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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Slajd 1

United states of America
Flag of the United States
  • The national flag of the United States of
    America, often simply referred to as the American
    flag, consists of thirteen equal horizontal
    stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with
    white, with a blue rectangle in
    the canton (referred to specifically as the
    "union") bearing fifty small, white, five-pointed
    stars arranged in nine offset horizontal rows of
    six stars (top and bottom) alternating with rows
    of five stars. The 50 stars on the flag represent
    the 50 states of the United States of America and
    the 13 stripes represent the thirteen British
    colonies that declared independence from
    the Kingdom of Great Britain and became the first
    states in the Union. Nicknames for the flag
    include the "Stars and Stripes", "Old Glory", and
    "The Star-Spangled Banner."

American kitchen
  • American Cuisine, despite appearances is not just
    fast food, although it is generally fat, calories
    and unhealthy. Americans generally eat three
    meals a day rich breakfast, lunch and dinner in
    the evening at our dinner time. Using other
    kitchen Americans remake the rules "in their own
    way." Roast saddle of mutton - lamp chop grill -
    with pineapple, mushrooms, cloves and tomatoes
    ... sprinkled with sugar to improve the taste.
    Pork stew with apples with cinnamon and sugar.
    Apples stuffed with sausage.

  • Breakfast is usually cereals or pancakes with
    wheat or corn flour, topped with maple syrup. A
    popular dish is also eggs with bacon or ham. At
    the end coffee with cream and bread with cheese
    and ham. And the obligatory glass of fruit juice.
    A really great breakfast.

  • Lunch is usually in the city, at a restaurant
    during a break at work. They're the most
    sandwiches - hamburger or slices of ham, turkey
    or roast beef on bread. Lunch, or our dinner is
    equally abundant as the morning meal that
    consists of minimum of three courses.

  • On the occasion of festivals or celebrations
    dishes are unique and festive. And so on Easter
    is ham wirginijska. On the day of Lincoln's birth
    them to the casserole with bacon and beans on
    bostonsku. The traditional Thanksgiving turkey
    and pumpkin pie.

Traditions in the United States
Easter Parade
  • On Easter Sunday in many cities are held parades.
    The most famous of these is Easter Parade in New
    York, where it passes on Fifth Avenue elegant
    ladies dressed in costumes from the past,
    emphasizing especially the hats. Easter Monday in
    the U.S. is no longer a normal working day. On
    that day, the White House is just the traditional
    Easter event for children turning eggs across
    the lawn

Day of the dead
  • All Saints' Day in the United States is known to
    us as Halloween. On the same day the children in
    small groups, dressed as ghosts and ghouls, go
    from house to house, knocking on the door and
    saying, "Trick or Treat" (Refreshments, or
    scare), demanding treats. Although these customs
    come from Catholic Ireland to the U.S. they have
    the character decidedly pagan.

4th of July
  • The most important festival celebrated in the
    United States, Independence Day is celebrated on
    July 4. On this day, there are numerous concerts,
    parades and festivals. Tradition is also a
    patriotic speech uttered by politicians and civil
    servants. However, after dusk take place
    boisterous fireworks.

  • Thanksgiving Day this next to the Christmas is
    the most important religious holiday celebrated
    in the United States. On the last Thursday of
    November traditionally consumed as a gala dinner
    with family and friends. The main course is
    roasted turkey, served with side dish of
    cranberries and sweet potatoes.

USA Communications
Public transport and international transport
  • On the local market there are plenty of both bus
    operators and budget airlines offer transport is
    therefore broad and tickets at affordable prices,
    which makes traveling a real pleasure. Inherent
    means of communication in the country was and is
    a turn-enabled connection to the major cities and
    local routes. Endless hairpin turn highways are a
    magnet for coaches and cars. This is by far the
    most popular form of transportation, as indeed
    reflected in the number of cars moving on the

Travel by car
  • Travelling to the United States can and do have
    the right to drive a car, if they have an
    international driving license. Proceeding in this
    manner should exercise extreme caution and
    remember to observe the traffic regulations in
    force on the highways, and more. Particular
    attention should be paid to the speed limit and
    driving behavior to the police. We will be
    treated strictly drivers who are under the
    influence of alcohol, which may end up arrested.
    The car is therefore the most popular but
    somewhat inconvenient transportation. This is
    especially true of parking in large cities such
    as San Francisco, often finding space for our
    vehicle can border on the miraculous.

  • A good option is to travel by public transport
    especially if you already buy a special card
    called CityPass. It is a kind of ticket that
    entitles us to travel urban transport. The prices
    of these tickets are formed depending on the
    city, which happened to visit the. It is clear,
    therefore, that, for example, in New York, the
    ticket price will exceed those applicable in
    smaller cities like Chicago, Boston and
    Philadelphia. Nevertheless, having CityPass
    allows maximum use of public transport lines
    during our entire stay and "take off" with us to
    buy single tickets at a time. CityPass is an
    additional attraction, it pays to have, not only
    in financial terms - is in fact a ticket to visit
    the main attractions in the USA. Traveling around
    the United States we have so many options to
    choose from, in addition to bus and rail lines
    can move the colored trams or how it takes place
    in San Francisco - the famous train. We need to
    decide which way to travel suits us, especially
    because of the convenience and travel expenses.

Places to visit
  • Definitely a place you just can not miss is New
    York. Go through Times Square, admire the
    magnificent buildings theaters, exclusive shops,
    fine restaurants and lively clubs all night.
    Although for a while to stay in the heart of the
    city and feel like a real movie star. Millions of
    visitors each year to its charm delight as
    wonderfully situated on the Pacific city with an
    amazing atmosphere - San Francisco. It is here
    that we delight in the world-famous Golden Gate
    Bridge or will have the opportunity to ride a
    distinctive historic train. The major San
    Francisco to its location and climate zone in
    which it is located. City because often spowiela
    fog approaching from the Pacific Ocean.

New York
San Francisco
Golden Gate
City entertainment
  • The next stop on our journey is the city that
    never sleeps and annually attracts crowds of
    tourists to the famous Las Vegas. The world of
    gambling, casinos great restaurants, beautiful
    hotels is a showcase of the "desert" of the city.
    On site full of attractions and activities in the
    form of concerts and world celebrities, art shows
    and circuses. But Las Vegas is not only the
    eternal night of fun, it's also taking care of
    its people and adherence family ties. It is
    therefore the most appropriate place for a
    holiday for the whole family.

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Natural attractions
  • Being in America and not seeing the Grand Canyon
    - it's just a sin. Famous throughout the world
    one of the biggest tourist attractions in the
    U.S. Amazing natural phenomenon impresses
    tourists from all over the world, encouraging
    them to rafting the Colorado River as well as
    organized trips into the canyon. So this is a
    real treat for fans who want to experience the
    adventure lymph thrill. Staying in an atmosphere
    of nature would draw your attention to the
    beautiful land that is Yellowstone National Park.
    Numerous waterfalls, mountains, forests, lakes,
    but also so wonderful animals such as grizzly
    bears, coyotes and many other animals make up
    this wonderful world of diverse sounds and
    colors. Each of these places is different, but
    they all have common characteristics, you can not
    pass by next to them and see them for yourself
    will put in delight every visitor, regardless of

Yellowstone National Park.
the Grand Canyon
map of USA
Death Valley
  • geography
  • Desert and hostile depression known as the Valley
    of Death, and considered to be one of the hottest
    places in the world is not all African domain,
    but extends to the southern Colorado. It is
    located in the Mojave Desert and covers an area
    of ??8374km2. It has the shape of a stretched
    long valley, which at its narrowest point reaches
    about 8 km wide, and far less than 25 km. The
    entire Death Valley stretches for 225 km canyon
    limited form mountain ranges. The lowest point is
    the bottom often dried salt pond Badwater,
    located at a height of 86 m above sea level.
    Throughout the area, which is a remnant of the
    Tertiary tectonic movements has a very dry
    tropical climate. Annual rainfall is just over
    50mm. Despite the difficult conditions, there's
    life, especially in the area of ??the lake, where
    you can meet the specific fauna. Meet in this
    area, such as coyotes, cougars, sheep Canadian
    mulaki bobcat or lynx. There is also a regular
    flow of the river. The region is bezodplywowy

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Antelope Canyon
  • Antelope Canyon, also known as Corkscrew Canyon
    consists of two parts the lower, known as Lower
    Antelope Canyon and the upper Upper Antelope
    Canyon. Both are located in the Indian
    Reservation and subject to its authority. In this
    way it is organized both to protect this place
    and prepared tours with authorized guides. The
    canyon can not go alone, and being in this place
    is regarded as the entrance to a private estate.
    This means that the necessary consent of the
    Forest Preserve, and the relevant fees and being
    in only two hours. The lower part of Lower
    Antelope Canyon, is longer than the upper, and is
    located in the immediate vicinity of Lake Powell.
    To enter you need to use special metal ladders
    that are installed inside the corridors. The
    upper part of the Upper Antelope Canyon is
    possible to visit only during car trips with a
    guide. The upper part of the canyon is on one
    level, without having to climb ladders. Its depth
    is approximately 30 meters.

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Mesa Verde
  • National Park annually visited by about 500,000
    people, including many native Indians, seeking
    spiritual inspiration here. Despite the huge area
    of ??only a few objects can be visited. Tourists
    can put three apartments available depending on
    the weather. Objects such as Cliff Palace, Long
    House and Balcony House can be visited only in
    organized groups. The Mesa Verde is the
    Archaeological Museum and the park management
    provides a rich infrastructure for tourists. Most
    of them, such as catering, fuel, campsites and
    hiking trails are available only in the summer.

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Rollercoaster Kingda Ka
  • Rollercoaster uses a hydraulic system that allows
    such rapid acceleration. Used the drive has power
    of 20,800 horsepower (15.5 MW). It was built
    three months. From October 2004 until 13 January
    2005. The tests lasted five months. In May,
    construction was put into use. Kingda Ka trains
    are four different color-coded green, dark blue,
    light blue and orange. One ride takes 18 people.
    The seats are located on two levels, to ensure
    good visibility for passengers sitting in the

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Mammoth Cave
  • Mammoth Cave is such an attractive landscapes and
    natural place that the U.S. authorities have
    decided to extend its protection and since 1941
    there is a national park here, Mammoth Cave
    National Park. Land cave was also recognized by
    UNESCO, so that the park was listed as a world
    heritage. The park area is 214 km2. Prepared for
    tourists 19 km marked trails that pass through
    the corridors of the cave. The best of them are
    located about 110 meters below ground level. The
    whole park is up 320 km routes, mostly
    inaccessible to the public. Annually, the park is
    visited by over 1.8 million tourists. Its biggest
    attraction is, of course, Mammoth Cave with
    traces of pre-Columbian cultures, but in 1972 it
    was discovered that it connects with another
    system of caves, known as Crystal Cave, and the
    two systems together to form a continuous series
    of corridors with a length of about 590 km. The
    total area of ??the park includes three cave
    systems Mammoth Cave System, Crystal Cave System
    and Joppa Ridge System. Another important element
    of the park is a kind of ecosystem, combining
    life underground and the surface, rich in
    vegetation. Both of the world combined river green

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Mount Rushmore
  • Mount Rushmore is today a major tourist
    attraction of South Dakota, for which tourism is
    one of the main areas of activity. Each year the
    monument is visited by approximately 2 million

(No Transcript)
Rocky Mountains
  • Currently there are two major metropolises- which
    are known to promote winter sports, among which
    therer is ski jumping. Visitors will find there
    activities such as river rafting, fishing, hiking
    and mountain climbing, camping and others. Opened
    to the public is also Yellowstone Park, where you
    can admire the beauty of fauna and flora of the
    Rocky Mountains.

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