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Ice and snow sculpture


Ice and snow sculpture Ice and snow sculpture Ice sculpture is a form of sculpture that uses ice as the raw material. Sculptures from ice can be abstract or realistic ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Ice and snow sculpture

Ice and snow sculpture
Ice and snow sculpture
  • Ice sculpture is a form of sculpture that uses
    ice as the raw material. Sculptures from ice can
    be abstract or realistic and can be functional or
    purely decorative. Ice sculptures are generally
    associated with special or extravagant events
    because of their limited lifetime. The lifetime
    of a sculpture is determined primarily by the
    temperature of its environment and thus, a
    sculpture can last from mere minutes to possibly

Ice and snow sculpture
  • The raw material
  • Sculpting ice presents a number of difficulties
    due to the peculiarities of the material. Ice
    must be carefully selected to be suitable for the
    sculptor's purposes and should be free of
    undesired impurities. Typically, ideal carving
    ice is made from pure, clean water. Clear ice is
    mostly the result of slow freezing that allows
    impurities to escape. Certain machines and
    processes allow for slow freezing and the removal
    of impurities and therefore are able to produce
    the clear blocks of ice that are favored by ice

Ice and snow sculpture
  • Techniques
  • The temperature of the environment affects how
    quickly the piece must be completed to avoid the
    effects of melting. If the sculpting does not
    take place in a cold environment, then the
    sculptor must work quickly to finish his piece.
    Some sculptures can be completed in as little as
    ten minutes if the carver is using power tool
    such as chainsaws.
  • As various technologies are adapted for use with
    ice carving, many sculptures are now created
    largely by machine. Such machines and molding
    systems are now commonly used to create ice
    sculptures and complicated logos from ice. Color
    effects are also possible by a number of
    techniques, including the addition of colored
    dyes, gels or sand to the ice.

Ice and snow sculpture
  • Ice sculpture around the world
  • There are several ice festivals held around the
    world, hosting competitions of ice sculpture
  • China
  • In China, Heilongjiang Province is the most
    significant region for ice sculpture. The most
    famous event is the increasingly popular
    International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival
    held annually in Harbin. The festival has
    consistently increased in size over the years,
    with more talented artists involved and more
    impressive techniques and pieces on show. Ice
    sculpture decoration ranges from the modern
    technology of lasers to traditional ice lanterns.
    The climate of Heilongjiang is very cold and ice
    is abundant. Objects of all sizes appear, up to
    and including building-sized pieces.

Ice and snow sculpture
  • The USA
  • (Fairbanks, Alaska)
  • Since 1989, Alaska has hosted the annual World
    Ice Art Championships. Nearly 100 sculptors come
    from around the world to sculpt large blocks of
    pure natural ice. The event is run almost
    exclusively by volunteers.
  • In a typical year, more than 45,000 spectators
    pass through the gates of the Ice Park home of
    the World Ice Art Championships. The competition
    is broken down into two main categories Single
    Block and Multi-Block and each competition is
    further separated into Abstract and Realistic
    sculptures. One of the most popular attractions
    is the Kids Park where children of all ages can
    glide down ice slides or spin in ice rotating

Ice and snow sculpture
  • Canada
  • The Ice Castle at the International Ice Sculpture
    Competition and Exhibition 2005, Lake Louise,
  • In Canada, Quebec City, Quebec holds an ice
    sculpture festival each year during the Quebec
    City Winter Carnival. The sculpture festival
    lasts about three weeks. For the sheer variety of
    ice sculptures and the number of visitors, the
    Quebec festival is regarded by some as the best
    in the world. Each year about twenty teams are
    chosen to participate in the competition. Half of
    these teams come from Canada and the others come
    from other countries. Ice sculpting started to
    become important in Quebec in the 1880s!

Ice and snow sculpture
  • Each year Lake Louise, located in Banff National
    Park holds a 3 day event called Ice Magic in the
    third weekend of January. Professional carvers
    are invited to compete in this event staged in
    the shadow of the glacier Mt. Victoria. Twelve
    teams of three carvers are given 15 blocks of ice
    which they must transform into ice sculptures in
    three days. Weather permitting, the sculptures
    will remain on display through March.

Ice and snow sculpture
  • Japan
  • The Japanese city of Sapporo on the island of
    Hokkaido is famous for its winter carnival, in
    which teams compete to create ice sculptures.
    Some of these creations are the size of
    multiple-story buildings.
  • Russia
  • An annual competition is held at Moscow's Gorky
    Park, Perm Gorky Park, in Salekhard and other

Ice and snow sculpture
  • Snow sculpture is a sculpture form comparable to
    sand sculpture or ice sculpture in that most of
    it is now practiced outdoors, and often in full
    view of spectators. The materials and the tools
    differ widely, but often include hand tools such
    as shovels, hatchets, and saws. Snow sculptures
    are usually carved out of a single block of snow
    about 6 to 15 feet on each side and weighing
    about 20 30 tons. The snow is densely packed
    into a form after having been produced by
    artificial means or collected from the ground
    after a snowfall.

Ice and snow sculpture
  • Since 1973 there has been an international snow
    sculpture contest during the Quebec City Winter
    Carnival and more recently the Winterlude
    celebrations (in Ottawa) have had snow sculpture
    events. Many U.S. states hold their own
    competitions with a national event being held in
    Lake Geneva, Wisconsin each year. Perm, Russia
    Breckenridge, Colorado Sapporo, Japan
    Frankenmuth, Michigan, and the Harbin
    International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival
    also host snow sculpting events. The Saint Paul
    Winter Carnival which hosts snow and ice carving
    competitions is the oldest annual winter carnival
    in the world, with the first one being held in

Ice and snow sculpture
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Ice and snow sculpture
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