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Title: Blank Jeopardy Author: Eleanor M. Savko Last modified by: Gary Adams Created Date: 8/19/1998 5:45:48 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Blank Jeopardy

How Statistics Works
Types of Statistical Studies
Should You Believe a Statistical Study?
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An internet supplier of refilled ink cartridges
sold cartridges to 30,000 customers over the past
two months. A random sample of 1000 customers
revealed that 18 were not happy with their
purchase. The margin of error was 2. What
range is likely to contain the population
Among a sample of 500 men in the U.S. Marine
Corps, it was found that their mean height was
69.7 inches. Determine the population and the
population parameter in this study.
Population All men in the U.S. Marine
Corps Population parameter The average height
of men in the U.S. Marine Corps
Why are sample statistics so important to a study?
Because the sample statistic is then used to make
a conclusion about the entire population being
A recent poll was conducted to determine who
would be the senior class president. This poll
suggests that Emily will undoubtedly win since
she received 55 of the votes and there is only a
3 margin of error. Is this true or false?
In most cases, we are only 95 confident that the
population parameter will fall within the
confidence interval. In this case, the interval
is 52-58. So there is a 5 chance that the
population parameter would fall below 52 in
which case Emily wouldnt receive the majority of
the votes.
Summarize the process of conducting a statistical
  1. Determine the goal of the study in doing this,
    you are defining the population and the
    population parameter
  2. Choose a sample from the entire population
  3. Collect raw data from the sample
  4. Summarize the raw data this is the sample
  5. Draw a conclusion about the entire population
    using the sample statistic

What is the difference between a census and a
A census collects data from every member of the
population, whereas a sample only collects data
from some of the population
Name the five different sampling methods
  1. Simple random sampling
  2. Systematic sampling
  3. Convenience sampling
  4. Cluster sampling
  5. Stratified sampling

A political science student randomly selects 100
names from the voter list of registered Democrats
and 100 from the list of registered
Republicans What type of sampling method is
being used?
A grocery store wants to determine if they should
carry a new energy drink or not, so they offered
free tastes at a stand in the store and asked the
people what they thought. What type of sampling
is being used? Is the sample likely to be
representative of the population of all shoppers?
Convenience sampling not likely to represent the
entire population because you are only targeting
a certain group of people based on the time of
  • You want to conduct a survey to determine the
    proportion of eligible voters in California
    likely to vote for the Democratic presidential
    candidate in the next election.
  • Decide which sample will most likely to be a
    representative sample. Explain why it is and
    explain why the other 3 are not.
  • All eligible voters in San Diego County
  • All eligible voters in the city of Sonoma
  • All eligible voters who respond to an America
    OnLine (AOL) Internet survey
  • Every 100th person on a complete list of eligible
    voters in California

Sample d would be the most representative
because it contains a sample of all areas in CA
as opposed to one specific city or
county. Sample a would not be good because it
only represents people in San Diego Sample b
would not be good because it only represents
people in Sonoma. Sample c would not be good
because it only represents people who have AOL
and actually respond to the survey.
A group of people were given an experimental drug
to see if their vision increased. Another group
was given a drug that looked exactly like the one
mentioned above, but did not contain any active
ingredients (a placebo). Classify these two
Treatment group the group that received the
drug Control group the group that received the
What is the difference between a double-blind
experiment and a single-blind experiment?
In a double-blind experiment, both the
participants and the experimenters are kept in
the dark about who received treatment and who
didnt. In a single-blind experiment, only the
participants are kept in the dark about whether
they were a part of the treatment group or the
control group.
Name the 3 basic types of statistical studies and
BRIEFLY describe each one.
Observational a study in which the subjects are
observed or measured without any
influence Experiment a study in which a
treatment is applied and then the effects are
observed Meta-analysis the review of many past
Give two confounding variables that could
potentially affect the conclusion that was
reached in this following study A study was
conducted by choosing a random sample of 600 U.S.
citizens. This study found that people who eat
broccoli are more likely to get cancer.
The study may be affected if some of those
participants smoke or if they happen to be older
in which case they had more of a chance of being
around asbestos.
  • Determine the most precise type of statistical
    study that would most likely to lead to the
  • What is the average weight of the
    football team?
  • Are newborns effected by women smoking during
  • Does an anti-depressant drug have an effect on
    the mood of a person?

  1. Observational
  2. Retrospective observational study
  3. Double-blind experiment

What is the purpose of following the 8 guidelines
for evaluating a statistical study?
To determine if the results are a good
representation of the entire population or if
there was bias in one aspect of the study
A self-selected survey suffers from what?
Participation bias
What does peer-review do for a study?
It gives the study more credibility since other
experts went through the study looking for any
A survey was taken by interviewing a randomly
selected group of students in the high school and
asking them the average number of times a week
they use drugs or alcohol. The surveys results
showed that 1 of all high school students use
drugs or alcohol once a week. The same survey
was given anonymously by having the group of
students fill out the survey on a piece of paper
and then drop it in a box. These results showed
that 15 of all high school students use drugs or
alcohol once a week. Under what guideline did
this suffer bias?
Guideline 6 consider the setting and wording in
the surveys Most students would not be
comfortable giving an honest answer in an
interview, so the setting played a large role in
affecting this study.
Give an example of a study that may suffer bias
under guideline 3 (something that has not yet
been used in class)
Ex. A local hairdresser is interested in
gaining feedback on her ability as a hairdresser
so she decides to ask every customer that walks
into the salon that day to answer some questions
that pertain to her work. This would be an
example of guideline 3 (examine the sampling
method) because she is only asking customers that
continue to come in which means that they are
most likely satisfied with the results. It would
be more useful to her if she was able to send a
mailing home to all customers that have ever been
to her salon.