change and methods of handling these
  • Practical assessment of clients change
    adaptability and strategies for effective Lean

The Course Contents
  • Wave 2
  • Shop Floor Management - Visual Systems
    Standardized Work
  • Working towards a Visual factory where one will
    be able to tell at a glance what is going on
    and what is needed in the shop-floor
  • Standardized work covers methods and strategies
    of repeatability in processes and shop-floor
    activities. It also covers importance and
    features of an effective SOP
  • Setup Time Reduction
  • This is a powerful tool used to reduce
    change-over time and setup activities such as PM,
    Daily Cleaning etc.
  • The module is taught with an exciting car tyre
    changing exercise and video shooting before doing
    actual shop-floor activity

The Course Contents
  • Wave 3
  • Wave 2 Projects presentation Review
  • Review of actual projects completed by Lean
    Master candidates between Wave 2 3
  • Error Proofing
  • A detail study of methods and strategies of
    mistake proofing
  • Covers methods such as Red-Flag conditions, Fish
    Bone analysis and detail problem solving
  • Lean Performance Metrics
  • A specific set of measurements which are a
    driving force towards speed, flexibility and
    predictability in an organization
  • Covers Measurements such as Manufacturing Cycle
    Time (MCT), Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    (OEE), Dock to Dock Time (DTD), Throughput
    Metrics etc.

The Course Contents
  • Wave 3
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • A structured approach to maintaining equipment
    to enable stable processes
  • Includes Machine measurements such as OEE, MTBA,
    MTBR etc
  • Addresses importance and strategies of using
    Autonomous Maintenance (operator involvement) in
    improving equipment OEE
  • Case Studies
  • Real factory problems are submitted in the form
    of case studies to brush problem solving skills
    in the candidates
  • Case studies will cover each of the key Lean
    tools taught

The Course Contents
  • Wave 4
  • Wave 3 Projects Presentation Review
  • Review of actual projects completed by Lean
    Master candidates between Wave 3 4
  • Theory of Constraints Drum-Buffer-Rope
  • The principles of bottleneck management and the
    application of the Drum Buffer Rope material
    managementconcept to optimize bottlenecks
  • Theory of the TOC thought process
  • The Goal Movie
  • The Goal Movie is a world renowned movie
    presentation of TOC concepts and application of
    the Theory of Constraints in a real factory scene

The Course Contents
  • Wave 4
  • Material Management Kanban Systems
  • Different Types and methods of Material Control
    and Pull System are discussed and taught
  • Topics include KANBAN Types, KANBAN Quantities
    and formulas etc.
  • Lean Diagnostics
  • Understanding how to assess a plant, identify
    opportunities and decide on the specific tools to
    be applied

The Course Contents
  • Wave 4
  • The Lean Roadmap
  • Candidates are given the right approach in
    deploying Lean and proliferating it throughout a
    plant in stages
  • IT Tools
  • a Discussion on what an IT system should provide
    in order to support a Lean TOC factory
  • Discusses some of the drawbacks and suggestion
    on current IT solutions such as MRPII, ERP etc.
  • Case Studies Test
  • Candidates are required to pass test on the
    various modules taught from Wave 1 - Wave 4

The Course Contents
  • Wave 5 - The Graduation Wave
  • High Level Case Study and Problem solving
  • A high level case study which requires extensive
    diagnostic abilities and team collaboration is
    presented to candidates
  • Candidates work in small group teams (about 3 or
    4 members) in solving this Harvard Business
    School Level case study which is based on actual
    factory problems
  • Group Presentations
  • Group presentation of the Case Study
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Awarding of certificates

Requirements for graduation
  • Each candidate must fulfill following
    requirements in order to graduate as a Lean
  • Must have attended and had active participation
    in all 5 Waves of the program
  • Active participation and presentation of case
    studies given during waves 3 4
  • Complete at least 3 projects and must have shown
    a real improvement trend acknowledged by trainers
    and candidates management team
  • Passed the comprehensive Test in wave 4

The Co-Pilot
  • Each Lean Master candidate is entitled to bring
    along one assistant (referred to as co-pilot) to
    the wave. The co-pilot may attend and assist
    either in a whole wave or part of a wave
  • If a co-pilot attends only a certain topic in a
    wave the Lean Master candidate can bring another
    co-pilot for remaining topics in that Wave
  • In Summary A Lean Master can have 1 co-pilot
    with him (need not be same person) on each Topic
    of the training
  • A co-pilot who attends at least one whole topic
    receives a co-pilot certificate

Executives Sponsors
  • Executives and sponsors will be invited to sit in
    selected sessions throughout the Lean Master
  • The topics selected for Executive participation
    is to
  • Expose executives to concepts of Lean TOC
  • Understand diagnostic findings of candidates and
    approve of area of focus for improvement
  • Show sponsorship in Leading the Change process
  • Be familiar with the Performance Measurements
    used by Lean Masters

Topics which executives should participate Lean
Overview, Theory of Constraints, Performance
Metrics, Change Leadership, Value Stream Mapping
Lean Roadmap
The Lean Master Program Structure
Lean Master Candidates Attend 5 Waves Complete
3 Projects Each
The client gets 7-10 candidates trained as
internal Lean Consultants with all the skills
necessary to Diagnose, Strategize, Improve
deploy Lean factory-wide
Co-Pilots Attend Specific Topics Assist in
A big group of second level assistants may attend
1, 2 or up to 4 waves to be trained in specific
topics of interest or importance in their area.
Co-Pilots are similar in level in Lean to the
Green Belts of Six Sigma
Executives Attend Important Selected Topics
Executives such as Plant Manager, Senior
Directors, Department Heads etc. will be exposed
to important aspects of Lean Concepts and will be
able to participate in key diagnostic findings
and approve improvement focus for the team
The Lean Master Program Structure
A Value Stream Map Of Client Site Created at Wave
The clients site VSM shows actual Value Adds
Non Value Adds. Actions and Lean Projects will be
focused on tapping opportunities found in this VSM
Projects Are Based On Actual Issues In
Clients Shop-Floor
All projects will be based on real shop-floor
problems. The client will start to reap benefit
of the Lean Master program right after Wave 1
Lean Roadmap Is Created In Wave 4 To Guide Lean
Executives Candidates together are involved in
creating a Future State Value Stream Map and a
road map for full Lean deployment. A structure of
Lean Organization within the clients factory
could be formed here with the guidance of AMC
  • Lean Master Program trains a set of internal Lean
    Consultants with the knowledge st to
  • Diagnose Factory problems
  • Strategically focus Lean Improvements in areas
    which matter most
  • Have skills to actually use the Lean Tools to
    solve problems
  • Handle Change management Issues
  • The project completion requirements will give
    savings benefits to clients right from wave 1.
    There have been instances where the client had
    offset or exceeded cost of training even before
    the end of the program

  • Typical savings through Lean Master projects in
    the past include
  • Up-to 50 reduction in bottleneck machine setup
  • OEE improvement in capital intensive machines by
    up-to 30
  • Reduced excess WIP holding up to 50 resulting
    in savings up to RM 20,000,000 (one-off saving)
  • Reduced Cycle Time by up to 30
  • Reduced Scrap up to 2 (amounting to about
  • Capital avoidance by up to USD1,200,000

  • Lean Manufacturing in general opinion is too
    BIG and difficult to be achieved. But with AMC as
    our trainer/consultants Lean has become easily
    understood by Belton candidates of all levels.
    Lean has become applicable in Belton
  • Pongyut, Director of
  • Belton Industrial,
  • .result is...very ordinary people here (
    Production Supervisors, Engineers), moving on
    very ordinary projects ( Poka--yoke, UPH
    improvement, Kanban system, etc) for some VERY
    extra-ordinary results. I  am very pleased that
    so much dollars and cents has been saved with a
    lot of simple, sensible and stellar projects.
  • Keep up the good work and I am so proud with all
    of you.
  • Comment of Managing Director of Finisar to
  • AMC Lean Master Candidates

  • Lean Manufacturing came at the right time to
    save millions of dollars for us in capital

  • Michael, Lean/Engineering Manager

  • MSP, Ipoh (NSK Group)
  • Lean Manufacturing is an effective tool to
    reduce wastage, optimize capacities reduce
    costs.AMCs course taught us the effectiveness
    of various Lean Tools.The course is very
    interactive and the simulation games are very
    interesting. The course instructors use their
    extensive industrial experience to elaborate
    important points and make participants understand
    the key points

  • Roger Goh, Vice President

  • Beyonics Precision, Johore Bahru

Thank You
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