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Livingston County Middle School OPENING DAY Theme: Rigor, Relevance, RELATIONSHIPS AUGUST 11, 2014 8 AM with Mrs. Henson in Computer Lab, Rm#3 YOU NEED: PGES ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Livingston County Middle School

Livingston County Middle School
  • Theme Rigor, Relevance, RELATIONSHIPS
  • AUGUST 11, 2014
  • 8 AM with Mrs. Henson in Computer Lab, Rm3
  • YOU NEED PGES Framework, Enduring Skills, CIITS
    log in, data for Self Refl, PGP/G, SGG with
  • 9AM in Cardinal Room with Huddy
  • YOU NEED Staff NB, EOP, TEACHER Edition of
    Agenda, Calendar, pen

Welcome to LCMS New StaffTheir Contact Info is
on our Home Page
  • 7th Grade Teacher Ms. Jessica Walker
  • 8th grade teacher Mr. Chris Rueter
  • School Counselor Ms. Terrin Hayes
  • Head Girls BB Coach Mr. Eric Wring
  • Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Cecilia Tabor
  • Instructional Assistant Mrs. Sara Hall
  • Custodian Mrs. Gail Anderson
  • A-Team Interventionist TBA if we get position
  • Family First (FRYSC Asst. Coordinator) Mrs.
    Ronda Taylor
  • Thanks to interview committees for their time!!!

Tech Needs
  • Give me list today
  • I have to submit to BJ ASAP
  • Subs will have email

  • Sondra Lawton

  • HR teacher (1st period) takes forms
  • Get TEACHER EDITION of student agenda
  • CPI 3 and 12
  • Notes from July 28
  • PD pre-app (PD form, PO, approval)
  • PO, MR form, etc.
  • DE markers, chairs Card Rm, Door Cracked, etc.
  • 20
  • New CCR Board info to Angie

  • Employee Handbook Form
  • AUG
  • 20 to Angie
  • DAILY Sign-In sheet AND Staff Attendance Sheet
  • SAS due signed by 20th of each month
  • Other sign ins for PDs, G-days, Open

  • Throw away old staff NB info and replace with NEW
  • Note 6th period rosters for RtI (1-20 PM
    weekly Tier 3 every 3 weeks Tier 2) and
    Enrichment (21-49), etc.
  • Progress monitoring data home at MT and RC!!!!
  • Committee Meetings, parent communication, etc.

  • Asbestos
  • Were any of you absent on August 6, Mandatory

  • About 6 conflicts
  • Inform us if students need to move
  • Terrin with discipline RtI
  • Agenda has 7 Habits of HE teens
  • Tammy Sayle and Teresa in PLCs

  • We call our own subs
  • Print list and keep copies with you
  • Careful who you call
  • Update rosters and leave several copies

Cell Phone Policy
  • 1st Office Referral and get back from TEACHER
    at end of day teacher calls home
  • 2nd office Referral and to principal. Returned
    to parent ONLY on Monday
  • 3rd Office referral to principal. Returned
    to parent only at end of quarter.
  • 4th Office referral to principal. Student in
    AC. Device to parent at end of day.

To Do
  • Sign In
  • Program Reviews (PLCS PE, health, careers,
    consumerism AH Dance, drama, music, visual
    arts WRITING)
  • Keep mailbox clean
  • Get teacher agenda/bookmark
  • Get enough student agendas for first period and
  • Suicide Prevention Training Certificate
  • Sub Plans (especially emergency)
  • Get exterior door key from Beverly (opens all new
    ext doors kitchen) sign
  • Take PD surveys, G-day surveys, etc.
  • Target Posters, Classroom Constitution, TPGES
    student voice survey
  • Student Led Conferences, Engagement Cards,
    Learning 360 flip chart

To Do
  • ILP District Plan
  • Update classroom website
  • Join List servs prof orgs, ask about data
  • Read student agenda, EOP, staff NB
  • Program Reviews, 21st Century Skills,
  • 504s, IEPs, GSSP, PLPs, etc.
  • RtI
  • DLT PLC checklist SW Analysis, Congruency
    Protocol, etc.
  • National Board Certification
  • Make targets meaningful

Staff Handbook
  • PLEASE do NOT put name on NB (use paper insert)
  • Staff NBs are to be turned in at the end of the
  • Sign for receipt of information

Track Student-Led-P-T conferences
  • School Report Card needs me to report
    conferences, volunteer hours, etc.
  • Record Volunteer Hours

Important to Remember
  • Peer Observation
  • Follow Up Front Expectation Lesson Plans
  • Sign Title I Compact
  • Emergency Maps/Proceds up in EVERY ROOM with
    SECONDARY ROUTES (Id do fire in red solid line
    primary dashed line secondary with key)
  • Assembly Seating
  • District Attendance Incentives (14.5)
  • PLC Dept Mins Template (2 PD 360 videos per
  • Growth Mindset!!!!
  • Dress, Timely, POSITIVE
  • PD 360 Achievement Points CIITS on College Sign

Staff Position NeedsShared Leadership on
  • ESS Coordinator ???
  • Committee Officers 3 Standing 2 Ad-Hoc
  • Book Study Leaders PD presenters
  • Grant Writers
  • Mentoring Program Coordinator Student Staff
  • PTSO Staff Liaison PI Organizer
  • Any area youd like to have input, etc.

Phone Calls
  • Leave Voice Mail
  • One-Calls after 430 PM - 8 PM

CCR Bulletin Boardemailed July 26
  • Front, Foyer Bulletin Board
  • Aug 20 Sept 30   8th grade ELA, Read Tier 2
  • Oct 1-Nov 8  8th grade Math, Math Tier 3, and
    any 8th grade SE in resource room
  • Nov 11- Jan 7  8th grade SS
  • Jan 7 Feb. 7  PE /Health/Dance/Drama
  • Feb  10-March 10  7th grade Math
  • March 11 April 11  7th grade SS
  • April 14 May 14  7th grade ELA and any 7th
    grade SE in resource room

Medical Training (to
dispense medication)
  • No staff member may dispense medication to ANY
    student without training (this includes OTC
    prescription meds!!!)
  • Any staff member who takes field trips (coaches,
    clubs, etc.)
  • Epi-Pen, Di-Stat, Glucagon, etc.

Blood Borne Pathogen Training
  • View video
  • Question Answer time with district nurse, Tonya
  • School Nurse is Tonya Padon
  • School Nurse clerk is Angela Freeman.

Other Items to possibly include in HB
  • Emergency Procedures for Specific Students

  • Bullying must be reported.
  • See administrator for forms.
  • SBDM Bully Policy
  • Bully reporting box in media center and outside
    guidance office
  • Bully prints bought by yearbook.

Evaluation Guidelines andGrowth Plans
  • Walkthroughs, Formatives and Summative ---
    Purpose to help us grow forms in HB, on
    Internet, e-mail (job description, standards,
    etc.) --- ALL this data and MORE is used on your
  • Those who do not follow chain of command,
    professionalism, etc. will see this on
    evaluation. If you dont work well with others,
    etc. In December, Ill give STUDEN VOICE SURVEY
    to students. You may want to give TRC at midterm
    and SVS at end of Qtr 1.
  • Procedure in Evaluation Plan
  • Procedure (lesson plans, worksheet, pre conf,
    post conf)
  • Corrective Action and Growth Plans
  • Appeals
  • Another Observer
  • Lesson Plan Format
  • Teacher, Media Spec, Counselor, Admin,
    Classified Standards forms
  • Sample Forms (IPGP, etc.)
  • Schedule in staff handbook e-mailed (please
    help correct if mistakes)
  • Classified staff have a certified supervisor
    (please see notes on evaluation schedule)
  • Appeals Panel
  • GROWTH PLANS, PD Plan, certificate, HQ info are
    DUE to be uploaded to CIITS by Sept 15
  • UNAnnounced District Walk-Throughs monthly
    Instructional Rounds BY REQUEST in October and
    Feb (mtg inv sent)
  • 2 days Learning 360 Staff
  • There will be other Unannounced walkthroughs by
    district and school administration.

  • Report to front office to sign in by 740 AM
  • Read announcements on email daily
  • Check mailbox e-mail
  • On duty by 720 AM
  • Doors open to students at 720 AM. They will be
    sent to gym. Breakfast begins at 733 and no
    more hot served after 740. Late bus sent to
    class with breakfast.
  • On first day ONLY, report to gym at 750 bell.

Harassment Discrimination PolicyFor students
AND staff
  • Definition
  • Prohibition
  • Grievance (forms for certified, classified,
  • 1st period teachers to cover recognition
    reporting with students important (I was to
    testify in a 14M lawsuit that this was covered in
  • Make sure students know what is inappropriate
    behavior (age appropriate) touching, etc.
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Procedures (MUST report all claims to Principal
    who reports to Title IX)
  • Prohibited Conduct
  • Confidentiality
  • Appeal
  • Retaliation Prohibited
  • False Complaints

Confidentiality 707 KAR 1360
  • Maintain Privacy of all Students and keep list
    names/positions of those with access to records
  • Parent Release Consent for the Release of
    Information Form (SE 14e)
  • Record of Disclosures Form -- record of parties
    obtaining access to education records (SE 14j,
    14k) (except access by parents, eligible students
    (CO notifies of transfer to child at 18) and
    authorized BOE employees with LEGITIMATE
    EDUCATIONAL INTEREST in the records). The parent
    consent for that person to view/be sent records
    is referenced on this RoD form and placed in
    cumulative folder (name of persons, date person
    access, purpose). Make sure party disclosed to
    knows to keep confidential. Subject to FERPA
  • Only information related to ONE child (watch
    gradebooks, etc.-No personally identifiable
    information regarding other children is
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Directory Information is released unless parent
    requests in writing it not be (notified by
  • Be careful in the lounge and on e-mail
    Need-To-Know talk in classroom, etc.
  • School Issues do NOT give copies of protocols
    to parents or release ORIGINAL records
  • Initial copies free of charge to parent
    destruction is announced in Student Handbook and
    destroyed by Record Retention Schedule (but good
    idea to keep due to SSI claims for SE, etc.)
  • Training to all with access to educational
    records (volunteers, student teachers, new staff,
  • FERPA annual notification about surveys
  • Confidentiality statement on e-mails

  • Jan Stacy are resources
  • OPGES Dee and Terrin (draft)

EPSB Professional Code of Ethics Training
  • Due to the number of incidents being reported
    each year, EPSB is asking that this be reviewed
    with all certified staff at the beginning of
    school.   Copies have been provided to each
    certified employee (small green bookmark
    looking informational flier).  EPSB is also
    willing to come and schedule an "ethics
    seminar".  If you want more information about
    this, I will contact Alicia A. Sneed at 502 564
    4606.  Her information is interesting and
  • Form on back of TC-2 to renew certificate that
    explains what is expected is included in your
    staff handbook
  • If you question the ethics of an action, dont do
  • If you are arrested, this must be reported to
    EPSB. They will follow-up to see if youre
    guilty, etc.

Student Dismissal
  • Check student profile form in folder (coaches to
    make copy)
  • Student only leaves with those who are listed and
    that person must show a PHOTO ID.
  • Child is not released to anyone who is not on
    that list
  • Ask if questions about any procedures or policies
  • If you have duty and students left in classroom,
    make arrangements with colleague to send your
  • 2 release bells (250 and 255 second
    bus/students staying after school/athletes/OZONE/P
    M detention students stay in room at 255 tone
    please get cover if you have PM duty)
  • PM Detention is 300-330 PM

Bug Log
  • Located by sign in(NB)
  • List type of bug and area so we can spray

Reporting Abuse
  • Were All Legally Responsible
  • Central Intake 270-388-4818
  • Document All Calls (date, time, name of contact,
    etc.) --- use Referral for Student Support
    Services form
  • RECORD CASE NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Let Counselor and Principal Know
  • When in Doubt -- Report

Staff Dress Code
  • Professional Manner at MINIMUM need to follow
    student code
  • If a paid day, dress professionally (PD, etc.)
  • Appropriate Style and Length
  • Modest
  • Casual Friday or SCHOOL SPIRIT
  • Pride/Respect/Values
  • Model High Standards
  • No hats
  • Field Trip Dress
  • Health/PE Dress

  • High expectations for all students.
  • Prompt, alert, and dependable
  • Never yell at or grab students (unless safety
    issue) Never argue or use sarcasm (Todd
    Whitaker) forge positive relationships with
  • Address students and parents professionnally!!!!!!
  • Positive contact with all parents at least once
    per grading period.
  • Participation on committees with parents.
  • Attendance at faculty mtgs., PTSO mtgs., other
    school events.
  • Cell/School phones are not for personal use
    during class time long distance/stamps/fax/copier
    s for school business only
  • Professional Dress
  • Mentor all new staff ?
  • No chaperones without a background check.
  • Chain of Command
  • Adults should not discuss personal issues with
    students or them near by
  • NEVER leave students unsupervised do not alter
    district equipment
  • Follow RedBook, Fundraising, Handbook, District
    Code, etc. guidelines
  • Be kind to colleagues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Expectations (continued)
  • Use of KCAS, teaching to DOK 3, Livingston Curr
    Document, and Program of Studies (national
  • Remember Combined Curriculum Document on KDE
    site, Jefferson Co OR, etc.
  • Observe other staff 1 times per month upload 3
    tips to SkyDrive SISI group.
  • Talk positively about school staff
  • If in office (1st impression), stop to
    acknowledge parents give smile if busy, etc.
  • Monitor bullying (please dont be guilty of
    deliberate indifference, failure to protect,
    negligence, etc.)
  • Teach the behavior you expect - MODEL
  • You are responsible for all students (IEP, 504,
    ELL PSP, G/T GSSP,) differentiate
  • Submit PR information (Jennifer Ashley BOE GOOD
    NEWS, district and school PR/SRC, newspaper,
    radio, website, yearbook (Rob), AM announcements
    (Alsobrook), SBDM (Huddleston), Leigh Choat --
    Media Class, etc.)!!!
  • Keep teaching when district staff or Board
    members walk-through your classroom

Expectations (continued)
  • Be understanding of accommodations for SE
    students (their IEP, GSSP, PSP, etc. is law).
    SUPPORT CO-TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SE High Expectations dont do work for
  • Never tell a parent, Thats not my job.
  • Follow Behavior Plans, VI plans, HI plans,
  • Exceptional PD behavior assembly (not grading
    papers, professional dress, no text messaging,
  • Notify if will miss mandatory PDs, etc.
  • Please have baby-sitters if youre paid to be at
  • National Board Certification
  • Wall of Proficiency Post student work
  • Students not on teacher computer never give your
    password to anyone change PW and not generic
  • Follow AUG professional e-mails (can be
  • No computer/Internet game playing or personal
    business during time you monitor students

Expectations (continued)
  • Tax Payers are watching be professional in the
    community, watch school time trips, etc.
  • Teach Bell-to-Bell with energy --- make your
    class interesting and inviting
  • Bell Ringer, Exit slips, immediate feedback
  • Be proactive
  • Job LCMS comes first if multiple school
  • You make the climate!!! Venting is an excuse to
    be negative and could be a breach of
    confidentiality. I will address staff members
    who attempt to adversely affect the learning
  • Before you request something, what is your
    reasoning? Is it best for students?
  • Supervise students if on duty (back of bus, etc.)
    separate no congregating to talk
  • No standing in halls talking if students in your
  • CALL roll first 3 days of any class change (ask
    if someones name wasnt called) students never
    take attendance (your records may stand in court)
  • Trust me I know the big picture and have
    confidential information

  • Follow EPSB, district, AND school policy, rules,
    processes, procedures, plans, etc. ILP plan,
  • Read CSIP (http// , click
    LCMS, click school information, then CSIP forms,
    finally each of 3 components ) and CDIP
    (http// , click district
    information, then district improvement plan), and
    implement as required
  • Keep our school on track with SISI and Effective
    Schools Correlates
  • Meet Teacher Standards focus on learning
    (understanding and doing) alignment
  • Keep our environment positive go to person ONLY
    and talk professionally if you hear something in
    community, have an issue, etc. (Talk WITH
    someone to solve issues)
  • Self-motivated and problem solver COME WITH

  • Give surveys to stakeholders and respond to
    results/feedback (SVS given by me in Dec)
  • Read daily emails and send info that needs to be
    in it
  • Announcements emailed to me afternoon prior with
    ANNOUCEMENT in subject and duration contents in
  • Be organized preserve instructional time no
    classroom interruptions without one week notice
  • Have a neat, clean, organized, clutter-free room
    with working equipment
  • Know emergency drill procedures (Fire, EQ,
    Tornado, LockDown, bomb, evac, SIP, etc.)
  • Let us know immediately if students need to be
    regrouped, etc. Be flexible due to RtI needs.
  • Fill out goal sheets with students

  • Answer the phone like youre the happiest person
    in the world
  • Network at meetings!!!!! Site visit schools that
    have sustained success.
  • Share your PD in PLCs and staff meetings. Email
    synopsis, etc. Register for PD on STI PD. IPDP
    on SkyDrive.
  • PUBLISH articles in newspaper, journals, etc.
    Student competitions!!!
  • Implement school writing policy/plan/procedure/bes
    t practices
  • Require student agenda use
  • Attend and POSITIVELY participate in PLCs
    according to set schedule and recommended/needed

  • Attend and POSITIVELY participate in committees
    according to set schedule and recommended/needed
  • Join committee by choice (rec that dept teachers
    on diff comm. grade level on diff comms)
  • SISI self study SkyDrive with narratives for
    each indicator and ELECTRONIC evidence
  • CSIP II to SBDM in Sept, Jan, May
  • Agenda emailed to ALL staff at least one week
  • Minutes emailed to ALL staff at most one week
    after meeting invitation to members so on
  • Program Review teachers do narratives for each
    characteristic and ELECTRONIC evidence to
  • Distribute a class syllabus to each class and
    every student on first day of school upload to
  • Leave detailed notes for substitute teachers
  • Get work to detention, alt school, and HOMEBOUND
    timely and complete

  • Check and respond to email DAILY
  • Submit timely, complete, accurate paperwork
  • Do at least one peer observations per month
    upload to OneDrive give your written notes to
    teacher you observed
  • Differentiate make sure you know GT/504/SE/ELL
    required accommodations
  • Use research based instructional strategies,
    RIGOR, relevance, and make relationships
  • Keep IC updated WEEKLY
  • Keep classroom webpage updated WEEKLY
  • Mentor Students

  • Make voluntary Home Visits as necessary
  • Take on leadership role mentor new staff,
    Committee office, SBDM, list servs, partic PLC,
  • RtI building coord, ESS bc, Title I bc, etc.
  • Report good news to district PR, Twitter, and
    facebook pages!!!!
  • Join List Servs
  • Represent our school well timely, POSITIVE, prof
    dress/actions, participate, business cards, etc.
  • Assessment Policy that samples to SBDM and
    collab in PLCs, model in PLCs, etc.
  • Keep an assessment notebook
  • Help with PROGRAM REVIEW documentation impl

Program Review Changes
  • Meet the 4th Tuesday of each month
  • 3 PROGRAMS AH, PLCS, Writing
  • Math teachers
  • PD 1 a-d IN ALL 3 PROGRAMS
  • Science teachers
  • PD 2 a-e in ALL 3 PROGRAMS
  • SE teachers
  • ALSAM 2 a-c in ALL 3 PROGRAMS
  • AC teacher
  • AH ALSAM 1 a-g, Writing ALSAM 1 a-d
  • Media Specialist
  • PLCS ALSAM 1 a-i

  • Help with PROGRAM REVIEW documentation and
  • Core elective teachers collaborate plan to
    build interdisciplinary STANDARDS-BASED units of
    study using ILP as research tool, tech, 21st
    century skills, Multiple Intelligences/Research
    Based Inst Strategies/HOT, speakers, field
    trips, feedback from co-developed scoring guides
    (peers/self/teacher), and integrate the strands
    of literacy (reading, writing, speaking,
    listening, language use)
  • students CREATE, PERFORM, RESPOND, etc.
  • Collaborate plan with SE teachers

Keep An Assessment Notebook
  • KCAS Checklist AND Curriculum documents
  • Quarterly Learning Checks
  • Data (Universal Screener, K-PREP, EXPLORE, Lng
    Check, Progress Monitoring, Clrm Grades,
    Behavior, Attendance, Specific Programs
    Apex/Manga High/CorrReading/etc., etc.)
  • Parent Communication
  • Syllabus with phone number availability to
  • Emails (indiv or to ILP group or to PDL)
  • Phone calls (indiv or per One Call Now)
  • Conferences
  • Classroom webpage
  • Sample of IC Student Summary Report at midterm
  • Sample of school/class newsletter, IC portal
    announcements, marquee, newspaper articles, etc.
  • Participation in monthly parent involvement
    nights (SE, Lit, Financial, Health, Careers,
    College readiness, ILP, test data, IC use, etc.)
  • Sample Assessments with STUDENT WORK
  • LESSON PLANS with SDI doc services to
    exceptional children (SE, GT, 504, LEP/ELL/ESL,

  • Apply for grants
  • Be knowledgeable about school programs TITLE I
    SCHOOLWIDE PROGRAM (compact, policy, surveys,
    ANNUAL MEETING Aug 25 etc.), RtI, etc.
  • Teacher use of technology, smartphone APPs, web
    2.0, etc.
  • Use of CIITS
  • STUDENT USE of technology
  • Use of Lexile Information on text complexity
  • Specific Teacher Requirements
  • Social Studies Constitution Day Lesson
  • Music Veterans Day Program
  • Special Ed Correct paperwork in collaborative
    periods EVERY DAY, EVERY MINUTE plan with ALL
    staff commun where you are
  • Math Use of Quantile information

  • Growth Mindset, WhyTry, CHETL,
  • Science Fair, Culture Fair, and Heritage Day
  • Model life long LEARNING
  • Address 21st Century Skills
  • 1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • 2. Collaboration across networks and leading by
  • 3. Agility and adaptability
  • 4. Initiative and entrepreneurialism
  • 5. Effective oral and written communication
  • 6. Accessing and analyzing information
  • 7. Curiosity and imagination

  • Keep me informed of anything that I need to know
  • Confidentiality you will have all IC and SDT
    and EXPLORE data access
  • Teachers must be signed in by 740 AM (720 one
    day per week for duty)
  • Teachers may leave at 315 PM (unless after
    school meetings, etc.)
  • Sick days, Personal Days
  • Extended employment and non-contract days (if
    students here, take a personal or sick day)
    July 1 need calendar of days you PLAN to work for
    upcoming year June 30 need calendar documenting
    days you worked during that year need your
    hourly schedule
  • Calm voice, professional/positive, you will be

  • If parent in office and Shannon is busy, respond
    --- visitor in hallway etc.
  • Cover classes as requested be flexible
  • Be proactive with any child in hallway
  • Dont leave building during school day without
    signing out and emailing me and getting
  • Park in teacher parking.
  • Assembly seating MONITOR students
  • VOLUNTEER 5 Home visits take packet of info
    follow agenda
  • HOPE, DREAM BIG, envision success, focus, make no

OneDrive, Email, Calendar, etc.
  • Join all OneDrive Requested groups
  • Post WEEKLY lesson plans on OneDrive and share
    with principal, SE teacher, others as needed
  • Post PD Action Plan on OneDrive and share with
    principal and Sheri Henson
  • Post IPGP on CIITS/OneDrive and share with
    principal and Sheri Henson
  • Post grade level PLC, departmental PLC,
    Committee, Staff, etc. minutes on OneDrive
  • Put your calendar on OUTLOOK, send meeting
    invitations, have a signature line with MVG, and
    create email folders

SISI OneDrive Group Email
  • Upload to SkyDrive group SISI under
  • ZZ SYLLABUS Folder - you create folder named
    LAST name, first and upload Syllabus for EACH
    class (name FILES Pre-Alg Syl, 7th gr math syl,
    YB syl, etc.)
  • ZZ Indiv Prof GROWTH PLANS folder you create
    folder named LAST name, first and upload your
    individual professional growth plan (name 2012-13
  • ZZ Indiv PD Plan folder you create folder
    named LAST name, first and upload your
    individual PD Plan named IPDP 2012-13 (and any
    scanned/elec copy of your attendance)
  • ZZ Peer Observations FOLDER 2012-2013 FOLDER
    you create folder named LAST name, first and
    upload FILES 2 per month labeled Hudd visit of
    Lawton Aug, Hudd visit of Strickland Aug, Hudd
    visit of Belt Sept, Hudd visit of Travers Sept,
  • ZZ WEEKLY Lesson Plans folder 2012-2013 FOLDER
    - WEEKLY with SDI other requested doc
  • Signature line on email with M,V, Goal statements
    and LiveRed logo

Personal Days
  • Approved by Principal (e-mail appreciated)
  • 48 Hours Notice (1 week appreciated)
  • Will not be approved if 1st and Last 2 Weeks
  • Will not be approved Prior to Holidays/Days with
    no school or during K-PREP testing, etc.
  • Will Not be Approved if 3 or More Subs or we
    cannot secure a sub
  • If approved, please tell Angie youll need a sub
  • See LCBOE policies for family leave, medical

Staff Leaving at ANY time
  • Obtain permission from principal if leaving
    during school day FOR ANY REASON it will reflect
    on your evaluation if you do not
  • Get a cover for your students
  • Sign Out in Office (be detailed in destination)
  • Deducted When personal and reach 3 Hours please
    make non-emergency appts after school
  • Use Only When Needed Tax payers are watching

  • 3 committees (around SISI standards) with
    subcommittees as appropriate Academic
    Performance, Learning Environment, Efficiency
  • Read sign up sheet for roles
  • See list (all staff members are on a committee of
    their choice meets at least monthly)
  • Chair from last year to begin this year at
    first meeting, elect new. If chair retired, vice
    chair to conduct first meeting.
  • Sign up
  • Get a parent and student member dont have to
    be present to meet.
  • Let me know if you want to be involved. We love
    input!!! ?

School SafetyKCSS Audit Feb. 5, 2013
  • Keep Outside Doors Locked advise students not
    to open for visitors keep hallway door window
    uncovered keep class number uncovered
  • In lockdown, do NOT cover door and outside
    windows (do NOT answer anyone knocking). Lock
    doors/windows. Leave lights as is. Hide in
    INSIDE corner. Take roll and report missing ,
    extra , all present, etc. via email to Angie
    me. Well call if questions.
  • When exiting the building at ANY time, please
    make sure ALL doors lock behind you!!!
  • Require Visitors Passes ( wear your badge) be
    courteous if you find someone w/o one
  • Know crisis procedures (flip charts, etc.)
  • Know what to do if answer phone in office for
    bomb threat
  • Keep room/school clean and organized

School Safety (continued)
  • Bomb Threat SEARCH first evacuate if
  • Read crisis procedures in Staff Handbook (POST
    read flip chart)
  • Do not use carpet remnants in your classroom no
    breaks in boiler room no storage inside red
  • Remind students to be careful and secure
    belongings to prevent theft
  • Report concerns, maintenance issues, etc. to
    front office e-mail me
  • Student Accident reports --- working accident
  • AHERA Notebook

Fire and Severe Weather Drills
  • Evacuation Procedures Posted EQ, Bomb, Fire,
    Tornado, Lock Down
  • Doors and Windows Closed
  • Take Roll at Assigned Area report missing
    students to office
  • Review Procedures Prior to Drill (make sure needy
    are ready for loud alarms)
  • 2 Fire Drills During 1st Two Weeks schedule
    attached for most drills (weather permitting)

Emergency Procedures
The safety of our students is our number one
priority. No one leaves until the Emergency is
Lock Down
  • Announce We are in a Lock Down
  • If announced exterior intruder, only time cover
    OUTSIDE windows.
  • ALL FREEZE, QUIET, and hide
  • Close, Lock doors and windows.
  • Students should move to the INTERIOR corner of
    the class room away from view of door and window.
  • Email the number of students present, missing,
    extra, and injured
  • Dont open door for anyone
  • Dont respond to fire drills, etc.
  • Wait for PRINCIPAL TO UNLOCK door
  • Dont talk to media advise them to contact PR
  • Gym to storage room Cardinal Room to Teacher
    Workroom, Beverlys office

Post red primary (solid) sec (dashed) routes
Fire Drill
  • Escort students by utilizing emergency evacuation
  • Shut Door
  • Take Grade Book
  • Take roll
  • Report missing students to first person you find
    with a school radio
  • MANY CHANGES (closest route primary)

  • Escort Students into an interior hallway as far
    away from glass doors and windows as possible.
  • Duck and Cover
  • Jan Robin to computer lab with class in there
  • REST up hall (Carl, Eric, Teresa, SE on 7th part
    Michelle to top of 8th)
  • PE storage room

Earth Quake
  • Remain In classroom
  • Duck
  • Cover
  • Hold
  • Gym to storage room

Bomb Threat
  • If answer outside line, have form with questions,
  • Call 911
  • We will announce Teachers please search your
  • Report anything suspicious to the office
  • If something is found we will announce for
    everyone to evacuate the building using the fire
    drill evacuation procedure.
  • Do not use cell phones or hand held radios.
  • Report to buses parked on side for evac to LCHS

Shelter in Place
  • Announce to follow SIP procedures
  • Orderly escort students with roll book to NLES
  • Follow your duty per insert in Staff NB

  • Please heed bus STOP arms
  • Post crisis flip chart know your responsibility
  • Keep rooms tidy
  • Let me know of any concerns you note during
    safety drills, building maintenance, etc.
  • Document that you went over items on next slide
    on first day with students

Document Covered FIRST student day
  • District Code of Acceptable Behavior
  • LCMS Handbook (comes up in expulsion cases)
  • Sexual Harassment (Recognize, report, age
    appropriate inappropriate behaviors) AND
  • Bus regulations/safety and discipline (for field
    trips, athletics, etc.)
  • Pedestrian/car (Driver Passenger)/bike/skateboar
    d safety
  • Theft protection
  • Bully Program
  • Safety (drills-EQ,Fire,Bomb,LockDown,Tornado,etc.
    do not open doors for visitors etc.)
  • Fed Law Inst about approp on-line behavior,
    interacting with others on social networking
    sites chat rooms, cyberbullying awareness
  • Classroom rules, procedures, syllabus, etc.

Those with current CPR, First Aid, and AED
  • All Coaches
  • E-mail me your names. ?

Seclusion Restraint Training
  • We watched 4 hour PBIS modules
  • Law
  • Board Policy
  • Board Procedures (forms, etc.)
  • GOAL De-escalate so S/R not necessary
  • Restrain/Seclude only if imminent danger of harm
    to self/others.
  • We ALL must respond to keep students and self
    safe. What would a reasonable person do?
  • If we need to restrain/seclude, we must summon
    the CORE team ASAP.
  • We must ensure procedures/policies followed.

  • Summon by calling 4000, person directly, or
    sending a student (give 3 names)
  • Brett Heppner Alescia Wilson
  • Sondra Lawton Lisa Huddleston
  • Stacy Walker Terrin Hayes
  • Ann Travis
  • Teresa Alsobrook
  • Tara Haslett NLES

S/R (contd)
  • NO ONE (even core team) may
  • Chemically, mechanically rest or secl w/o supv
  • Prevent communication in primary mode
  • Prone/supine restraint
  • All must monitor face and communicate

Those with current SCM or CPI training
  • Does anyone have CPI that is current?

CDL holders
  • Mrs. Alescia Wilson

Workers Compensation
  • Only if youre injured performing your job!!!

  • Guard Instructional Time
  • ALL Snacks must meet nutritional guidelines
  • Any video shown must be accompanied by an open
    response and GRADED samples of student responses
    in lesson plan
  • No gum

Student Accident Insurance
  • Office has forms
  • Students may purchase school insurance
  • Make sure to fill out ACCIDENT REPORTS for any
    student injuries in school related settings

Office Referrals (ALL
staff may write)
  • Office Referral only for Physically Dangerous
    Behavior, Illegal Behavior, Defiance, or repeated
  • One Parent Meeting Before Office (except for
  • Be detailed and specific no hearsay only one
    name per form (only mention that childs name)
    if witnesses, send email (form goes home to

Angie Freeman
  • Information on morning sign-in form
  • Book Keeper, Fundraising, etc.
  • Get change of address or phone information to me
    ASAP (staff or student)
  • Report absence, reason (sick, personal,
    Professional), and subs name prior
  • Attendance Sheets, SICK cards, etc.

Calling Substitutes
  • We call our own subs (see attached list)
  • Call or text Angie Freeman
  • Attendance Tracked on IC
  • Make Arrangements for Any Extra Duty
  • Call as Early as Possible (Not before 5 AM or
    after 1030 PM) Please dont call after 630
  • If you call the morning of an absence, call
    Huddleston at 839-1827.
  • Tell weeks in advance if possible --- if call me
    at home, leave date/time message.

Attendance Mrs. Freeman
  • Procedure for first three days
  • Take morning attendance at 752
  • Students entering the building after 752 will be
    directed to the office and will receive an admit
    slip (tardy to school).
  • Students late to first period without office
    admit get a TARDY TO CLASS (just record in
    gradebook office referrals at 3 tardies)
  • FORMS ASAP to office

  • Dont send students to the office to get a tardy
    slip after first period
  • Record tardies in your grade book

RedBook Regulations
  • Fill out POs have approved BEFORE you spend any
    money (includes school cards, etc.)
  • Sign out School Cards
  • No reimbursal if not PRE-approved
  • Fundraiser forms (also need Board appv if SW)
  • Magazine Sales need superintendent WRITTEN
  • Multiple Receipts form
  • Budget crisis!!!

School Pictures
  • ALL STAFF Make sure to take as it WILL be your
    ID (BADGE)
  • Fall Pics are Sept 5
  • Spring Picture date is TBA

Dates to remember Only on right of webpage
  • Check by sign-in daily
  • Check e-mail daily
  • Check IC portal
  • E-mail monthly school calendar
  • District Calendar to hang in room
  • Monthly calendar in Newspaper
  • Yearly district calendar
  • Internet (school and district sites)

Custodial Concerns
  • Please pick up furniture that is moved so you
    dont scratch the floor
  • Please have students put their chairs on their
    desks in the PM and pick up any paper
  • Report minor repairs needed to Mrs. Anderson if
    she cant fix, send e-mail to Hudd
  • Keep your children students in your classroom
    after school and supervise
  • Avoid letting children eat/drink at school clean
    up any messes made
  • Do not spray paint in classroom (careful with
    glitter, etc.)
  • Report areas not clean

Cafeteria News- Manager Mrs.
Cecelia Tabor
  • Manager is not allowed to charge for adults!!!
  • Report field trips (absences, need for sack
    lunches, etc.)
  • Non-student lunch is 3.25 student lunch
    breakfast is mentioned in handbook
  • Cafeteria cannot be used as a bank (cashing
    checks, etc.)
  • Take sack lunch whenever possible on FT or
    SNACK lunch
  • If family financial status changes, make sure to
    encourage to submit F/R lunch form
  • AC and NB will have lunch/bfast in room

Family First Family
Resource Youth Services Center (FRYSC)
  • Coordinator Stephanie Henson
    with assistants Michele Ritchie Ronda Taylor
  • In old library
  • Bully Prevention Program
  • ANNUAL Background checks for volunteers
  • FRYSC advisory council and PR Adv Council
  • Here to remove barriers

ESS Coordinator -- ??
  • Tutoring per teacher schedule
  • Please get ESS tutoring schedule to ?? so she can
    get it to the office and on the school website
  • Peer Tutoring Program

School Technology Coordinators ???
  • New staff get e-mail, Infinite Campus, etc.
  • ALL staff will have e-mail make sure to check
    while not supv students
  • Infinite Campus (web based grades from home)
  • Naming convention
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Delete old messages in Inbox and Sent
    Itemslimited mailbox size will cause messages to
    be undeliverable

Technology Acceptable Use GuidelinesMs. Freeman,
Mrs. Durard, Mr. Houk
  • Sign and give to Angie
  • Avoid mass e-mail forwards (especially jokes,
    urban legends, etc.)
  • Dont open internet e-mails from strangers
  • SCHOOL business only --- no games, EBAY,
    Facebook, Myspace, 3rd party e-mail, etc.
  • Sign AUG
  • Use e-mail, etc. only during non-instructional
  • STRESS that you read AUP!!!

ELL / ESL Kathryn Long Tarter
  • Their PSP is legally binding like an IEP
  • They may listen and speak at level 6 (highest)
    AND read/write at level 1.9 (level 1 is lowest)
    you cannot refuse to accommodate
  • Be kind to these parents and help
  • Provide all forms in both languages
  • Attend PD if possible

Coaching Contacts
  • 7th grade Girls Basketball Coach
  • 8th grade Girls Basketball Coach
  • 7th grade Boys Basketball Coach
  • 8th grade Boys Basketball Coach
  • Cheerleader Sponsor
  • Academic Team Coach
  • Club Sponsors See LCMS Student Agenda
  • LCHS Track Coach
  • LCHS Baseball Coach
  • LCHS Softball Coach
  • LCHS Boys Basketball Coach
  • LCHS Girls Basketball Coach
  • LCHS Golf Coach
  • LCHS Volleyball Coach

Classroom Management
  • Try to be as consistent as possible across grade
    levels with classroom rules and expectations
  • Avoid sending students to run errands in pairs
    and choose the students you send wisely.
  • Do not give tardies to students for having to
    leave the room for materials or restroom.
  • Any student in the hall should have a hall pass
  • Discipline Referral - document 3 PRIOR
    interventions unless offense has
  • Duty Be prompt, leave info for sub, ask if you
    have questions, were liable
  • AM Duty
  • PM Duty
  • Supervising Dances, Games, etc.
  • BSD and ASD procedures

Student Disciplinary Procedures
Students dont remember you because of how great
of a teacher you were but because of the way you
treated them.
Student Discipline
  • Try to manage minor behavior problems in the
  • All discipline requiring an office referral
    should be referred to Ms. Hudd
  • Dont send students to the office without a
    referral or having called to inform the office
    that they are being sent.
  • Avoid he said, she said situations
  • Dont get involved in non-school related issues
  • Say what you mean, mean what you say, but dont
    say it in a mean way.

Minor Infractions
  • Actions Taken Prior to Referral
  • Warning
  • Contact Parent
  • Planned Ignoring (conference after class)
  • Avoid Verbal Confrontation
  • Loss of Privilege (Diners Club)
  • Change of Seat
  • Time Owed Teacher
  • Avoid Group Consequences
  • Group rewards OK

Serious Infractions
  • Send student during problem (Dont Wait)
  • Dont follow student to the office
  • Call and Ill come get them if necessary
  • Avoid verbal confrontation
  • Avoid escalating the situation

Dress Code
  • No Sagging (Shorts and Pants must fit at the
    waist or belt is required)
  • Jeans may have small holes provided they do not
    expose skin above the knee

  • Teachers will be given a roster when practice
  • Report minor issues to coach for team
  • Report those failing to guidance by Friday at 8
  • Students failing two or more subjects will be
    suspended from play until grade is passing

  • Lockers have been assigned

Class Schedules
  • We will start with the students in the
    auditorium. Teachers need to be there at 750 to
    hear and supervise.
  • Cover the hand book and the code of conduct.
    (Emphasizing the changes from last year)

  • If youd like to present, see SBDM secretary to
    get on agenda
  • Regular schedule of meetings is 3rd Wednesday at
    330 PM in Cardinal Room
  • Parent Reps are Kim Calender and Jennifer Cosby
  • Teacher Reps are Michaele Edmondson, Michele
    Powell, and Resanda Robertson

PTSOAug 25 Organizational Meeting at 5 PM in
Cardinal Room
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Staff Liaison ???
  • Student Liaisons ???

LCBOE Meetings
  • 2nd Monday Monthly
  • Dress Professionally

Read e-mail DAILY
  • Morning Reports
  • Trainings
  • Minutes from committee meetings, etc.
  • Read during summer, etc.

Daily Schedule and Sub Folder
  • EVERY non-teacher staff member turns in
    accounting by time (daily schedule) --- update in
    office if it changes so we can find you
  • Sub Folder

Media Specialist (Librarian)Dee Wright
  • Student Televised announcements daily at ??
  • Library Classes as scheduled by teacher (teacher
    to supervise)
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Taping Programs
  • Resources
  • Flexible Schedule
  • AC

Special EducationStacy Gary, Michaele Edmondson,
Sara Hall
  • Work with collab teachers FOLLOW IEP, behav
    plan, etc. Please support them!!!
  • Familiarize yourself with IEP school records
  • When referring, must conference with counselor
    first and do documented interventions
  • REPORT if Ds and Fs, behavior concerns, etc. or
    we will get in due process hearing and lose!
  • SE Staff will monitor timelines, testing
    accommodations, and IEP.
  • SE staff will have HIGH expectations

  • New Procedures - Attendance
  • 720-250
  • Breakfast/lunch in room scheduled RR
  • may exceed days assigned
  • If serving time, cannot do extracurr that
  • Teachers sign in if helping students

  • 715-215
  • Self-Transport

Leigh Choat at LCHS
  • Media Class that does summer calendar

School YearbookDee Wright
  • Distributed

Academic Team
  • Brett Heppner
  • Chris Rueter

School Website Manager Regina Durard or ME
  • Send information about classroom happenings, etc.
  • Send links for school page
  • Send pictures
  • Send ANY student accomplishment information to

Gifted and Talented
  • Kathy Tarter will be here on ?? in ?? room
  • must be served GSSP
  • Document in lesson plans what you do for
    gifted!!! Differentiation
  • End of 1st and 3rd quarter --- send home skills

Others who need to share
  • ???

  • 24 hours required (4 days of your contract)
  • TEACHERs DOMAIN to PBS Learning Media (see PD
  • FREE to Kentucky Educators (e-Learning Kentucky)
  • Courses are eligible for 12 or 24 hours EILA or
    PD Credit. Except as noted, all online courses
    are appropriate for P-12 teachers and
  • Complete Course Catalog and registration
  • Questions or
    toll free 1-866-432-0008, extension 4541
  • Register http//

  • Schedule documentation sheet is attached and
    will be e-mailed
  • Job embedded and attend follow-ups if needed
  • IPGP, CSIP, DCIP considered
  • Principal approval no personal days to get PD
  • Evaluations/Walk-Throughs considered
  • Something you can and will use
  • Bring it back and present to others
  • Invite parents/classified staff, etc.
  • Evaluate all PDs

185 Contract DaysALL to turn in MONTHLY acct
  • 4 PAID holidays (Labor Day, Thanksgiving,
    Christmas, New Years)
  • 4 PD (24 hours done based on CSIP and IPGP)
  • 2 Opening and Closing (Aug and May )
  • 5 Mandatory G-days  (Aug, Sept , Oct , Jan ,
    March )
  • 170 Student Attendance Days (Aug. May )
  • For folks on extended calendars or who need EILA,
    this is different.  Please see me if questions.
  • Turn in calendar of days you PLAN to work during
    2014-2015 school year by July 1, 2014 (all need
    to coordinate so someone is here everyday during
  • Turn in calendar of days you did work during
    2013-2014 school year on June 30, 2014
  • Needs to be accurate
  • If students present, must take sick or personal

Student Discipline
  • Review Discipline Policy in Student Handbook
    District Code of Acceptable Behavior
  • Teach What You Expect
  • Post Classroom Discipline Plan and File in the
  • Referral

Required Meetings
  • Every week is DEPT planning period PLC mtg
  • Tuesday Math and ELA/Writing Program Reviews
  • Wednesday Science
  • Thursday SS/PLCS Program Reviews
  • Friday SE and AH/AH Program Reviews
  • Every MONDAY is GRADE LEVEL PLC planning period
  • Every MONDAY after school is COMMITTEE
  • Focus on Student WORK
  • Use time to view test data analyze student work
  • When ALL staff needed Faculty meetings on 2nd
    Wednesdays after school (plan for 315-415) or
    FRIDAYS during 5th, 7th, and 8th periods

due Sept.
  • 1st Monday Academic Performance
  • 2nd Monday DLT, PTSO, and LCBOE
  • 3rd Monday Learning Environment
  • 4th Monday Efficiency
  • 2nd Wednesday STAFF
  • 4th Tuesday Program Reviews Coordinated
    School Health
  • 4th Thursday ABRI

Lesson Plans/Sub folder
  • Emergency Plans Available for Subs turned into
    Angie Freeman by Aug. 28 (see attachment)
  • Document IEP Modifications, PSP, GSSP in lesson
    plans, etc.
  • Document posters and relation to lesson
  • Lesson Plans for upcoming week to OneDrive by
    Friday at 300 PM (share with Hudd, Freeman, and
  • EVERY non-teacher staff member turns in
    accounting by time (daily schedule) --- update in
    office if it changes so we can find you

Textbook Inventory
  • Make sure to fill out TEACHER and STUDENT
    inventory sheets
  • Accountability
  • TOO many books disappeared from TEACHER-extras!!!
    Please monitor. In a locker search, I found 4
    copies of one certain text in a students locker
    (3 were copies loaned/taken from classroom)
  • Several students returned not on missing list

  • Please apply for many!!!
  • Go to and order the "Guide to US
    Department of Education Programs".  It's free.

Attendance Incentives
  • ??? School with highest attendance in state
    gets 500 and T-shirt

  • All to Demonstrate Use
  • CPS, projectors, document camera, airliners, etc.
  • United Streaming (EncycloMedia)
  • APEX Clips
  • DVD players
  • Interactive Board

Student Forms
  • Students will return to first period teacher.
    S/he will give to Mrs. Freeman.
  • YELLOW Restraint/Seclusion Letter
  • BLUE District Code of Acceptable Behavior
  • GREEN F/R Lunch or fee waiver
  • WHITE Census Vertification
  • GREY Student Pick Up List
  • WHITE Migrant
  • ORANGE Health Services Permission
  • Student Insurance Plan (optional)
  • GOLDEN ROD Publ Consent Form (only for ones that
    didnt have already(
  • GOLDEN ROD technology survey
  • PINK or ORANGE Acceptable Use Guidelines
  • Pages 25-26 of AGENDA Signed by parent
    student 2x each and by first period teacher once
  • Bus Transportation Code
  • If you receive any student record information
    (shot records, physical etc), please turn those
    in to Terrin Hayes

Office Procedures Important Information
  • Purchase Orders/Money/Subs Angie
  • Attendance/Athletics Angie
  • No Loitering in offices!!!
  • POs and Travel Reimb Vouchers approved only if
    COMPLETED (purpose, mileage odo reading, etc.)
  • Rank Change information to Board by Sept. 15!!!
  • I need a copy of everyones CURRENT certificate,
    HQ status, PD plan, IPGP, etc. by Aug 28
  • HOUSSE please get highly qualified quickly as
    this is phasing out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secretary Custodian Hours Duties
  • In summer, secretaries (9-2) and custodians
    (6-230) are here most everyday
  • In summer/late evening, feel free to come and go
    just dont lock keys in building make sure
    door closes behind you

Office referrals, records, e-mails
  • Be careful what you write

Report Cards Midterms --- See School Calendar
(at end)
  • End of Nine Weeks (may adjust due to weather)
  • October March
  • Dec. May
  • MIDTERM (may adjust due to weather)
  • Sept. Feb.
  • Nov.
  • Grades OFFICIALLY Posted by 3 PM (make sure to
    DOUBLE check grades and send any changes to
    guidance in writing, signed)
  • Oct March
  • Jan May
  • REPORT CARD (may adjust due to weather)
  • Oct March
  • Jan May

Field Trips must
have academic focus
  • In to office at least 1.5 months in advance
    (REQUIRE Board approval if gt150 mi , over night,
    or OOS meets monthly)
  • None will be approved during K-PREP window
  • KCCT April 19-30, EXPLORE Sept.
  • Follow district/school policies
  • Inform ALL staff (including specials, cafeteria,
    etc.) AND if cancelled
  • Must have board SBDM approval !!!!!!
  • Cafeteria needs 2-week notice
  • Make special note on bus request if will require
    more than one bus
  • Leave detailed info in front office (ATTENDANCE,
    student names, depart time/return time, destin,
    SEATING CHART, etc.)
  • Short notice field trips will NOT be approved.
  • Over plan for bus needs easier to cancel a bus
    than to get an extra.
  • Prefer to do school lunch or snack lunch
  • SE T5 must ride special needs bus.
  • Cancel bus if schedule changes.
  • Must provide bus even if to LCHS can cancel if
    parents drive of own accord, but must provide for

Accurate Attendance
  • Take ATTENDANCE immediately (will be monitored)
  • Infinite Campus will require to post each period
  • If a student comes in after you post attendance
    on computer, send e-mail to Angie for tardy
  • Please do NOT send students who are tardy to the
    office for a note
  • Keep a hard copy!!!
  • PLEASE BE ACCURATE! These documents are used in
  • If a mistake is made, we must re-run a report
    that requires signatures on multiple pages.
  • Tardy to SCHOOL versus Tardy to CLASS
  • VISITOR sign-in only OFFICE does STUDENT

Postings in the classroom
  • Bill of Rights
  • Evacuation Procedures (Tornado, Fire, Bomb, EQ,
    Lockdown, etc.) crisis flip chart
  • Class rules
  • Resource Information
  • Core Content
  • Student Work!!!

DutyMorning and Afternoon
  • Everyone Arrive by 740 (720 if duty)
  • ALL Staff Rotate Duty see schedule
  • Restroom Duty schedule
  • Dance Game Supervision
  • Afternoon duty ends at 315
  • Supervise please do not socialize

  • SS teachers (through elective rotation) are
    responsible for monitoring to 100 completion by
    March 1. Encourage 4th quarter to work a lot at
  • District ILP Plan we all have a part
  • Staff, Student, and Parent training
  • You have student and advisor log-ins

  • OUR DISTRICT WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • KDE link for combined curriculum document is on
    district website
  • a link for songs that relate to content.  They
    are fun and can be useful to several areas. 
  •    http//
  • http//
  • The Jefferson County website (second) has a lot
    of open responses with core content, prompt,
    instructions, and scoring guide. . 
    htm-viewThe password is orq2002
  • KDE has Combined Curriculum Docu
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