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Dear Steven,


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Title: Dear Steven,

Dear Steven, Im glad to hear from you again.
Im also pleased to hear that you got a ten-day
holiday and are coming here to have a visit in
the Disney Land. In order to save money, Id
like to give you some tips. I suggest you buy the
five-day All-in one Hopper pass, which is Hk
1460 for visitors ages 10 to up and Hk 1200 for
kids ages 3-9.
You can save more than Hk 800 compred with the
tickets you buy separately. I think youd better
eat lunch at nearby restaurant, where excellent
food is served and service is good, but you must
make a reservation before leaving home. You will
be a Gold Card member if you pay Hk 520.
With the card you can save 20 percent of money
for hotel rooms. My last tip is that youd better
not buy any souvenirs untill the end of your
journey. I spent a lot of money on expensive
but valueless things. Enjoy your trip and
all the best wishes!
I think the picture show us our beautiful
earth on which we live . I can see in the picture
green grass, trees and butterflies flying happily
here and there. What a peaceful and beautiful
sight! I can also see a hand, which, I think,
stands for every citizen. As is known to all, our
earth is being polluted. A lot of animals are
To protect our environment and live in harmony
with animals is everybodys duty. Only when we
realize the importance of our environment can we
really do something to solve the problem of
You had better go out for a long walk in the
evening or do some outdoor exercise before you go
to bed. Besides,taking a warm bath or having a
cup of hot milk may be of some help. But the most
important, I think, is to relax yourself. Dont
worry too much about the exam results. Whether or
not you have tried enough is what really matters.
Dear grandpa, I think youd better take part in
some outdoor activities, such as going
mounting-climbing,playing TaiJi. You can also
take up some hobbies like gardening or playing
chess. Perhaps you can keep a pet, like a dog or
a cat. And I think the most important for you is
to make some friends with the people of your age,
so that you can do things together. Having
friends means that you can have someone to talk
to so that you wont feel lonely and depressed.
Peter, from Australia, is teaching in our school
now. He has taught us a lot about werstern
cultures and interesting things in Australia.
Peter is interested in chinese, so he is learning
Chinese in his spare time and now he can say some
easy words like NiHao and XieXie. He likes
staying with us after class and often joins us in
our ball games. He is also interested in Chinese
culture and now is practising on shadow boxing.
At weekends, he is often invited to a students
house to enjoy Chinese food such as dumplings. He
sometimes goes to places of interest in Beijing
with us . We can see that Peter is enjoying his
life in Beijing and he has made himself at home
You d better have a talk with your mother and
tell her what you have in mind so that she can
come to an understanding with you and two should
often have such talks. You should let your mother
know that you really want to do well in your
studies and you are trying your best. If you do
as I tell you, your mother will stop nagging at
you but instead she will be proud of you.
In order to enrich students winter holiday,
Blue-sky Project has restarted. I think Ive
benefited a lot from the project. First, just
before the Spring Festival, I visited 3 famous
museums, including China Science Museum. The
visits have really broadened my view. I also went
to Beijing Botanic Garden, where I saw
interesting plants and flowers, a lot of which I
had never seen before.
Then,during the Spring Festival, I went to
Badaling Wildlife Park with my parents and saw a
variety of wild animals. The most beneficial part
of my holiday was that I went to some bookstore
and selected the books Im interested in. And the
best part of my holiday is that Im in better
health and shape by playing basketball in the
Olympic Center for two hours every day. Now I
feel relaxed and happier. The most important of
all, Ive learned what can not be learned from
our textbooks.
As everybody knows, giant pandas are rare
animals and they are our national treasures. Now
fewer pandas exist in China with their living
environment changing. Pandas are such lovely
animals that all of us like them and so do people
in Taiwan, who share the same root as the people
on the mainland. The names Tuan Tuan and Yuan
Yuan stand for peace and unification. We hope
that Taiwan and the mainland will become one
family some day in the near future.
Dear peter, Glad to have read your letter. To
meet your request, I will tell you something
about the present public transport of Beijing.
As you said in the letter, public transport of
Beijing in 19995 wasnt really good enough. But
things have greatly changed in the past ten
years. Now there are 24,000 buses, running on 750
bus routes, which are 3 times as many as those in
1995. you can get to nearly every corner of the
city easily by bus, which costs not much.
By the year 2008, 32,000 buses will have
covered 820 routes throughout the city. As for
highways, now the total length of highways in
Beijing is over 18,000km. Believe it or not, in
1995 the number was only 8,000km. In addition,
underground railways and city rails are
available, fast and safe. The present length,
114km will rise to 300km by the year 2008. The
number was only 54km in 1995.
Thus public transport in Beijing has taken on a
new look. It is very convenient for commuters and
tourists. It is believed that it will be much
better when the 29th Olympic Games takes place in
Beijing in 2008.
Yours ever,

Li Ming
I think it is just before an oral English lesson
begins, surprising news come from the loudspeaker
that the whole school, including all the senior
three students, will go sightseeing before May
Day. They are all excited because they have been
busy preparing for the coming NMET for a long
time. At first they couldt believe their ears.
Then some of them are cheering wildly some are
whistling and clapping. It is really a most
exciting moment, isnt it? Then and there, their
teacher, Mr. Chen, is changing the topic he has
prepared for a new one Spring Sightseeing.
In my opinion, I prefer to consider a good
major first so that I can learn what I am
interested in. And it will also make it possible
for me to take my favorite job in the future.
Furthermore , no matter where I study, I can
still achieve a lot in a certain field if I try
my best..
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