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Implementing successful


Implementing successful e-portfolio-based learning Julie Hughes and Emma Purnell The University of Wolverhampton – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Implementing successful

Implementing successful e-portfolio-based
learning Julie Hughes and Emma Purnell The
University of Wolverhampton
Why we do what we do. Narrativising the journey -
starting with the students stories Transitions
and beginning to belong. Im only a Teaching
Assistant me, going to University? I had been
told as a teenager that I was not intelligent
enough to achieve my ambition of becoming a
teacher. the person that started back in
September is not the person I recognise now and
as I unwrap this part of myself I come to
realise I see others as well as myself with
different eyes. I belong here.
Intro to Julie
E-portfolio mentor supporting individuals and
teams at local, regional and national levels -
across disciplines.
E-portfolio teacher FD, PGCE and M level with
teaching mentors 2004 to now. Started with 15
students now working across teams, partners,
stakeholders and professional bodies. Approx 500
students and 50 staff this year.
E-portfolio learner used ep for appraisal and
CPD applying for professional formation through
E-portfolio researcher using e-portfolio to
mentor and data-gather- using ep as a writing
tool/companion with both students and colleagues.
E-portfolio consultant JISC ESCalate
E-portfolio embedding. Curriculum development
revalidation and pedagogy shift.
Intro to Emma
E-portfolio mentor supporting individuals and
teams across the institution
E-portfolio teacher FD, level 1 and PGCE, School
of Education and School of Art and Design
E-portfolio learner Complete PGCE teaching
portfolio is an eportfolio -Using eportfolio for
E-portfolio staff developer working as a member
of the Blended Learning Unit to support
curriculum design using technology. Staff
development sessions on the pedagogy and practice
of eportfolio for learning, teaching and
E-portfolio researcher - doctoral research
looking at student perceptions of eportfolio and
epdp to support learning at level1
E-portfolio consultant For JISC
  • Theoretical and methodological framework
  • 1. Pass-it-on the need to grow your own
  • Importance of developing community/communities
  • Capacity building through mentoring and support
  • Sustainability beyond the early adopter.
  • Minnesota helping to develop positive attitudes
    in faculty
  • Sheffield Hallam - scaffolding and curriculum
  • CSU San Jose faculty buy in built-in
  • Adequate support for students and staff.
  • 2. Theory/practice nexus
  • E-portfolio-based learning as pedagogic shift
  • SOTL
  • Evidence informed practice
  • Focus on the user experience/ethnography.
  • Penn State the need to transform teaching and
    learning (Yancey)

But first....framing statements
positioning Old wine in a new bottle? In
teaching and learning currently, we tend to use
technology to support traditional modes of
teaching... We scarcely have the infrastructure,
the training, the habits, or the access to new
technology to be optimising its use just yet.
(Laurillard, 2007) We must acknowledge that
pedagogy needs to be re-done at the same time
as it needs to be re-thought. (Beetham and
Sharpe, 2007) Learners cannot therefore be
treated as bundle of disparate needs they are
actors not factors, in the learning situation.
(Beetham 2007)
Many things are changing, however, as our
everyday environments become increasingly
digitized. This invites us, challenges us to
develop new conceptual beliefs and knowledge
orientations and approaches to our everyday
world. (Lankshear and Knobel, 2006) E-learning
is often talked about as a trojan mouse, which
teachers let into their practice without
realizing that it will require them to rethink
not just how they use the particular hardware or
software, but all of what they do. (Sharpe and
Oliver, 2007)
We need a dialogue between theory and
practice, as well as between learning and
teaching (Beetham Sharpe, 2007, p.3) We are
witnessing a new model of education, rather than
a new model of learning as our understanding of
e-learning matures, so our appreciation of the
importance of theory deepenswe see how learning
can be socially situated in a way never
previously possible (Mayes and de Freitas, 2007,
University of Wolverhampton
Widening participation HEI 22 000 students 2004
- development of pebblePAD 2005 - first HEI to
make ep available to all staff and students CETL
project (2005-10) and Pathfinder project
(2007/8) Blended Learning Strategy
(2007/8) ePortfolio used in various ways,
including PDP, learning, teaching and
UoWImage adapted fromhttp//
Stats hot off the press!
  • Total number of active users 25 647
  • Number of active users within 30 days 19 775
  • Number of active users within 60 days 21 195
  • Number of active users within 90 days 22 257
  • Number of active users within 180 days 24 158
  • Number of shares 21 719
  • What are they doing?
  • 28 200 webfolios
  • 13 501 blogs
  • 50 000 thoughts
  • 16 381 action plans
  • 2660 gateways

  • Current e-portfolio activity is short-term
    project funded
  • Despite the BL strategy/entitlements there is no
    clear strategic drive or vision for the use of
  • E-portfolio research funds have been drastically
    reduced .

  • But again....
  • There is clearly organic growth and we have a
    National profile for effective e-portfolio

The possibilities? School of Education case study
  • - 15 students and 1 member of staff
  • 2009 500 students and 50 members of staff
  • How?
  • Mentoring and capacity building
  • Teams with management buy in
  • Curriculum redesign and redevelopment
  • Develop e-portfolio-based learning cultures.
  • Another but .....still fragile.

(e)portfolio ways of being
  • When teachers began developing portfolios over a
    decade ago, we knew what we were about with
    process writing and collaborative pedagogies and,
    not least, portfolios was pretty ambitious it
    was, in fact, nothing short of changing the face
    of American education. (Yancey Weiser, 1997,
  • Baume (1999, 2003 p.4) conceptualised the
    developmental portfolio as, a compost
    heapsomething refined over time, enriched by
    addition, reduction and turning over.
  • Messy, non-linear getting your hands dirty!

  • E-portfolio-based learning (JISC 2008)
  • Behind any product, or presentation, lie rich and
    complex processes of planning, synthesising,
    sharing, discussing, reflecting, giving,
    receiving and responding to feedback. These
    processes referred to here as
    e-portfolio-based learning are the focus of
    increasing attention, since the process of
    learning can be as important as the end product.
  • The use of ...e-portfolios... can promote more
    profound forms of learning which can improve
    understanding of the self and the curriculum,
    engage and motivate learners individually and
    as part of a community of practice, personalise
    learning and promote reflective practice (JISC
    2008, p5).

Integrative learning and pedagogy what does it
mean to/for us? A beginning still
composting..... Narrative, representation,
connectivity and networking, curation, connection
with self, with artefact, with others,
awareness of audience, rhizomatic relationships
rooting and shooting, recognising and responding
to students multiple/many identities/roles/modes/
ways of being and becoming, reading and
listening to students stories told in their own
words and in their own formats/media,
re/iterations, transferability and application to
new contexts, a response a conversation,
opening up spaces rather than shutting them
What weve learnt works personalising making
it mine
Being able to personalise the appearance has a
huge impact on student ownership and engagement.
Being an eportfolio teacher . Using technology
for teaching but information push still old
wine in a new bottle?
Its vital to model and value the practices. Im
not asking students to engage in something that I
dont do myself.
PGCE - Blogging from induction using prompts and
writing frames individual blogs supporting
talkback and dialogic addressivity (Lillis,
2001). Blog writing as warm up/rehearsal, writing
patches , cumulative and developmental.
This approach to writing as everyday and
habitual has been received very positively
becoming an e-portfolio teacher will require
colleagues to examine their teaching and feedback
FD first writing/ PDP activity in week 1 a
structured blog entry with prompts. Encouraging
reflections on the personal and the professional.
Its vital to provide prompts and scaffolding for
these PDP activities reflection is hard to do
and it needs nurturing and support to be
meaningful and developmental.
Creating the conditions and expectations for
dialogue rapid, supportive tutor feedback
questioning for growth.
Creating the conditions and expectations for
dialogue rapid, supportive tutor feedback
questioning for growth.
? Establish the netiquette, roles and
expectations this is not a synchronous space.
New technologies opening up spaces for
criticality and reflexivity praxis (Freire)
Action planning as assumption hunting
(Brookfield) Nadia PGCE 2006
Conceptualising PDP activity as a verb not a noun
being aware of deficit models and the potential
for really great content.
Rethinking blogs as critical incident sharing
situated learning.
Blogging as conversation and critique
deepening PDP reflections upon self as a learner
Using individual blogs to share workplace
successes. Integrative Learning (Cambridge
2007) FD bringing the outside in not just the
academic Lucias lived curriculum moving
beyond the delivered and experienced. (Yancey
Dialogue/talk-based ePDP needs time and effort
and a relationship. Blending instead of NOT as
well as?
Blogs referenced as powerful spaces to support
learning and reflection. FD summative assignment
submitted as eportfolio in 2006. Sowing seeds
where now for Amy?
If students can do this in year 1, semester 1
what else is possible?
Amy January 2009 Preparation for
dissertation. E-portfolio as notebook, as study,
as writing and organisation aid.
Independent Study assignment
  • Ive learnt - a shortened version
  • Start with the curriculum and your pedagogic
  • Ask yourself
  • How might the student experience be enhanced by
    using some of these tools and practices?
  • How manageable is this?
  • What support can I and my students access?
  • Is there whole team-buy in and management support
    for this approach?
  • Who can I ask in the e-portfolio community so
    that I dont reinvent the wheel?

Developing buddying cultures
Encouraging personalisation of basic structure
and storying
Amy webfolio image
Amy as learner, as beginning teacher, as part of
an artist collective ongoing into her CPD as
part of her professional formation.
Changing assessment and moderation cultures
Blending the PDP digitising f2f
activities Creativity supported and
encouraged. Eportfolio as the link to support
integrative and iterative learning. Archive and
collation focus a PDP pool to draw on. An
eportfolio way of learning LaGuardia Community
College Collect, select, reflect, connect.
Collage as reflective essay plan my development
as an HE student